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  • Season 1
    • Don't It Always Seem to Go?
      Richard and Nate try to comfort the disconsolate Beth, and eventually resort to giving her drugs to calm her nerves. Lily meets Robert for lunch--claiming that she knows Henry's whereabouts--and gets him to admit to killing Meredith Weller. She also talks to Lillian, and gets her confession about her role in the cover-up on tape. Henry goes to Beth's house in search of Tom, and learns of his death from Nate and the sobbing Beth. He races over to the McAllister house in a rage and attacks Catherine, accusing her of killing Tom. She insists that she knows nothing about this, and winds up cowering in the bathroom in fear while Henry tries to break down the door. Will comes to the house a few minutes after Henry finally leaves, and comforts Catherine. She convinces him to come back home and continue to live their "beautiful lie" of a life. George holds a meeting to announce Robert's appointment as publisher. Henry bursts in and accuses Robert of killing Tom. Robert admits the truth to George. George tries to pay off Henry, and warns him to leave town if he wants to survive. George meets with Robert and Will. He announces that he is going to keep running the Sun, heart condition or not, because he considers them both idiots. Robert breaks up with Emily, telling her that she is a good person and shouldn't have to deal with his baggage. Lily informs Catherine that she is going to the police with Robert's confession tape. Catherine pleads with her not to do this, insisting that she still doesn't know what really happened. Lily ignores her. She finds the devastated Henry, who tells her about Tom's murder. He says that he has nothing left, and plans to move away. Lily agrees to come with him and start a new life. She returns to the house to pack her things. Catherine comes to see her, and explains what really happened to Meredith Weller. George had been sexually assaulting Catherine for years, and Meredith wanted her to get help. She had threatened to expose the truth if Catherine kept silent about the abuse. Catherine killed her to keep the secret buried, and Robert took the rap for her. Catherine apologizes to Lily for lying, and assures her that she loves her. She insists that she will understand whatever decision Lily makes, and gives her an expensive necklace (a recent make-up gift from Will). Lily tearfully asks Jennie to do her a favor. Jennie goes outside to see Henry, and tells him that Lily will not be coming with him. Lily has Jennie give him the necklace (presumably to sell). Henry drives away alone. Lily comes down to family dinner, and everyone goes on with their lives as though nothing ever happened.moreless
    • A Lie Worth Fighting For
      Robert attacks Henry and puts him in a headlock, but Henry bites Robert's arm and is able to fight him off and escape. He sneaks over to the McAllister house and tells Lily what happened. Robert comes over at the same time, and commiserates with Catherine, who tells him about the collapse of her marriage. They agree that they must kill Henry to protect the family's secrets. Henry tells Tom that Robert attacked him, but asks him to go to work and act as though nothing has happened while he and Lily retrieve the evidence. Charlie orders Lily to forget about the tapes. He knows that revealing the truth would destroy both of their families, and will have no part in it. He insists that they shouldn't care about exacting justice for Meredith Weller's death, because it happened long ago and they didn't know her. Lily sneaks out of class to break into the Darwell house with Henry. She is reluctant, but Henry reminds her that he will be on the run for the rest of his life unless her family is exposed. Unfortunately, big mouth Jennie tells Charlie that Lily has left campus. He races over to the house. Henry gets away, but Lily hesitates when he asks her to pass him the tapes through the window. She freezes, and lets Charlie take the tapes and destroy them. Henry is furious. Lily later comes over and apologizes. She promises to get a confession on tape. Tom tries to keep his cool around Robert, but snaps when Robert acts like a jerk over a mistake in his lunch order. Robert presses Tom to admit that he has seen Henry. Tom calls him a murderer, and brags that Henry has the evidence to bring him down. Robert slams Tom into a desk, where he hits his head and dies. Robert tries to hide the body, particularly after his father tells him that he is about to become the new publisher. Robert recruits a horrified Nate to help him bury the body after work. They go to Beth's apartment and break the news to her. Catherine tries to convince Will to come home. He has realized what a disturbed and dangerous person she is, and that their whole life has been a lie. Catherine pleads with George for help getting her "normal" life back, noting that he "owes [her] that much." George threatens to fire Will and have him blackballed unless he re-considers. Will lashes out at Catherine and says that he is going to get the kids away from her. Catherine files a restraining order against Will, charging physical abuse. The cops drag him away as Lily and Mason look on.moreless
