Passion Cove

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Mar 31, 2000 on Cinemax

Episode Recap

Geoff and Jack neophyte, screenwriters, are sent to passion cove to work on their latest attempt. The criticism of their work is that the female characters are flat and there is no conflict between the lead characters.

Moved in to the beach house they begin working but are interrupted when Jack scans the beach and spots two young women, anything but flat, enjoying each other's charms. Geoff, however, is all business and insists that they get back to work. Toiling through the day without progress, the intrepid screenwriters take a break for some sleep vowing to redouble their effort the following day.

The next morning Geoff answers a knock on the door and is surprised to see the twosome from the beach. They tell him that their tent was destroyed in a collision with a RV and ask to use the phone. He tells them that the phone is disconnected and that he and Jack are stuck alone until Monday. Suggesting they go stand by the road Geoff attempts to get the two attractive distractions to leave but Jack hearing the conversation comes to the door and invites the girls to stay in the spare bedroom.

Geoff takes Jack aside and insists that they need to concentrate on the job at had and leave the girls alone. It is easier said than done epically with their comely company cavorting naked in the pool. Finally Geoff has had enough and he asks the girls to take their action somewhere else…like the beach. Their femininity challenged the girls decide to see how dedicated the two guys really are.

That evening Carrie dons a towel and entering the lining area asks to borrow some shampoo. Jack volunteers his supply but when he reaches the bathroom Carrie is in the shower fully visible through the transparent shower door. Jack hands her the shampoo and offers any additional assistance she requires. Would you mind scrubbing my back she asks and soon Jack joins Carrie in the shower. The rest is obvious. Jack no longer seems interested in finishing the script and instead is content with scrubbing and rubbing and whatever with Carrie.

Geoff is incensed. Jack has broken their agreement.

Next it is Melanie's turn. Geoff is reading on the porch and she engages him in conversation that leads to less talk and more action. Soon they are wrapped around each other and no progress is being made on the script.

Jack and Geoff have made progress with the problem in their female characters but there is still the matter of conflict between the lead characters. Help is on the way. While Geoff is running on the beach, Jack flirts with Melanie, she responds with an erotic strip tease and when Geoff returns he sees the two together. Conflict accomplished. Geoff is irate. No so irate that when Melanie and Carrie entice him into a threesome he eagerly joins into the fun.

The writing partners have divided the script since they can't seem to work together. Jack asks Geoff if her has finished his pages and Geoff takes the opportunity to brag on his night with the two girls.

Jealousy, conflict an now desertion, the two girls find a ride leaving Jack and Geoff with an unfinished script and less that 24 hours remaining until the deadline. They get to work and the next morning their producer, Ben, arrives looking for his script. Rather than a rewrite he receives a complete revision and starts reading.

He likes it and admits that he didn't believe they could do it so he invited a couple of actresses to the beach house to distract the guys and make sure they didn't fulfill their contract. A knock on the door reveals the actresses who hadn't made it earlier. Ben chuckles and hands Jack and Geoff the check for $200,000.