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  • I really liked the supernatural twists in this show!

    I really miss Passions. I used to look forward to watching new episodes of this show everyday with my sister as it aired on NBC then aired on Superchannel here in Canada. I really think it was cut down too prematurely just like the rest of the soaps that are all disappearing. Soon all we'll have left is Young and The Restless, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and Bold and the Beautiful. R.I.P. the original daytime television: Passions, As The World Turns, All My Children, One Life To Live.
  • come on now this was the main soap that i got into and you had to go and take it away? why did you do that first you change the channel station then you take it away.. Just Bring It Back and it will make alot of people happy

    could actually say it wasnt getting the people to watch i mean come on alot of people watched it i mean look at the reviews we all want it back so just bring it back and we will all be happy again.. with those charactors the soap was perfect and with the plot that it went with was good it all just flowed very good and it kept getting deeper to bring the people in i mean i watched one episode and once it was over i couldnt wait till the next day it came on i was just looking forward to that show at 2 oclock
  • what in the world was people passions was the best soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bring passions back to tv it was the best soap in history I love it and miss it so much. it was what kept me laughing and going when my mom pasted away last year so unfair for all of the fans and cast days is getting so boring I have watched it for 30 years but now its so boring should had left passions on who cares about that other mess on channel 101. just not afir to us viewers at all I will never watch other soap again get us hooked and take passions away from us . do people care about the way we feel we are the ones that watch tv and enjoy it let us watch what we want . go passions and cast your the best and will always be in my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!passions soap rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! passions passions bring it back to tv it was so good wanted to see what was going to happen next. love you passions and cast!
  • "Passions" is a soap with a supernatural twist!!!

    The brainchild of James E. Reilly, "Passions" premiered on NBC in 1999. The show follows the daily adventures (and sometimes, misadventures) of citizens of a fictional small New England town called Harmony, which includes a 300-year-old witch named Tabitha Lenox. Unlike other soaps, "Passions" is known for its mix of off-the-wall storylines and humor, as well as a youthful but attractive cast. Although "Passions" is not a huge ratings success during its run on NBC, it did established a very loyal cult following. In 2007, after 8 years, the network pulled the plug. Soon after, DirecTV came to the rescue. But its new home didn't helped win over new audiences and "Passions" was cancelled for good in 2008.
  • I think this is a great show out of all the others.

    I think this is a great show out of all the others. This is a good soap opera. I love the fact that evil can prevail from time to time but I love it even more when good ends thwarting evil at the last minute. I never liked the fact that Kay ends up winning Miguel and Charity is left out of the picture (literally). I think that Charity should come back and at least fall in love with someone else (like that John guy for example). This is the only aspect of the show i don't appreciate. Other than that all the show is good as it is.
  • I think that Passions has potential to survive. The only way that will happen is if they hire a new set of writers..These writers seem to be at a loss for things to write.

    I used to watch Passions every day without fail. I would go so far as to turn it on in my office and watch it on a 3 inch tv screen while doing my work. Some Where along the way the writers lost what to write and make it stick. They started dragging things out forever..It seemed like if you went 1 month without watching, nothing changed when you turned it on again. The writers must have a brain fart because the way they are dragging these things out it has me and several of my friends to the point where we just don't watch it anymore..Teresa and Ethan finally get together and the writers rip them apart...enough already ! I can see now why the show is being canceled...Maybe a new set of writers can save the show.
  • What a dumb decision they made, I not happy :(

    Well i have watched passions for about 6yrs and could never miss an episode and then they go ahead and get rid of it off tv what and why? I have sattilitte but there is no passions on there. I could get the direct tv but for one show no thanks! I wanted to let whoever made the show all exclusive on direct tv WAY TO GO!you are not a fan i miss the show but i guess i be a full time fan of days of our lives instead your truly
    very pissed off veiwer you should have left it where it was eeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr
  • This show is from the writers of Days of Our Lives. Defiantly for those who like total fiction. I like to watch this at least twice a week.

