Passions - Season 5

NBC (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #1272
    Ep. #1272
    Episode 256
  • Ep. #1271
    Ep. #1271
    Episode 255
  • Ep. #1270
    Ep. #1270
    Episode 254
  • Ep. #1269
    Ep. #1269
    Episode 253
  • Ep. #1268
    Ep. #1268
    Episode 252
  • Ep. #1267
    Ep. #1267
    Episode 251
  • Ep. #1266
    Ep. #1266
    Episode 250
  • Ep. #1265
    Ep. #1265
    Episode 249
  • Ep. #1264
    Ep. #1264
    Episode 248
    When Eve catches Liz in the Russell house, Liz claims to be leaving a note for Simone about Kay's condition. The two get to talking about old times, and Eve tells Liz she always loved her like a full sister, but Liz continues to blame Eve for all the times that her father snuck into her room and raped her, threatening to kill their mother, Ruby, if she talked. Antonio refuses to accept that Sheridan had lied to him all along, and continues to blame Luis for plahting lies in Sheridan's head. Even though Luis saves Antonio's life, Antonio can't let it go. Fox runs into Chad and Whitney at the Seacliff Inn, and when Chad gets called to work and asks Fox to look after Whitney, Fox worries that he won't be able to hide how much he loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #1263
    Ep. #1263
    Episode 247
    Sheridan confronts Alistair about his role in her brainwashing, but Alistair maintains firm that he never tried to brainwash her, only to cure her, and claims to love his daughter. Sheridan refuses to believe him, and remembers when he blamed her for her mother's death. Julian shows up, and apologizes to Sheridan for ever causing her pain, and wishes her the best with Luis. Katherine talks about leaving Julian and Sheridan, when Sheridan was six and Julian a teen lounging on the couch. She and Martin run into the mystery man, who makes it clear that Alistair knows where they are, and will destroy them. He warns them that any humanity Alistair had left died when Katherine left.moreless
  • Ep. #1262
    Ep. #1262
    Episode 246
    Theresa admits to Whitney that everything that has happened is her fault because she cannot stop loving Ethan, but she has a plan to take not only Little Ethan from Gwen and Ethan, but to also deny them the child that is in her belly that they believe to be their child. Eve and Julian reminisce about their past, and talk about how horrible it is for Kay, who cannot have children of her own, and for Sheridan and Gwen, who both lost children that should have lived. Alistair uses Antonio's love for Sheridan and his distrust of Luis to convince him that Luis must pay for what has happened.moreless
  • Ep. #1261
    Ep. #1261
    Episode 245
    Kay is devastated when she learns she can't have more children, and turns on Miguel and Charity. Ignoring her own role in events, she blames Miguel and Charity for everything, starting from falling in love, to Miguel never wanting to be with her, even to her family's break-up. Luis is released after Sheridan remembers their love, and Antonio is determined not to let his younger brother manipulate the situation yet again. Liz is thrilled to learn that Irma hates Eve just as much as she does.moreless
  • Ep. #1260
    Ep. #1260
    Episode 244
    Liz goes to Shady Elms to meet Irma, who is Eve's aunt. It is revealed that Liz and Eve are actually half-sisters, who share the same mother, but have different fathers. In Mexico, Katherine and Martin talk about running again, feeling that if the assassin's body is found, Martin could be going to prison. Despite her recent near-death experience, all Kay can think about is that, if Tabitha's plan worked, Miguel and Charity will be over forever. Luis is more than willing to go to trial once he learns Sheridan will be there, convinced that he can force her to remember their love together.moreless
  • Ep. #1259
    Ep. #1259
    Episode 243
  • Ep. #1258
    Ep. #1258
    Episode 242
  • Ep. #1257
    Ep. #1257
    Episode 241
  • Ep. #1256
    Ep. #1256
    Episode 240
    Although Theresa swore to Whitney she would confess the truth to Fox and be honest with at least one of the men in her life, she just can't do it. She tells Fox that they need to break up because she just can't handle this right now, but maybe someday they can get back together. Fox heads into the kitchen to talk to Chad while Whitney heads out to Theresa, and he tells Chad he's lucky to have a girlfriend like Whitney, who's not only beautiful, but honest and loyal as well. Sheridan remembers that in the past, Patience's father shot and killed Harry, and vows not to let that happen again. She flags down Hank and Antonio, and when Antonio gives her the option between sending Luis to prison or shooting him for his crimes, Sheridan decides to press charges. Tabitha tries to manipulate Charity into leaving town, saying she is responsible for Kay nearly dying, and lies to her, telling her about how happy Kay and Miguel were together before she showed up.moreless
  • Ep. #1255
    Ep. #1255
    Episode 239
    Whitney tries to comfort Theresa, who bursts into tears when Fox gives her a huge flower arrangements. She admits to Whitney that Gwen has been right about her all along, but while she feels absolutely no guilt about raping Ethan, she does feel bad for betraying Fox. Theresa also admits that as much as she wants to love Fox and be with him, she still loves Ethan. In the past, Patience throws herself in front of her true love Harry and begs her betrothed Andrew to let them be together, because they love each other. As Andrew washes his hands of the duplicitous duo, Patience's father takes aim. Charity calls the paramedics after they find Kay impaled, and she is rushed to the hospital. Charity then phones the house to let them know, interrupting a fight between Sam and T.C. over Ivy's back-stabbing nature.moreless
  • Ep. #1254
    Ep. #1254
    Episode 238
  • Ep. #1253
    Ep. #1253
    Episode 237
    After numerous failed attempts, Faith's ghost finally gets Miguel to go after Charity at her old home by first knocking over a photo of herself and Charity then, when Miguel wonders if that means Charity is at the house, writing 'GO' on the mirror. She then floats down to the main level, where Sam and Ivy are making out, and blasts Ivy for the manipulations that destroyed Sam and Grace's marriage. After hearing Ivy gloat to herself about how successful her scheme was, Faith makes Ivy choke.moreless
  • Ep. #1252
    Ep. #1252
    Episode 236
  • Ep. #1251
    Ep. #1251
    Episode 235
  • Ep. #1250
    Ep. #1250
    Episode 234
  • Ep. #1249
    Ep. #1249
    Episode 233
  • Ep. #1248
    Ep. #1248
    Episode 232
  • Ep. #1247
    Ep. #1247
    Episode 231
  • Ep. #1246
    Ep. #1246
    Episode 230
  • Ep. #1245
    Ep. #1245
    Episode 229
  • Ep. #1244
    Ep. #1244
    Episode 228
    In Mexico, the mystery couple reminisce about the first time they met, and it is revealed that they are in reality Martin and Katherine, the missing and presumed dead Harmonyites. Gwen and Ethan demand that Theresa take a pregnancy test, since they have proof that the eggs were not viable and could not be carried. After Luis tries to kill him, Dr. Ackland comes clean with him about everything that Alistair forced him to do. As Antonio leaves to get Pilar so Sheridan can say goodbye, Luis shows up at the door.moreless
  • Ep. #1243
    Ep. #1243
    Episode 227
    Sheridan talks to Gwen after she agrees to leave Harmony with Alistair, and is saddened to learn that Gwen and Ethan have no viable eggs. As they prepare to leave, Sheridan suggests having another pregnancy test done, and Gwen admits that Theresa is a compulsive liar. When Antonio interjects, Gwen apologizes, but says that Theresa has put them through a lot. In Mexico, the Wheelers read about all the happenings in Harmony in the newspaper, and start working on Paloma to convince her to go home.moreless
  • Ep. #1242
    Ep. #1242
    Episode 226
    Whitney is disgusted to learn that Theresa plans to blackmail Ethan and Gwen and to trade one child for another, but before Pilar can voice her disapproval, Theresa takes off to call Paloma in Mexico. When she gets back, Pilar begs Theresa not to do this, because this child is an innocent who does not deserve to be used like a bargaining chip. Theresa refuses to change her mind, and Pilar wonders how her daughter could have turned out so selfish. Sheridan enjoys Luis' kiss, but tells him that it cannot happen again, because she is a married woman, and it is wrong for a married woman to be getting involved with another man. Ethan and Gwen are devastated to learn that Heather has lost their baby, and that the reason is that their eggs are not viable.moreless
  • Ep. #1241
    Ep. #1241
    Episode 225
    The thought that Julian may have another Crane heir out there sends Fox into a tizzy thinking that the fortune he wants so desperately may not be his, but Theresa reassures him that he will get everything because Alistair will never let a 'bastard child' be the next Crane heir. The Wheelers talk about how worried they are about Paloma, and how their sweet little girl is turning so angry these days. They try to decide what the best thing to do is. Sam tells Ivy that he has finally put Grace in the past, and is ready to forgive her for what she did to him and move on, and the two make love.moreless
  • Ep. #1240
    Ep. #1240
    Episode 224
    After Sam receives a text message from Grace, Ivy turns on the waterworks. Spinning her own history in an attempt to get sympathy from Sam, she tells him that she understands how Grace loves him now. After telling him to be with Grace, she turns to leave. Remembering that not too many people in the hospital are O-, Eve wonders where the blood Julian received came from. After learning it came from a male, Julian assumes it was from Fox. The Wheelers tell Paloma that there is trouble in Harmony, and try to convince her to go home.moreless
  • Ep. #1239
    Ep. #1239
    Episode 223
  • Ep. #1238
    Ep. #1238
    Episode 222
  • Ep. #1237
    Ep. #1237
    Episode 221
  • Ep. #1236
    Ep. #1236
    Episode 220
  • Ep. #1235
    Ep. #1235
    Episode 219
  • Ep. #1234
    Ep. #1234
    Episode 218
  • Ep. #1233
    Ep. #1233
    Episode 217
  • Ep. #1232
    Ep. #1232
    Episode 216
  • Ep. #1231
    Ep. #1231
    Episode 215
  • Ep. #1230
    Ep. #1230
    Episode 214
  • Ep. #1229
    Ep. #1229
    Episode 213
  • Ep. #1228
    Ep. #1228
    Episode 212
  • Ep. #1227
    Ep. #1227
    Episode 211
  • Ep. #1226
    Ep. #1226
    Episode 210
  • Ep. #1225
    Ep. #1225
    Episode 209
  • Ep. #1224
    Ep. #1224
    Episode 208
  • Ep. #1223
    Ep. #1223
    Episode 207
  • Ep. #1222
    Ep. #1222
    Episode 206
  • Ep. #1221
    Ep. #1221
    Episode 205
  • Ep. #1220
    Ep. #1220
    Episode 204
  • Ep. #1219
    Ep. #1219
    Episode 203
    Theresa tells Fox that she has the perfect plan to force Ethan and Gwen to give her back her son. She will have herself implanted with Gwen and Ethan's child, and then tell them if they don't give her son back to them, she won't give them their child.
  • Ep. #1218
    Ep. #1218
    Episode 202
    Gwen and Ethan are overjoyed to learn that their surrogate, Heather, is down at the hospital and ready to have the eggs implanted in her that evening.
