Passions - Season 1

NBC (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #260
    Ep. #260
    Episode 261

    Whitney and Chad eavesdrop as Theresa prepares to tell Ethan she loves him. Whitney attempts to interrupt Theresa so she won't get her feelings hurt, but Chad stops her and accuses her of being a control freak. Eve spots Whitney and Chad together and asks her daughter if she has feelings for Chad. Later, Simone asks Chad to dance. Theresa notes how bothered Whitney is by the sight of her sister in Chad's arms. Ivy pulls Ethan aside for a dance before Theresa can reveal her feelings. Later, Sam and Ethan get into a heated argument over Sheridan's protection. Ivy tries to smooth things over, but almost lets the truth slip out. Ethan tells Ivy he won't put up with Sam's resentment towards their family. Miguel comforts Charity and tries to convince her that her premonition of someone dying won't come true. Kay replaces the Prom King and Queen ballots with her fake ones. Jessica notes Kay's suspicious behavior. Timmy takes matters into his own hands. Kay is shocked and angry when the title of Prom Queen is announced. Roger's latest hitman takes aim at Sheridan, who has ditched Luis to attend a party at the Seascape. Before the hitman can pull the trigger, Luis arrives and lays into Sheridan for sneaking out. An angry Sheridan unwittingly gives the hitman a clear shot at her. Sheridan's high society friends take an interest in Luis.

  • Ep. #259
    Ep. #259
    Episode 260
  • Ep. #258
    Ep. #258
    Episode 259
    Julian is in his study on the speakerphone with Alistair, who is examining pottery with a magnifying glass... In the living room, Theresa is giving Ethan the 'it's fate' look again... At the hospital, Whitney is showing Eve the dress she plans on wearing tonight... While Tabitha looks on, Grace pricks her finger on Charity's pendant...moreless
  • Ep. #257
    Ep. #257
    Episode 258
  • Ep. #256
    Ep. #256
    Episode 257
    Coming soon.
  • Ep. #255
    Ep. #255
    Episode 256
  • Ep. #254
    Ep. #254
    Episode 255
  • Ep. #253
    Ep. #253
    Episode 254
  • Ep. #252
    Ep. #252
    Episode 253
  • Ep. #251
    Ep. #251
    Episode 252
  • Ep. #250
    Ep. #250
    Episode 251
  • Ep. #249
    Ep. #249
    Episode 250
  • Ep. #248
    Ep. #248
    Episode 249
  • Ep. #247
    Ep. #247
    Episode 248
  • Ep. #246
    Ep. #246
    Episode 247
  • Ep. #245
    Ep. #245
    Episode 246
  • Ep. #244
    Ep. #244
    Episode 245
  • Ep. #243
    Ep. #243
    Episode 244
  • Ep. #242
    Ep. #242
    Episode 243
  • Ep. #241
    Ep. #241
    Episode 242
  • Ep. #240
    Ep. #240
    Episode 241
  • Ep. #239
    Ep. #239
    Episode 240
  • Ep. #238
    Ep. #238
    Episode 239
  • Ep. #237
    Ep. #237
    Episode 238
  • Ep. #236
    Ep. #236
    Episode 237
  • Ep. #235
    Ep. #235
    Episode 235
  • Ep. #234
    Ep. #234
    Episode 234
  • Ep. #233
    Ep. #233
    Episode 233
  • Ep. #232
    Ep. #232
    Episode 232
  • Ep. #231
    Ep. #231
    Episode 231
  • Ep. #230
    Ep. #230
    Episode 230
  • Ep. #229
    Ep. #229
    Episode 229
  • Ep. #228
    Ep. #228
    Episode 228
  • Ep. #227
    Ep. #227
    Episode 227
  • Ep. #226
    Ep. #226
    Episode 226
  • Ep. #225
    Ep. #225
    Episode 225
  • Ep. #224
    Ep. #224
    Episode 224
  • Ep. #223
    Ep. #223
    Episode 223
  • Ep. #222
    Ep. #222
    Episode 222
  • Ep. #221
    Ep. #221
    Episode 221
  • Ep. #220
    Ep. #220
    Episode 220
  • Ep. #219
    Ep. #219
    Episode 219
  • Ep. #218
    Ep. #218
    Episode 218
  • Ep. #217
    Ep. #217
    Episode 217
  • Ep. #216
    Ep. #216
    Episode 216
  • Ep. #215
    Ep. #215
    Episode 215
  • Ep. #214
    Ep. #214
    Episode 214
  • Ep. #213
    Ep. #213
    Episode 213
  • Ep. #212
    Ep. #212
    Episode 212
    Sam and Grace catch Eve murmuring to herself about blackmail. Eve freaks when Sam asks her if she's being blackmailed. She covers by saying a patient of hers is the one being blackmailed. Sam and Grace tell Eve they're going to renew their wedding vows. Eve feels guilty when Grace asks her to be her maid of honor and expresses how much Eve means to her. Sheridan refuses to go back to Harmony with Luis she won't have him controlling her life. Sheridan and Luis struggle to admit their feelings for one another. Luis reluctantly leaves for the airport alone. The dirty cop attempts to shoot Sheridan. Ivy is caught looking at the photos of Eve and Julian. Pilar predicts Ivy will bring about her own down fall. She advises her employer that she is underestimating Eve.moreless
  • Ep. #211
    Ep. #211
    Episode 211
    Chad overhears Whitney vehemently explain to Theresa and Simone why she would never date him. Whitney is shocked to see Chad overheard her, but she resists apologizing to him. Theresa warns Whitney she may be missing out on love. Simone comforts Chad, who bravely insists he was not hurt by Whitney's words. Chad considers telling Ethan about Theresa's feelings for him. Luis continues to worry about Sheridan's safety, much to her annoyance. Despite her attraction to Luis, Sheridan stubbornly insists she doesn't need him to protect her. With the help of the dirty cop, Roger and Pierre poison Sheridan's drink. Sheridan picks up her glass and raises it to her mouth. T.C. tries to revive Eve, who has fainted. Once she's awakened, Eve fears T.C.'s reaction to seeing the photo of her and Julian. Eve braces herself for the worst when he says he's deeply disappointed in her. Eve threatens to kill a smug Ivy.moreless
  • Ep. #210
    Ep. #210
    Episode 210
  • Ep. #209
    Ep. #209
    Episode 209
  • Ep. #208
    Ep. #208
    Episode 208
  • Ep. #207
    Ep. #207
    Episode 207
  • Ep. #206
    Ep. #206
    Episode 206
  • Ep. #205
    Ep. #205
    Episode 205
  • Ep. #204
    Ep. #204
    Episode 204
  • Ep. #203
    Ep. #203
    Episode 203
  • Ep. #202
    Ep. #202
    Episode 202
    Tabitha places herself and Timmy in danger when her powers fail against an angry bear. Tabitha concludes Miguel must still be alive. Kay is crushed when Miguel tells Charity how much he loves her. Reese and a ski patrol rescuer arrive to bring Charity, Miguel, Kay and Simone back to the ski lodge. Simone warns Kay that Miguel and Charity will probably make love soon. Kay becomes nervous when Charity pulls her aside for a little talk about Miguel. Ivy tries to open the bird statue. Pilar grabs the statue from Ivy and throws it into the fireplace, but Ivy retrieves the bird before too much damage is done. Later, Ivy runs into the bum who sold her the bird, and he demands she give it back since someone has offered a higher price. Ivy learns the prospective buyer was Julian. Ivy refuses to hand over the bird, so the bum grabs it and takes off, leaving a stunned Ivy behind. Roger and Pierre lead Sheridan to the grave Roger dug for her in the woods. Pierre prepares to shoot Sheridan. Luis finally finds Jean Luc's country house and hears a gunshot in the distance. Luis races into the woods and is horrified when he comes upon the grave.moreless
  • Ep. #201
    Ep. #201
    Episode 201
  • Ep. #200
    Ep. #200
    Episode 200
  • Ep. #199
    Ep. #199
    Episode 199
  • Ep. #198
    Ep. #198
    Episode 198
  • Ep. #197
    Ep. #197
    Episode 197
  • Ep. #196
    Ep. #196
    Episode 196
  • Ep. #195
    Ep. #195
    Episode 195
    Luis and Hank discuss Sheridan's move to Paris. Luis claims he's over her and is ready to move on with his life. But once he's alone, Luis reveals he's still bothered by what happened with Sheridan before she left. Meanwhile, in Paris, Sheridan can't get Luis off her mind, unaware that Roger and Pierre are stalking her. Ethan and Chad jump Theresa and Whitney, mistaking them for intruders. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, Ethan invites the girls to stay at the cabin with he and Chad. Theresa, seeing this as another sign that she and Ethan are meant to be together, convinces a reluctant Whitney to stay. Kay is determined to seduce Miguel while on the ski trip. She comes up with a plan using an urgent note as the bait to lure Miguel to the hot tub. But when Simone goes to deliver the message, she gets distracted and doesn't realise she may have placed the note in the wrong mailbox. Since she failed to convince Charity to go on the ski trip, Tabitha tries to figure out another way to bring Charity over to the dark side. Once she realizes there is no other way, she successfully uses reverse psychology to persuade Charity to join Miguel at the ski lodge.moreless
  • Ep. #194
    Ep. #194
    Episode 194
  • Ep. #193
    Ep. #193
    Episode 193
  • Ep. #192
    Ep. #192
    Episode 192
  • Ep. #191
    Ep. #191
    Episode 191

    Charity has another vision of Miguel; Miguel asks Kay to talk to Charity; Ivy searches for proof of an affair between Julian and Eve. Luis and Sheridan argue at the airport before she heads to Paris; Hank shows up to try and convince her not to leave Harmony, but fails.

