Season 9 Episode 16

Ep. #2047

Aired Unknown Jul 30, 2007 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Edna Wallace: Look, tabby. We will do anything to stay out of that black hole basement. You have no idea what it's been like.
      Tabitha Lenox: Oh, I know exactly what it's like down there. Who do you think suggested the fiery coals on the floor? Or the razor blades in the pillows on the bunk beds? Or the sulfuric acid in the bathtub, who?
      Norma Bates: Oh, Martha Stewart you're not. We're gonna have a blast, doll face. Auntie Norma and auntie Edna, right here with you forever and ever.
      Edna Wallace: Or else.
      Tabitha Lenox: All right, all right. If you two addlepated birdbrains are going to be temporary house guests here, then you're going to have to earn your keep. That means cooking, cleaning, yard work, burying the bodies of any salesmen who happen to come to the door.