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  • The song Beautiful Liar comes to mind in this distasteful show

    I may have mentioned this somewhere before, but this show is a complete waste of time, and here's why: The show goes on like a soap opera obviously, and it goes with a murder, killers someone trying to solve the case. But when watching you notice that Catherine literally get's away with EVERYTHING, and you want so badly to see her get what she deserves, to see her end with NOTHING. but that never happens! in the end everything is perfect, she gets whatever she wants and manipulates everyone and can lie and get away with murder and never changes her tune. Henry's brother gets killed and the killer gets away with it. The last sentence of the review of the last episode sums up the show perfectly, NOTHING HAPPENED. and it's true it ends as though nothing happened so there is no point to this show at all...I would not recommend watching if you're easily frustrated.
  • I liked the show :)

    It was sweet.
    When it got canceled I was kindda sad. I thought it was nice show.. [and I realized that it is impossible to keep every 'nice' show there is.. lol]

    I know that it was canceled way back in 2001, and that i should have just forget about it, [which i kindda did] but i saw the name and it bring back all the good time of watching it...

    oh, well- that was soooo long ago.. its all good now ;D
  • Good start, bad finish.

    Pasadena got off to a great start. It had a really good premise and interesting characters. The problem was that it was supposed to be a season-long mystery but its season was cut short when it was cancelled after thirteen episodes. Knowing the show was doomed, the producers wrapped it up quickly. Unfortunately, it was obvious watching the final episode that this was not what the producers and writers had planned for the resolution to the mystery. The first scene of the pilot had a main character leaving a courthouse and then we were shown the events leading up to that scene. The final episode didn't even acknowledge that scene. I understand that there wasn't time to give it a proper sendoff, but in the end the bad guys won and I hate that.
  • "Pasadena" was before its prime -- 3 years too early, to be exact

    This was a show that was way before its prime. If it were to debut this coming Fall, it might have a chance, but it came in at a bad time in 2001. The show had potential, but it would never be known as FOX cancelled it 2 months after debuting on the network. Luckily for fans who wanted to see this show's mystery solved, SOAPNet began airing the 13 episodes that were filmed before it got axed. While I would've liked to've seen it go longer than 13, the ending was OK for me. At least the mystery's solved.
  • absolutly the worst that tv ever had to offer

    first of all what was with the set being so dark you could barely see it? If it was supposed to add some mystique forget about it this show had none. I had to chuckle when I watched an interview with Dana Delany on Soapnet, she said \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"I loved the show it had such depth to it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" hahaha I guess that explains why her career has bottomed out since. The only entertainment I got from this show was the episode where the brother accidentally kills his sisters boyfriend in his office and after he disposes of the body he is telling his sister that her boyfriend is dead and is like \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s ok you can get another puppy\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"......this show lasted 13 weeks what does that tell ya
  • best tv show i've ever seen

    when i frist saw pasadena i thaught it's waist of time-but when i started watching it carefully i thought-it's amazing! i waited half year till tv aired it again and i watched all episodes with excitement. i must say that Dana's Delany character was my favourite-so good acting! if fox tv had given a chance than show in 2001 i think Dana Delany would have had another Emmy.
  • So good!

    A lot of people told me that Pasadena was not a good TV show! Well, I can't see that! When it was airing, wow, I couldn't take my eyes off of the TV, the story was so getting into me, the whole thing about it was awesome! It deserved a chance!
  • Not as good as the night-time soaps of the past, but Pasadena has all of the goods drama seekers will love. Suicide, murder, adultry, a wealthy family with enough dysfunction to make you appreciate your own, and scandal. Give it a try, its worth your ti

    I'll be honest that I was completely skeptical about this show when it begain to air on SoapNet, but I gave it a try. I'm glad I did. It starts off with a sucicide (does this sound familiar?) in the home of a wealthy Pasadena. Teenage daughter Lily begins to question why someone would do this in their home of all places and slowly begins to unravel the secrets of her prominent family with the help of the Henry, the new guy in school who has a few secrets of his own. The acting is good, the cast is fabulous. Too bad Fox pulled this one before it had a chance to shine.