  • Ep. #190
    Ep. #190
    Episode 190
  • Ep. #189
    Ep. #189
    Episode 189
  • Ep. #188
    Ep. #188
    Episode 188
  • Ep. #187
    Ep. #187
    Episode 187
  • Ep. #186
    Ep. #186
    Episode 186
  • Ep. #185
    Ep. #185
    Episode 185
  • Ep. #184
    Ep. #184
    Episode 184
  • Ep. #183
    Ep. #183
    Episode 183
  • Ep. #182
    Ep. #182
    Episode 182
  • Ep. #181
    Ep. #181
    Episode 181
  • Ep. #180
    Ep. #180
    Episode 180
  • Ep. #179
    Ep. #179
    Episode 179
  • Ep. #178
    Ep. #178
    Episode 178
  • Ep. #177
    Ep. #177
    Episode 177
  • Ep. #176
    Ep. #176
    Episode 176
  • Ep. #175
    Ep. #175
    Episode 175
  • Ep. #174
    Ep. #174
    Episode 174
  • Ep. #173
    Ep. #173
    Episode 173
  • Ep. #172
    Ep. #172
    Episode 172
  • Ep. #171
    Ep. #171
    Episode 171
  • Ep. #170
    Ep. #170
    Episode 170
  • Ep. #169
    Ep. #169
    Episode 169
  • Ep. #168
    Ep. #168
    Episode 168
    Julian tells Ethan that if he wants Theresa, he better do it now, and admits that he also sowed a few wild oats before his marriage, then was faithful until Ivy kicked him out of their bed. Theresa decides to follow Ivy's advice and make Ethan hers, but Pilar stops her, reminding her that she made a promise to God to stop her obsession with Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #167
    Ep. #167
    Episode 167
    Not realising that it's her son that Theresa is after, Ivy tells her never to give up on first love, and to do whatever she has to do to make sure that he belongs only to her. Sam feels guilty about Charity's premonition of Grace being hurt.
  • Ep. #166
    Ep. #166
    Episode 166
    Julian and Ivy talk about their marriage, and Julian admits that he thought Ivy knew all along that their marriage was all about business -- he had no idea that Ivy thought he loved her, even though she loved another man. Luis takes Sheridan to a local pool hall where initially she sticks out like a sore thumb, until she beats the owner at darts. Kay is thrilled to see how the bird statue affects Charity, and thinks she's allergic to the paint.moreless
  • Ep. #165
    Ep. #165
    Episode 165
    Theresa's schemes prove to be working as Ethan can't stop thinking about her. Sheridan lies to her best friend to protect Ethan. Kay uses the bird statue to make Charity crazy. Sam denies having an affair with Ivy.
  • Ep. #164
    Ep. #164
    Episode 164
  • Ep. #163
    Ep. #163
    Episode 163
    When Theresa sees how much Ethan is hurting because of her lie about the ring being stuck on her finger, she pretends it has just come off and hands it to him so that he can propose to Gwen. Theresa watches Ethan rush out the door, and realises just how deeply in love he and Gwen are. Kay convinces Charity she's a jinx, and Charity tells Miguel he's better off staying away from her. Miguel, Eve, and Chad convince Charity that she's not a jinx, though, which infuriates Kay. Kay bullies Simone into helping her find the bird statue so she can drive Charity insane. Ivy tells Sam that unless he has sex with her, she is going to tell Grace everything. Sam turns the tables on her when he threatens to expose her to Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #162
    Ep. #162
    Episode 162
    Ethan calls Theresa and asks her if the ring has come off yet. It has, but Theresa lies to him, telling him that it hasn't. Pilar tells Theresa she can't keep lying like this ... she made a promise to God that she would no longer manipulate Ethan, and she should keep it. Julian is desperate to find out what Ivy has been keeping from him, and launches a full search of her room since she is out. He is interrupted by Suzanne, and the two quickly decide to pick their romance up where they left off. Ivy tells Sam that all she wants is an affair, and she will keep their relationship a secret, but Sam says no, he loves Grace, and he will never hurt her like that. He wants Ivy out of his life.moreless
  • Ep. #161
    Ep. #161
    Episode 161
    When Miguel falls through the ice trying to save Charity (who manages to get out), Charity is frantic with worry. Theresa promises God that if Miguel leaves, she will stay away from Ethan and Gwen. As soon as Miguel is safe, she amends that promise, stating that she will stay away unless Ethan wants her. Miguel heads back to the Bennett house to recuperate, and Kay decides that this would be the perfect time to climb into bed with him and get him to sleep with her so she can get pregnant. Luis and Sheridan want to talk, but are interrupted by their respective significant others.moreless
  • Ep. #160
    Ep. #160
    Episode 160
  • Ep. #159
    Ep. #159
    Episode 159
    Theresa decides that if she can make Luis and Sheridan fall in love, Luis will have to accept her and Ethan together, and is determined to get them together. She decides to show Gwen the ring on her finger despite her promise, but Whitney stops her just as Ethan and Gwen become officially engaged. Beth tells Hank how happy she is to be back together with Luis after all these years, and she thinks they finally have a chance at forever. Hank admits that he feels the same about his relationship with Sheridan.moreless
  • Ep. #158
    Ep. #158
    Episode 158
  • Ep. #157
    Ep. #157
    Episode 157
  • Ep. #156
    Ep. #156
    Episode 156
  • Ep. #155
    Ep. #155
    Episode 155
    While on a date with Hank, Sheridan thinks about Luis. She's not the only one ... Luis is on a date with Beth, and thinking about her! Gwen is overjoyed when Theresa announces that she and Chuck are engaged, and wishes her new friend the best of luck.
  • Ep. #154
    Ep. #154
    Episode 154
  • Ep. #153
    Ep. #153
    Episode 153
  • Ep. #152
    Ep. #152
    Episode 152
  • Ep. #151
    Ep. #151
    Episode 151
  • Ep. #150
    Ep. #150
    Episode 150
  • Ep. #149
    Ep. #149
    Episode 149
    Kay and Simone watch in awe as Luis and Sheridan dance a heated tango. Timmy screws up the incantation, transforming only Tabitha's head back. Julian scrambles to pick up scattered papers concerning Martin before Pilar can read them. Theresa is convinced Ethan was jealous when he saw her kissing Chuck.
  • Ep. #148
    Ep. #148
    Episode 148
    Charity continues to feel connected to the fish she brought home, unaware the fish is really Tabitha. Hank is shocked when Luis admits he kissed Sheridan. Pilar warns Ivy to stop pursuing Sam, but Ivy refuses to listen.
  • Ep. #147
    Ep. #147
    Episode 147
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #146
    Ep. #146
    Episode 146
    Sheridan tells Luis she wants to help him investigate her family's connection to Martin's disappearance. Eve demands to know why Orville thinks Chad is dangerous to her daughters. After Theresa has a hard time refuting Gwen's accusations, Ethan accuses Theresa of lying to him about having a boyfriend.
  • Ep. #145
    Ep. #145
    Episode 145
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #144
    Ep. #144
    Episode 144
    Theresa spends her life's savings on a dress to impress Ethan at the dinner he and Gwen invited her and her boyfriend to. Beth wonders if Luis is lying to her about his interest in Sheridan, but Hank assures her that Luis wouldn't do that to her, or him. Timmy calls upon Dr. Bombay to save Tabitha.moreless
  • Ep. #143
    Ep. #143
    Episode 143
    Timmy begs Tabitha to not go through with her plan to poison Miguel. Gwen accuses Ethan of wanting to believe Theresa because he's in love with her. Luis shows up at Sheridan's door and tries to apologize.
  • Ep. #142
    Ep. #142
    Episode 142
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #141
    Ep. #141
    Episode 141
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #140
    Ep. #140
    Episode 140
    Luis announces to everyone at the funeral that the man in the coffin is not his father and everyone is thrilled. Theresa believes fate has saved her again, but Whitney reminds her that she still has to produce a boyfriend. Sheridan's memory of killing someone comes back to her during the funeral. Gwen confronts Theresa after the funeral.moreless
  • Ep. #139
    Ep. #139
    Episode 139
    Everyone is getting ready for Martin's funeral. Pilar, Theresa, and Miguel are waiting for DNA test results to return to see if this man really is Martin.
  • Ep. #138
    Ep. #138
    Episode 138

    Luis and Sheridan go on a date; Julian tries to seduce Ivy; Charity has another premonition.

  • Ep. #137
    Ep. #137
    Episode 137

    Theresa removes pictures of Ethan from her wall; Kay and Simone find the bird statue; Julian accuses Ivy and Sam of having an affair.

  • Ep. #136
    Ep. #136
    Episode 136
    Luis manages to stop his father's body from being cremated.
  • Ep. #135
    Ep. #135
    Episode 135
    Before Luis can check the body to discover if there is a scar behind the ear, like Martin had, Alistair has the body cremated. Kay again blasts Charity to Simone, telling her she found Charity and Miguel in bed together. Theresa decides to confess her love to Ethan, but Miguel convinces her to stay quiet, since he knows Ethan is not in love with Theresa.moreless
  • Ep. #134
    Ep. #134
    Episode 134
    Grace is still upset that it was Ivy in Sam's arms at midnight and not her, but Sam assures her that she is the only woman he loves. Thanks to a comforting Hank, Pilar begins to wonder if the man who died was really Martin. Kay is steamed when she finds Miguel and Charity in bed together.moreless
  • Ep. #133
    Ep. #133
    Episode 133
    Tabitha begs Matilda to help her turn Charity bad, but Matilda tells Tabitha she'll have none of it. Gwen offers Ethan a way out of their relationship, but Ethan assures her of his love for her. Kay decides to crawl into Miguel's bed for a little treat.
