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  • Season 10
    • Ep. #2231
      Ep. #2231
      Episode 16
      Kay zaps in Father Lonigan to baptize Tabitha, but he refuses after he admits that Alistair told him years ago that Tabitha was a witch. After learning that Tabitha had given up her powers to protect the people of Harmony, Father Lonigan changes his mind. Gwen and Rebecca try to escape from the church, but the others pressure them into watching the tape. Ethan and the rest of the family bashes Gwen and Rebecca for all the crimes they've done, and Sam arrests them. Ethan promises Theresa that they'll be a family again. Tabitha is forced to confess her crimes before getting baptized, but she's finally able to stop the volcano from erupting. Sam is surprised to learn that all Standish women are witches. Rebecca shocks Gwen by revealing that Gwen got married in Vegas years ago, which means her marriage to Ethan isn't valid. Father Lonigan agrees to marry Theresa and Ethan. Timmy's hand reaches out for Tabitha. Endora cures Father Lonigan's eyesight. Kay uses magic to fix Julian's penis. Fancy tells Luis that she's pregnant, and Paloma tells Noah the same thing. Theresa and Ethan finally get married.moreless
    • Ep. #2230
      Ep. #2230
      Episode 15
      Rebecca and Gwen are freaked out when the Lopez-Fitzgerlads insist that need to see what's on the camera tape. Endora finally transforms back into a child and confirms Kay's claims that Timmy has a task for Tabitha. Esmé stumbles inside the church informing the people that lava is occupying Harmony. She accidentally knocks over the camera, leaving Theresa worried that she'll never be able to prove the crimes of Gwen and Rebecca. Gwen accuses Sheridan of settling for Antonio even though Luis is the love of her life. Kay tells Tabitha that she needs to be baptized, but the ex-witch refuses to turn over to the good side completely. Kay, Julian, Eve, Miguel and Endora finally manage to convince Tabitha to get baptized. Just as Gwen and Ethan are about to leave to their honeymoon, Sam returns with the fixed camera which reveals that Gwen and Rebecca were the ones who exposed Ethan's paternity to the tabloids years ago.moreless
    • Ep. #2229
      Ep. #2229
      Episode 14
      A caught Juanita laughs as she listens to others rambling about Theresa being alive and Juanita finally getting caught. Sam prevents Pilar from attacking Juanita. Theresa begs Ethan to give their love another try, but Gwen manages to convince Ethan to respect his duty as her husband in front of God. Sheridan, Ivy and Fancy discuss about true love. Theresa desperately tries to explain what Gwen did to her, but Juanita refuses to back up her story. Pilar lashes out on Gwen. Theresa finally admits to Ethan that Little Ethan is actually his son. Rebecca and Little Ethan continue battling for the camera. The camera ends up in Ethan's hands, who's determined to find out what's on it. Little Ethan and his father happily embrace. Julian and Eve are still confused while Tabitha and Endora wonder what they could do to save Harmony. Endora conjures up Norma and Edna, and later brings in Miguel and Kay. When they try to stop the volcano again, everyone except Kay and Endora disappears from the house. Kay and Endora appear to the others and tell them that Timmy told them in Heaven that they need to save Harmony.moreless
    • Ep. #2228
      Ep. #2228
      Episode 13
      Tabitha and Endora try to stop the volcano from erupting, but they both feel doomed because they can't leave the house. Without anything else to do, Tabitha zaps in Julian and Eve, who are both shocked at the scenery. Julian reassures Eve that she isn't drunk or hallucinating, and then explains that Endora is his daughter with Tabitha. Tabitha, Eve, Julian and Endora use their family love to try to stop the impending doom. Juanita threatens to kill Theresa and she refuses to accept any kind of begging. Ethan and Gwen are married again, but immediately after that Ethan runs off and finds Theresa very much alive. The people at the wedding prevent Juanita from escaping. Ethan tries to defuse the bomb in the church himself. Rebecca and Little Ethan fight over the camera.moreless
    • Ep. #2227
      Ep. #2227
      Episode 12
      Tabitha and Endora realize that the earthquake is the beginning of the doom for Harmony. Juanita is worried because her bomb still hasn't exploded. The people at the church brace themselves as the earthquake finally stops, and Ethan and Gwen are free to resume their wedding. Juanita returns to the church and Theresa follows her. Tabitha and Endora try to leave their house, but the forces of evil stop them from exiting. Little Ethan fixes the camera Rebecca tried to destroy. Theresa finds the bomb and Juanita tells her she knows who she really is, as Theresa prepares to fight her.moreless
