Pass the Buck

CBS (ended 1978)


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Pass the Buck

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Taped at the Ed Sullivan Theater, this short lived CBS game would be the last new game show taped in New York City (until Who Wants to be a Millionaire 21 years later). It was also Bill Cullen's last New York City game. Four contestants played this game of memory and creativity. Host Cullen would pose a category question (I.E., A person associated with a piece of clothing). The pot started at $100. For every correct answer the contestants gave, $25 was added to the pot (I.E., Batman wears a cowl, Spider-Man wears a mask, the lead singer of Kiss wears make-up, etc.). If a contestant duplicated an answer, made an invalid answer or took too much time, the next player who would give a correct answer would knock that player(s) out of the game and into the bullpen. Then the remaining players got a new question (if all players were wrong, then a new question is posed as well). Play continues until one player is standing. That player wins all the money in the pot and plays Fast Bucks. FAST BUCKS: In this bonus round, there are more defined answers (I.E., percussion instruments). There are four levels to this round; level one had four answers, level two had three, level three had two and level four had one sole answer. The contestant had 15 seconds per level to guess the correct answer(s) required. If a player guessed at least one answer, the player moved to the next level. The player wins $100 per revealed answer (up to $600), and if the player reveals all the answers, they would win $5,000! However, if the contestant failed, the three players got to play again. If someone won the $5,000 bonus, the three players are defeated (with any winnings they had). The $5,000 winner then faces three new players. Champions stayed on until defeated or reached the CBS $25,000 limit. This show ended up being opposite NBC's Card Sharks and was replaced by The New Tic Tac Dough.moreless