  • Ep. #132
    Ep. #132
    Episode 132
    Although T.C. advises her not to, Eve decides to go searching for Orville on her own. Miguel prevents Ethan from finding the truth about Theresa. Luis, Miguel and Theresa share a private family moment when Luis apologizes for getting them in danger. Tabitha and Timmy arrive at the cemetery, where Tabitha plans to bring Matilda Matthews from the dead to help her turn Charity to the dark side.moreless
  • Ep. #131
    Ep. #131
    Episode 131
    Chad decides that the lack of information available on his past must mean that he was given up for adoption. Eve learns that Orville snuck out of the hospital. Whitney informs Miguel about Theresa's problems. Kay tells Grace that she's more important to Miguel than Charity is.
  • Ep. #130
    Ep. #130
    Episode 130
    Tabitha isn't able to finally kill Charity, but an information from the angel girl gives her hope. Simone is jealous over Whitney and Chad's growing attraction. Miguel realizes he's with Kay after midnight, so he leaves to find Charity. Eve accidentally ends up in Julian's arms, and then thinks back of the time they were in bed together. Ethan hugs Theresa, and Gwen sees them.moreless
  • Ep. #129
    Ep. #129
    Episode 129
    Theresa continues to lie to Gwen and Ethan about her boyfriend, swearing he'll be there any minute, but the couple is getting more and more suspicious. Beth is initially suspicious when Tabitha and Timmy show up at the Youth Center party, but assumes they're with Sheridan. Luis pulls a gun on Martin, and orders him to let Sheridan go.moreless
  • Ep. #128
    Ep. #128
    Episode 128
    Whitney tries to tell Theresa that Gwen is out for blood. Ethan suggests that they elope, but Gwen tells him she doesn't want to until he's able to see the truth about Theresa. While all the kids are going out, Jessica plans to make a fortune babysitting.
  • Ep. #127
    Ep. #127
    Episode 127
    Pilar begs Ivy not to go ahead with this party, knowing that Ivy's plans can only hurt Sam and Grace, and that Ivy will only humiliate herself. When talking to Eve, Orville realises she doesn't know the truth about Chad Harris, even though she does know the Harris family from Harmony.moreless
  • Ep. #126
    Ep. #126
    Episode 126
    Theresa tries to convince Ethan that her boyfriend isn't as serious about them as she is, and probably will not show up to a New Year's celebration. When Ethan offers to call him, Theresa assures him that her boyfriend will be there. Hank offers to help Luis in his quest to find Martin. When he asks about the Spanish slides, Luis tells him they were a gift from someone who knows he and his family have never been to Spain, but always wanted to.moreless
  • Ep. #125
    Ep. #125
    Episode 125
    Tabitha predicts that someone in Harmony will die on the first day of the twenty-first century. Ethan tells Gwen they'll invite Theresa and her boyfriend to spend New Year's with them.
  • Ep. #124
    Ep. #124
    Episode 124
    Gwen is relieved when Ethan tells her he agrees that Theresa is scheming to land him, but upset when she realises he is only humoring her. Chad asks Whitney how Simone is doing, but Whitney snaps at him, telling him it's none of her business. Beth gives Hank a tie for Christmas, telling him he'll need it if he has dreams about being with Sheridan.moreless
  • Ep. #123
    Ep. #123
    Episode 123
    When Luis observes Sheridan kissing Hank, he tells her that Hank is a great guy, and he doesn't want to see Hank hurt because she's not serious about their relationship. Tabitha blames Timmy for the kids having decorated her house, but he swears he wasn't involved. Alistair Crane gives the adults of Harmony some unusual gifts.moreless
  • Ep. #122
    Ep. #122
    Episode 122
    Ivy is thrilled that Charity is okay because that means Sam and Grace will come to her party. Meanwhile, Sam talks to T.C., and reveals that he knew Ivy the summer after high-school, but never told T.C. because he was away at tennis camp. Luis, Hank, and Sheridan hang out at the Book Café, not realising Martin has also gone in there to warm up.moreless
  • Ep. #121
    Ep. #121
    Episode 121
    Grace wishes that Noah was home to see Charity light the tree, but Sam reminds her that he'll be home from his ski trip soon. Kay tries to make Miguel take her to the concert, but Grace wants to do some last minute shopping with her daughter. Theresa is almost forced to admit the truth about her lies when the Christmas tree explodes. Luis and Sheridan are talking when they run into Martin.moreless
  • Ep. #120
    Ep. #120
    Episode 120
    Theresa insists that her rich, wonderful boyfriend is at the tree-lighting, but even Ethan begins to get suspicious as he fails to arrive. Finally Gwen and Ethan demand to meet him. Luis feels sorry for Hank, convinced that Sheridan will dump him like all the other men over the years. Tabitha and Timmy get to work sabotaging Christmas.moreless
  • Ep. #119
    Ep. #119
    Episode 119
    Whitney reminds Theresa that Ethan will hate her for lying to him and manipulating him, as Ethan and Gwen share a hot chocolate waiting to meet the boyfriend Theresa claims is going to be there that evening. Julian is unable to get Ivy's locket open, and assumes it belongs to one of the maids until he sees Ivy's reaction to it being missing. Martin heads to Harmony on the bus, determined to exact a pound of flesh from the Cranes.moreless
  • Ep. #118
    Ep. #118
    Episode 118
    Theresa prays that Ethan and Gwen won't show up at the tree lighting, and Gwen tells Ethan that tonight will prove that Theresa truly is scheming to land him. While Sam is shocked and horrified to see Ivy at his front door, Grace is pleased to see her new friend. Luis is upset when he believes Sheridan threw out the expensive compact he bought her.moreless
  • Ep. #117
    Ep. #117
    Episode 117
    Ethan tells Ivy that he plans to prove to Gwen that Theresa really does have a boyfriend, so that Gwen will know Theresa isn't interested in him at all. Luis feels bad that he broke Sheridan's silver compact, but she tells him it wasn't important to her. Ivy again asks what Julian's secret is concerning Martin, but he wants to know hers first.moreless
  • Ep. #116
    Ep. #116
    Episode 116
    After Ivy asks her to distribute the Christmas invitations, Theresa dreams about the day that she will be the mistress of the Crane mansion and arranging parties of her own. At the Church, the kids are shocked when the angel statue comes to life and points at Charity. Ethan tries to convince Gwen that Theresa is an innocent victim, incapable of deceit.moreless
  • Ep. #115
    Ep. #115
    Episode 115
    Theresa tells Whitney that she's one step closer to living the Crane mansion as Ethan's wife. Sam and Grace renew their wedding vows as Ivy watches and cries. Charity meets the little angel girl in the basement.
  • Ep. #114
    Ep. #114
    Episode 114
    After Simone also sees Miguel's face in the brooch, she tells her that it is evil and she should get rid of it. When Ethan talks about love, Theresa is convinced he's talking about her, but he reveals that it is Gwen he dreams of. Luis confronts Martin in his hotel room.moreless
  • Ep. #113
    Ep. #113
    Episode 113
    Theresa is thrilled when Gwen turns down Ethan's proposal because Gwen feels he is proposing out of duty. She is convinced that her schemes are working, and it's only a matter of time before she'll be Mrs. Ethan Crane. In New Mexico, Sheridan thanks Luis for taking care of her, but says she is not his responsibility. Sam verbally attacks Hank when he reveals he's dating Sheridan.moreless
  • Ep. #112
    Ep. #112
    Episode 112
    Gwen reveals that Theresa wouldn't be the first one who tried to land Ethan, nor would this be the first time that Ethan succumbed to another woman's charms.
  • Ep. #111
    Ep. #111
    Episode 111
    Seeing how miserable Ethan is over the thought of being separated from Gwen, Theresa uses the situation to her advantage and tries to get Ethan to look at her in a new light, but the only woman in his heart is Gwen. A naked and confused Sheridan begs Luis to make love to her, just as Martin is approaching.moreless
  • Ep. #110
    Ep. #110
    Episode 110
    Even Jessica manages to feel sympathy for her older sister when Miguel and Charity make arrangements to go on their first official date. Theresa almost admits that Gwen is right until she realises that Gwen hasn't seen her shrine to Ethan. A delusional Sheridan passionately kisses Luis.
  • Ep. #109
    Ep. #109
    Episode 109
    Gwen shows up at Theresa's place and Theresa is shocked to learn that Gwen has figured out exactly what she is up to. Theresa narrowly manages to keep Gwen from seeing the shrine to Ethan in her bedroom. Sheridan falls into the river in New Mexico, and Luis narrowly manages to save her life.moreless
  • Ep. #108
    Ep. #108
    Episode 108
    Theresa pretends to comfort Ethan, but secretly she is happy that he and Gwen are having so many problems because of her. When she brags to her mother and Whitney, Pilar tells her that Gwen and Ethan have been in love for a long time, and not to get her hopes up. Sam and T.C. search Orville's apartment, and are curious to find a number of blue envelopes addressed to Orville with nothing inside.moreless
  • Ep. #107
    Ep. #107
    Episode 107
    Theresa is thrilled when Gwen mistakes the situation at the cabin, and believes she's finally broken the two of them up. Orville warns Chad that he needs to stop looking into his past before someone gets hurt, or worse. Julian calls New Mexico to warn Martin that Luis and Sheridan are looking for him.moreless
  • Ep. #106
    Ep. #106
    Episode 106
    A sleeping Ethan mistakes Theresa for Gwen, and puts his arm around her. Sheridan sneaks out to find Martin on her own. Charity's memory starts coming back.
  • Ep. #105
    Ep. #105
    Episode 105
    Ethan shares a friendly dinner with Theresa, not realising that she manipulated the situation. Luis rushes into Sheridan's room when she has a nightmare. Miguel luckily manages to save Charity from the flames.
