Season 7 Episode 216

Ep. #1733

Aired Unknown May 05, 2006 on NBC
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Ep. #1733
At Tabitha's, Siren is able to change back from a mermaid back to a woman before Miguel, Fox, Kay and Tabitha arrive in the room. In Rome, Luis saves Paloma, Simone, and Jessica from three thugs who attacked them and then ultimately meets up with Chad. After that, Luis and Chad go look for the catacombs where he believed Whitney was as she goes back with the monk. As she starts training with the virtual reality head set, someone starts to spy on them. Meanwhile, as Noah and Maya are meeting with Lena, Fancy runs into Gianni and ultimately goes over to Noah to give him a piece of her mind.moreless

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    Adrian Bellani

    Adrian Bellani

    Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (#2) (02/08/06-)

    Brandi Burkhardt

    Brandi Burkhardt

    Siren (04/21/06-)

    Brook Kerr

    Brook Kerr

    Whitney Russell (07/05/99-)

    Cathy Jenéen Doe

    Cathy Jenéen Doe

    Simone Russell (#3) (07/23/04-)

    Charles Divins

    Charles Divins

    Chad Harris (#2) (09/12/02-)

    Danica Stewart

    Danica Stewart

    Jessica Bennett (#3) (07/10/03-)

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      • Whitney Russell: Heavenly Father. Why would you pick such an ordinary person like me, to do such an incredibly important job?
        Monk: I have always chosen ordinary people to do extraordinary things for the church Whitney. To perform miracles. You are the Joan of Arc of today.
        Whitney Russell: Joan of Arc? Me?
        Monk: You can be...

      • Fox Crane: Kay. Are you sure you not jealous of Siren?
        Kay Bennett: Jeal ... Why would I be jealous?
        Fox Crane: Well she's obviously in love with Miguel. Miguel obviously likes her.
        Kay Bennett: So ...
        Fox Crane: So, does that bother you?
        Kay Bennett: No. It's just there's something not right about her. I don't know. I can't put my finger on it. Something ... fishy.

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