    • The Truth Hurts
      The Truth Hurts
      Episode 11
      Henry tells Lily that Robert beat him up and threatened to kill him unless he left Pasadena. Robert bragged that he had already gotten away with murder once, and could do it again. Henry blackmailed his mother into giving him money so that he could stay at a hotel. Henry also reveals that Dr. Darwell was the psychiatrist who institutionalized Philip Parker, and is likely in on the cover-up. Lily recalls Mrs. Weller saying that Robert had a crush on Meredith, and concludes that Robert killed her in a rage after she rejected his advances. Jennie learns that her father was not kidnapped; her mother simply forgot that he had gone away on a business trip because she had taken too many pills. Lily has Jennie pretend that her father is in danger so that Lily can use her low morale as an excuse to get out of the house. Henry finds Tom and tells him what happened to him. Lily refuses to open up to Dr. Darwell, who then calls Catherine to warn her. Lily goes to visit Henry. Unfortunately, Catherine finds out that Jennie lied about her father, and grills her about Lily. Jennie doesn't know what is going on, but gives Catherine the location where she dropped off Lily. Catherine sees Lily and Henry outside the hotel. Lily convinces Charlie to let her look through his father's files for information about Philip Parker. They find a series of tapes of sessions with a teenage Robert, who confesses to murder. Lily wants to take the tapes to the police, but Charlie refuses to allow this. He knows that his father could lose his practice or go to jail if his role in the cover-up is exposed. Henry assures Lily that they can go back and steal the tapes while Charlie is at school. After Lily leaves, Robert turns up in Henry's room and sneaks up behind him. Will refuses to let Catherine get out of the counseling session. She tries to talk Glenn into telling Will that the marriage is fine, but he says he cannot do this. He plans on confessing their affair to his wife, and suggests that she do the same with Will. Rachel goes shopping with Beth. After breakfast, she explains why she and Glenn have not had sex for two years. She had an affair in the Congo during her stint with the Peace Corps, and believes that she was "injured." During the counseling session, Glenn tries to goad Catherine into coming clean. When she can't be broken, Glenn tells Will the truth. Will decides to leave Catherine. A newly sober Nate shows up at the newspaper offices and blackmails Robert into hiring him.moreless
    • A River in Egypt
      A River in Egypt
      Episode 10
      Glenn tells Catherine that he is married, and that his wife is coming to L.A. later in the day. She convinces him that they should have sex again before his wife gets there. Will arrives home early from his trip, and almost catches them going at it on the table. Catherine claims that Glenn was trying to hit her up for a donation. Will finds this dubious, and grows more suspicious after Mason mentions that Glenn had dinner at the house while Will was away. Catherine claims that she has been going to Glenn for counseling. Will goes to see Glenn and asks him to lead them in couples counseling. He invites Glenn and his wife to the family's weekly dinner. Catherine is opposed to the idea of couples therapy, but has to agree to it to cover up the affair. Jennie stays at the McAllister house after her diplomat father is kidnapped in Belize. She feels guilty because she had wished for more excitement in her life. However, she relishes the attention she receives at school. Jennie catches the eye of Will and Mason when she walks around the house in her underwear. Catherine invites Robert's girlfriend, Emily, to dinner. She grills her about her life, and makes her feel as though she isn't good enough for Robert because she is poor. Robert accuses Catherine of jealousy. Lily tells Dr. Darwell that she is starting to believe that Henry manipulated her into mistrusting her family. She accepts a date with Charlie, and shares her problems with him. Tom reads over the materials collected by Henry, and starts to suspect that the Greeleys had something to do with his disappearance. Beth finds this ridiculous. Tom calls the police to report Henry missing. Lily comes home from her date to find Henry hiding in her room.moreless
    • Someone to Talk To