  • Ep. #104
    Ep. #104
    Episode 104
    Theresa is thrilled when Ethan's car battery is dead and he can't take her back down the hill, believing this is her perfect opportunity to make him want her instead of Gwen. Luis is upset when he is unable to find Martin.
  • Ep. #103
    Ep. #103
    Episode 103
    Luis is frustrated when he cannot find anyone at Linder Industries, the company where the man using his father's social security number is working.
  • Ep. #102
    Ep. #102
    Episode 102
    Theresa is on the spot when Ethan demands to know why she's at the cabin. Kay is confident she will play the lead in the school play. Luis wonders why Sheridan is so concerned about Martin.
  • Ep. #101
    Ep. #101
    Episode 101
    When Julian sends Theresa to the cabin with papers for Ethan, she feels this is the perfect opportunity, and sends the cab driver away so that Ethan is forced to spend time alone with her. Luis is curious as to why Sheridan is so eager to find Martin, a man she's never met. Orville is struck by a hit and run driver, and it's revealed that Eve knows him from the past.moreless
  • Ep. #100
    Ep. #100
    Episode 100
    Ethan almost realizes the truth about Theresa when she is abnormally upset about him going away for a romantic weekend with Gwen. Whitney tries to help Chad get answers from Orville. Ivy gloats while informing Julian that Sheridan thinks she might have killed Martin Fitzgerald. Orville escapes from Whitney and Chad, and is run down by a driver.moreless
  • Ep. #99
    Ep. #99
    Episode 99
    Theresa tells Miguel that her schemes are working, and soon she and Ethan will be married, so it won't matter what Martin may have done. Sheridan tells Ivy she is still thinking about the night when she was young and did something bad. She fears that she might have killed Martin Fitzgerald. Ethan is convinced that Gwen is telling him the truth about gold-digging Theresa. Simone encourages Chad to continue looking for answers.moreless
  • Ep. #98
    Ep. #98
    Episode 98
    Julian gloats to Ivy about how he handled Luis. Chad explains to Miguel how Orville might help him find what he is looking for. Luis talks to Sheridan about how his father went missing after starting to work for Crane industries.
  • Ep. #97
    Ep. #97
    Episode 97
    Chad is shocked when he means Orville Perkins, an elderly man who tells him he was really born in Harmony, and that he can take him to his family. When Luis reveals that Martin may be alive and well in New Mexico, Theresa worries that if Ethan learns her father is a thief, she will never be able to take him from Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #96
    Ep. #96
    Episode 96
    Julian tells Luis that Martin was caught stealing from Crane Industries, and that was why he left town without ever telling his family. Whitney helps Chad search out his past on the Internet, but can't find any Harrises in Harmony, nor Chad's birth certificate in L.A.
  • Ep. #95
    Ep. #95
    Episode 95
    The clerk at the funeral parlor assures Ethan and Sheridan that no coffin was delivered to the Crane mansion.
  • Ep. #94
    Ep. #94
    Episode 94
    Sheridan talks to Pilar at the Lobster Shack, who tells her that she doesn't know what happened at the mansion that day (she was at home waiting for Martin), but that Sheridan was devastated when she saw her the next day. At the mansion, Ivy and Julian are swept away by passion and make love in the den.moreless
  • Ep. #93
    Ep. #93
    Episode 93
    Julian tries to convince Sheridan that she's associating Martin Fitzgerald's disappearance with Katherine Crane's death, which happened at the same time.
  • Ep. #92
    Ep. #92
    Episode 92
    Ethan almost finds Theresa's shrine while in her bedroom, as Theresa worries Ethan will realise how deeply obsessed she is with him. Timmy comforts Tabitha, depressed over not having her powers back, as the little angel girl watches. Julian tells Sheridan that if she keeps talking about dead bodies, Alistair may send her back to the asylum. Miguel is put off by Kay's insensitivity toward Charity.moreless
  • Ep. #91
    Ep. #91
    Episode 91
    Theresa begs Ethan not to talk to Luis about her job at the mansion, knowing Luis will forbid her to go back. Julian narrowly interrupts Ivy's attempt to tell Sam her secret. Miguel helps Charity set up a diary on the computer.
  • Ep. #90
    Ep. #90
    Episode 90
    After catching Theresa at the mansion, Luis tells her that her sick obsession with everything Crane needs to come to an end. Ivy faints when she realises that Sam and Ethan will be working closely together.
  • Ep. #89
    Ep. #89
    Episode 89
    Gwen considers letting Luis see Theresa at the mansion in order to stop her manipulations. Whitney is shocked to learn she's been pouring her heart out to Chad. Sheridan threatens Julian if he fires Luis.
  • Ep. #88
    Ep. #88
    Episode 88
    As Gwen tries unsuccessfully to convince Ethan that Theresa has been manipulating them, Whitney warns her friend that it's only a matter of time before Ethan finds out about all the lies and schemes.
  • Ep. #87
    Ep. #87
    Episode 87
    Gwen believes that Theresa is responsible for locking her in the closet.
  • Ep. #86
    Ep. #86
    Episode 86
    Gwen resolves to give Theresa a chance with the boy she is in love with, not realising that the one Theresa wants is really Ethan.
  • Ep. #85
    Ep. #85
    Episode 85
    When Whitney goes off on Chad because of his history, T.C. reminds her that not everyone has the kind of advantages she did growing up. Meanwhile, everyone is getting ready for their Halloween dates.
  • Ep. #84
    Ep. #84
    Episode 84
    Gwen tells Sheridan's that she's worried Ethan will be unfaithful to her again. Sheridan assures her best friend that Ethan would never cheat on her with Theresa.
  • Ep. #83
    Ep. #83
    Episode 83
    At the mansion, Ethan tells Ivy and Julian about what happened with Gwen and Theresa. At the Bennett's, Kay is trying to get Jessica out of the bathroom when Sam shows up and tells her that since Charity now lives with them, the girls have to divy up the bathroom time equally now. As T.C. and Whitney practice at the country club, T.C. asks her what's wrong and she says she is tense about what is going on at home, but he doesn't believe her. Miguel and Chad meet up at school where Chad learns about some job opprotunities but ultimately turns them down. Jessica and Charity arrive at school, where Charity meets Reese as Kay goes to ask the secretary about her classes. When Whitney arrives at school, she is surprised to find Chad there and is shocked to learn that he is working for her father.moreless
  • Ep. #82
    Ep. #82
    Episode 82
    After Gwen finds Theresa in Ethan's arms, she doesn't believe his story when he tries to explain. Whitney vows to keep Chad away from her family as Simone and Kay show him around Harmony. At the youth center, Sheridan is able to keep Luis from reading the paper.
  • Ep. #81
    Ep. #81
    Episode 81
    At home, Kay doesn't like the idea of Charity getting both Miguel and her new room as Jessica eggs her on. Pilar and Sheridan try to stop Luis from seeing Ethan and Theresa's piture in the newspaper at the youth center. At the mansion, Gwen begins to doubt Ethan's love for her as Pilar tells Theresa to find a new boy to love.moreless
  • Ep. #80
    Ep. #80
    Episode 80
    Gwen is shocked when Theresa accuses her and Ethan of being together for money, and informs Theresa that she would never be with any man if she did not truly love him. Although Charity offers to room with Jessica and let Kay have Noah's old room, everyone but Kay disagrees with her. Ethan reminds Julian that he's with Gwen because she is his soulmate.moreless
  • Ep. #79
    Ep. #79
    Episode 79
    While Theresa brags to Whitney and Pilar that it is only a matter of time before she breaks up Ethan and Gwen, Ethan tells his father that he has no interest in Theresa, and reminds him that Gwen is the only woman he loves. Tabitha remembers setting the fire in Grace's apartment in Boston all those years ago.moreless
  • Ep. #78
    Ep. #78
    Episode 78
    At the Book Cafe T.C. tells Whitney how proud he is of her and her tennis career. Chad then starts to talk to her to try and learn a little bit about her, but she cuts him off. At the hospital, Charity thanks Miguel for saving her life as Eve asks Julian how he knows T.C. At home, Jessica tells Kay that Miguel will never be hers. After being discharged from the hospital, Sam and Grace stop by Tabitha's with Charity, where she tells the witch she looks vaguely familar.moreless
  • Ep. #77
    Ep. #77
    Episode 77
    Ethan, Sheridan, and Gwen hide Theresa from Luis at the theatre and she is able to get home without being seen. Whitney follows Simone to the pool hall to keep her out of trouble and to take her home. At home, T.C. goes inside his shed to think of what happened to him in the past. In Castleton, Miguel and Kay are able to save Charity from Tabitha and Timmy.moreless
  • Ep. #76
    Ep. #76
    Episode 76
    At the opera house, Luis can't believe his eyes when he sees Theresa with Ethan. At Eve and T.C.'s, Simone gets a call from Kay and sneaks out of the house to find Chad as Eve and T.C. are concerned with her actions. In Castleton, Miguel finds a washer that was similar to the one he gave Charity, making Kay unhappy. As they near the train track with Charity, Tabitha and Timmy are unable to get rid of her the way they plan, since Charity rolled down a nearby hill, making Tabitha happy.moreless
  • Ep. #75
    Ep. #75
    Episode 75
    Sheridan saves Luis from the mugger on the pier and takes him back to her place to clean him up. They then go to the opera house to investigate a purse snacher and are surprised to see Theresa there with Ethan. After the motercycle crash, Kay and Miguel start looking for Charity but have to stop when Kay falls an is unable to move her legs. Tabitha and Timmy try to take care of Charity.moreless
  • Ep. #74
    Ep. #74
    Episode 74
    As T.C. is asking Chad about his hobbies, Simone starts to rebel against Eve when she tells her to stay away from Chad. After he leaves, Simone tells her mother that she will never forgive for how she is treating Simone's feelings towards Chad. Miguel and Kay realize that Charity could be going to Castleton to look for Faith and leave to find her. In the forest, Tabitha finds a way to get rid of Charity and ultimately stabs her with a syringe. Before going home, Pilar goes to check on Sheridan and gives her some comfort by saying that someone will love her, if she gives the right man a chance. They then start talking about how hard-headed and proud Luis is and that Sheridan should give him a chance. As they are talking, Luis runs into Hank on the pier and talk about how Sheridan beat him at basketball earlier that day. Not too long after Hank leaves, Luis runs into Sheridan and ulitmately warns her about muggers on the pier and advises her to go home where it's safe. When she brushes off his warning he leaves, only to be attacked by a man in a ski mask. When Luis comes back, he starts to fight with Sheridan's attacker, only to be knocked out by the mugger, who starts to go after Sheridan again.moreless
  • Ep. #73
    Ep. #73
    Episode 73
    Ivy's dinner party is cut short when Eve gets a call about Charity being missing. At hearing this, Sam and Grace go to the hospital to search for her while Charity is on her way to Castleton. Tabitha and Timmy are shocked to find that Charity got a ride to town. At the Russell's, Whitney is furious at Simone for inviting Chad over for dinner and the pasta sauce explodes all over Whitney when she attempted to take it out of the microwave. While she is changing, Kay tells Simone about the call she made to the hospital to check on Charity. When the girls go back into the kitchen to clean the mess there and are surprised to find Chad and Miguel have things spotless. At this point, Eve and T.C. arrive home and ask Simone why she invited Chad there when they weren't home.moreless
  • Ep. #72
    Ep. #72
    Episode 72
    Charity leaves the hospital to look for her mother with Tabitha and Timmy not far behind. Ethan and Theresa enjoy their night out together as Ivy's dinner party starts. Simone's dinner doesn't go as planned since Whitney came home and tried to throw Chad out of the house. Kay learns that Charity is missing as the pasta sauce in the microwave explodes in Whitney's face.moreless
  • Ep. #71
    Ep. #71
    Episode 71
    Tabitha finds Fr. Lonigan in Charity's room, but is eventually successful in getting him out of her room to see her. Theresa gets ready for the opera with the help of Ivy and her mother. Simone's dinner for Chad isn't going as she planned.