  • Ep. #1217
    Ep. #1217
    Episode 201
    While Rebecca tries to convince Theresa to take her family and leave town, Ethan gives Gwen a diary to track their surrogacy. After Ethan leaves Gwen, she comments that Theresa has not been successful in destroying her life again. Theresa is shocked when Fox says he'll leave with her, and Rebecca doesn't care how it happens, as long as Theresa is done with playing games in Gwen's life. Luis continues to try to hack into Alistair's files, but things hit a snag when Lola is threatened into revealing who stole Alistair's files, and Alistair shows up with a gun.moreless
  • Ep. #1216
    Ep. #1216
    Episode 200
  • Ep. #1215
    Ep. #1215
    Episode 199
  • Ep. #1214
    Ep. #1214
    Episode 198
    Pilar is taken aback when Luis informs her of his plans to take down Alistair. Meanwhile, Alistair reprimands Sheridan for helping Theresa and tests her to see if she still cares for Luis. TC, Whitney, and Chad race to Eve's aid when they learn shes been in a car accident. Julian and Eve conspire to keep TC from learning they were together. At the courthouse, Theresa barely keeps her cool as Gwen and Ethan try to adopt her son.moreless
  • Ep. #1213
    Ep. #1213
    Episode 197
    At a casino, Luis concocts a plan to get his hands on Alistair's key to the safe. Sheridan and Antonio also show up and try to have a good time despite Luis presence. Alistair taunts Julian and Eve after they fall for his fake-out in regards to finding their son. Chad tries to cheer up a shaken Whitney after their love noodle breaks. Gwen and Ethan go out for a night at the country club, unaware Fox and Theresa are there, too. With a knife in hand, Theresa confronts Gwen in the ladies room.moreless
  • Ep. #1212
    Ep. #1212
    Episode 196
    Julian and Eve wait for word on their sons whereabouts. Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney dine out at Sally Chinn's restaurant. Whitney is wary when Chad wants to test their love with the infamous love noodle. Theresa is released from jail and gets a romantic afternoon with Fox. Gwen is furious when she overhears Ethan tell Julian that he plans to give Theresa back her son once they adopt Little Ethan. Luis discovers Alistair's secret safe, but realizes he needs a key to open it.moreless
  • Ep. #1211
    Ep. #1211
    Episode 195
    Sheridan and Fox bond and figure out a way to help Theresa. Meanwhile, Gwen and Ethan argue about Little Ethan as Gwen takes hormone shots in preparation for the surrogacy procedure. An exhausted Kay deals with work and motherhood, while Miguel and Charity share a fraught moment at the Book Café. Pilar starts her treatments, and Eve discovers just how far her friend's disease has progressed. Luis and Hank search Crane Industries for evidence to destroy Alistair.moreless
  • Ep. #1210
    Ep. #1210
    Episode 194
    A nervous Beth prepares to tell Alistair about Luis plan to bring down the Crane empire. However, Mrs. Wallace brings Luis attention to her daughters clandestine phone call, putting Beth on the spot. In jail, Theresa is concerned she lost any chance she had of getting Little Ethan back. Meanwhile, Gwen lashes out at Ethan for his continued support of Theresa. Pilar struggles to remain strong and optimistic as she faces her illness alone.moreless
  • Ep. #1209
    Ep. #1209
    Episode 193
    Luis fills Hank in on his plans and tries to figure out where he can privately go over blue prints of the Crane Industries building. Meanwhile, Alistair pays Beth a visit and lets her know it's time to pay the piper by choosing to either spy or kill for him. While sitting in her jail cell, Theresa longs for her son and fears what the future may hold. Ethan confides to Eve his plan to help Theresa. Gwen interviews candidates for a surrogate mother to carry her and Ethan's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #1208
    Ep. #1208
    Episode 192
    Fox tries to help Theresa not lose faith and gives her a connection to her son. Gwen and Rebecca's rejoicing is cut short when Pilar shows up and launches an attack on Ethan and Rebecca. Ivy gives Charity advice about a career in fashion and about love. At the cannery, Kay's wisecracking co-workers taunt her and make her feel insecure about Miguel. While talking with Alistair in his office, Sheridan senses Luis, who is hiding in a closet.moreless
  • Ep. #1207
    Ep. #1207
    Episode 191
  • Ep. #1206
    Ep. #1206
    Episode 190
  • Ep. #1205
    Ep. #1205
    Episode 189
  • Ep. #1204
    Ep. #1204
    Episode 188
  • Ep. #1203
    Ep. #1203
    Episode 187
  • Ep. #1202
    Ep. #1202
    Episode 186
  • Ep. #1201
    Ep. #1201
    Episode 185
  • Ep. #1200
    Ep. #1200
    Episode 184
  • Ep. #1199
    Ep. #1199
    Episode 183
    The custody hearing for Little Ethan begins, but Theresa does little to endear herself to the judge, even though he tries to give her numerous chances.
  • Ep. #1198
    Ep. #1198
    Episode 182
  • Ep. #1197
    Ep. #1197
    Episode 181
  • Ep. #1196
    Ep. #1196
    Episode 180
  • Ep. #1195
    Ep. #1195
    Episode 179
  • Ep. #1194
    Ep. #1194
    Episode 178
  • Ep. #1193
    Ep. #1193
    Episode 177
  • Ep. #1192
    Ep. #1192
    Episode 176
  • Ep. #1191
    Ep. #1191
    Episode 175
  • Ep. #1190
    Ep. #1190
    Episode 174
  • Ep. #1189
    Ep. #1189
    Episode 173
  • Ep. #1188
    Ep. #1188
    Episode 172
  • Ep. #1187
    Ep. #1187
    Episode 171
  • Ep. #1186
    Ep. #1186
    Episode 170
  • Ep. #1185
    Ep. #1185
    Episode 169
  • Ep. #1184
    Ep. #1184
    Episode 168
  • Ep. #1183
    Ep. #1183
    Episode 167
  • Ep. #1182
    Ep. #1182
    Episode 166
  • Ep. #1181
    Ep. #1181
    Episode 165
  • Ep. #1180
    Ep. #1180
    Episode 164
  • Ep. #1179
    Ep. #1179
    Episode 163
  • Ep. #1178
    Ep. #1178
    Episode 162
  • Ep. #1177
    Ep. #1177
    Episode 161
  • Ep. #1176
    Ep. #1176
    Episode 160
  • Ep. #1175
    Ep. #1175
    Episode 159
  • Ep. #1174
    Ep. #1174
    Episode 158
  • Ep. #1173
    Ep. #1173
    Episode 157
  • Ep. #1172
    Ep. #1172
    Episode 156
  • Ep. #1171
    Ep. #1171
    Episode 155
  • Ep. #1170
    Ep. #1170
    Episode 154
  • Ep. #1169
    Ep. #1169
    Episode 153
    Ethan assures his godson he will be reunited with his mother; Liz urges Whitney to tell TC about Eve and Julian's betrayal; Eve, Luis and Julian band together to save Sheridan, as she continues to undergo electroshock therapy.
  • Ep. #1168
    Ep. #1168
    Episode 152
    Charity continues to flirt with a group of guys; Charity's outlandish behavior delights Kay; Alistair forces Dr. Ackland to continue administering electroshock therapy to Sheridan.
  • Ep. #1167
    Ep. #1167
    Episode 151
    When Charity dances with a gang of rowdy young men, her behavior shocks everyone; Kay says Charity is showing her true colors; Whitney strives to tell her father the truth; Julian and Luis have a heart-to-heart conversation about lost love.
  • Ep. #1166
    Ep. #1166
    Episode 150
    Julian urges Luis to fight for Sheridan's life; Charity decides she is tired of being good and sets out to be bad; Whitney threatens to reveal Eve's lies.
  • Ep. #1165
    Ep. #1165
    Episode 149
    Ivy voices her belief that Alistair blames his daughter for Katherine's death; Theresa sneaks into the mansion to see Little Ethan; Fox attempts to safeguard his father's secret, while Liz seeks to expose her sister.
  • Ep. #1164
    Ep. #1164
    Episode 148
  • Ep. #1163
    Ep. #1163
    Episode 147
  • Ep. #1162
    Ep. #1162
    Episode 146
  • Ep. #1161
    Ep. #1161
    Episode 145
  • Ep. #1160
    Ep. #1160
    Episode 144
  • Ep. #1159
    Ep. #1159
    Episode 143
  • Ep. #1158
    Ep. #1158
    Episode 142
  • Ep. #1157
    Ep. #1157
    Episode 141
  • Ep. #1156
    Ep. #1156
    Episode 140
  • Ep. #1155
    Ep. #1155
    Episode 139
  • Ep. #1154
    Ep. #1154
    Episode 138
  • Ep. #1153
    Ep. #1153
    Episode 137
  • Ep. #1152
    Ep. #1152
    Episode 136
  • Ep. #1151
    Ep. #1151
    Episode 135
    Fox in unable to get a word in edgewise with Theresa, who now assumes that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Antonio tries to convince Luis that Sheridan needs time to heal, but Luis is convinced his brother is just jealous. Eve and Julian try to locate the agency that placed their son.moreless
  • Ep. #1150
    Ep. #1150
    Episode 134
    Theresa mistakenly assumes that Fox is in love with her. Luis tries to convince Sheridan to pretend her baby is dead.
