Season 6 Episode 50

Ep. #1322

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 2004 on NBC



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    • Eve comments in this episode that Julian is 'Alistair's only son'. It was previously revealed that Alistair has at least one other son, who has at least two children. The other son and Crane grandchildren have not been mentioned in a few years. As a nitpick more than anything else, a flashback shows a teenaged Julian (probably 16 or 17, since Julian was married to Ivy at 18) reading Sheridan a bedtime story, and interfering when Alistair gets rough with Katherine. Previous flashbacks have shown Julian as a weak and easily contolled teenager who always let Alistair tell him exactly what to do, and it's always been stated that Julian and Sheridan didn't have much of a relationship, but here she clearly adored her older brother.

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