  • Ep. #70
    Ep. #70
    Episode 70
    Ivy is happy after learning about Ethan buying an engagement ring for Gwen while Theresa is shocked. Pilar tells Theresa that she should forget about her infatuation with Ethan as Ivy asks Theresa to go to the Opera that night with Ethan. Kay and Simone plan their dinner menu for Chad and Miguel as Eve and Grace discuss Charity's future. Whitney and Chad cross paths again and Tabitha thinks of a way to get rid of Charity.moreless
  • Ep. #69
    Ep. #69
    Episode 69
    Ethan apologizes to Theresa for making her cry while talking about his marriage to Gwen. Luis and Hank learn that Sheridan learned how to play basketball from Robert Horry. Simone and Chad look for answers into his past as Charity learns her mother died in the house fire.
  • Ep. #68
    Ep. #68
    Episode 68
    As Kay and Simone are at the Russell house, Kay is still talking about how great her plan to keep Charity away from Miguel worked so well as T.C. starts asking Eve about if she has seen his favorite jacket. After she admits to donating the jacket to the flea market T.C. tells her he already found out about what she did. At the hospital, Miguel brought Charity some flowers when he runs into Theresa there. She then tells her brother by and goes to work at the Crane mansion. When Luis runs into Chad, Chad starts a fight when he gets woken up. After admitting they were both at fault, Luis lets Chad go and tells him if he wants a place to spend some time, he could go to the youth center. At her cottage, Sheridan tells Ethan about learning how to play basketball to get back at Luis and when she arrives at the center, they get their game started and she eventually wins. At the mansion Theresa shows up to work and gets some help from Ethan in planning Ivy's dinner that night. At the hospital Eve is checking on Charity when she starts calling out for her mother.moreless
  • Ep. #67
    Ep. #67
    Episode 67
    Theresa takes it the wrong way when Ethan decides to let her keep the job with Ivy, and is convinced that God is telling her to go for it. T.C. accuses Chad of stealing his jacket, but is shocked to learn that Simone sold it to him. Sheridan hides basketball great Robert Horry from Luis when he comes to apologize.moreless
  • Ep. #66
    Ep. #66
    Episode 66
    Kay pretends to care about Charity while secretly cheering that, thanks to her interference, Charity is afraid of Miguel. Simone's crush on newcomer Chad intensifies, despite Eve telling her daughter to stay away from the young man. Tabitha wonders if Grace's past is starting to come back to her.
  • Ep. #65
    Ep. #65
    Episode 65
    As the town enjoys the flea market, Charity wakes up and becomes afraid of Miguel when she learns who he is.
  • Ep. #64
    Ep. #64
    Episode 64
    At the mansion, Ethan asks Theresa to come back to work for his mother, which she readily accepts. Gwen then comes over and Ethan tells her about how he thought Theresa was his stalker. At the Flea Market, Miguel befriends Chad and buys him some sandwhiches. While they are talking, Kay and Simone are with Miguel and she thinks the ring he picked out is for her, and not for Charity. When Kay learns the truth from Miguel, she is heartbroken. After walking away from Miguel, Simone sees Chad and falls instantly in love with him. Back at the flea market, Ivy and Julian are talking to the Bennetts and Russells when Sam goes to get something in the store room. When Ivy follows him in there to talk, but her advances get shot down. Back with their families, Ivy shocks everyone, including Julian, by inviting Sam, Grace, Eve, and T.C. to dinner the next night.moreless
  • Ep. #63
    Ep. #63
    Episode 63
    As Ethan aplogizes to Theresa for calling her his stalker, the town is enjoying the Fall Fundraiser.
  • Ep. #62
    Ep. #62
    Episode 62
    Whitney shows up at the cottage and lies to Ethan in an attempt to get him to change his mind about pressing charges against Theresa. Tabitha and Timmy prepare to leave town until Grace gives Tabitha some interesting news. Luis challenges Sheridan to a game of one on one when she belittles his talent at basketball.moreless
  • Ep. #61
    Ep. #61
    Episode 61
    In L.A., Chad has a run in with Howard and decides to go to Harmony. Theresa and Ethan have run into each other at the park. In the hospital, Jessica and Miguel listen to the tape Kay made for Charity.
  • Ep. #60
    Ep. #60
    Episode 60
    In L.A., Chad goes to talk to a man named Henry and tells him what happened at the recording studio. Ultimately, Henry gives him a box that his parents left him that has a clipping from Harmony's newspaper. In Harmony, Jessica asks Miguel why Kay gave Charity that tape to listen to and believes that Kay is up to no good, but Kay and Simone refuse to answer her questions. In the park, Whitney and Theresa worry that Pilar will tell Ethan about her crush on him. At the mansion, Ivy walks in on Pilar and Ethan talking. When Ivy voices how she is considering having Theresa come back to work for her, Ethan answers with a stern no and ultimately goes to the park where Whitney and Theresa are to ask where some work is and they almost get hit with a rain of falling eggs.moreless
  • Ep. #59
    Ep. #59
    Episode 59
    As Kay thinks of a way to keep Miguel and Charity a part, Ethan warns Theresa to stay away from him. In the park, Frank tells Whitney that he can never trust her again, and at a recording studio in L.A., Chad's temper costs him his job.
  • Ep. #58
    Ep. #58
    Episode 58
    At the youth center, Sheridan gets an eyefull of Luis while everyone at the mansion waits for Ethan's response regarding Theresa stalking him. At the hospital, Grace and Sam are standing outside Charity's room when she tells Miguel she doesn't remember anything that happened before waking up in her room. While this is going on, Kay is telling Simone some of her ideas of getting Charity out of Miguel's life so she can be with him.moreless
  • Ep. #57
    Ep. #57
    Episode 57
    As Sheridan goes to the Book Cafe for some coffee, she and Beth have a heart to heart about what the events of their childhoods before Luis comes in and vents about her. At the mansion, Ethand and Ivy are surprised that Frank is accusing Theresa of being the stalker, espcially when Ethan doesn't identify her and Theresa doesn't admit that she did all those things on purpose. At the hospital, everybody is waiting for Charity to wake up. When she ultimately does, she doesn't recognize Miguel, leaving him heartbroken.moreless
  • Ep. #56
    Ep. #56
    Episode 56
    Sam and Grace learn what could have happened to Faith in the fire as Tabitha tries to get rid of Charity, but is unsuccessful when Kay, Sam, and Grace go in Charity's room. At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Whitney and Miguel have a heart to heart about Charity and Theresa as she is cornered by Ivy and Frank.moreless
  • Ep. #55
    Ep. #55
    Episode 55
    At Tabitha's, she comes up with a plan to get rid of Charity. Ivy and Gwen find Ethan and Theresa in a compromising position and Frank learns Theresa's true identity thanks to Kay.