  • Ep. #1149
    Ep. #1149
    Episode 133
  • Ep. #1148
    Ep. #1148
    Episode 132
  • Ep. #1147
    Ep. #1147
    Episode 131
  • Ep. #1146
    Ep. #1146
    Episode 130
  • Ep. #1145
    Ep. #1145
    Episode 129
  • Ep. #1144
    Ep. #1144
    Episode 128
    In the aftermath of Julian and Rebecca's wedding, Theresa breaks into the Crane mansion to get Little Ethan. She is caught trying to escape the grounds. Judge Reilly is shocked to see her actions, and is convinced that Theresa is emotionally unstable and shouldn't be allowed near Little Ethan. Theresa goes into hysterics as Reilly tells her that after her behavior tonight he's not even going to allow visitation, and Little Ethan is visibly traumatized as Theresa fights and screams as she is dragged from the mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #1143
    Ep. #1143
    Episode 127
  • Ep. #1142
    Ep. #1142
    Episode 126
  • Ep. #1141
    Ep. #1141
    Episode 125
  • Ep. #1140
    Ep. #1140
    Episode 124
  • Ep. #1139
    Ep. #1139
    Episode 123
  • Ep. #1138
    Ep. #1138
    Episode 122
  • Ep. #1137
    Ep. #1137
    Episode 121
    Tabitha's supernatural guests nearly blow her cover and incite her anger when they ridicule Endora for being half-mortal. Julian stumbles onto what Fox has done for Theresa, but he surprises the both of them by turning a blind eye. Whitney plans to give Fox a very merry Christmas. Mrs. Wallace is appalled as Beth continues to plot her future with Luis despite baby Martin's precarious health. Sheridan fights to leave the psych ward. Eve grows suspicious of Dr. Ackland, who is secretly working for Alistair.moreless
  • Ep. #1136
    Ep. #1136
    Episode 120
    Chaos reigns at Tabitha's house as Tabitha and Kay attempt to keep the witch's strange relatives and a few guests from the North Pole from being discovered. Charity warns her friends that she senses evil nearby. Fox's efforts to help Little Ethan and Theresa endear him to Whitney. Beth refuses to tell the truth about baby Martin even as he's on the brink of death. Sheridan calls out for her baby as she is locked away in the psych ward. When she finds herself in danger from another patient, Norma comes to her rescue.moreless
  • Ep. #1135
    Ep. #1135
    Episode 119
    Tabitha tries to usher Jessica and gang out of her house before her guests arrive and all hell breaks loose. Kay is upset when Miguel and Charity leave together for little Martin's baptism. Ethan insists on remaining anonymous even though Theresa is upset by his seemingly unsympathetic behavior. As Sheridan unravels even more, Beth and Luis plan a baptism for the dying baby Martin.moreless
  • Ep. #1134
    Ep. #1134
    Episode 118
    With Sheridan's accounts frozen, Fox in debt and Pilar out of work, Ethan has no choice but to secretly fund Theresa's legal battle. In order to help Theresa, Fox and Whitney must pretend to be a couple. As Sheridan struggles with depression, her loved ones watch helplessly. Luis and Beth are given devastating news about little Martin.moreless
  • Ep. #1133
    Ep. #1133
    Episode 117
    Bad news about his family takes Miguel away from a frustrated Kay. While helping the gang decorate Tabitha's house, John is baffled by some odd occurrences. Pilar finds a sneaky way to help out Theresa. Gwen and Ethan continue to disagree over what's right, and Gwen accuses her husband of taking Theresa's side. As Sheridan's mental state deteriorates, so does the health of Beth's "son". Eve suggests bringing in a psychiatrist for Sheridan.moreless
  • Ep. #1132
    Ep. #1132
    Episode 116
    Theresa's lawyer is certain of success, though she has her doubts. Ethan and Gwen don't see eye-to-eye when it comes to her mother's actions. Rebecca continues to push for what she wants and makes sure nothing stands in her way. Sheridan's belief that Beth's baby is really hers causes concern among her loved ones. Beth rushes "her" sick son to the ER.moreless
  • Ep. #1131
    Ep. #1131
    Episode 115
    Tabitha fights to control baby Endora, who is acting out because of all the holiday cheer. John plays Santa and tries to bond with Maria, which disrupts Kay's goal of being alone with Miguel. Beth's repeated attempts to kill Sheridan are thwarted by Charity's vision. Theresa attacks Julian while Eve considers telling the truth to spare everyone. Pilar's angry assault lands Rebecca in a grave.moreless
  • Ep. #1130
    Ep. #1130
    Episode 114
    Kay stews over her cousin's constant presence. Tabitha uses Simone to separate Charity and Miguel. Beth's recording of Martin's cries lures Sheridan precariously close to her death. A hysterical Theresa crashes Sarah's funeral. Theresa's family and friends come together to help her. Gwen stops Ethan from acting on his impulse to go to Theresa, who tearfully begs for his help. Rebecca gloats as Julian is filled with regret.moreless
  • Ep. #1129
    Ep. #1129
    Episode 113
    Kay's plans to make inroads with Miguel go awry when Charity tags along with him to baby-sit Maria. Charity witnesses Endora's magic. Despite Antonio and Luis' concern, Sheridan arrives at the funeral to support Gwen. Beth sets up her scheme to get rid of her rival once and for all. As Rebecca waits for word that her plan has gone forward, Julian frets over his role in the matter. Theresa faces her biggest loss ever.moreless
  • Ep. #1128
    Ep. #1128
    Episode 112
    Eve warns Luis and Antonio that their arguing is detrimental to Sheridan's fragile state of mind. Beth puts an evil plan into motion to cause Sheridan's death. Family and friends gather in grief at baby Sarah's funeral. Rebecca takes comfort in knowing her revenge against Theresa is being carried out. A desperate Theresa puts up the fight of her life.moreless
  • Ep. #1127
    Ep. #1127
    Episode 111
    Gwen struggles with her pain over Sarah's death, strengthening Rebecca's resolve to make Theresa pay. Rebecca is apoplectic when she learns Theresa has Gwen's wedding ring and sends Ethan to retrieve it. Theresa is hopeful when Ethan shows up at her door, but is disappointed when he sternly warns her not to attend Sarah's funeral. As the men in her life bicker, Sheridan wanders out into the night. The little angel girl makes a fervent wish for baby Martin.moreless
  • Ep. #1126
    Ep. #1126
    Episode 110
    The people of Harmony gather in the park for the tree lighting ceremony. Charity struggles with having to watch Miguel share warm family moments with Kay and Maria. Ethan and Gwen receive comfort from Sam and Ivy. Beth worries when Sheridan once again calms baby Martin just by holding him. Grace spends time with David and John but is haunted by memories of Sam and the kids. Tabitha and Julian recall special times with Timmy. Rebecca plots to get even with an oblivious Theresa.moreless
  • Ep. #1125
    Ep. #1125
    Episode 109
    Luis is reluctant to leave Sheridan's side to spend time with Beth and his son, but Sheridan pushes him in their direction. As Eve offers Sheridan her support, Liz and Antonio commiserate over their rotten siblings. Charity's words of wisdom lead to a close moment between Gwen and Ethan. Theresa and Whitney discuss their lost loves and which one of them should go for Fox. Fox confides in someone about his love for Whitney. Rebecca plays her hand.moreless
  • Ep. #1124
    Ep. #1124
    Episode 108
    Tabitha and Kay scheme to insure Miguel has no time for Charity. Jessica and Reese spend quality time together as they celebrate their reunion. Sam and Grace come face-to-face at the tree lighting ceremony, causing both pain. Ivy vows to hold onto Sam. Theresa misunderstands Ethan and believes she has a future with him. Gwen fantasizes about and grieves for her daughter. Rebecca tortures Julian with her demands.moreless
  • Ep. #1123
    Ep. #1123
    Episode 107
    TC arranges a surprise for his family and welcomes Fox to come along. Liz taunts Eve about her undying love for Julian. Rebecca's wedding plans and designs for revenge disgust Julian. Tabitha helps an exhausted Kay plot to get Miguel, while he and Charity struggle to bring the Christmas spirit to the Bennett house. A depressed Jessica gets a miracle when Reese returns to town. Gwen lashes out in anger when she sees Theresa with something of hers and lets Ethan know it's over for good.moreless
  • Ep. #1122
    Ep. #1122
    Episode 106
    Rebecca's joy is sharply contrasted by Julian's misery. After failing to stop a determined Fox from going after Whitney, Julian privately admits he's proud. As Eve and Whitney discuss Whitney's feelings about Chad, Simone remains furious with her sister. Pilar tries to play mediator as Antonio and Luis continue to fight over Sheridan. Gwen talks of her anger and desire for revenge, while Sheridan encourages her friend to reconcile with Ethan. Little Ethan's desire to play with Ethan gives Theresa an opportunity to spend time with the man she loves.moreless
  • Ep. #1121
    Ep. #1121
    Episode 105
    Dealing with medical bills forces Miguel to cut his time with Charity. Jessica and Kay push Grace away and let her know her presence isn't welcome. Grace informs Ivy and Sam of a death. Julian professes his love for Eve. Eve voices her concern for Julian, who's preparing to sacrifice everything for her. Gwen and Sheridan share their grief and console one another. Antonio and Luis physically fight over Sheridan.moreless
  • Ep. #1120
    Ep. #1120
    Episode 104
    Theresa incurs Pilar's wrath for her actions in L.A. Ethan finds roadblocks at every turn with Gwen. Rebecca orders Julian to be faithful to her in every way, or she'll destroy Eve. Upon returning to Harmony, Eve and TC are upset to learn their friends have split up and go to their aid. Simone won't forgive her sister. Ivy's Thanksgiving dinner blows up in her face, as does Kay's plan to be alone with Maria and Miguel. Alistair offersmoreless
  • Ep. #1119
    Ep. #1119
    Episode 103
    Jessica refuses Grace's invitation for her, Kay, and Sam, as Ivy ruins Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Ep. #1118
    Ep. #1118
    Episode 102
    While watching a passionate kiss between Ethan and Gwen, Theresa fantasizes that Ethan proposes to her with the wedding ring he put on Gwen's finger after forgiving her for her years of lies and deceptions. Just as it seems Gwen may forgive Ethan, an orderly wheels in Sarah's casket, and Gwen tells Ethan to leave the room. While Theresa tries to convince Ethan to be with her since (she says) Gwen will never forgive him for his role in Sarah's death, Whitney watches Fox pretend to be Gwen's friend in another attempt to manipulate Whitney's feelings. Eve tells T.C. to just listen to what Rebecca has to say, but they are interrupted before she can say anything, and Julian grabs her, begging her not to do this to Eve. Antonio admits that he knows more about their father's disappearance than Luis, leaving Luis wondering what a child could have had to do with it all.moreless
  • Ep. #1117
    Ep. #1117
    Episode 101
    Gwen throws her wedding ring at Theresa, telling her that she can have Ethan, and that her wedding ring had the highest price of all... Sarah's life. Theresa refuses to leave when Ethan asks, and he reiterates his desire for her to get out of his life. After telling Theresa to get lost, Ethan begs Gwen for forgiveness. Rebecca is stunned to see Julian and Eve kissing, and realizes that Eve is Julian's secret love. She tells Eve she will expose her to everyone in Harmony.moreless
  • Ep. #1116
    Ep. #1116
    Episode 100
  • Ep. #1115
    Ep. #1115
    Episode 99
  • Ep. #1114
    Ep. #1114
    Episode 98
  • Ep. #1113
    Ep. #1113
    Episode 97
  • Ep. #1112
    Ep. #1112
    Episode 96
  • Ep. #1111
    Ep. #1111
    Episode 95
  • Ep. #1110
    Ep. #1110
    Episode 94
  • Ep. #1109
    Ep. #1109
    Episode 93
  • Ep. #1108
    Ep. #1108
    Episode 92
    Kay contemplates telling the truth, as Jessica reaches out to her for help in reconciling their parents. Grace struggles with making a choice between Sam and David. Ivy works on making inroads with a despondent Sam. After receiving tragic news about the baby, Antonio clings tight to Sheridan. Luis is pleased to learn his brother may know the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #1107
    Ep. #1107
    Episode 91
    Sam is shattered when a panicked Grace cries out for her husband, David. Ivy gloats over Grace's very public declaration. A hurt Antonio observes the love between Sheridan and Luis as they anxiously await news about the missing baby. As the coast guard searches for Charlie and the baby, Beth prays her partner in crime has perished. Mrs. Wallace puts a fairytale spin on the saga of Beth, Luis, and Sheridan.moreless
  • Ep. #1106
    Ep. #1106
    Episode 90
    Whitney is furious with Chad and stands by a delighted Fox. Grace ponders her marital dilemma. Beth attempts murder to get what she wants. Antonio proves his unselfish love for Sheridan after hearing shocking news. More of Harmony's bravest join the dangerous search for Charlie, the baby, and a missing Luis.moreless