      Lily sends Henry an E-mail reminding him of his promise not to abandon her. Catherine still wants to send Lily to Maplewood (the institution), but Will insists that it would be better to just have her see a psychiatrist. Lily overhears their discussion. She promptly apologizes for her outburst at school, and claims that she feels better. She tells Jennie that she has decided--for her own good--to follow her mother's example and pretend that everything is normal. Jennie complains about being left out of the loop, so Lily enlists her help to break into the principal's office and look through Henry's files. She doesn't find anything implicating her mother. Jennie helps Lily as a lookout, but later upsets her by bragging about the experience to some girls. Robert assures Catherine that Henry will no longer be a problem, but says that he is tired of covering up her mess. Catherine hisses that it isn't "her" mess. Will wants to postpone a trip to New York so that he can stay close to Lily. Catherine fears he is growing suspicious, and gets Robert to talk him into taking the trip. Lily's shrink, Dr. Darwell, believes that the murder might just be a vivid dream or some manifestation of hostility against her mother. He later suggests that Henry might have made everything up (planting evidence, etc.) in an attempt to boost his ego by destroying a powerful family; and then run away because of guilt. Lily does not want to believe this. Catherine goes to see Nate in rehab and tells him the truth about the murder. When Lily sneaks out during lunch to visit him, Nate claims that his memories about the body might have been a dream. He warns Lily to think carefully about what she is doing before turning her back on the family. Dr. Darwell's teenage son, Charlie, establishes a friendship with Lily after seeing her at his father's office. Catherine suffers from more nightmares because of her guilt. During one of Lily's appointments, she goes to the church across the street and breaks down sobbing. Glenn Collins, a handsome priest, comforts her. She starts going to the church to talk to Glenn each day, and invites him over for dinner while Will is away. Catherine complains about her loneliness, and "accidentally" spills wine on Glenn to get him out of his clothes so that she can seduce him. Robert fires his assistant so that he can give the job to Tom. David, the ex-assistant, worries Robert by yelling out that everyone in the office thinks he is gay. Robert quickly schedules a rendezvous with Emily, an employee with whom he often has sex. He later shows signs of actual human emotion as he asks her on a date. She tells him that the people in the office think he is a jerk (but not a gay one), but that she finds him sweet. In some undisclosed location, Henry reads Lily's E-mail and stares away sadly.moreless
    • Run Lily Run
      Run Lily Run
      Episode 8
      Henry and Lily leave the bones behind as Lily calls the police. Robert steals the bones in the meantime and destroys them. Catherine insists that Nate has given drugs to Lily and Henry. Nate shows up at his parents' house stoned. He is arrested and held overnight. The cops and Will believe Catherine's claims that Henry is turning Lily against her. Although he wants to stay with Lily, the cops take Henry away to have a "talk" with him. Will also orders him to stay away forever. Lily begins screaming at Catherine and accusing her of murder, so the family doctor gives her a shot to knock her out. He prescribes pills, which Catherine slips into Lily's food and orange juice. Catherine denies Lily's charges, and convinces Will that Henry is trying to destroy Lily's life out of jealousy. Will goes to Henry's house to confront him, but only finds Tom. Tom apologizes for not watching Henry more carefully. Catherine tells Lily that she told her where to look for the body in the hopes that they could become closer, but feels betrayed because Lily tried to expose her secret. Lily is totally out of it at the time, and isn't sure if this conversation is real or a dream. Henry arrives home and is shocked to find that Tom would take the McAllisters' word over his. He ignores Tom's protests and goes to see Lily. He warns that she is being drugged, and promises to return for her the next day. Catherine calls someone and tells them Henry's whereabouts. He eludes a car that seems to be following him, but someone grabs him from behind. Nate wants to check on Lily, but Catherine refuses. He pleads with her to tell him the truth about the night of the murder, but she indignantly turns him down. Beth refuses to let Nate stay with her any longer, although he denies giving Lily drugs. Lillian threatens Nate, comparing him to a deformed baby that one of her friends once smothered to protect her family's reputation. Lily realizes what is happening to her and stops eating. After regaining her strength, she sneaks out to see Henry, but finds that he is gone. All of his important belongings are missing, and she believes he has run away. Will catches her sneaking back into the house. Catherine tries to convince Will to put Lily in an institution, but he wants no part of it. Lily goes to school and accosts the principal, demanding to know her mother's role in Henry's expulsion. He orders her to his office and calls her parents. Lily overhears the three discussing plans to institutionalize her, so she flees. She goes to her grandparents' house to see Nate, and finds him getting into a cab. He explains that he is going to rehab, as he has no credibility and cannot help her while he is using drugs. He embraces her and assures her that everything will be fine. Lily is shocked by the state of the Greeleys' yard; gardeners have fixed it up and eliminated any trace that anything unusual happened.moreless