    This show was great at the beginning....but, it seems to be lacking lately. The story lines seem to be dragging out a little too long. It is time for a little happiness to come to Harmony. Theresa and Ethan need to finally be together and happy with their children. They need to find a way to bring Charity, Grace and her twin, Faith, back into the picture. The whole show seems to be getting very predictable. Though Endora is very adorable, I think we all miss Timmy....may he rest in peace. It is time the romance is placed back into this show. The writers need to rewatch the first two seasons to get the "magic" back.
  • Alot of people feel that WBRE has gall to,FORCE people to get sat t.v just to watch Passions!! There are alot of angry viewers out here!

    Why is WBRE FORCING viewers to pay to continue watching Passions? What about the viewers that can't afford to get Satelite T.V.? SHAME ON YOU!! I don't know where you people get your stats from, but, as idiotic as the show was sometimes there are alot of us that use to always watch the program. Did anyone out there even think about all of the people that might not be able to afford sat. T.V? I say again, what were you people thinking? The one question that's left is, was it really worth it to dishearten so many faithful viewers of Passions?
    Thanks For Nothing
  • I give it a 10! This show captured my interest 5 years ago. Watched it faithfully every day or online every night during that time. Really sorry it moved to Direct TV

    I especially enjoy the witchcraft component in this show. I have been a fan of Juliet Mills for many years. Endora is a very talented and adorable little girl. She seems to get better and better each season. I would like to know who it is that prompts her. She seems to get the cue every time, and is so cute when she does it.

    I wish this show could be picked up by one of the other national network TV stations and take it away from Direct TV. I would be willing to pay a fee to anyone but Direct TV in order to continue watching at least the online episodes, but I absolutely refuse to sign up for Direct TV just to continue watching Passions. The message is I do not like Direct TV, but I absolutely love Passions.

    I would actually enjoy watching the entire cast on whatever new soap they and their agents could create so they could continue working together, but on network television again and not on Direct TV. They are all very good actors and actresses. The writers could improve, but the actors do well with what they are given.
  • I think a lot more people like this show than will admit.

    When this show came out it was good and had a lot of drama like any other soap out there. As time went by the story lines got crazier and crazier and just made us want to watch it even more. Most soaps draw you in because they leave you hanging the end of every day so you have to watch it tomorrow to find out what happens, yet it will take you weeks or months to find out what happened with any single story line. That is the one thing I don't like about soaps is that aspect because I am not a very patient person but I only get to watch it once a month if that and I am still up to date!
  • Petition to bring Passions back on the air

    Sign this petition to bring passions back! Join with the thousands of others on who helped bring back Jericho and who are actively involved in saving some of the best TV shows. Join with others who share your passion for Passions, like Ginette, a supporter of Passions who wrote: "I remember the first time I saw Passion in 1999 I was so happy to see a new soap.I have watched it every day I love and I think to change to Direct TV is full of (S...T).I live in the mountain and there is no way that I would go back and get Direct TV again.It never had great channels and when I get a rain storm or snow my satellite would never work. PLEASE listen to the viewers we know what we are talking about.Some of us do not have the money to spend on a new dish you well be losing A HUGE fan club sorry NBC you are making a BIG mistake to change to direct TV hope you could see what the fans are writing.............Cry"
  • a town that has many problems and evil is always around the corner.and teriable thiings that split up fmily and relationships.

    this show is okay. it has too many cliffhangers and takes forever to get to the point of the plot or storyline. and then it has these ppl die but they dont really die story they repeat it over and over. its basically a repetiitive long story line that has the same thing over and over again the main point is nothing is ever shocking and its no fun to watch. i still watch it because it does have some good moments and good relationships and it does have some good aspects to it and i enjoy it. but it needs some fixing to be a great show.
  • passions has love greed murder witches but in all has anything you can image

    passioins is the best soap ios not known because iy has't be on like other soap opera that been on over 40 yrs this a new generation of soap oper i watch it from the begiining love the moment i saw it and knew i would be hook on it. it has spunk it its different putting things that can never really happened but i still enjoy the refresh of this soap opera i watched the show since i was 13 yrs old thats a long time amd 21 and still kind of hook to it cause sometimers they do repeat the same thing over.
  • Passions the town of harmony home of scandal and pain.The town feature some residents that are nasty cool and entertaining.For example today i watched the episode of passions the blackmailer took of it's mask.I'm sure it's vincent.