  • Ep. #1105
    Ep. #1105
    Episode 89
    Tabitha rejoices over all the pain and heartache. Fox is hailed a hero by the girls and a traitor by the men. Fox delivers the gun used to shoot Whitney, who is ready to head back home to Harmony. Grace lashes out at Ivy when she's pushed too far. Luis dives in the freezing water to save his child, while Sheridan watches in fear.moreless
  • Ep. #1104
    Ep. #1104
    Episode 88
    TC, Eve, Liz, Julian and Rebecca arrive in Los Angeles, and Gwen fills them in on what's been happening. TC is incensed over Chad's betrayal of Whitney. Not everyone is pleased with the deal Fox made with Puff Dog in order to save their lives. Luis is ready to jump into the rough waters to find his baby and Charlie, who has driven the car off the bridge. Beth is delighted with Charlie's actions, while Sheridan is hysterical, thinking her baby was in the car.moreless
  • Ep. #1103
    Ep. #1103
    Episode 87
    While attempting to help the guys, Whitney and Theresa get themselves into serious danger with Puff Dog. TC attacks Julian after Rebecca accuses him of wanting Eve. Thinking Charlie has her baby in the backseat of the car, Sheridan tries to convince her kidnapper to give herself up. Beth holds fast to her resolve to have Luis and the baby, but decides to get out of town.moreless
  • Ep. #1102
    Ep. #1102
    Episode 86
    Whitney tells a stunned Theresa that she and Chad are through. Chad promises Puff Dog he'll work for him again if he'll just spare Ethan and Fox 's lives. Julian's death-defying heroics get him a kiss from his true love. Liz thinks of her revenge. Beth hopes Luis will kill Charlie so her secrets will be safe. Sheridan hopes her kidnapper will reveal the whereabouts of her baby. Luis and Charlie engage in an intense standoff and a gunshot is fired.moreless
  • Ep. #1101
    Ep. #1101
    Episode 85
    Gwen continues to beat Theresa with a bedpan. The guys struggle to save their necks as Puff Dog moves in for the kill. Luis is knocked out but quickly recovers and resumes his pursuit of Charlie. Beth worries Luis will catch Charlie and learn the whole truth about her evil schemes. Rebecca watches in bewilderment as Julian risks his life to save Eve, who is desperately hanging on to the outside of the plane.moreless
  • Ep. #1100
    Ep. #1100
    Episode 84
    Gwen sets out to avenge her daughter's death. Theresa is stunned by Whitney's decision concerning Chad. Ethan tries to use his law skills to get himself, Fox, and Chad out of their predicament. A violent fight on Julian's plane puts everyone in grave danger. Luis and Charlie engage in a high-speed chase as several Harmony citizens anxiously watch it unfold on their television sets.moreless
  • Ep. #1099
    Ep. #1099
    Episode 83
    Ethan and Fox attempt to find a way to save Chad, who's being held at gunpoint by Puff Dog. A tape on Julian's jet becomes a hot topic thanks to Liz's manipulation of Rebecca. TC erupts when he thinks he knows something about the mystery singer. Mrs. Wallace and Precious give Luis clues about how to track down Charlie.moreless
  • Ep. #1098
    Ep. #1098
    Episode 82
    During the flight to L.A., TC won't let Eve off the hook where Whitney's concerned. An irritated Rebecca can't figure out the motive behind Julian's generous actions. Fox and Ethan go off to find Chad and make sure he's okay. Chad tries to get out of a dangerous situation with Puff Dog and Latoya. An axe-wielding Charlie continues to terrorize Beth, Mrs. Wallace, and Precious, while Luis races to their rescue. Sheridan prays Luis will apprehend the kidnapper and find out where their baby is.moreless
  • Ep. #1097
    Ep. #1097
    Episode 81
    Rebecca throws a fit when Julian offers to fly Eve, TC, and Liz out to Los Angeles right after he denied her the use of the Crane jet to visit Gwen. Still recovering at the hospital, Whitney fears Chad has left her to be with Latoya. Chad uses seduction as a means of getting what he wants from his wife. Sheridan confirms the woman in the police sketch was her kidnapper, and the cops go searching for Charlie. Beth refuses to call for help as a murderous Charlie closes in. Tabitha gets a visitor from the past.moreless
  • Ep. #1096
    Ep. #1096
    Episode 80
    Tabitha gives her daughter lessons in witchcraft. Kay has second thoughts about working for the dark side. Chad goes off to get revenge, leaving a scheming Fox at Whitney's bedside. TC blames Eve for Whitney getting shot, much to Liz's delight. Rebecca shows up at the hospital and is stunned when Liz says Julian came to see the woman he loves. Sheridan remembers more and fills Luis in on the details. Beth frantically tries to stop a murderous Charlie, who gives her a serious ultimatum.moreless
  • Ep. #1095
    Ep. #1095
    Episode 79
    Sheridan begins to remember what her kidnapper looked like. Beth plots another murder, and Charlie goes ballistic when she overhears a little too much. The doctor delivers news on Whitney's condition. Latoya celebrates her victory. TC verbally attacks Eve for letting Whitney go to Los Angeles, which angers Julian. Liz gloats at the damage the crisis is causing.moreless
  • Ep. #1094
    Ep. #1094
    Episode 78
    Luis anxiously waits for Sheridan to awaken so he can question her about her kidnapping. Pilar and Hank warn Luis not to tell Antonio the truth quite yet. Beth gets an unwanted visitor. Ethan makes a heartfelt promise to Gwen. Theresa confides to Fox that she believes fate is bringing Ethan back to her. Over the phone, TC tries to make amends with Chad. TC is horrified when he hears a gunshot on Chad's end. A shooting causes devastation for the L.A. group.moreless
  • Ep. #1093
    Ep. #1093
    Episode 77
    Eve urges Julian to forgive himself, and he promises to continue looking for their son. Liz hurries TC along in an effort to catch her sister and Julian together. Gwen won't let go of her baby or her anger. Fox gets Theresa away from Ethan. Whitney lashes out at Chad, while Latoya plots an attack.moreless
  • Ep. #1092
    Ep. #1092
    Episode 76
    While watching the news, Liz sees a shot of Julian comforting Eve at the hospital. She quickly tries to get TC to look at the television, hoping he'll get the shock of his life. Chad asks Fox to speak to Whitney on his behalf. Ethan's heartfelt apology falls on deaf ears, as he and Gwen must say a painful good-bye to their daughter. Pilar tries to comfort a worried Sheridan. Beth works to keep "her" baby's DNA from being tested.moreless
  • Ep. #1091
    Ep. #1091
    Episode 75
    Feeling betrayed, Whitney questions Chad's feelings for her, much to Fox's delight.
  • Ep. #1090
    Ep. #1090
    Episode 74
    Liz tries to convince TC the baby Eve "miscarried" was not his. Luis and Sheridan both make small breaks in the case. The police prepare to take Beth to the police station in handcuffs, but she manages to lock herself and the baby in her mother's bedroom. Theresa attempts to explain herself, but Ethan declares he never wants to see her again.moreless
  • Ep. #1089
    Ep. #1089
    Episode 73
    Gwen blasts Ethan and Theresa for their betrayal and blames them for her baby's death. Julian does his best to comfort and reassure Eve, while Liz makes an impassioned plea for TC to give in to his feelings for her. Sheridan and Luis work to solve the case of her kidnapping and find their baby. Beth is in a panic when the cops see more than they should.moreless
  • Ep. #1088
    Ep. #1088
    Episode 72
    TC has a hard time fending off a seductive Liz. Painful memories resurface for Eve as she helps Sheridan deal with having her baby taken away from her. Sheridan tries desperately to remember details from her kidnapping in order to find her baby. Luis and Antonio both recall special times they spent with Sheridan. Beth does her best to delay the cops from taking a DNA sample from the baby. Chad, Whitney, and Fox try to console a guilt-ridden Ethan. An enraged Gwen violently takes out her pain on Theresa.moreless
  • Ep. #1087
    Ep. #1087
    Episode 71
    Ethan holds Gwen, who is suffering from hysterical amnesia. Gwen remembers nothing after coming to L.A., and has no idea why her baby daughter has died. Ethan leaves the room to phone Rebecca, and when Gwen hears Theresa's voice, she asks Theresa to come in. Gwen is curious as to why Theresa is there, and she says she came out to visit Whitney. Gwen tells Theresa that nothing matters, not their fights over Ethan, nothing Theresa has done to her...all that matters is that innocent baby. She thanks Theresa for being there, telling her that even seeing her there, after everything that happened, makes her feel better. Theresa is about to leave to get Gwen some water when something in her face triggers a memory in Gwen. Gwen suddenly remembers everything that has happened since coming to L.A., and realises that Theresa played a direct role in her daughter's death. David caves to Ivy's pressure, and doesn't tell Grace the truth. Grace, meanwhile, is still thinking about Sam's on-air declaration, and wondering if it means that their relationship can still be salvaged. She goes into the kitchen to take a call from Eve, and Eve tells her to be with Sam no matter what. Still upset over Sheridan's baby, Grace is comforted by David, who was sent in by Ivy. Just then Sam comes home, and Ivy sends him into the kitchen, where he sees David comforting Grace with a hug. At the hospital, Death has taken not only Sheridan, but Luis as well. As the spirits of Sheridan and Luis argue with Death, the Little Angel Girl appears and uses her magic to return their spirits to their bodies. As a frantic Antonio and Luis watch, Sheridan wakes up, and asks for her baby. At the Wallace home, Beth holds the baby (which appears to be a doll in a blanket) while Kirkman and Murphy try to get her to consent to a DNA test. Chad is unable to answer Whitney's questions about Latoya. He can't quite explain why he married Puff Dog's cousin, then lied to Whitney about it. Fox is thrilled to see how much pain the two of them are in. He figures that he won't need to use any more lies or schemes to make Whitney his own.moreless
  • Ep. #1086
    Ep. #1086
    Episode 70
    Whitney struggles to keep Theresa from interfering in Ethan and Gwen's grief, but Theresa is insistent that she be there with Ethan; she believes it is her right. Whitney threatens to never speak to her again. When Theresa overhears Gwen ask why her baby had to die, she decides it is her right to tell Gwen exactly what happened. The cops are determined to find what happened to Sheridan's baby, and Beth worries that they'll put two and two together about 'her' baby. On TV, Sam proclaims his love for Grace, prompting David to tell Ivy he is done with her scheming.moreless
  • Ep. #1085
    Ep. #1085
    Episode 69
    Gwen faints after realizing her baby girl is dead. Ethan tells her how much he loves her, and apologizes for not being able to save the baby for her, but says he couldn't lose Gwen because he loves her so much. While looking at his baby girl, Ethan dreams of what could have happened. Whitney refuses to let Theresa intrude on Gwen and Ethan's privacy, no matter how Theresa says that she needs to be with Ethan. After pushing Latoya off, Chad comes to see what's up, but Fox keeps him back. On TV, Luis vows to catch the person who took Sheridan's baby. Antonio, meanwhile, is frantic about his wife's condition and his missing child.moreless
  • Ep. #1084
    Ep. #1084
    Episode 68
    When Dr. Abel comes out to tell Ethan that they lost 'her', he automatically assumes he means Gwen. As a destroyed Ethan wonders how he will raise his child without it's mother, Theresa interrupts to tell him they will raise the baby together. Ethan looks at her like he doesn't even know her and tells her that Gwen and the baby are his family, not hers. For the first time Ethan has realised how much he loves Gwen, and now he has lost her. Dr. Abel soon corrects wasn't Gwen they lost, but her daughter. Ethan is relieved his wife is still alive as he couldn't stand to lose her, but heartbroken to know his baby girl is dead. He leaves Theresa to go see the baby. Dr. Abel reminds Theresa that she was supposed to leave; she has no business being here at a time when Ethan and Gwen will need to grieve together. She tells him she has every right to be here with Ethan, and tells Dr. Abel an editted version of her history with Ethan. Dr. Abel isn't moved. He still feels her presence is inappropriate. When Theresa sees Ethan in Gwen's room, she heads in, interrupting his private musings. It takes him a moment, but once it registers that she is there, he tells her to get out; this is not the place for her. She refuses to leave; she belongs with him. He tells her that this is about him, Gwen, and their daughter, not her. Only Gwen and her well-being matter now, and Theresa is detrimental to that well-being. He grabs her and drags her out of the room containing his wife and dead baby. Just then, Gwen starts to come to, and makes her way over to the crib with the baby in it.moreless
