Season 1 Episode 133

Ep. #133

Aired Unknown Jan 07, 2000 on NBC

Episode Recap

Kay gloats to Charity over how she comforted Miguel. Kay decides to get dressed up and pay Miguel a late night visit. At the same time, Charity senses Miguel needs her and sneaks out of the house to go to him. Kay prepares to head over to Miguel's, not knowing what she is about to find there. Meanwhile, Tabitha asks the witch Matilda for help in her quest to turn Charity bad. Matilda, angry at having been woken, declines to aid Tabitha.

Miguel and Theresa assure Luis they don't blame him for their father's death. The Lopez Fitzgerald family shares an emotional embrace. Luis answers Hank's cell phone and reacts when he hears a very angry person on the other end. Hank hopes Luis hasn't discovered his secret.

When Chad drops Eve's wallet off at the Russell house, he and Whitney share an awkward moment. Meanwhile, Eve searches Orville's apartment for information on Chad. Before she can find anything, Chad catches her rummaging through the apartment in the dark.

Gwen asks Ethan if he wants to break up with her.

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