    Passions is a great show i give it 9.9 because it was 99.9
    percent good .The dang demon elf is annoying.Passions has the town harmony in a good story.Like the blackmailer story was good but it dragged on too long.

    The theresa secret as well could of ended faster.Now it is so obvious that the blackmailer is Vincent.Thats because he slept with Chad.Also he killed rae.He did some disgusting things to people .But when he killed Rae he went too far and Luis is convicted with the balckmailers dirty deeds.

    The series is brought to my attention that it is going to be runned on Direct TV. i thought it was great but hello i'm using rogers cable.

    Lets get back to my review.I give passions 9.9 because the show was supurb.Lets see what else happens in the future of passions lets see the future on Direct TV.
  • the drama and the drama and the drama

    omg passion what a thrill. i love how the drama never end and more keep coming. The other or different or something of a person, makes the show a non stop action packed soap. I love how magic keeps on going and how fox and kay. Also how the little devil is causing everything to down in harmony. i think that it gives great meaning to the the word "action". The not so sweet place they call "harmony".the word harmony means happiness and peace and everything good, but it is so not like that. I think that it is good entertainment.
  • Funny

    This is probably the only soap opera I will ever watch in my life. I started watching it back when Sheridan was trapped in a hole so Beth could steal her baby. The things that got me to watch it for 4 more years were Precious the monkey, Alister, Beth and her mom, the tsunami, Tabitha and Endora, and a billion of other things. When I think back there were so many unique story lines no other soap opera would ever dare to do. People used to make fun of me for watching this but once they watched they got hooked on it too. I will miss this show alot.
  • Passions is just so additive, I can't help but watch... I know sometimes it unbelievable and the storylines are a bit repetitive but I still love it.

    Passions is just so additive, I can't help but watch... I know sometimes it unbelievable and the storylines are a bit repetitive but I still love it. The characters, as with all soap operas, there are many of them. I love how they have both witches and mortal co-existing together. Harmony is full of all sorts of people: liars, bi-sexuals, cheaters, witches, elves, blackmailers, demons, dumb people, and murders. The diversity of the characters is what makes Passions so fun. It's so different that Endora talks in little thought bubbles. There’s always romance, and comedy, and, of course, lot’s of drama. It’s has a lot of different genres rolled in to one great soap opera. Although one may not think so Passions apeals to all ages; my little cousin who's five loves it, and so does my grandmother. There's just something for everyone. In Harmony anything can happen.
  • passions is one of the best soaps ever i love the love triangles and juicy secrets and the blackmailer is genius.

    passions is a spicy soap that has a bunch of awesome charachaters and great storylines and alot of love triangles like treasa and ethan but then theres the blackmailer that makes her go with Jared then there kay and miguel and Kay but then theres Fox who kay choses too be with Some secrets are little Ethan is Ethan son. The one that just came out is chad was having an affair with Vincent. Things I want to happen i want Endora to return. I want thresa too tell ethan that little ethans his son. and i want kay miguel to be together and luis to get out of jail.
  • best show on tv

    my favrite couples luis and fancy ,theresa and ethan .
    i think the black mailer is alister vincent . i think sheridon needs to leave luis and fancy alone because luis and fancy make a cuite couple and sheridon had her chance with luis and she belew it an i think that sheridon becomeing ailster worse the julian she would even kill fancy to get luis back she becomeing ailster . i . also the blackmailer wil never make etahn love heshe
  • "Passions" explores the lives, loves and losses of four core families who reside in Harmony: the Cranes, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, the Bennetts and the Russells, each of whom have their own distinct and diverse personalities.

