Season 6 Episode 109

Ep. #1381

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 2004 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In previous scenes there was no pharmacy directly outside Alistair's hospital room until all of a sudden one just appears.

    • It's never mentioned that Beth may have given Alistair the wrong drug, even though it did not have the effect that Beth desired.

    • Ethan was only able to tell Gwen about the drunken part of the night. He had no opportunity to tell her that Theresa had drugged him, yet Gwen commented on it while she and Theresa were going at it, assuming it as fact (which, of course, viewers know it was).

  • Quotes

    • Beth: Listen, I need some input on a paper I'm writing for a graduate class in law enforcement.
      Rick: Law enforcement, eh?
      Beth: Mm-hmm.
      Rick: You want to frisk me? I'll bet you find I'm packing some heat.

    • Rick: Golly, Miss Molly, those herbal testosterone supplements I've been taking actually worked!

    • Sheridan: You know, if my father recovers, he'll be able to tell us who poisoned him.
      Luis: But if he dies, we'll never know who to thank.

    • Gwen: Theresa, you're a monster.
      Rebecca: A scheming slut.
      Ivy: A shameless trollop.
      Rebecca: You know, people say I'm cold and calculating? I mean, my god, Theresa, how could you do anything so callous, so evil?
      Theresa: You took my son from me, Rebecca!
      Gwen: Sarah is dead, Theresa, because you seduced Ethan once before! But that wasn't good enough for you, was it? No, you had to rape my husband to get what you wanted!

    • Ethan: I didn't knowingly cheat on you. I would never do that. I was drunk and she came into our bedroom with a blond wig on wearing your perfume. She tricked me into sleeping with her. She wanted me to think that she was you.
      Rebecca: Well, how, what? Did Theresa kiss like Gwen? What, she felt like Gwen? What?
      Ivy: You're not helping, Rebecca.

    • Rick: So, babe, where were we?
      Beth: Oh. Well, i was just going to write down the name of that drug you were telling me about. Could I have the vial just to make sure that I spell it right?
      Rick: Let's just have each other instead. You can write down the name of that drug later, along with your phone number.

    • Theresa: Well, Gwen, if Ethan was as drugged and drunk as he claims he was, how could he have risen to the occasion -- not once, not twice, but all three times?

    • Katherine: Rachel. Oh, I miss you. My beloved sister. Even after all these years, Alistair does, too. He loved you so intensely, Rachel. It's the same way Luis loves Sheridan. Alistair never got over losing you in that boating accident off the cape just weeks before you were going to get married. That's why Alistair has you buried here instead of in Boston with the rest of our family, because even in death he can't let you go. You're his perfect, true love. If you'd lived, we never would have had all this pain.

    • Beth: Oh, Rick, Rick, wait, really. Listen, if we're going to be involved, you've got to promise not to tell my husband.
      Rick: Husband? But you aren't wearing a wedding ring.
      Beth: Uh -- I hocked it to pay the lawyers, but he was convicted and sent to prison anyway.
      Rick: Oh. Well, if he's in prison, then we're safe.
      Beth: Yeah, as long as my boyfriend doesn't find out.
      Rick: You have a boyfriend, too?
      Beth: Mm-hmm. He just got out of prison, but if he doesn't find out, he won't hurt you like that other guy.
      Rick: What other guy?
      Beth: The guy my boyfriend killed and made it look like my husband did it.
      Rick: Mercy!
      Beth: That's what the guy was begging my boyfriend for. Witnesses said he couldn't hear him over the chain saw.
      Rick: Speaking of chain saws, I've -- I've got to get back to work.

    • Katherine: Sometimes I envy you, Rachel, being at peace. Honestly, I don't know how much more of this I can take. The Alistair you knew died with you, and the Alistair who took his place is a cold, heartless, cruel, angry man. You know, he was almost murdered, and he still might die. I hope he does, because then he can't tell everyone that I'm really your sister, that I'm Katherine Barrett Crane. If Julian and Sheridan knew that I was alive, they'd think that I just left them to Alistair's mercy. They'd never forgive me for not taking them with me. And if they did, Luis would never forgive Sheridan for forgiving me. Oh, my beloved Sheridan, if only... I'd give anything if we could be close again.

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