    • Ep. #2226
      Ep. #2226
      Episode 11
      Paloma is worried when Noah sees her in her wedding dress before the ceremony, but her friends reassure her that everything is going to be fine. Ivy and Sam realize that there was something on the camera that Rebecca didn't want them to see. Ethan stops the wedding with Gwen because their parents aren't at the ceremony, so Father Lonigan agrees to let Noah and Paloma get married instead of them. Rebecca reassures her daughter that their secrets are safe. Ethan explains to Sam and Ivy that he is strangely attracted to Gertrude, but both his parents think that the reason he delayed the wedding is because he still holds on to his love for Theresa. Theresa cries when she realizes Antonio is alive, but she isn't able to hug him because of her disguise. Just as Noah and Paloma are pronounces husband and wife, an earthquake hits Harmony!moreless
    • Ep. #2225
      Ep. #2225
      Episode 10
      Tabitha's love for her daughter saves her when her profession of love gives Endora enough power to send the demon elf back to Hell. The Lopez-Fitzgerlads and the rest of the family is stunned when Sheridan brings Antonio to them. Juanita gives Ethan advice to go back at Gwen. She's shocked when she realizes that Gertrude is actually Theresa, and she convinces Theresa to go back to the church. Fancy angrily confronts Sheridan when she appears in the church, but later apologizes when she realizes that Antonio is alive. Sam takes his camera and tells Rebecca and Gwen that it has been taping them all the time. Rebecca steals the camera and runs away, but later Sam catches up with her and tries to take it away. After fighting with Ivy, the camera slides across the room and Rebecca realizes that it must be broken, so she just leaves it alone. Sheridan tells Gwen about Antonio. Ethan and Gwen's wedding begins.moreless
    • Ep. #2224
      Ep. #2224
      Episode 9
      The demon elf returns to kill Tabitha, accusing her of giving up evil for good. Endora stands up to protect her mother, as the battle between good and evil ensues. Ethan overhears Pilar calling Gertrude by Theresa's name and he decides to talk to Gertrude before committing to Gwen. Juanita bumps into Theresa but doesn't recognize her in the disguise. Sheridan is shocked when Antonio shows up near the church. He explains how Alistair held him prisoner in Boston and how he escaped to be with her, the only woman he ever loved. The couple happily embraces, and just as Luis' and Fancy's marriage ceremony ends, Sheridan reveals to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds that Antonio is alive.moreless
    • Ep. #2223
      Ep. #2223
      Episode 8
      Tabitha tries to find Endora who seems to have disappeared yet again. Edna and Norma finally get married in a funny ceremony, with Tabitha as the priest. Pilar tells Theresa she shouldn't watch Gwen and Ethan get married, so Theresa agrees to stay only until Fancy and Luis get married. Juanita happily prepares for her scheme. Fancy worries that Sheridan might have done something to Luis. Sheridan fantasizes dying along with Luis, but when she's brought back to reality, she's forced to finally let Luis go, as Luis tells her that she had love with Antonio. Unaware that Sam's camera is filming them, Gwen and Rebecca go through every scheme they made. Sheridan is approached by a mysterious figure.moreless
    • Ep. #2222
      Ep. #2222
      Episode 7
      Tabitha is surprised when Norma and Edna announce that they are getting married. Kay and Miguel finally get married. Ethan tells Gertrude that she reminds him of Theresa. Norma and Edna give advice to Kay and Miguel about foreplay. They're both shocked to learn that Tabitha is no longer a witch. Ivy admits to Fancy that Sheridan considered letting everyone die so Luis wouldn't get married to her. Fancy worries when Luis disappears. Sheridan begs Luis for another chance, and even admits about the truth about the poison. Luis forgives her, but he says he loves Fancy. Sheridan asks Luis for one last tango.moreless
    • Ep. #2221
      Ep. #2221
      Episode 6
      Jessica shows up at Kay's wedding preparations, and the sisters catch up on the latest events. Sam thanks Tabitha for being a good neighbor through all the years. Endora finally materializes, but accidentally into a teenager, and she can't get back to her child form. Gwen warns Gertrude to watch out, and Theresa has no idea what Gwen told her a few hours ago. Juanita calls Gwen. The crowd prepares for the wedding, as Juanita's bomb continues ticking away. Sheridan sends Luis a text message asking him not to marry Fancy.moreless