  • Ep. #54
    Ep. #54
    Episode 54
    At the mansion, Ethan and Sheridan talk a little more about what happened the previous night. Sheridan then leaves to start her community service. At the youth center Beth and Hank have a heart to heart about Luis and Sheridan and Luis then start bickering. At Pilar's, she and Whitney warn Theresa about being near Ethan, and when she arrives at the mansion, she and Ethan learn they have a lot in common. Meanwhile, Whitney and Frank have a run in at the tennis club.moreless
  • Ep. #53
    Ep. #53
    Episode 53
    At the hospital, the Lopez-Fitzgerald's, Russell's, and Bennett's rally around Miguel as he is waiting on news of Charity, Frank startles Ethan at the newspaper office, resulting in his falling off a ladder, causing Frank and Sheridan to take Ethan to the hospital. While there, Sheridan asks Eve for some help in sleeping through the night because of her memories. After Ethan, Frank, and Sheridan leave, Luis and Hank talk about what Sheridan could be hiding, but Hank wants him to drop his plans of investigating Sheridan's past. Once everyone leaves the hospital and are at home, they start dreaming about their true loves.moreless
  • Ep. #52
    Ep. #52
    Episode 52
    As Kay and Jessica continue to argue over the fire at Charity and Faith’s house, an ambulance takes their cousin to the hospital. Reese then takes them to the hospital to comfort Sam, Grace and Miguel when Eve comes out of Charity’s room with preliminary news of her condition. Upon Ethan’s arrival home from the movie theater, he finds Sheridan cowering in the corner of the living room. After asking what happened, he learns that Sheridan had another flashback to that night when she was a child and about what happened at the Lobster Shack. At this point, Ethan decides to take her to the newspaper’s records office in hopes of finding records of that night will help her get over what happened. Later, as Luis and Hank talk at the police station, they learn a silent alarm was tripped at the newspaper office and go investigate, only to find the Cranes inside.moreless
  • Ep. #51
    Ep. #51
    Episode 51
    Theresa decides to tell Ethan the truth. She disguises herself as a waitress and approaches Ethan. Father Lonigan confronts Tabitha and the battle between the good and the evil begins. Timmy tries to save Tabitha, but her powers seem to be very weak. Faith lies on the floor unconscious, as Charity shouts for Miguel. The chief of fireplace department informs Sam, Grace, Eve and Miguel that there are no firetrucks anywhere near Faith's house. Miguel enters the house and finds Charity unconscious.moreless
  • Ep. #50
    Ep. #50
    Episode 50
    Sheridan, once again, relives the mysterious night from her past. Kay is angry at Simone for ruining her plan to seduce Miguel. Simone informs them about the fire in Faith's house, but Kay believes Charity set the fire by herself just to get Miguel's attention. Little Angel Girl appears to Charity and wakes her up. Charity panics. In the living room, Faith loses consciousness. Tabitha uses her powers to boost the fire.moreless
  • Ep. #49
    Ep. #49
    Episode 49
    Pilar promises to Sheridan that Luis will never find out what happened in Sheridan's past. Hank believes he wrecked his chance for real love. Luis wants to hear more about it, but Hank refuses to say anything. Faith tries to get enough energy to alarm Charity to leave the house, but she's too weak. Charity keeps sleeping and having nightmares. She shouts for Miguel to rescue her. Miguel wakes up in cold sweat dreaming that Charity is in trouble. Grace, even if she's sick, refuses to go to hospital, because she feels that Faith's life is fading. Kay tries some sexy clothing in front of Simone. She tells Simone all about her plan to win Miguel. She goes to Miguel's room and gets under the sheets.moreless
  • Ep. #48
    Ep. #48
    Episode 48
    Pilar questions Luis about his date with Beth, admitting that she always thought they would be a good couple. Luis then questions Pilar about Sheridan's past, but Pilar avoids answering the question. Sheridan thanks Hank for helping her, and she's satisfied that she didn't revel anything during her condition. Tabitha laughs as she watches Faith's house burning. An injured Faith tries to tell Charity to get out of house. In the meantime, the smoke fills Charity's room as she lies on the bed sleeping. Timmy feels better when Tabitha returns back home. She tells him that Charity and Faith aren't a problem for her anymore.moreless
  • Ep. #47
    Ep. #47
    Episode 47
    In the cinema, Ethan mistakes Theresa for Gwen and kisses her hand. Theresa enters a fantasy world. Whitney panics when she sees Gwen looking for Ethan. She rushes Theresa to leave, but she can not separate her from Ethan's arms. Grace tells Father Lonigan that she is afraid Charity and Faith may not come in Harmony. A hunting dog invades in Faith's house and heads to Charity's room. A frightened Faith tries to protect her daughter as she recognizes evil in dog's eyes. Dog transforms into Tabitha, who swears that she will destroy Charity, Faith and Grace.moreless
  • Ep. #46
    Ep. #46
    Episode 46
    When Gwen and Ethan run into Frank outside the Book Café, and tell him to leave Whitney and Theresa alone before they go to the theater to watch Gone With the Wind. At the Bennett’s, Grace starts getting the house ready for Faith and Charity’s arrival the following day while Miguel talks to Charity on the family’s computer. Next door however, Tabitha transforms into a dog to go to Castleton to take care of Charity and Faith. While on her journey, Fr. Lonigan comes across an evil force and warns it that he won’t let the dark side ruin the lives of Harmony’s citizens. When he arrives at the church, he finds Grace there and begin talking about the events that have happened over the previous days. In Castleton, Faith and Charity get ready for bed when Faith begins looking for her angels to protect them during the night. After taking a break, she falls asleep on the couch, giving Tabitha an opportunity to jump through the window to attack her.moreless
  • Ep. #45
    Ep. #45
    Episode 45
    In the park, Jessica confronts Kay and Simone over the lies they told to keep Charity away from Miguel and Grace. Back at home Grace and Sam walk in their living room with a new web camera to set up on their computer so Grace and Faith could talk to one another face to face. Meanwhile, as the Bennett’s and Miguel talk to Faith and Charity, Tabitha devises a plan to get rid of Charity and her mother. As they are walking around town, Theresa is reveling in the fact that Frank bought her story of Ethan’s stalker leaving town while Whitney cautions her to not celebrate so early. When they decide to go to the Book Café for some pizza, Theresa quickly has to hide when they see Frank walk in.moreless
  • Ep. #44
    Ep. #44
    Episode 44
    Driving back to Harmony, Tabitha is celebrating about Faith and Charity leaving, but that is short lived when the Little Angel Girl flies by and forces them off the road. Once they make it home, Tabitha sneaks over to the Bennett's and learns that Grace and Faith have learned that they are each other's twin and that they start talking about meeting each other the following morning. Meanwhile, Kay finds Simone in the park and they start arguing about how Kay didn't want to tell her mother about Charity possibly being their cousin. She then tells Simone for keeping her secret, she'll help her find a great guy to go out with as Jessica finds them and tells them the great news about Charity and Faith, much to Kay's dismay. Back at Tabitha's, she goes down to the basement to request help from the boys to stop Charity and Faith from meeting face to face with Grace. At the Lobster Shack, everyone finally hears Sheridan calling for help and Hank and Luis are ultimately able to get her out of the coffin while she screams that she didn't mean it and she is sorry. Hank, Beth, and Luis then take her outside to help bring her out of her shock and Luis then asks what she's sorry for and Sheridan then tells him that it's none of his business and then is taken home by Hank.moreless
  • Ep. #43
    Ep. #43
    Episode 43
    When Luis arrives at the Book Cafe to pick up Beth, they start to reminisce about when they were going out in high school and Luis then apologizes for dumping her in order to take care of his family, but Beth said she didn't mind that, it just showed that he was a classy guy for not stringing her along. They then start talking about Sheridan and how she isn't the charitable type, because of how she tried to bribe her way out of doing her community service. However, before they leave, Luis says that they should talk about something nicer that Sheridan Crane.moreless
  • Ep. #42
    Ep. #42
    Episode 42
    While at the Lopez-Fitzgerald's, Hank is talking to Sheridan of the phone and asks if their date is still on, and Sheridan says yes and they hang up. After getting off the phone, Sheridan tells Ethan that she has a date with a friend of Luis, not making him happy. They then start talking about her past and Ethan tells her to be careful when going out with Hank.moreless
  • Ep. #41
    Ep. #41
    Episode 41
    Sheridan worries that the reason she has been engaged to and in love with so many of the wrong men stems from her childhood, but remembering Martin, Pilar assures her there are some good ones out there. Grace and Sam realize that Charity is her niece and Faith her sister, but by the time they get home, she's gone. Simone tries to convince Kay to tell them where she is, with no success. Hank asks Luis about his father and brother, but Luis doesn't want to talk about them.moreless
  • Ep. #40
    Ep. #40
    Episode 40
    Whitney dreams about a future with Frank, but knows that it can never happen as long as she keeps lying to him. Theresa, meanwhile, fantasizes about a future with Ethan, but Whitney reminds her that she has been lying to him, and any guy who only wants her because she has to lie to him doesn't want her at all, and somewhere out there, there is a man that will accept Theresa for who she is and not who she pretends to be. Simone wants to tell Charity that Grace is her aunt, but Kay refuses to let her. Simone begs her, telling Kay that Grace has a right to know about her niece and sister, but Kay remains firm. If she can get her cousin out of town, she might be able to manipulate her way into Miguel's heart.moreless
  • Ep. #39
    Ep. #39
    Episode 39
    While Ethan and Gwen celebrate Theresa's declaration that the stalker is gone, Theresa laments to Whitney that since she has lost her chance to steal Ethan away from Gwen, she must make her career her life. Whitney swears that she will never fall in love if it means becoming obsessive like her friend. Timmy is convinced that Tabitha is dead. Meanwhile, Tabitha has tricked Grace and Sam into leaving the room so that she can threaten Faith through the computer.moreless
  • Ep. #38
    Ep. #38
    Episode 38
    At the Crane mansion, Frank wants to continue to question Whitney and Theresa, but Ethan won't let him. After the private investigator leaves, Ethan tells Theresa that she's his good luck charm since his stalker is no longer harassing him.