    Welcome to the town of Harmony, the deceptively picturesque New England town and principal site of "Passions." On its surface, Harmony looks like an idyllic New England town, but this is no ordinary place. "Passions" explores the lives, loves and losses of four core families who reside in Harmony: the Cranes, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, the Bennetts and the Russells, each of whom have their own distinct and diverse personalities.

    The wealthy Cranes, under the helm of patriarch Alistair, rule the town. Despite the difference in their economic status, the lives of the Cranes are constantly intertwined with the working class Lopez-Fitzgeralds, a Latino-Irish family held together by the hard-working Pilar. As a result of a long-buried secret, Alistair's wife, Katherine, left town years ago with Pilar's husband, Martin. Their return caused strife for Katherine's daughter Sheridan and Martin's son Luis, despite the couple's deep love for one another. Luis and Sheridan seem to always be battling obstacles, including the schemes of Luis' high school sweetheart, Beth, who wants Luis for herself! Despite the pleas of Beth's mother, Mrs. Wallace, Beth kidnapped Luis and Sheridan's baby and is raising him as her own! Meanwhile, Luis' sister, Theresa, wants nothing more than to be a family with Ethan, the love of her life, and her two children. Ethan's wife, Gwen, and her social-climbing mother, Rebecca, will do anything to prevent Theresa from stealing Ethan away.
    Ethan grew up believing he was a member of the Crane family, but he was actually the son of Ivy Winthrop Crane and Harmony's Chief of Police Sam Bennett. Chief Bennett and his sweet amnesiac wife Grace Bennett had three children together-Noah, Kay, and Jessica. But thanks to Ivy's scheming, Grace is out of the picture and Ivy is back in Sam's heart and home. Kay and Jessica remain resentful of their mom for leaving, and have certainly acted out as a result!
    Sam and Grace's best friends are Eve and TC Russell. The Russells are an African American family with a strong presence in the community-TC is the high school athletic coach and Eve is a respected physician. They have two daughters, Whitney and Simone. The seemingly perfect Russell family exploded when Eve's secret past with Julian came to light, thanks to the machinations of Eve's vengeful sister Liz. It turned out that Eve and Julian had a child together. Their child was none other than Chad Harris, Whitney's boyfriend! In the aftermath, TC has turned to Liz, while Eve and Julian have rekindled their love.
    And let's not forget 300 year-old witch Tabitha Lenox! For years, Tabitha wreaked havoc in Harmony along with her reluctant sidekick, doll-turned-boy Timmy. Tabitha was heartbroken when her beloved Timmy passed away, but is now causing just as much mischief and mayhem with the help of her daughter, Endora! Endora is a chip off the old block, having inherited her mother's powers.
  • Passions is overall an amazing show. It is very relatable.

    Passions is an amazing show. You can relate to almost every episode and as most soap operas as written off as cheesy and over dramatic, passions is the exact opposite. They tend to introduce new characters to spice things up every now and then, which is great. It is also good to know that most of the character's lines do not go untold if they choose to leave. Most soap operas do not speak of the characters who leave. In addition, Passions is a classic. As it is funny, romantic, and also has family themes. It really knows how to give the best of both worlds.
  • i love this show.

    it's unlike all the other traditional boring old people soaps. I will have to watch it online though, i guess, cause i'm not changing to direct tv. i'm perfectly happy with time warner.
    this show always keeps u guessing. it's like a good book that u just can't ever put down. all the direct tv viewers are very lucky they will get to watch it.
  • Romantic triangles make love lives difficult for almost everyone involved. No healthy family life in Harmony, which causes the story line to be quite unreal in most instances. Professional people seem to be quite corrupt. Brings back memories of SOAP.