  • Ep. #1083
    Ep. #1083
    Episode 67
    Latoya can't believe Chad never mentioned his wife to Whitney. Chad insists that their marriage was over years ago when he left Latoya in L.A., but Latoya tells him that she never signed the divorce papers after he walked out on her. Despite frequent requests, Theresa still refuses to leave the hospital. She keeps trying to convince Ethan to let Gwen die so they can raise the baby together, not accepting that Ethan has no desire to raise his child with her. Ethan has chosen to save Gwen because he can't live without her, but it looks like his choice doesn't matter. Dr. Abel gets called into the room because there is an emergency.moreless
  • Ep. #1082
    Ep. #1082
    Episode 66
    Tabitha lets Kay and Endora in on some wicked happenings around town. Luis bonds with his newborn son but wants to get back to the search for Sheridan. To Mrs. Wallace's horror, Charlie attempts to stab Luis. Whitney faces off with Chad's past. Ethan seeks guidance when faced with the hardest choice of his life.moreless
  • Ep. #1081
    Ep. #1081
    Episode 65
    The nurse is disgusted to see Theresa and Ethan both there. She can't believe that Theresa came to the hospital, especially since Gwen doesn't want her there. Dr. Abel agrees...Gwen's life is in danger, and he doesn't believes it's appropriate for Theresa to be there. Ethan mistakenly believes the baby is dead, and Theresa tries to get close to Ethan, but he pushes her away, telling her that this is not the time. Dr. Abel comes out again, and corrects Ethan's misconception...the baby isn't dead, but it is in danger. Ethan goes in to see his wife, and Dr. Abel stays outside. Dr. Abel demands Theresa leave. She is not helping the situation, and her being there is causing danger for his patient. She insists she has to be there because she has to be with Ethan, and Dr. Abel tells her that if she cares about Ethan she will leave, and stop putting his wife and child in danger. Theresa still refuses to leave, despite the fact that all the hospital staff are disgusted to see her using this opportunity to try to get close to Ethan. When Dr. Abel comes to tell Ethan that due to Gwen's condition, he can only save one of them, Theresa tells Ethan to let Gwen die, shocking and disgusting both Ethan and Dr. Abel. Fox and Whitney watch as Latoya slaps Chad again. Chad tells her to cool it, and the two head out. Latoya tells Chad that he left her high and dry, and Chad tells her that isn't true. He wanted out of Puff Dog's lifestyle, and she chose to stay. Of course she did, she counters. And he just up and left her without a word. Behind the scenes, Fox reminds Whitney that her parents always said Chad was a loser, and tells Whitney to look at Latoya. Obviously Latoya is a banger herself, according to Fox. Whitney and Fox finally enter into the scene, and Latoya tells Whitney that Chad will walk out on her (Whitney) the same way he did her (Latoya). When Whitney tells Chad she loves him and will defend him, Latoya tells Whitney that Chad once said he loved her to, and advises her to take herself back to her own and get out of L.A. Luis, Beth and the baby spend time together, and Luis bonds with 'his' son as Beth looks on. As Luis holds the baby, he can't help but think of his times with Sheridan, and wonders why holding his baby with Beth makes him think of his past with Sheridan. In the water, Sheridan continues to float.moreless
  • Ep. #1080
    Ep. #1080
    Episode 64
    Theresa stays close to Ethan at the hospital, but Ethan's only concern is for his wife and child. Dr. Abel comes out to tell them that Gwen's condition is better, but still not great. Ethan asks to see her, but Dr. Abel doesn't want to see Gwen more stressed out. He tells Theresa to leave, because he doesn't want her there...he doesn't even want Gwen to hear her voice. Beth introduces Luis to 'their' new son. He worries when she says that she gave birth at home and didn't go to the hospital, but suddenly Dr. Culver (Charlie in disguise) appears to reassure Luis that she was there with Beth the whole time, and that the baby is fine. Fox continues to try to scheme to get closer to Whitney, even though she maintains her surety that no one will come between her and Chad. Just then, Latoya walks in and slaps Chad!moreless
  • Ep. #1079
    Ep. #1079
    Episode 63
    Everyone goes to the hospital, despite Gwen's specific request that Theresa not be anywhere near her, Theresa is not willing to give up her chance at Ethan. Theresa tries to convince Ethan that everything that happened was Gwen's fault, but he reminds her that no matter what Gwen said or did, Theresa knew exactly how precarious Gwen's condition was, and that she knew better than to fight with her. He tells her that Gwen had every right to be upset after what they did to her, and that it is he and Theresa who are to blame for what has happened.moreless
  • Ep. #1078
    Ep. #1078
    Episode 62
    After Simone convinces Miguel to spend some time with Charity, Kay verbally attacks her, accusing her of not being her friend. Simone reminds Kay that she has successfully manipulated Miguel into spending all day with her; surely he deserves some time with the woman he loves. Kay again blasts Simone, telling her she has no right to lecture her, when she was such a wimp she let her sister take away her boyfriend. Kay is only satisfied once she reduces Simone to tears. Theresa tries to explain what happened, and while neither Fox nor Ethan blame her, Whitney quickly takes her to task. Theresa begs Whitney to tell her this isn't her fault, but Whitney says she can't. If she hadn't worked so relentlessly to take Ethan from his wife and child, none of this would have happened. Gwen comes to long enough to beg Ethan to keep Theresa away from her. Mr. Jackson swears it wasn't himself and his wife that took the boat out, helping Luis, Hank, and Antonio realize that someone else did. Meanwhile, Charlie and Beth watch as Sheridan's body sinks into the ocean.moreless
  • Ep. #1077
    Ep. #1077
    Episode 61
    Theresa again tells Gwen that she only came out to L.A. to give her and Ethan a break. Gwen doesn't believe her, because if Theresa left to give Ethan and Gwen a break from her, how come she stayed in L.A.? Gwen is convinced that Theresa is lying and scheming just like before. When Gwen collapses in pain, Theresa gloats to her that she will take Ethan from her and the baby, because Ethan loves her more, and she blames Gwen's stress and the baby's condition on Gwen's insecurities. A furious Gwen grabs Theresa. Theresa shoves Gwen away, and Gwen falls, hitting her head and losing consciousness... just as the rest show up! Luis finally agrees with Pilar and Hank's pleas not to tell Antonio that he and Sheridan were former lovers, and that the child might be his. He accepts that this is not the right time. Meanwhile, Katherine tells Sheridan that she needs to accept that she is about to die. As Sheridan's body dies, her spirit goes to the station to see Luis.moreless
  • Ep. #1076
    Ep. #1076
    Episode 60
    Fox calls Ethan on his behavior and accuses him of being the real cad in the family. At the apartment pool area, Gwen and Theresa face off in their nastiest encounter yet. Luis fears Sheridan is dead, and Antonio calls his brother on his feelings for Sheridan. Sheridan sinks to the bottom of the ocean floor. In heaven, Sheridan realizes she's dying and begs her mother for help. Beth gets ready to kill Charlie and live happily ever after with Luis and the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #1075
    Ep. #1075
    Episode 59
    Chad reassures a shaken Whitney he won't let Puff Dog hurt her. Ethan tells a devastated Theresa he's moving as far as he can away from her. Gwen gets the shock of her life. Beth and Charlie steal a boat and take it out to sea, where they plan to dump a bound and gagged Sheridan. A suspicious Luis, Hank, and Antonio catch sight of the boat and head after it.moreless
  • Ep. #1074
    Ep. #1074
    Episode 58
    An all-out brawl breaks out between Chad and Puff Dog and his thugs. Whitney and Syd jump into the fray to help Chad. Ethan takes Gwen back to the hospital, where she needs to stay until the end of her pregnancy. Ethan is confused by the cool treatment he receives from the nurses, who have seen him kissing Theresa on TV. Luis and the others head back out in search of Sheridan. After saying a tearful farewell to her baby, Sheridan is dragged off to the ocean where Charlie and Beth plan to drown her. Beth and Charlie's plan hits a snag.moreless
  • Ep. #1073
    Ep. #1073
    Episode 57
    Whitney learns some surprising things about Chad during the confrontation with Puff Dog. Fox accidentally comes close to revealing Theresa to Gwen. Armed with the sketch of Charlie, Antonio, Hank, and Luis search Beth's neighborhood for Sheridan's kidnapper. Sheridan pleads with Charlie not to kill her.
  • Ep. #1072
    Ep. #1072
    Episode 56
    Fox fantasizes about winning Whitney's love. Chad tries to protect Whitney and Syd from Puff Dog and his thugs. Julian consoles a devastated Eve, and he vows to win her heart if TC no longer wants her. TC is enraged when he and Liz think they see Eve and Julian kissing. Ethan is alarmed to learn Gwen left the hospital without permission and is in a more precarious condition than originally thought. Gwen wants to stay at the apartment, but Ethan insists on taking her back, much to the relief of a still-hidden Theresa. Beth struggles to get Luis, Hank, and Antonio to leave the house, but Charlie decides she wants to shoot the men.moreless
  • Ep. #1071
    Ep. #1071
    Episode 55
    Fox dreams about a future with Whitney. Chad defends Syd against Puff Dog, who wants her to sing for his label -- or not at all. Theresa hides so Gwen won't find her in Ethan's bedroom. Julian encourages a tearful Eve to fight for her marriage, even though his own love for her is apparent. TC fights off a seductive Liz. Beth freaks when Luis and Hank want to ask her some questions about a suspect. Antonio misunderstands Mrs. Wallace's warning.moreless
  • Ep. #1070
    Ep. #1070
    Episode 54
    Fox and Whitney discuss their hot kiss. Chad and Syd are confronted by someone from his past. Gwen arrives at the apartment just as Ethan gives in to Theresa's kiss. Hank thinks he knows who kidnapped Sheridan, but Luis fears it may be too late. Beth revels in her newfound motherhood but has to think fast when Antonio shows up. In the pit, Charlie shoots at Sheridan.moreless
  • Ep. #1069
    Ep. #1069
    Episode 53
    Liz tempts TC by joining him in the shower. Convinced her marriage is over, Eve finds comfort in Julian's arms. Over the phone, Rebecca gives Gwen her own brand of motherly advice. Gwen decides to surprise her husband by showing up at the apartment. Antonio, Hank, and Luis are stunned to realize Sheridan truly has been kidnapped and begin the search for her again. Beth informs her mother she will kill Charlie as soon as the lunatic offs Sheridan.moreless
  • Ep. #1068
    Ep. #1068
    Episode 52
    Whitney urges Ethan to let go of Theresa, who is more convinced than ever she will win him back. Fox and Whitney turn up the heat when they share a sensual dance on the beach. Eve is horrified when she spies TC and Liz kissing, and she later attacks her evil sister. Charlie cruelly snatches the baby from Sheridan's loving arms and decides it's time to kill the new mom. Beth finally gets rid of Luis and holds "her" baby for the first time.moreless
  • Ep. #1067
    Ep. #1067
    Episode 51
    Theresa attempts to manipulate Ethan using her son, telling him that little Ethan needs him in his life. Ethan calls her selfish and insensitive; he is furious to know that she honestly believes he would abandon his own wife and child, and tells her any man who would do that to his family is not a man who should raise children. He loves Gwen and their child, and he will not leave them. Privately Theresa vows that she will do anything necessary to get Gwen and her child out of his life, and to get Ethan into her life and her child's life. Fox suggests she just give up, since Ethan is too honorable to leave his wife and child, but Theresa says she will do anything she has to in order to take Ethan from his wife and child, and to give her son the perfect father. A distraught Antonio attacks Luis and demands to know why he had Sheridan's engagement ring. Hank finally calms Antonio down and explains that she sent it to the station to try to get them to stop looking. Antonio immediately apologizes to Luis. He has been so upset at the thought that his wife is far away with their child that he over-reacted. Beth shocks her mother when she suggests to Antonio that Sheridan was kidnapped and that the DVD is a fake. Julian admits to Rebecca that he is in love with the singer whose voice he always hears, but that he can't be with her because she is married. Rebecca doesn't care, she just wants him to marry her. Julian can't believe she wants a marriage based on distrust and blackmail, but she says she'll take the Crane name and fortune any way she can get it.moreless