    • The Bones
      The Bones
      Episode 7
      George and Lillian return home to find Nate digging in the backyard. He annoys them by repeatedly bringing up the murder and nagging them to tell him the truth. Jennie tells Lily and Henry about Nate's flashback about the body in the pool. Henry goes to talk to him about it. George finally decides that Nate has to leave. Lillian breaks the news to Nate, and admits (in a way) that his recollections about that night are not a dream. Will accepts Catherine's denial of Lily's accusations, and bars Lily from seeing Henry forever. Lily's resentment of Catherine grows. A panicked Catherine calls Robert and laments the fact that they can never seem to escape the past. Robert promises that Henry will not be a problem for long. Catherine helps Tom get a college scholarship and a well-paying job. Henry warns Tom about Catherine and pleads with him not to fall for her charms. Tom tells him off and accuses him of only caring about himself. Catherine gets Henry expelled from school. Henry wants to leave town, but Tom says that they are staying so that he can pursue his new opportunities. George objects to Will's changes at the paper. Robert is still bitter about being passed over for publisher; he feels his father is punishing him because of "one night." George promises to give Robert the job, but says they must pretend to support Will until the time is right. Catherine continually tries to convince Lily to believe in her. She insists that she is not a liar, as she has told her the truth "in [her] own way." Lily thinks back over Catherine's remarks, and recalls her talking about a garden where her family buried its pets. She concludes that Meredith Weller's body is in this spot. She and Henry dig up some bones. Catherine calls on Robert, and they head for the Greeley house to deal with the situation.moreless
    • The Body
      The Body
      Episode 6
      Catherine grows jealous of Lily's relationship with Henry. He tells Catherine that he will keep the fact that she came on to him a secret for Lily's sake; but rebuffs her claim that what she did wasn't all that out of the ordinary. Catherine convinces Will that Henry is pressuring Lily to have sex, so Will bars Lily from seeing him. Henry threatens to tell Lily about Catherine's attempted seduction of him unless she backs off. Catherine vows to make his life a living hell. She tries to get him thrown out of school. After learning that Tom is Beth's boyfriend, she showers him with kindness, offering to help him return to college and get a job at the newspaper. She turns Tom against Henry by telling him about Henry's search for their mother. Catherine agrees to help Robert with a last-ditch attempt to become publisher of the Sun. She invites Robert to a dinner with Jack Cameron, President of Reese Corp., and his wife; and tells Robert that Phyllis Cameron is an abusive drunk who controls her husband's every move. Robert gets in good with Phyllis by agreeing with her racist, ultra right-wing comments and convincing her that Will wants to hire minorities. Robert must fight off Phyllis' drunken advances. Lily sneaks out with Henry to meet with Harold Klineman, a reporter who wrote several articles questioning the handling of the Meredith Weller case. He tells them that two witnesses corroborated Philip Parker's claim that Meredith was dropped off at the Greeley house the night of her murder. One was deported, and the other left town mysteriously. The chief police investigator on the case was paid off and retired to a life of luxury. He is afraid to speak out because he fears the wrath of his old boss, who became mayor with the help of the Greeleys. Henry tells Lily about Catherine's pass at him. She goes home and is confronted by her parents. She screams out to Will, "I'm not the one trying to have sex with Henry--she is!" A wasted Nate freaks out while hanging out with Jennie at the Greeley house. He imagines a body floating in the swimming pool. Jennie decides to "party" with Nate so that they will have more in common. Nate has a flashback to his childhood and remembers seeing the body of a girl--who had been stabbed to death--floating in the pool. His family had told him that it was just a nightmare. He goes to the yard to dig for the body. Mason believes his dreams have come true when his crush, Mona, comes up to his bedroom; but she asks him to sign a pledge agreeing to remain a virgin.moreless
    • Puppy Love
      Puppy Love
      Episode 5
