Season 3 Episode 5

Ep. #519

Aired Unknown Jul 13, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Lopez-Fitzgerald home is full of excitement as everyone gets ready for the double wedding. Francisco and Cristina present Theresa and Sheridan with special wedding gifts. Kay struggles to be good as she watches a playful Charity and Miguel. Chad and Whitney are relieved the tabloid paper won't hit the stands until evening. Whitney is taken aback when Chad announces he plans to show Ethan the story before the wedding. Whitney tries to change Chad's mind, declaring the fate of their friends' relationship is in his hands. Rebecca opens the manila envelope and is thrilled to discover Ivy was sent an advanced copy of the tabloid. Ethan drops by the mansion and shares a warm moment with his mother. With Ethan by her side, Ivy begins to open the envelope containing the tabloid. Rebecca is gleeful as it appears both Ivy and Ethan will learn the e-mail came from Theresa's computer. At the police station, David refuses to answer Sam's questions and insists on talking to Grace alone. When Sam is called away, Grace is left to face David by herself.

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