Season 1 Episode 146

Ep. #146

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 2000 on NBC

Episode Recap

Sheridan tells Luis she wants to help him investigate her family's connection to Martin's disappearance. However, she intends to prove her family has done nothing wrong. Luis warns Sheridan she may be helping him bring down her own family. The two search the Crane library, thinking no one is home. They don't realize Julian is just upstairs and that he has installed a new silent alarm for the library wall safe. Meanwhile, Alistair worries about keeping documents about Martin in the library safe, but Julian assures his father he's taken care of everything. Julian is uneasy when Alistair orders him to get rid of Luis if he causes any more trouble. Back in the library, Sheridan nearly sets off the alarm, but Luis stops her in time. While Luis and Sheridan leave to find a way to shut off the system, Timmy sneaks into the library. Timmy searches through an old desk for a bag of curses to change Tabitha back to human form.

Eve demands to know why Orville thinks Chad is dangerous to her daughters. Orville fears it's too risky to reveal Chad's secret. Meanwhile, Simone tells Chad how her mother's past is also a bit mysterious. When Chad thinks Eve may have something to hide, Simone explains that her mother probably doesn't talk about her past because her family is dead. Chad comes close to seeing Ruth with the bird statue when Ruth tries to sell the bird to Beth.

After Theresa has a hard time refuting Gwen's accusations, Ethan accuses Theresa of lying to him about having a boyfriend. Before Theresa can confess the truth, a handsome young man comes to her rescue. He introduces himself as Chuck, Theresa's boyfriend. Everyone is shocked, especially Theresa. Theresa is confused, but plays along. Ethan pulls Gwen aside and tells her she now has to admit she was wrong, but Gwen's not so sure.

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