    I am really disappointed to learn today that PASSIONS will be going off the air this September.
    Yes, the story line is off the wall a bit, but it is enjoyable to watch. Tabitha and Endora help bring the show out of reality, but it is fun to let your imagination enter a different realm once in a while. Too many people live the realities of the usual soap opera in their own soap opera lives nowadays. I have watched PASSIONS since its first airing and like the way it has played out. Yes, sometimes the story line is slow moving, but all soaps seem to use that same ploy more than anybody really cares for. I will miss this show, its cast and the story line, but will remember PASSIONS fondly. I hope to see its cast members in other productions and will miss watching Endora grow up. She is such a cutie.
  • The show is going down!!!!!!!!!

    I love the show but it just isn't what i want to watch anymore. you now what is going to happen and nothing seems to be getting any better. the show needs work. i'll still watch it but i'm hoping for something better. it seems like everyone on the show can never get a brake. no one has a good life but the cranes i think other big things should happen insted of the black mailer. we already know what is going to be the out come of the show. i just feel something else needs to happen if they still want people to watch it.

    i love this show its fun and interesting to watch, but then ive seen it from start to end.I want it to come back. I think there is alot more for the characters.I dont know what i will do without my daily fix.If anything start it over do reruns from start to end i would love to watch them again.Just dont end it its a good show.More females like it then males.I wish it was on more then once a day and it was on weekends to i cant stop watch and wondering what is next. Like i said i love this show
  • How did I fall in love with these stories.Passions gets me every time

    Passions is the best that I have seen so far. It gets better every season. From Ethan, Gwen and Teresa. Chad and Whitney... Lawd Luis and Sheridan they all leave you in the blind..Sometimes this looks better than the Bold and the Beautiful. I wonder what they are gonna come up with next Season. New Passions for New People might be the next episode I guess.
  • If you thought life was crazy and complicated, you should meet the residents of Harmony.

    Passions has been a guilty pleasure for me since it first aired in '99. Probably because I had never enjoyed watching a soap opera until this one. I saw the Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald promo and decided to give it a shot, and voila!

    I won't lie... the show has it's weak points and there are times when you want to chuck the remote at the television screen because of JER's writing, but that's pretty much the point of a soap opera, right?

    I've grown very attached to Theresa, Ethan, Fancy, Paloma, Tabitha, Endora, Timmy (RIP), and many other characters on the show. And Theresa and Ethan are probably one of the very first TV couples I ever grew attached to, along with Buffy and Angel.

    I was extremely disappointed to hear the show was being cancelled... probably a huge mistake on NBC's part. Passions brings to the table what other soaps are missing - humor.
  • I like Passions and wish that they would keep it around a lot longer!!

    I have been watching Passions since it first came on. I love that they can have off the wall story lines. Yet get irritated that they tend to draw it out. I get bored and have to stop watching for a few weeks. I wish that Passions could progress a bit faster. Yet even though Passions can be a bit slow. I still can not believe that it is being cancelled just because a news show that I never watch and never will watch needs an extra hour. There is not much on tv during the weekday that is enjoyable to watch. Just a lot of news that repets its self over and over agian.
  • The Bennet and the Lopez Fitgeralds fight a losing battle against the Cranes at Harmony. At the same each family starts their own domestic messes involving incest, kidnapping, murders and lust.

    "Passions" is definitely not the typical soap opera. This has a twist of the supernatural mixed in with gags and the usual soap opera storylines.

    Thats the best way to sum up Passions, James E. Reilly, adoringly refered to as the Jerk, has made one of the most memorable awful soaps ever!! The writers will do anything for ratings, start up incest stories (Beth, and Alister, Whitney and Chad), start up Stalker stories (Beth and Theresa), anything. Right now just like they did with Sunset Beach and Days of Our Lives, they got a disaster storyline running through. At its core though, you cant help but drag in, it’s a definitely guilty pleasure. Through three or four different actors the persona of Alister Crane has to be one of the most entertaining villains in tv history.
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