  • Ep. #1066
    Ep. #1066
    Episode 50
    Gwen has nightmares about Theresa taking Ethan away from her. Gwen tries to reassure herself with happy thoughts while a TV crew tapes an oblivious Ethan and Theresa kissing passionately on the beach. Fox is "upset" by how close Theresa and Ethan are. Whitney tries to comfort him as he pretends to be devastated. TC fights Liz's persistent advances. Eve vents her frustrations about Liz and TC to Grace, who assures her friend that TC will remain a faithful husband. Charlie takes the baby from a devastated Sheridan. Beth realizes she must "deliver" soon in order for her plan to work. Antonio continues to worry about Sheridan.moreless
  • Ep. #1065
    Ep. #1065
    Episode 49
    Ethan watches in disgust as Fox and Theresa do some dirty dancing. Ethan lashes out at Theresa about her behavior with Fox. Whitney calls Ethan on his attitude. Syd uses an interview to keep Chad at her side. At the Youth Center, TC continues to fume about Eve's treatment of him and about Whitney giving up tennis. Liz puts the moves on TC and vows to make him hers even as he tries to push her away. Back at Beth's, Grace encourages Eve not to give up and to keep fighting for TC. Everyone is tricked into believing Precious was responsible for the crying baby sounds. Charlie finally lets Sheridan hold her baby. Beth promises Charlie they will kill the blonde soon. Antonio now believes Sheridan really was kidnapped.moreless
  • Ep. #1064
    Ep. #1064
    Episode 48
    At the restaurant, Syd does her best to get close to Chad as he tries to distance himself. Ethan insists to Whitney and Theresa that Fox is no good, but neither will listen. Theresa lets Ethan know where they stand. Theresa and Fox enter a sexy dance contest to get Ethan's attention. Fox hopes Whitney will also take notice. TC is infuriated by a newspaper article about Whitney. Eve chooses her profession over her husband once more when she hears a baby crying somewhere around Beth's house. Liz takes this opportunity to go after TC. Beth and Mrs. Wallace panic as Luis and the others try to figure out where the baby cries are coming from. In the basement, Charlie keeps Sheridan away from her baby and prepares to kill the Crane heiress.moreless
  • Ep. #1063
    Ep. #1063
    Episode 47
    As they dance, Ethan tries to convince Theresa not to date Fox. Theresa is delighted her plan to make him jealous is working. However, Whitney cuts in on them in an effort to send Theresa in Fox's direction. Fox and Syd reach an understanding about their similar goals. Fox and Theresa turn on the fireworks once more for Ethan's benefit. Beth sweats it out as Eve attempts to contact Dr. Culver. TC wants to talk to Eve about their marriage as Liz waits to drop a bombshell. Having just come back from Paris without finding Sheridan, Antonio tells everyone he thinks his wife really was kidnapped. Tabitha visits Sheridan, who has passed out from the painmoreless
  • Ep. #1062
    Ep. #1062
    Episode 46
    At the beach restaurant, Chad worries about what could happen as a result of Whitney's matchmaking efforts. Theresa and Fox share a passion-filled kiss to make Ethan jealous. TC vows to keep his mind off of Liz and fight for his marriage. Meanwhile, Liz plots to destroy TC's marriage to Eve once and for all. A loving Tabitha tells her baby daughter about Timmy, who sends a message from above for Endora. Tabitha heads over to Beth's to see if Sheridan and Luis will finally be separated for good. While Sheridan struggles through a difficult labor in the basement, Beth subtly tries to get information out of Eve about breeched babies. After hearing Eve report how dangerous the delivery can be, Mrs. Wallace accidentally blurts that Sheridan and her baby will die. Everyone at the baby shower is taken aback. Charlie tries to figure out what to do for Sheridan as she is giving birth.moreless
  • Ep. #1061
    Ep. #1061
    Episode 45
    After Kay "accidentally" falls down the stairs, she manages to get Miguel to fuss over her and delay his date with Charity. Theresa starts up her plan to make Ethan jealous. Gwen unknowingly pushes Ethan right into Theresa's trap. Chad warns Whitney to be careful what she wishes for. Beth tries to enjoy her baby shower as Luis continues to miss Sheridan. Charlie tries to stop a determined Sheridan from escaping. With all the party guests in the house, Mrs. Wallace is sure Beth is about to get caught.moreless
  • Ep. #1060
    Ep. #1060
    Episode 44
    Tabitha admires Kay's handiwork as the young schemer puts her plan into action to stop Miguel and Charity from going out. Miguel squirms as Kay takes him down memory lane. Theresa and Whitney are both thrilled that Fox is helping with Theresa's plan to get Ethan back. Whitney is sure Theresa will fall for Fox. At the same time, Gwen pushes the idea of Fox and Theresa as a couple and is confused by Ethan's objections. Luis inches closer to Sheridan after he thinks he hears someone calling his name from the basement. Beth and Mrs. Wallace struggle to stop him. Sheridan fights for her freedom. To make matters worse for the kidnappers, Pilar and others show up at the house for an impromptu baby shower for Beth.moreless
  • Ep. #1059
    Ep. #1059
    Episode 43
    Tabitha runs into trouble at the hospital. Kay manipulates Miguel into spending the evening with her. A frustrated Theresa attempts to think of a new plan after Fox declines to help. Whitney tries to talk Fox into going along with Theresa's plan in order to make her fall in love with him. Fox warms up to the idea as Whitney points out she'd be working closely with him to provide tips about winning over Theresa. Gwen tries to convince a still-unsure Ethan that Sheridan truly is in danger. Gwen realizes Theresa may be in L.A. At Beth's, Luis comes increasingly close to finding Sheridan as Charlie plans to kill him.moreless
  • Ep. #1058
    Ep. #1058
    Episode 42
    Miguel and Charity make plans to spend time alone together, while Kay plots to stop them. Simone refuses to help Kay with her schemes. Theresa comes up with a new plan to get Ethan and shares it with a skeptical Fox. Theresa explains that she wants Fox to pursue her to make Ethan jealous. Chad warns Whitney against matchmaking. Gwen confides her concerns about Sheridan to Ethan and worries about not having heard from her good friend. Between painful contractions, Sheridan opens the basement door and weakly calls out Luis' name. Beth tries to stop Luis from finding Sheridan and at the same time, stop a crazed Charlie from killing him.moreless
  • Ep. #1057
    Ep. #1057
    Episode 41
    Ethan insists to Chad that Theresa is not the type of woman Fox goes for and warns his friend not to trust his half-brother. Chad once again becomes convinced that Fox is after Whitney. Gwen tries to enlist Whitney's help in hooking up Fox and Theresa in order to get her rival away from Ethan. Theresa and Fox make a deal to help each other get what they want. Charlie, Beth, and Mrs. Wallace struggle to get Luis to leave so they can deliver Sheridan's baby. Sheridan calls upon all of her strength to try and escape.moreless
  • Ep. #1056
    Ep. #1056
    Episode 40
    At the hospital, Gwen and Whitney discuss Theresa. While talking with Chad, Ethan blows up at the idea of Fox and Theresa as a couple. Chad questions his friend's feelings. Back at the pool, Fox and Theresa find themselves in a passionate kiss. Beth struggles to keep Luis from entering the house, knowing Sheridan is giving birth. Charlie keeps an eye on Sheridan, who is in agony. Mrs. Wallace and Precious frantically get things ready for the birth.moreless
  • Ep. #1055
    Ep. #1055
    Episode 39
    Theresa tries to talk Ethan out of telling Gwen the truth and offers to leave Los Angeles if it will help. Ethan insists Theresa stay. Gwen has a nightmare about Ethan and Theresa.Whitney and Fox talk about true love and being with the right person no matter what. Chad and Syd get closer as they work together. Tabitha encourages Kay to use her baby to get Miguel. With that in mind, Kay chooses a name that means a lot to Miguel when naming their daughter. Luis is afraid there's a problem with Beth's baby when he can't feel it move. Beth is stuck when Luis insists on taking her to see Dr. Culver. Mrs. Wallace predicts Beth's plan is about to blow up in her face since Luis will realize he met a fake Dr. Culver the first time around and the real doctor will know Beth isn't really pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #1054
    Ep. #1054
    Episode 38
    Theresa tries to talk Ethan out of telling Gwen the truth and offers to leave Los Angeles if it will help. Ethan insists Theresa stay. Gwen has a nightmare about Ethan and Theresa.Whitney and Fox talk about true love and being with the right person no matter what. Chad and Syd get closer as they work together. Tabitha encourages Kay to use her baby to get Miguel. With that in mind, Kay chooses a name that means a lot to Miguel when naming their daughter. Luis is afraid there's a problem with Beth's baby when he can't feel it move. Beth is stuck when Luis insists on taking her to see Dr. Culver. Mrs. Wallace predicts Beth's plan is about to blow up in her face since Luis will realize he met a fake Dr. Culver the first time around and the real doctor will know Beth isn't really pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #1053
    Ep. #1053
    Episode 37
    Theresa tries to talk Ethan out of telling Gwen the truth and offers to leave Los Angeles if it will help. Ethan insists Theresa stay. Gwen has a nightmare about Ethan and Theresa.Whitney and Fox talk about true love and being with the right person no matter what. Chad and Syd get closer as they work together. Tabitha encourages Kay to use her baby to get Miguel. With that in mind, Kay chooses a name that means a lot to Miguel when naming their daughter. Luis is afraid there's a problem with Beth's baby when he can't feel it move. Beth is stuck when Luis insists on taking her to see Dr. Culver. Mrs. Wallace predicts Beth's plan is about to blow up in her face since Luis will realize he met a fake Dr. Culver the first time around and the real doctor will know Beth isn't really pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #1052
    Ep. #1052
    Episode 36
    Theresa tries to talk Ethan out of telling Gwen the truth and offers to leave Los Angeles if it will help. Ethan insists Theresa stay. Gwen has a nightmare about Ethan and Theresa.Whitney and Fox talk about true love and being with the right person no matter what. Chad and Syd get closer as they work together. Tabitha encourages Kay to use her baby to get Miguel. With that in mind, Kay chooses a name that means a lot to Miguel when naming their daughter. Luis is afraid there's a problem with Beth's baby when he can't feel it move. Beth is stuck when Luis insists on taking her to see Dr. Culver. Mrs. Wallace predicts Beth's plan is about to blow up in her face since Luis will realize he met a fake Dr. Culver the first time around and the real doctor will know Beth isn't really pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #1051
    Ep. #1051
    Episode 35
    Theresa can't accept it when Ethan tells her that there is no future for them, and is determined to get him back no matter what. Meanwhile Ethan, who has decided to devote himself to loving only his wife, takes a picnic to the hospital, but Gwen suspects that something is up. Whitney believes Fox is in love with Theresa and tells him he needs to go for it. At first he's excited, until he realises that she's not telling him to go for her. Chad is surprised to find Whitney in Fox' arms, and for the first time wonders if Fox is really the friend he pretends to be. Luis is devastated when he receives a note from Sheridan with her engagement ring telling him that it's over once and for all. He can't believe she isn't coming back. Meanwhile, Charlie rescues Beth in the nick of time, then questions her about Luis.moreless
  • Ep. #1050
    Ep. #1050
    Episode 34
    While Mrs. Wallace tries desperately to keep Hank out of the house, Charlie agrees to take a final message to Luis from Sheridan. At the doctor's office, Luis insists on waiting until they can get the doctor to examine Beth, even though she swears the baby is moving. Theresa does her best to convince Ethan that no matter how much he loves Gwen and wants to be with her and the baby, he loves her and wants her more. Ethan is firm. What he and Theresa had is in the past, and Gwen and the baby are his future. Chad promises Whitney that no matter what, he will always love her, and he will never leave her.moreless
  • Ep. #1049
    Ep. #1049
    Episode 33
