Season 7 Episode 62

Ep. #1579

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

In the park, Noah and Fancy start to part ways. They then start to gravitate towards each other and say that they don't care what Alistair will do to them. Noah then asks Fancy what she would go like to do and she mentions that she always likes the beach. She then gets a text message inviting her to the Seascape and she and Noah go. At the movie theater, Sheridan is apologizing to Chris again for not trusting him and he says not to worry. Sheridan also gets a text message she thinks is from Fancy inviting her for dinner at the Seascape.

In the courtroom, Eve and family are happy about the turn of events, while Liz and Grace Nancier are furious about Eve getting off. Afterwards Julian invites everybody out to dinner where they meet up with Alistair's dinner party. Back at Crane Industries, Fox, Kay, Chad, and Valerie are discussing what Alistair told them in his office and contemplate not accepting his dinner plans. Through all of this Tabitha and Endora are watching in their bowl. They then get dressed up to crash Alistair's dinner party and go to the restaurant. At the restaurant, Ivy and Sam are waiting for their kids and are talking about the romance between their kids while waiting for them to show up. Martin and Pilar run into Katherine when they get to the restaurant. After awhile, all of Alistair's guests realize that they were all brought together by the old man for big news.

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