FOX (ended 2001)


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  • The song Beautiful Liar comes to mind in this distasteful show

    I may have mentioned this somewhere before, but this show is a complete waste of time, and here's why: The show goes on like a soap opera obviously, and it goes with a murder, killers someone trying to solve the case. But when watching you notice that Catherine literally get's away with EVERYTHING, and you want so badly to see her get what she deserves, to see her end with NOTHING. but that never happens! in the end everything is perfect, she gets whatever she wants and manipulates everyone and can lie and get away with murder and never changes her tune. Henry's brother gets killed and the killer gets away with it. The last sentence of the review of the last episode sums up the show perfectly, NOTHING HAPPENED. and it's true it ends as though nothing happened so there is no point to this show at all...I would not recommend watching if you're easily frustrated.