      Catherine has a dream in which she is seduced by Henry, but ends up in bed with Robert. She also dreams that a dead girl, covered with blood, barges into the room. The next morning, she apologizes to Henry for coming on to him, and tries to claim that she was drunk. He leaves in a panic. Henry and Lily grow closer. Tom spends several days at Beth's apartment, and doesn't let his brother know his whereabouts. After Henry comes over for dinner, Catherine insists that he stay the night again so that he won't be alone. She goes into his room and starts kissing him while he sleeps. Henry bolts the scene and decides to walk home in the middle of the night. Catherine takes Lily to see Meredith Weller's mother, who talks about how close the girls were and says that she is certain that Philip Parker killed her daughter. Lily feels guilty about doubting her mother, but still isn't sure that she believes her. Lily convinces Henry to confront Page Harter. She admits that she is his mother, but says that she can't do anything for him and orders him to stay away. Nate crashes in Mason's room and spends all his time playing video games. Mason keeps his presence a secret and sneaks him food, until he discovers drugs in the room. He alerts his father, who throws Nate out of the house. Catherine goes to see Robert, and lets him know that their parents are pitting them against each other. He lashes out at Lillian and orders her to leave him alone. Catherine continues to shut out Will. Will resists Jayleen's advances, but informs Catherine that she is largely to blame for the problems with their marriage because she is so cold. Catherine experiences tremendous guilt after she lets the dog eat rat poison and die. Lillian begins to feel bad about her relationships with her children. Beth ignores her attempts to make nice because she is busy with Tom. When Nate stumbles onto her front lawn, Lillian takes him in and promises to take care of him.moreless
    • Hostile Environment
      Henry shows Catherine an old home movie of his mother. He explains that she had been sending checks to Tom and Henry for years, but has not attempted any personal contact. Catherine notices a resemblance between casual acquaintance Page Harter and the woman in the film. She invites Page to George's retirement party, and suggests that Henry talk with her. Lily grows suspicious about Henry's meetings with Catherine. Lily looks up Philip Parker's mother and goes to her house with Jennie. Mrs. Parker angrily declares that Catherine is responsible for her son's demise, and advises Lily to ask her about Meredith's disappearance. Catherine grows tired of Lily's questions. Lillian convinces Robert that Catherine pushed for Will to get the job as publisher. Robert meets with Jayleen and offers to help her get her job back. He insists that he only forced her out as a favor to Will. Nate wakes up next to a big naked guy after a night of partying. The man demands payment for the 2000 dollars in drugs that Nate used. Nate begs George for help and promises to turn himself around. George agrees to pay him, but calls Nate an embarrassment and orders him to stay away forever. Nate refuses the money, leading to very unpleasant consequences. Pilar finds a stack of porno magazines belonging to 14-year-old Mason in the bathroom, as well as the binoculars that he has been using to watch a neighbor girl undress. Lily is perplexed to learn that Catherine invited Henry to the party. He tries to approach Page, but can't work up the nerve. He later explains the situation to Lily. Robert gets revenge on Will and Catherine by bringing Jayleen as his date. Robert blames Catherine for ruining his life. He breaks down in tears after the event. Catherine becomes unnerved after seeing Will with Jayleen. Nate crashes the party and makes a toast that shocks the crowd. Beth finds Tom waiting outside and hooks up with him. Henry stays the night at the McAllisters' when Tom fails to pick him up. Catherine makes a pass at him. Mason's dream girl rejects him after he follows Robert's misguided advice about getting a woman into bed. He digs his magazines out of the trash. Pilar works extra hard to please the family because she is afraid that Catherine will kill her.moreless
    • Henry's Secret
      Henry's Secret
      Episode 3
      Lily sees Henry taking more photographs as part of his search. She grows bewildered when Henry refuses to tell her anything about himself. She and Jennie break into his bedroom to investigate, but his brother Tom catches them. A furious Henry lashes out at Lily. He reveals that both of his parents are dead. He and Tom moved to Pasadena after their father died so that he could get a good education. Henry and Lily apologize to each other, and decide to continue investigating Meredith Weller's disappearance. They discover that there are those who believe she might still be alive. Lily seeks answers from Nate, who says that Philip Parker was rumored to have told the police that he dropped Meredith off at the Greeley house, meaning that he wasn't the last person to see her alive. Catherine goes to the school to learn more about Henry. She asks him if he is searching for his mother, and he admits that she is still alive. He accepts Catherine's offer to help. Jayleen sues Robert for wrongful dismissal and sexual