  • Ep. #37
    Ep. #37
    Episode 37
    Theresa and Whitney both try desperately to stop Ethan from hunting down his stalker, and Theresa lies about the girl leaving town. Theresa's lies seem to work, as Ethan agrees to call off the investigation, but Frank and Ivy aren't willing to forgive and forget that easily. Once Sheridan realizes that Luis is the director of the Youth Center she tries to get her check back so it doesn't look like an attempt at bribery. Both try to get out of her community service to no avail. Faith and Grace are able to connect via the Internet and talk. Simone confronts Kay with the fact that Grace is Charity's aunt, but Kay says that no matter what, she's getting rid of Charity.moreless
  • Ep. #36
    Ep. #36
    Episode 36
    Charity continues to look for her mother's twin while Kay continues to throw a wrench in it. Kay is trying to dye her hair to make herself look like Charity, but the result is that her hair starts falling out! While Luis is renewing his acquaintance with high-school sweetheart Beth, Hank agrees to let Sheridan buy her way out of her community service. Grace collapses in the store after having a memory of playing 'store' with her twin sister years ago.moreless
  • Ep. #35
    Ep. #35
    Episode 35
    Sheridan nearly runs down a young man in the road, and the two exchange pleasantries. Later, she heads to the youth center after putting on her make-up, determined to use her sex appeal to get out of her community service. She runs into the mystery man again, and takes off. The young man heads inside where Luis is thrilled to see his best friend, Hank Bennett! Luis heads off to tell Sam that Hank is home, so when Sheridan goes inside, it's Hank she runs into. Charity tries to get Grace's attention through the windows of the bus, but has no luck. She finally gets the bus to stop, but not in time for her to catch Grace's eye. She heads back to familiar ground looking for her mother's twin.moreless
  • Ep. #34
    Ep. #34
    Episode 34
    Theresa tells Whitney that she has fooled Frank into believing that the stalker is some girl who left town, but he's a lot smarter than she gave him credit for. Frank grabs Theresa and tells her he will expose everything she's done, and calls Ivy to tell her that he has found the stalker. In court, Sheridan is unsuccessful in winning her bid to get off scot-free after having rammed Luis' police car not once, but twice. She is sentenced to 100 hours of community service. Ethan is unsuccessful in choosing where, and Sheridan learns it's the Youth Centre for her. Luis is semi-satisfied with the verdict and leaves the courthouse, heading over to the Youth Centre where he answers the phone... as the director!moreless
  • Ep. #33
    Ep. #33
    Episode 33
    Luis and Sam are jogging on the beach while Luis admires the assets of the female jogger in front of them. He is shocked to realize it's Sheridan! At the Club, after talking with Ethan (who plans to file a sexual harassment suit against Luis), Julian calls the mayor and asks him to settle this thing privately. Frank talks to Theresa, and she lies to him about who she is. He asks her about the girl in the sketch, and Theresa says she was some girl from out of town who thought she was in love with Ethan, and Frank warns her that the girl fit the psychological profile of a stalker, and would be very dangerous. Whitney is thrilled to be offered a corporate sponsorship from the Cranes after a successful lesson teaching Ivy Crane, but her father is adamant that his daughter not work for 'the man'.moreless
  • Ep. #32
    Ep. #32
    Episode 32
    Sam heads over to the Crane mansion to talk to Julian about the budget, and runs into Ivy. Ivy never realized Sam and Julian even knew each other. Sam leaves after talking to Ivy, who puts on an old Billy Joel tune to reminisce. Sam arrives home to find Grace listening to the same song. Looks like Billy Joel is special for both Grace and Ivy. Thanks to Father Lonigan's advice, Miguel is on hand to save Charity from Tabitha the cab driver. Unfortunately, Charity isn't able to convince Faith to stay in Castleton. T.C.'s knee pains him when he tries to play basketball.moreless
  • Ep. #31
    Ep. #31
    Episode 31
    Thanks to Kay, Charity is able to catch a cab home, with Tabitha as the driver, and before she can tell Miguel good-bye. Faith and Grace chat over the phone. As Pilar's party continues, Luis and Sheridan dance the tango. Sam eventually leaves to bring the Police Station's budget to the Crane mansion so Julian can look it over.moreless
  • Ep. #30
    Ep. #30
    Episode 30
    T.C. worries that with Whitney's elbow trouble, maybe she shouldn't go to Pilar's party, but she really wants to. Back at the Lopez-Fitzgerald cottage, Jessica, Kay, and Simone get dressed up for the party. Charity wonders why they're decorating the house, and Jessica explains that Pilar has been trying for years to save up enough money to see her family in Mexico without success, so they're bringing a little of the Old Country to Harmony. The party starts off smoothly, with all the guests enjoying what's going on. Across town, Ethan manages to talk Sheridan out of going to Rio de Janeiro, and asks her out to dinner. She agrees to go, but first, she wants to drop off a birthday present for Pilar. She shows up just in time to do the tango with a blindfolded Luis.moreless
  • Ep. #29
    Ep. #29
    Episode 29
    Theresa refuses to listen when Pilar tells her to quit the job at the Cranes. She heads over to the harbor with Whitney, and changes out of her 'mousy' outfit. Now herself again, Theresa tells Whitney that if Ethan could only see how much more beautiful she was then Gwen, he would marry her in a heartbeat. Charity and Miguel continue to spend time together getting to know each other. Miguel gives her a necklace, and a jealous Kay watches on, determined to get Charity far, far away from Miguel. Miguel suggests asking Grace about Charity's mother's twin. Sheridan can't forget that night fourteen years ago when she stared at the blood on her hands. Ethan tries to tell her that it wasn't her fault, but she won't buy that.moreless
  • Ep. #28
    Ep. #28
    Episode 28
    Sheridan is relieved when Ethan is able to spring her from the local jail. Frank shows the sketch of Theresa around, but no one recognizes her. Ivy praises Theresa's work, not realizing she is the same person who has been causing all the 'accidents' that Ethan has been in lately. A stroke of luck creates a chance meeting between Charity and Miguel. Jessica assures Reese that Kay really does like him. Timmy and Tabitha use the spirit board to look for Charity.moreless
  • Ep. #27
    Ep. #27
    Episode 27
    Theresa is determined not to lose her chance to end up as Mrs. Ethan Crane. Rather than be honest with Ivy and Ethan, she decides to take the job as Ivy's assistant in disguise. Whitney points out that her plan is unlikely to work. Charity boards a bus on her own to go from Castleton to Harmony so that she can meet Miguel. Kay is desperate to make sure that Miguel and Charity have nothing to do with each other, but Jessica wants to help the couple. Sheridan wakes from her dream about Jean-Luc to find that she has wrapped her arms around Luis! Sam wants to know what Luis thought he was doing, and Luis assures him that there's nothing between him and Sheridan. Ethan and Frank head to the police station to pick up Sheridan.moreless
  • Ep. #26
    Ep. #26
    Episode 26
    Faith, Tabitha and Timmy search for Charity, with Faith praying she'll find her before evil does. Ethan tells Gwen that his life, their life, is perfect -- he just needs to find the stalker and punish her. Whitney pushes Theresa into declining the job working for Ivy and Theresa decides to turn the job down until she hears from Ethan how excited Ivy is.moreless
  • Ep. #25
    Ep. #25
    Episode 25
    Faith and Grace cross each other's paths again in the church, but Charity's disappearance prolongs their meeting. Faith's fears for her daughter make her miss her sister once again. Rescuing Charity, Miguel finally finds the girl he's been looking for -- she seems to have fallen for him, too. Tabitha and Timmy's plans are thwarted, but she isn't giving up yet. The gruesome two-some won't cease until they have taken care of Charity and kept Faith and Grace apart. Gwen wishes she hadn't turned Ethan down. If she could get him to put the ring back on her finger, she could be rid of that regret. Are Ethan's intentions the same? Luis pulls up to the Crane Mansion at the trigger of the alarm. Despite the harsh greeting from Ethan, his presence is welcome; he is the vehicle of Theresa's escape. She gets off the estate undetected, but will she endure Luis' wrath? The stranger of Sheridan's dreams pulls a dramatic rescue. Who is this brave man?moreless
  • Ep. #24
    Ep. #24
    Episode 24
    Sheridan finds out that Gwen turned Ethan's proposal down. Gwen explains that she wants Ethan's love to be a true one. Sheridan has decided that she's going to look for a love like Ethan and Gwen's; neither one of them has to worry that the other is after them only for money. Theresa's departure from the Crane Mansion proves to be filled with obstacles. When she runs into Ethan she is finally able to talk to him face to face. Her explanations may land her in jail, though. Now, she's on the run from the Cranes -- and their not so little dogs, too. Charity helps look for Tabitha's 'granddaughter'. Tabitha and Timmy may have the upper hand now, especially if Charity doesn't watch her step. Faith and Grace ask the help of the same priest...if only he could see the connection between them. Ivy and Julian demonstrate their disgust for each other once again, when Julian threatens to fire Pilar for her son's behavior toward the Crane family. Ivy refuses to let him do it -- Pilar is a friend. Will Julian cross Ivy again?moreless
  • Ep. #23
    Ep. #23
    Episode 23
    At home, Ivy and Ethan talk about relationships. Though they're talking about Sheridan's ill fortune in love, there may be more to her own story than Ivy is divulging. Sheridan finds herself a jailbird after flying down the highway. This time Sam backs Luis up on the arrest, but Ethan is indignant at not being able to release his aunt from jail. Having decided to turn down the job offer following Pilar and Whitney's strict advice, Theresa makes her way back to the mansion. Ethan is still down at the station with Sheridan to Theresa's relief. However, not being around Ethan doesn't stop Theresa from losing her head. Ivy makes Theresa an offer that evokes all her years of dreaming. Who could refuse? A search ensues for Miguel's missing date. But Charity is on a search of her own. Following the sounds of a lost child may bring Charity right into Tabitha's clutches. As Faith and Grace pray, unknowingly close to each other, Tabitha stands on the verge of winning.moreless
