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Passions was a decade long soap opera created by James E. Reilly, the same man who pulled Days of our Lives out of a ratings slump in the 1990s. Centered around the inhabitants of Harmony, a small seaside town in Maine, Passions excels at creating romantic triangles on the show, and controversy in the fans off the show. The show is based around five core families: the Standish/Bennett clan, the Winthrop/Crane clan, the Lopez/Fitzgerald clan, and the Johnson/Russell clan. Every other character can be directly (and romantically) connected to someone in one of the other clans.

Passions premiered on July 5, 1999, and last aired on NBC on September 7, 2007, before being picked up to air on DirecTV starting September 17, 2007. DirecTV canceled the show at the beginning of 2008, and the final episode aired August 7, 2008.

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  • Lindsay Hartley

    Lindsay Hartley

    Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Winthrop

    Eva Tamargo

    Eva Tamargo

    Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald

    Kim Johnston Ulrich

    Kim Johnston Ulrich

    Ivy Winthrop

    McKenzie Westmore

    McKenzie Westmore

    Sheridan Crane Lopez-Fitzgerald

    Ben Masters

    Ben Masters

    Julian Crane

    Juliet Mills

    Juliet Mills

    Tabitha Lenox

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    Fan Reviews (155)

    • I really liked the supernatural twists in this show!

      I really miss Passions. I used to look forward to watching new episodes of this show everyday with my sister as it aired on NBC then aired on Superchannel here in Canada. I really think it was cut down too prematurely just like the rest of the soaps that are all disappearing. Soon all we'll have left is Young and The Restless, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and Bold and the Beautiful. R.I.P. the original daytime television: Passions, As The World Turns, All My Children, One Life To Live.moreless
    • come on now this was the main soap that i got into and you had to go and take it away? why did you do that first you change the channel station then you take it away.. Just Bring It Back and it will make alot of people happymoreless

      could actually say it wasnt getting the people to watch i mean come on alot of people watched it i mean look at the reviews we all want it back so just bring it back and we will all be happy again.. with those charactors the soap was perfect and with the plot that it went with was good it all just flowed very good and it kept getting deeper to bring the people in i mean i watched one episode and once it was over i couldnt wait till the next day it came on i was just looking forward to that show at 2 oclockmoreless
    • what in the world was people passions was the best soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      bring passions back to tv it was the best soap in history I love it and miss it so much. it was what kept me laughing and going when my mom pasted away last year so unfair for all of the fans and cast days is getting so boring I have watched it for 30 years but now its so boring should had left passions on who cares about that other mess on channel 101. just not afir to us viewers at all I will never watch other soap again get us hooked and take passions away from us . do people care about the way we feel we are the ones that watch tv and enjoy it let us watch what we want . go passions and cast your the best and will always be in my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!passions soap rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! passions passions bring it back to tv it was so good wanted to see what was going to happen next. love you passions and cast!moreless
    • "Passions" is a soap with a supernatural twist!!!

      The brainchild of James E. Reilly, "Passions" premiered on NBC in 1999. The show follows the daily adventures (and sometimes, misadventures) of citizens of a fictional small New England town called Harmony, which includes a 300-year-old witch named Tabitha Lenox. Unlike other soaps, "Passions" is known for its mix of off-the-wall storylines and humor, as well as a youthful but attractive cast. Although "Passions" is not a huge ratings success during its run on NBC, it did established a very loyal cult following. In 2007, after 8 years, the network pulled the plug. Soon after, DirecTV came to the rescue. But its new home didn't helped win over new audiences and "Passions" was cancelled for good in 2008.moreless
    • I think this is a great show out of all the others.

      I think this is a great show out of all the others. This is a good soap opera. I love the fact that evil can prevail from time to time but I love it even more when good ends thwarting evil at the last minute. I never liked the fact that Kay ends up winning Miguel and Charity is left out of the picture (literally). I think that Charity should come back and at least fall in love with someone else (like that John guy for example). This is the only aspect of the show i don't appreciate. Other than that all the show is good as it is.moreless

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