    • Ep. #2220
      Ep. #2220
      Episode 5
      Tabitha is having hard time dealing with the fact that she is no longer a witch. Kay is shocked to learn about Tabitha losing her powers, and even more surprised to learn that everyone at the rehearsal was dead at one point, even including her brother. She learns that Julian is Endora's father, and she then suggests that Tabitha should tell everyone that she was a witch and that she saved them, but Tabitha refuses to do that. Fluffy doesn't like Tabitha anymore. Tabitha wants to leave Harmony, but Endora is keen on going to the wedding. Pilar prepares breakfast for her sons, but she's worried about what might happen at the wedding. Miguel and Luis take some time to discuss about their lives. After having a nightmare of not being able to kill Theresa, Gwen walks to Gertrude's room and tells her that she knows who she is, but Theresa doesn't hear her.moreless
    • Ep. #2219
      Ep. #2219
      Episode 4
      Juanita and her henchman worry about the future of their plan. Tabitha and Esmé enter the church too late, as Viki and Vincent laugh at the success of their mass poisoning plan. Esmé manages to convince Tabitha to do what she needs to do. Tabitha gives her powers away to revive all the dead people, and they all suddenly start waking. Ethan thinks that Gertrude is Theresa, but Theresa lies to him again. Tabitha has to start coping with the loss of her powers. Esmé wants her to explain how she saved everyone, but Tabitha refuses to do so. Sam is pleased to learn that Viki killed all those men, as Viki and Vincent are rushed off to prison. Tabitha and Endora worry when they realize that Endora can no longer return to her human form.moreless
    • Ep. #2218
      Ep. #2218
      Episode 3
      Endora and Esmé desperately try to convince Tabitha to help the victims of massive poisoning, but Tabitha won't do it because she'll be stripped of her powers forever if she steps into the church. Endora begs her mother to do it for her, and Tabitha reluctantly agrees. Pilar stops Theresa from taking the poison, but then collapses herself. Eve tells Sheridan that the people from the hospital can't make it to the church due to the storm. Luis and Fancy realize that Pilar is dead, and then they both collapse, as does Theresa on Ethan. Vincent and Viki push poison inside both Eve and Sheridan. Tabitha and Esmé arrive at the church, and Tabitha finally enters the place, but Viki and Vincent tell them that it's too late.moreless
    • Ep. #2217
      Ep. #2217
      Episode 2
      Norma and Edna show up at Tabitha's house, worried about their future, but Tabitha assures them that because they were in Hell, they can't be killed by the upcoming doom. Tabitha continues searching after Endora, who still won't come out, so Edna and Norma decide to help out Tabitha. However, when they finally capture Endora, Tabitha still refuses to help out the citizens of Harmony. Esmé releases Sheridan from the closet and they rush to stop Viki and Vincent. Vincent continues choking Eve, and Julian tries to stop it. Viki lets it slip that they've used mushroom poison, so Eve rushes off to get help. Esmé is extremely disappointed when Viki explains why she murdered everyone. Theresa tends to Ethan, who finally realizes that Gertrude is actually Theresa. Sheridan tries to help Ethan out, while Theresa, realizing that she can't live without Ethan, decides to take the poison herself. Sheridan tries to help out Luis and Fancy. Eve and Esmé try to stop Viki and Vincent from running off.moreless
    • Ep. #2216
      Ep. #2216
      Episode 1
      Vincent and Viki happily watch as the people prepare to eat. Gwen covers Gertrude's momentary disappearance. Sheridan decides to let Fancy get poisoned and then reveal the scheme, as she debates with Ivy and Eve about love. Julian gives Fancy and Luis his blessing. Gwen pleasantly tortures Theresa by smooching with Ethan. Sheridan changes her mind and is about to reveal the scheme, but Vincent manages to put her away before she can do anything. The poisoning plan finally succeeds and almost everyone in the church starts choking and falling unconscious. Vincent reveals himself, as he and Viki gloat in the success of their plan. Esmé is shocked when Tabitha finally reveals to her that Viki is a serial killer. Endora shows Esmé and Tabitha that there is a massive poisoning going on at the church, but Tabitha refuses to help the people out.moreless
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