harassment. Robert asks Will to convince her to drop the suit. Will is surprised to learn that Robert thinks that he is going to be named publisher when George steps down. Will asks Lillian to sort out the situation. Catherine fears that her parents are intentionally trying to embarrass Robert, and convinces Will to talk to him before the official announcement. Jayleen refuses to drop the suit and move on with her life. She calls Catherine and tells her that Will referred to her as a "cold bitch." Catherine, posing as a potential employer, calls Jayleen to a fake lunch meeting. She then goes to the restaurant and smashes Jayleen's windshield with a baseball bat. Beth provides refuge to Nate after he is evicted, and throws out his drugs. She decides to become an artist, although Catherine feels that she has nothing to say. Beth decides to expose her family's dark side in her work. Pilar, the maid, comes down with the flu and throws up all over Lily. When she finally agrees to see a doctor, she has the misfortune of riding with Catherine and witnessing her parking lot outburst.moreless
    • The Rat
      The Rat
      Episode 2
      Lily looks through the yearbook that Henry gave her and recognizes the girl in the locket as Meredith Weller, one of Catherine's classmates. The locket and yearbook disappear from Lily's room. Catherine denies taking anything, but Lily finds both items in her parents' bedroom. Catherine tells Lily that Meredith was her best friend in high school. She disappeared, and Catherine was certain that she was murdered by her boyfriend, Philip Parker. Philip was never arrested, but blamed Catherine for turning the town against him. She insists that he broke into the house with the intention of killing her. Henry doesn't believe that Lily should be too quick to accept Catherine's story. Henry and Lily share a kiss. Catherine later tries to dissuade Henry from investigating the family, claiming that Lily is too fragile to handle it. Catherine destroys all of the negative articles about the Greeleys, as well as the locket. The Sun's board of directors, concerned by George's heart condition, orders him to name a successor. Robert is certain that he will get the job, but George confidentially tells Will that he will become the new publisher. Aware that Catherine knows about his affair, Will tries to discuss the situation. She pushes him away, but seems more accommodating after a fling with a security guard in a clothing store's dressing room. Jennie becomes obsessed with Nate. Lily tells Catherine that Nate stole her bracelet to fund his drug habit. Robert has some goons beat up Nate to teach him a lesson. Beth is thrilled to learn that her new boyfriend is Jewish. She decides to rebel against her family by flaunting the relationship. She brings her boyfriend to a family dinner, where Robert makes anti-Semitic jokes. The McAllisters deal with a rat problem in their home.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      An armed intruder breaks into the McAllister home and accosts 15-year-old Lily, demanding to know the whereabouts of a woman pictured in a locket. She locks herself in the bathroom to escape him, and he eventually shoots himself. The man is identified as Philip Parker, a mentally ill drifter. The family becomes extremely tight-lipped about the subject; and is able to keep the incident out of the press because Lily's grandfather, George Greeley, owns the newspaper. Henry Bellow, a new student in Lily's class, confronts her with research about the Greeley family. He forces Lily to accept the fact that her family has undertaken a number of devious maneuvers throughout the years. Lily realizes that they have made a number of enemies, and suspects that Parker may not have chosen her house randomly. Lily's family freezes the bank account of her uncle Nate, the "black sheep," after he resumes his drug use. He steals a necklace from Lily's mother, Catherine. He pleads with Lily to keep this a secret, and hints that he may know the truth about Parker's identity. Lily's father, Will, assures Lily that he is just as much in the dark about the situation as she is. Lily asks Henry to do some research about Parker. While at his house, she notes several photographs of houses on the wall. Henry says only that he is trying to find someone. He discovers that Parker and Catherine were high school classmates. Catherine insists that she doesn't remember Parker, and dismisses the whole thing as a coincidence. Catherine's brother, Robert, presents her with proof that Will is having an affair with a co-worker. He has the woman fired. George forces Will to break things off with Jayleen, and suggests that he behave more discreetly in the future. He shares that he plans to name Will, not his son Robert, as his eventual successor on the paper. Catherine replaces the dining room carpet after Parker's suicide. Her mother continually complains about the decor and forces further changes. The normally unflappabale Catherine has a major freak-out and trashes the furniture.moreless