  • Ep. #22
    Ep. #22
    Episode 22
    There's a peculiar tornado blowing through Harmony.. and Tabitha seems to be at it's core. To keep the sisters from meeting, Tabitha drives Faith away with a storm. Unfortunately for Miguel, she also drives away the girl of his dreams. As for Kay, she schemes to salvage her evening, even if it means ditching Reese. In the calm before the storm, Grace seems at peace as the warmth of her sister's spirit gives her joy. Theresa flees from the Crane's before being discovered by Ethan. At home, she's incensed at what she believes is Ethan's innate snobbery -- but can she give him up? Ethan knows he overreacted, but his fury at Jean Luc's betrayal makes him overprotective of Sheridan. Sheridan, just off the Concorde and in a rush to be at home, makes Luis' acquaintance with quite a bang.moreless
  • Ep. #21
    Ep. #21
    Episode 21
    Theresa finds herself trapped in the lap of luxury. Her confession to Ethan may not get her the desired results as it seems Ethan is even more intent in his crusade against those who target the rich, beginning with his stalker. Ironically, he hopes Pilar's daughter will be able to give him some leads. This may be the least of Theresa's dilemmas: Luis and Pilar know about her real connection to Ethan--just wait until Ivy finds out. Tabitha's spirit board spells trouble again for Faith and Grace, the separated twins, as she tries desperately to keep them from discovering each other. Their spirits seem to find strength from each other, so even Tabitha may not be able to keep them from meeting at the Lobster Shack. Grace and Faith aren't the only ones about to rendezvous. Kay figures out that her date is with Reese while Miguel hopes his dream date Charity will turn up. Sheridan narrowly escapes Roger and Pierre, but even as she passes smoothly over the Atlantic, Roger and Pierre are working to learn her identity and send her to death.moreless
  • Ep. #20
    Ep. #20
    Episode 20
    Theresa luckily eludes Gwen's memory when the two meet and Gwen, although delighted, believes Theresa looks somewhat familiar. Later Theresa calls Whitney and gloats that it is only a matter of time before she makes Ethan hers. Miguel buys a flower, convinced that Charity is going to be his mystery date, while Kay eagerly anticipates her and Miguel's 'first date'.moreless
  • Ep. #19
    Ep. #19
    Episode 19
    When Grace and Sam spot Kay all dressed up and wearing too much make-up (and a push-up bra), they send her upstairs to change, much to Jessica's delight. Ivy brings Ethan and Gwen to meet Theresa, but she's hiding in the closet so that Ethan doesn't realise it's her. Tabitha grabs Charity through the scrying bowl and tries to drown her.moreless
  • Ep. #18
    Ep. #18
    Episode 18
    Theresa is thrilled to meet Ivy and to get a job at the Crane mansion, convinced that she will be able to break Ethan and Gwen up in no time, but is upset when Ivy tells her that she will destroy the girl stalking Ethan when she finds her. Jessica meets up with Reese and tells him what he needs to do to make sure that Charity is his. Charity and Faith check into a local inn in Harmony.moreless
  • Ep. #17
    Ep. #17
    Episode 17
    As she is rubbing sports ligament into Ethan's back, he unwittingly tells Theresa that he has been looking for a certain girl, and Theresa steps up, convinced that Ethan is about to propose marriage to her, but instead he pronounces her as his stalker! Sam and Grace realise that Kay is behind the Harmony Hunk contest just in time to see Miguel win, and Luis come in second. Tabitha's viewing of Bewitched is interrupted when she sees her spirit board floating. Pilar expresses her pride in all her children to Ivy, but Ivy only cares about Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #16
    Ep. #16
    Episode 16
    Kay blackmails Luis and Miguel into taking part in the contest by telling them that Grace is going through menopause and that her father (who just happens to be Luis' boss) would be upset if they left. Ethan is still bent on finding his stalker, but Gwen tries to distract him by reminding him of his promise to be part of the Mr. Harmony Hunk contest. Faith reluctantly agrees to go back to Harmony at Charity's insistence, but takes her laptop with her.moreless
  • Ep. #15
    Ep. #15
    Episode 15
    Gwen tries to convince Ethan that the girl he's been encountering doesn't mean any harm, but Ethan is determined to find his stalker and pursue legal action against her. Faith prays to God to save her and Charity from the evil that is out there looking for them. In Harmony, Timmy watches as Tabitha prepares an evil spell to destroy Faith and Charity.moreless
  • Ep. #14
    Ep. #14
    Episode 14
    Gwen meets Theresa at the cannery, and is very interested in what Theresa does, but all Theresa can think about is that Gwen's lack of an engagement ring means Ethan is fair game. Kay is convinced that Miguel is her secret admirer despite the fact that he has never shown any interest in her, and Jessica learns that the admirer is none other than Reese, Miguel's best friend.moreless
  • Ep. #13
    Ep. #13
    Episode 13
    Theresa leads her new co-worker at the cannery to believe that she and Ethan were together, and that she is devastated that he cheated on her with someone else. Pilar finds an upset Ivy, and does her best to keep Ivy from going after Julian, who is in bed with Suzanne. Jean Luc and Mimi argue over his involvement with Sheridan, and Mimi tells Jean Luc to go to Hell.moreless
  • Ep. #12
    Ep. #12
    Episode 12
    Ethan is shocked when Gwen refuses his proposal, but she explains that it's because she loves him so much and doesn't want to marry him because he feels it's 'the right thing to do', and Ethan agrees. Miguel asks Charity to try to come back to the carnival the next day. Pilar narrowly misses running into Julian and Suzanne, a Crane maid and Julian's latest paramour.moreless
  • Ep. #11
    Ep. #11
    Episode 11
    Thanks to the waiter André, Mimi is able to figure out that Jean Luc has taken Sheridan to his country house. The parents in Harmony are disturbed to learn that an unauthorized fortune teller is scaring people. Theresa assures Miguel she will marry Ethan and take control of the Crane house and fortune as she sees Ethan propose to Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #10
    Ep. #10
    Episode 10
    Miguel tries to convince Theresa that she needs to put her fantasies aside, but she tells him that she is going to make Ethan Crane hers no matter what she has to do. Jean Luc whisks Sheridan away to his home in the country in an effort to keep her away from Mimi. Faith and Charity arrive in Harmony, and many of the townspeople think Faith is Grace.moreless
  • Ep. #9
    Ep. #9
    Episode 9
    Simone reminds Kay that as far as Miguel is concerned she is 'just one of the guys', and she doesn't stand a chance with him. Miguel tries to reassure Luis that Theresa will get over her unhealthy obsession with Ethan Crane. Ethan and Gwen share a romantic date at the carnival.moreless
  • Ep. #8
    Ep. #8
    Episode 8
    Faith's daughter Charity is upset that they frequently have to move. Whitney is upset when Tabitha predicts that her father will kill to protect her tennis career. Sheridan calls Gwen and Ethan to say she is engaged, and going to the ball with Jean Luc. Rosie kicks Timmy off the pier when he scares her.moreless
  • Ep. #7
    Ep. #7
    Episode 7
    Ethan realises Theresa is obsessed with him. Faith sees Sam's message on the Internet and replies. Timmy is horrified to be 'won' by a little girl. Sheridan encourages Ethan to propose to Gwen.
  • Ep. #6
    Ep. #6
    Episode 6
    Ethan demands Theresa leave him alone when he sees her at the Burger Hut, but in her insistance on being near him, he winds up with milkshakes and barbecue sauce on him. Mimi is furious to see that Sheridan is young and beautiful when Jean Luc had assured her that Sheridan was ugly. A Grace-lookalike dreams about running through a forest, being chased by something.moreless
  • Ep. #5
    Ep. #5
    Episode 5
    Luis tells Pilar to take Martin's name off the deed to the cottage, and encourages her to have him declared legally dead. Jessica wants to make a family tree, but Sam reminds her that they know nothing about her mother's side of the family due to her amnesia. Ivy defends Julian to Ethan when Ethan comments on Julian's lack of concern about Sheridan's health.moreless
  • Ep. #4
    Ep. #4
    Episode 4
    Theresa is surprised to learn that Luis had once planned to go to college. Ethan is upset when Julian insinuates the accident was Sheridan's fault. In Paris, Sheridan is told by her friend Diana to live.
  • Ep. #3
    Ep. #3
    Episode 3
    Despite promising to help with the carnival preparations, Theresa refuses because she doesn't want to get her outfit dirty. A still-fuming Ethan calls Gwen and tells her about the crazy idiot who dumped paint on him. Sam tries to comfort Grace after she has another vision of the little girl, this time at the school. In Paris, Sheridan is in a dangerous car accident.moreless
  • Ep. #2
    Ep. #2
    Episode 2
    Theresa tells Whitney that she is going to marry Harmony's wealthiest man and live like a queen in his castle, even though she's never met him. Eve wonders if the little angel girl is connected to Grace's past. Sheridan is saddened by the memory of her friend Diana.
  • Ep. #1
    Ep. #1
    Episode 1
    The citizens of Harmony are introduced as they go about their daily lives. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald is angered to learn that Ethan Crane, a member of a rich Crane family, started an illegal fire on the beach with his girlfriend Gwen Hotchkiss. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, Luis' sister, tells her best friend Whitney Russell that one day she will marry Ethan, although she never met him. Sam Bennett shares his concern over his wife Grace's health with Eve Russell, their friend. A mysterious person is stalking Sheridan Crane, Ethan's aunt, on the streets of Paris. A little angel girl appears to Grace and warns her of near danger.moreless
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