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Passions Best Season?

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    [1]Aug 11, 2012
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    Which Season of Passions do you feel was the best one?

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    [2]Jan 24, 2013
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    season 2-2000
    story lines were the worst/best
    imposter martin falling to death at new years midnight
    charti and her stranger visons of the future/past that not happen yet/using her magic pwowers mostly bad things happen like she course the storm on prom boat
    ivy and her secrets telling sam that ethan is his son going after sam by black mailing eve and her past with julian
    luis/shardon -star cross lovers one day they are in love doing things together and same time trying hide their feelings that are in love
    fighting with each other over if they familys would care if they were in love
    love in the air threseaethan/gewn- whitey/chad/simon
    more intersting story lines tabtha get her powers back few a hours after migel almost died been buried alive in the snow
    not much story line with jessica but reese finds out that tabtha is a witch but noone cares to listen while he trys to tell someone about tabtha
    strange magic hucba in the cave under ground
    at the end shardon gets buried alive finds her own love with luis

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