    Theresa tries to talk Ethan out of telling Gwen the truth and offers to leave Los Angeles if it will help. Ethan insists Theresa stay. Gwen has a nightmare about Ethan and Theresa.Whitney and Fox talk about true love and being with the right person no matter what. Chad and Syd get closer as they work together. Tabitha encourages Kay to use her baby to get Miguel. With that in mind, Kay chooses a name that means a lot to Miguel when naming their daughter. Luis is afraid there's a problem with Beth's baby when he can't feel it move. Beth is stuck when Luis insists on taking her to see Dr. Culver. Mrs. Wallace predicts Beth's plan is about to blow up in her face since Luis will realize he met a fake Dr. Culver the first time around and the real doctor will know Beth isn't really pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #1048
    Ep. #1048
    Episode 32
    Theresa tries to talk Ethan out of telling Gwen the truth and offers to leave Los Angeles if it will help. Ethan insists Theresa stay. Gwen has a nightmare about Ethan and Theresa.Whitney and Fox talk about true love and being with the right person no matter what. Chad and Syd get closer as they work together. Tabitha encourages Kay to use her baby to get Miguel. With that in mind, Kay chooses a name that means a lot to Miguel when naming their daughter. Luis is afraid there's a problem with Beth's baby when he can't feel it move. Beth is stuck when Luis insists on taking her to see Dr. Culver. Mrs. Wallace predicts Beth's plan is about to blow up in her face since Luis will realize he met a fake Dr. Culver the first time around and the real doctor will know Beth isn't really pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #1047
    Ep. #1047
    Episode 31
    Theresa tries to talk Ethan out of telling Gwen the truth and offers to leave Los Angeles if it will help. Ethan insists Theresa stay. Gwen has a nightmare about Ethan and Theresa.Whitney and Fox talk about true love and being with the right person no matter what. Chad and Syd get closer as they work together. Tabitha encourages Kay to use her baby to get Miguel. With that in mind, Kay chooses a name that means a lot to Miguel when naming their daughter. Luis is afraid there's a problem with Beth's baby when he can't feel it move. Beth is stuck when Luis insists on taking her to see Dr. Culver. Mrs. Wallace predicts Beth's plan is about to blow up in her face since Luis will realize he met a fake Dr. Culver the first time around and the real doctor will know Beth isn't really pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #1046
    Ep. #1046
    Episode 30
    Theresa tries to talk Ethan out of telling Gwen the truth and offers to leave Los Angeles if it will help. Ethan insists Theresa stay. Gwen has a nightmare about Ethan and Theresa.Whitney and Fox talk about true love and being with the right person no matter what. Chad and Syd get closer as they work together. Tabitha encourages Kay to use her baby to get Miguel. With that in mind, Kay chooses a name that means a lot to Miguel when naming their daughter. Luis is afraid there's a problem with Beth's baby when he can't feel it move. Beth is stuck when Luis insists on taking her to see Dr. Culver. Mrs. Wallace predicts Beth's plan is about to blow up in her face since Luis will realize he met a fake Dr. Culver the first time around and the real doctor will know Beth isn't really pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #1045
    Ep. #1045
    Episode 29
    Grace accuses Ivy of lying about her concern over Kay. David reluctantly backs up Ivy's story about going to pray at church. Grace is irritated when her rival uses Gwen's troubled pregnancy as a way to get sympathy from Sam. Eve tries to explain to a furious TC why she gave Whitney her blessing to move to L.A. Liz dreams of a future with her sister's husband. Antonio and Liz catch up. Luis wants to move in with Beth and spend every minute with her while she's pregnant. Beth is frantic to get him away before Sheridan delivers. In the basement, Charlie contemplates killing Sheridan and her baby as Sheridan struggles through painful contractions. Whitney chastises Theresa for being in bed with a married man, while Fox accuses Ethan of cheating on Gwen. Theresa and Ethan defend themselves, insisting they didn't realize they were kissing until they woke up. While Theresa is ecstatic about the kiss, Ethan swears to Fox that he's not attracted to his ex.moreless
  • Ep. #1044
    Ep. #1044
    Episode 28
    Grace accuses Ivy of lying about her concern over Kay. David reluctantly backs up Ivy's story about going to pray at church. Grace is irritated when her rival uses Gwen's troubled pregnancy as a way to get sympathy from Sam. Eve tries to explain to a furious TC why she gave Whitney her blessing to move to L.A. Liz dreams of a future with her sister's husband. Antonio and Liz catch up. Luis wants to move in with Beth and spend every minute with her while she's pregnant. Beth is frantic to get him away before Sheridan delivers. In the basement, Charlie contemplates killing Sheridan and her baby as Sheridan struggles through painful contractions. Whitney chastises Theresa for being in bed with a married man, while Fox accuses Ethan of cheating on Gwen. Theresa and Ethan defend themselves, insisting they didn't realize they were kissing until they woke up. While Theresa is ecstatic about the kiss, Ethan swears to Fox that he's not attracted to his ex.moreless
  • Ep. #1043
    Ep. #1043
    Episode 27
    Grace accuses Ivy of lying about her concern over Kay. David reluctantly backs up Ivy's story about going to pray at church. Grace is irritated when her rival uses Gwen's troubled pregnancy as a way to get sympathy from Sam. Eve tries to explain to a furious TC why she gave Whitney her blessing to move to L.A. Liz dreams of a future with her sister's husband. Antonio and Liz catch up. Luis wants to move in with Beth and spend every minute with her while she's pregnant. Beth is frantic to get him away before Sheridan delivers. In the basement, Charlie contemplates killing Sheridan and her baby as Sheridan struggles through painful contractions. Whitney chastises Theresa for being in bed with a married man, while Fox accuses Ethan of cheating on Gwen. Theresa and Ethan defend themselves, insisting they didn't realize they were kissing until they woke up. While Theresa is ecstatic about the kiss, Ethan swears to Fox that he's not attracted to his ex.moreless
  • Ep. #1042
    Ep. #1042
    Episode 26
    An exhausted Sam, Grace, and Jessica arrive home from the hospital. Ivy uses the crisis with Kay and the baby to score points with Sam. Grace lashes out at Ivy when she claims she went to church to pray for Kay's baby. Eve nearly catches TC and Liz kissing in the backyard. Eve has a run-in with her smug sister, while a guilt-ridden TC can't stop thinking about Liz. TC squirms when he finds his wife and Liz together. Chad, Whitney, and Fox find Ethan and Theresa kissing in bed. After explaining to each other why they are in L.A., Ethan and Theresa try to figure out how they ended up kissing. Gagged and blindfolded over her eyes and ears, Sheridan stumbles into Beth's living room where Mrs. Wallace, Precious, Beth, and Luis have their backs to her. Oblivious to the group in the room, Sheridan tries to escape and remains undetected until Precious spots her. Mrs. Wallace faints and a horrified Beth realizes Luis is about to turn around and discover his beloved Sheridan.moreless
  • Ep. #1041
    Ep. #1041
    Episode 25
    Fox fantasizes about Whitney. Chad tries to cheer Whitney up after her conversation with Eve. Whitney worries about her parents' marriage. Ethan continues dreaming of Theresa as the two of them unknowingly cuddle in bed. Grace tries to encourage Eve to fight for her marriage. Sam is encouraged by Grace's words. TC tries to hold himself back from Liz but she continues to work on seducing him. Luis plans to pay more attention to Beth. Sheridan's contractions continue. Mrs. Wallace and Precious work to get things ready for Sheridan to have her baby. Charlie doesn't think Sheridan and the baby will make it. Beth prepares to kill her rival just as Luis and Hank show up at the house.moreless
  • Ep. #1040
    Ep. #1040
    Episode 24
    Eve confides in Grace how worried she is about her marriage and her fear that Liz is going to seduce TC. Grace is certain TC would never cheat on Eve. Meanwhile, a drunken TC passionately kisses Liz. In Los Angeles, Whitney worries about her family and Theresa's problems. Chad tries to take her mind off of everyone else. Still dreaming, Theresa and Ethan continue to kiss passionately. Gwen senses something is wrong while tossing and turning in her hospital bed. Hank encourages Luis to stop neglecting Beth. Luis agrees to focus more on Beth, but does not tell Hank the surprise he is planning. Sheridan goes into labor just as Beth is convinced her plan is working beautifully.moreless
  • Ep. #1039
    Ep. #1039
    Episode 23
    Liz attempts to seduce TC with the help of some spiked lemonade. TC begins feeling closer to Liz. Everyone is stunned and overjoyed to learn the baby is alive after all. Kay continues to want to confess everything she's done. Tabitha fears for her and her daughter's future. Charity laments the cost of saving Miguel's baby. Luis wonders why Sheridan would have left without saying good-bye. Hank tries to help his friend. Sheridan is sure Luis won't give up looking for her, but after Beth shows her the DVD she made, she's not so confident anymore. Ethan arrives at the Crane Los Angeles apartment, not realizing anyone else is staying there. In the dark bedroom, an unaware and naked Ethan slips into bed next to Theresa, who is dreaming of him.moreless
  • Ep. #1038
    Ep. #1038
    Episode 22
    After arguing with Dr. Abel, a reluctant Gwen agrees to stay overnight at the hospital as a precaution. Ethan reconfirms his commitment to his wife. Theresa can't stop thinking about Ethan and insists to her friends that fate will bring him back to her. While enjoying a hot, summer night, TC and Liz become closer. Julian lends Eve a shoulder to cry on as she laments over her troubled marriage and what Liz is doing to her life. Miguel and Kay's baby dies. Kay tearfully begins to confess all her wrongdoings to Father Lonigan. Tabitha worries she's about to be exposed. Charity is devastated she was too late, but "Death" informs her she can still save the baby. However, "Death" reminds her she must be willing to give up Miguel.moreless
  • Ep. #1037
    Ep. #1037
    Episode 21
    At the hospital, Gwen looks forward to being released and enjoying her time away from Theresa. At the pool party, Theresa becomes increasingly uncomfortable with Fox's friend, who makes a move on her. Fox manages to get Whitney in his arms for a dance. Rebecca accuses Tabitha's baby of attacking her and is surprised by Julian's vehemence when he defends the baby. Despite herself, Tabitha is touched when Julian tenderly holds their daughter. Kay worries about her daughter and lashes out at Grace for her supposed insensitivity. "Death" informs Charity she alone has the power to save Kay and Miguel's baby, but it will cost her Miguel. Luis injures himself while working in Beth's basement. Sheridan calls weakly for Luis when she thinks she hears him above the pit. Beth nervously waits for Luis to leave the basement while Mrs. Wallace thinks Luis will discover Sheridan for sure.moreless
  • Ep. #1036
    Ep. #1036
    Episode 20
    Ethan and a frightened Gwen worry for their unborn baby as the specialist at the hospital works on her. In order to get Theresa's mind off Ethan, Fox begins an impromptu L.A. pool party. Tabitha tells a distraught Kay that she must turn to good in order to save her baby. Charity has a conversation with Death, who informs her that Miguel's baby will die. When Charity tries to warn Miguel, Kay lashes out at her. Eve tells Kay and Miguel that it's time to contact Father Lonigan about baptizing the baby. Father Lonigan also senses Death when he arrives. Mrs. Wallace is sure Luis will find Sheridan since he's working in the basement. As Luis works, he continues to miss Sheridan. Sheridan dreams she is Alice in Wonderland.moreless
  • Ep. #1035
    Ep. #1035
    Episode 19
    Gwen is rushed to the hospital after collapsing. Theresa wonders why there's an ambulance at the apartment complex and wants to find out what's going on. She's excited when she spots luggage that looks like Ethan's. Julian and Rebecca try to convince themselves their experience in hell was just a nightmare. Julian forces Tabitha to have herself and their baby get checked out at the hospital. Miguel promises to put Kay and the baby first. Charity fears she's losing her boyfriend. Miguel and Kay get bad news about their baby. Kay hears Tabitha is at the hospital and goes to her for help in saving her baby. Charity runs into a mysterious man. Luis starts to dote on Beth and wants to fix the fuses in the basement. Beth works quickly to hide the pit so Luis won't see it. A disguised Beth warns Sheridan to be quiet while she supposedly works in the basement. Sheridan agrees so her unborn child will be spared, not knowing it is Luis who will be just above the pit.moreless
  • Ep. #1034
    Ep. #1034
    Episode 18
