Passion Cove

Season 2 Episode 7

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 2001 on Cinemax

Episode Recap

Roger Barrington rents the beach house for a business meeting with Barbara Casall. He is accompanied by his secretary Heidi who obviously is loyal for more reason that her job. Her assistant Stan accompanies Barbara.

In Heidi's imagination Roger profess his love for her and makes passionate love to her willing body. In reality Roger asks Heidi if Barbara would make him a good wife. Disappointed she can only advise him to tell her row he truly feels.

After dinner Roger broaches the question of Barbara's single status. She admits that she is so possessed by business that she had no time for romance. Roger becomes more aggressive asking her for a kiss which leads to another.

Outside Heidi swims naked in the pool. Stan who asks permission to join her in the water notices her beauty but at first she spurns his advances. Finally giving in Heidi allows Stan to make love to her right there by the pool.

Meanwhile inside, Barbara and Roger begin their own mating ritual. In the throws of passion Roger calls out Heidi. Barbara is insulted and breaks off the lovemaking in mid stroke.

Stan and Heidi conclude their present interlude but agree that that was all it was. However Heidi has picked up on something Stan said earlier and mentions some ideas she has to help to deal between their respective bosses.

Back to negotiations, Roger tells Barbara she in not in the position to be making the kinds of demands but Barbara disagrees saying she will give him until six pm to agree or the deal is off. Roger is discouraged and when Heidi offers to help he spurns her offer telling her to relax because they are leaving soon.

While Heidi packs for them both, Roger finds her and tells her about his calling out her name during his time with Barbara. He tells her that the last two years have been the best of his life and that he realizes it is because of her. Heidi's dream is realized as Roger tells her he loves her and then makes love to her as she had dreamt of before.

The business deal is a failure but Roger is a happy man and Heidi has the man of her dreams. His thoughts return to the business deal. Heidi shows him the proposal that she and Stan had worked out. Barbara is receptive and they agree. Stan and Barbara leave the beach house while Roger and Heidi stay for a few days. Barbara suggests they take the long way home.