    Kay attacks Charity for taking Miguel away from their baby and blames her for what's happening to her daughter. Eve is able to stabilize the baby. Kay lashes out at everyone for defending Charity, then doubles over in pain. A horrified Julian and Rebecca are trapped in hell with Tabitha and her demon baby. The head demon tells Tabitha he expects great evil from her child. Theresa and Ethan have another near miss right outside the apartment door. Ethan calls 911 after Gwen passes out on the doorstep. Convinced fate is about to reunite her with Ethan, Theresa is disappointed when she doesn't find him outside the apartment. Despite the footage of Sheridan, Luis can't shake the feeling that she's in trouble. Antonio and Hank try to convince Luis that he's off-base. Meanwhile, Charlie explains to Mrs. Wallace how she used an editing system to make it look like Sheridan was in Paris. In the pit, Sheridan is nearly ready to give up.moreless
  • Ep. #1033
    Ep. #1033
    Episode 17
    Grace and Pilar fear the worst when they hear a code blue in the NICU. As doctors fight to save the baby, Grace and Kay share a close moment. Kay is furious when she learns Miguel left the baby to spend time with Charity. Julian and Rebecca are horrified by what Tabitha has delivered. The group is transported to a chamber in hell to honor the new demon baby. Theresa continues to explain to her amused friends how fate will bring Ethan back to her. Fox secretly hopes fate will help him get Whitney. Ready to relax, Ethan and Gwen arrive at the apartment, unaware of who is staying there. In the pit, Sheridan pleads for Luis to find her. Luis watches the DVD of Sheridan and is shocked by what he sees. Mrs. Wallace is certain Luis has figured out it's a fake. However, Luis accepts that Sheridan is fine when he sees she's in "Paris."moreless
  • Ep. #1032
    Ep. #1032
    Episode 16
    Ethan and Gwen almost run into Theresa at the airport in Los Angeles. Sensing Theresa's proximity, Gwen gets an uneasy feeling. Syd and Chad talk about what a great team they'll make, while Fox subtly makes Whitney feel jealous over the beautiful singer. Chad is confident Whitney's family will come around once he's a success. Whitney is disappointed she didn't get to spend the afternoon alone with Chad, but he promises to make it up to her. At home, Tabitha struggles with her labor as a panicked Julian and a reluctant Rebecca help her. All hell literally breaks loose as visitors arrive for the birth. Kay and Miguel bond over their daughter, who is still in NICU. Eve assures Charity that Miguel loves her. While in Beth's darkened basement, Luis nearly discovers the pit - and Sheridan. Beth ushers him out of the basement and has to think fast when he thinks he hears Sheridan calling for help. A mysterious DVD arrives for Luis.moreless
  • Ep. #1031
    Ep. #1031
    Episode 15
    Tabitha is unhappy to see Julian at her doorstep. Rebecca has followed Julian, thinking he's cheating on her. Julian wants to talk about the baby, but their unborn child attacks Julian by choking him with its serpent tail. After Syd sings, Whitney is uncomfortable with how she keeps eyeing Chad provocatively and wishes she'd leave. Fox vows to keep Chad and Whitney apart. Ethan and Theresa barely miss seeing each other on the airplane as Ethan heads towards coach. Luis searches the basement despite the obstacles Beth puts in his way. Mrs. Wallace is certain Sheridan will hear Luis shouting for her, but Sheridan is in a deep sleep, slowly waking and murmuring Luis' name.moreless
  • Ep. #1030
    Ep. #1030
    Episode 14
    Chad and Whitney spend their first night in L.A. at a nightclub. Recording artist, Myá, makes an appearance and sings her latest hit song. A scheming Fox takes Syd to see Chad and imagines how he can use her to his advantage as a means of getting Whitney. Gwen and Ethan prepare for their trip to L.A. to see the specialist. An unaware Theresa also gets ready to leave for L.A., wanting to give Ethan and Gwen some space. All end up on the same plane, Theresa in coach, Ethan and Gwen in first-class. Gwen happily thinks about getting away from her rival, unaware of the truth. Luis notices something very different about Beth, but can't figure out what. Beth realizes she forgot to put on her bag of sugar and runs to get it. Luis, suddenly aware that Beth doesn't look pregnant, confronts her just as Mrs. Wallace refastens the sack. Beth convinces Luis he only imagined she wasn't pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #1029
    Ep. #1029
    Episode 13
    Chad works with a very seductive and talented Syd, who immediately develops a thing for him. An unaware Chad thinks only of Whitney. Back at the apartment, Fox and Whitney have an awkward moment in the shower. Kay and Miguel spend some time with their daughter before she is taken to the NICU. Kay wants to see her baby and fights Eve to do it. Miguel blames himself for the baby's early birth and talks about how Kay will be a great mom. David stops Ivy from bothering Sam and Grace. Eve doesn't think the baby is going to make it. Luis makes his way to Beth's house, ready to find Sheridan. Beth panics when she thinks Sheridan is dead and makes plans to run, but Charlie realizes "Blondie" is still breathing. Beth gets Sheridan, who is still worried about her baby, to make a video to convince everyone she's okay. Precious has a fantasy about having a baby with Luis.moreless
  • Ep. #1028
    Ep. #1028
    Episode 12
    Chad marvels over the state-of-the-art production studio he'll be using. His boss, Vivian, introduces him to Syd, a beautiful, hot young singer whose album he will produce. Fox fantasizes about Whitney as they spend more time together. Pilar encourages Theresa to go visit Whitney and forget about Ethan. Ivy and Rebecca push Ethan and Gwen to get out of town and away from Theresa as soon as possible. Eve works feverishly to save Kay and Miguel's baby. A distraught Kay begs the doctors to save her daughter. Eve has devastating news about the baby. Luis dreams about where Sheridan is and wakes up ready to go get her. At Beth's house, Sheridan breaks free from a disguised Beth and races up the basement stairs. The two women struggle at the top of the landing and end up taking a dangerous tumble.moreless
  • Ep. #1027
    Ep. #1027
    Episode 11
    While enjoying the California sun by the pool, Fox puts some sly moves on an unsuspecting Whitney. Chad tries to call Whitney to say he'll be at the studio for a while, but Fox intercepts. Chad informs Fox he has a chance to work with an up-and-coming singer. Family and friends wait worriedly as Kay is rushed into the OR for an emergency C-section. Despite Ivy's advice that they leave town right away, Ethan and Gwen decide to stay until they know his half-sister is okay. Ivy is thrilled to see how far apart Grace and Sam are growing. Kay clings desperately to Miguel and prays her baby will live. Beth begins burying Sheridan alive. A horrified Sheridan finally agrees to make the video saying she's in Paris in order to save her baby's life.moreless
  • Ep. #1026
    Ep. #1026
    Episode 10
    Fox, Chad, and Whitney settle into the Crane apartment in L.A. After Fox makes a call to a friend, Chad gets called into work. At the hospital, Sam stops a confrontation between Grace and Ivy. Ivy states Grace is at fault for Kay being in premature labor. Grace is hurt when Sam's silence makes her realize he agrees. David comforts his "wife." Hoping to widen the rift, Ivy tells Sam she feels Grace is a bad mother. Miguel continues to coach Kay through her contractions. Pilar reassures Charity of Miguel's love. Kay's condition deteriorates as her blood pressure goes up. Precious has a fantasy about Luis choosing her over Beth and Sheridan. Recalling how he and Sheridan have been torn apart in their past lives, Luis vows to make sure they will be together in this lifetime. Sheridan refuses to make a video in which she says she's in Paris. Beth and Charlie set out to bury Sheridan alive, but Luis shows up at the house.moreless
  • Ep. #1025
    Ep. #1025
    Episode 9
    Fox shows Chad and Whitney L.A. in style. Chad vows to prove himself worthy of Whitney's love. Charity and John bond. John offers Charity his support as she watches Miguel with Kay. Miguel helps Kay through her contractions. Eve informs a devastated group that Kay could easily lose her baby. Miguel blames himself for the situation. Ivy seethes watching Sam and Grace comfort each other, and she plots to stop it. Luis prepares to search the Wallace house. Sheridan fears for her unborn child's life and struggles with what to do. Beth comes up with what she thinks is a foolproof way to stop Luis from searching for Sheridan, and if it doesn't work, she decides she'll have to kill her rival.moreless
  • Ep. #1024
    Ep. #1024
    Episode 8
    On the airplane, Whitney has an upsetting dream about Simone's words coming true. Fox gladly comforts a rattled Whitney, who wonders why she would dream about betraying Chad. Theresa fills Pilar in on everything that has been going on with Whitney, Chad, and Fox. Pilar doesn't trust Fox. She suggests Theresa join her friends in L.A. for a relaxing vacation, but is upset to learn her daughter wants to stay in town because of Ethan. Hoping to get Gwen and Ethan far away from Theresa, Ivy and Rebecca find a specialist in L.A. who can treat Gwen. Sheridan vows to get back at her kidnapper. Beth plots a new way to get Luis to back off of the case.moreless
  • Ep. #1023
    Ep. #1023
    Episode 7
    Charity continues to have upsetting premonitions about the baby tearing her and Miguel apart. Kay explodes with anger watching Miguel and Grace fuss over Charity. Kay and the baby continue to be in distress during labor. Tabitha's unborn demon baby tries to kill Julian. At the airport, Chad and Theresa try to stop an outraged Simone from attacking her sister. Whitney tries again to reach out to Simone. Simone warns everyone Whitney will betray them, too. Beth nearly kills Sheridan when she won't call Luis and tell him she's okay. Sheridan gives in as her clown kidnapper threatens her with a gun. Mrs. Wallace fears Sheridan will use the call to blow them out of the water. Luis panics when he sees Antonio reading Sheridan's diary.moreless
  • Ep. #1022
    Ep. #1022
    Episode 6
    Chad, Whitney, and Fox prepare for their move to L.A. as a lurking Simone vows revenge against her sister. Julian continues to reel after learning Tabitha is carrying his child. Tabitha calms her unborn baby and stops it from using its serpent tail to attack its clueless father. Julian wants to discuss what role he will play in their child's life. Rebecca continues to goad Ethan, predicting he will leave Gwen for Theresa if she were to lose their baby. Ethan vows he will never leave Gwen, no matter what. Charity reveals to Miguel that she had a premonition Kay would lose his baby, and it appears to be coming true. Though Kay's pain subsides, Eve informs Grace, Sam, and Pilar that Kay and the baby are not out of danger. Disguised in a clown suit, Beth orders Sheridan to call Luis and tell him she's in Paris. At the police station, Antonio finds Sheridan's diary on Luis' desk. A perplexed Antonio wonders why Luis has his wife's diary and begins to read it, not knowing he could stumble upon Sheridan's true feelings.moreless
  • Ep. #1021
    Ep. #1021
    Episode 5
    Whitney and Theresa say tearful good-byes. Whitney worries about her mother. Fox agrees something strange was going on with Julian and Eve at the fire. Tabitha listens to her unborn demon baby's heartbeat. Jessica and Simone discuss how unbelievable it is that Tabitha is pregnant. The demon baby has a major reaction to Julian's presence. Julian promises to stand by Eve, and she thanks him for his support. Rebecca warns Gwen that Theresa is still a threat. Kay's condition worsens as her labor progresses. Charity is unhappy about seeing Kay and Miguel so close. John tries to reassure her of Miguel's love. Sam catches Grace being comforted by David. Luis puts the search into high gear and plans to search Beth's basement as a precaution. Charlie wants to kill Sheridan off so the cops won't find her.moreless
  • Ep. #1020
    Ep. #1020
    Episode 4
    Luis decides to call the search back on and explains he doesn't believe Sheridan left on her own. Antonio and Hank try to reason with him, but Luis is certain she's been kidnapped. TC wants to know why Julian and Eve were near the club before the fire started. Liz worries about how she's going to pay for the repairs without insurance. Whitney says good-bye to her family. TC ignores his daughter and lashes out at Eve for giving her blessing. The paramedics are ready to take Kay to the hospital but she won't leave without Miguel. Upstairs, Miguel comforts a terrified Charity after a frightening dream. Tabitha is relieved Charity doesn't remember that she saw a demon baby. Ivy makes David use Kay's situation to get closer to Grace. At the hospital, the doctor tells a frightened Grace and Pilar that Kay and her baby are in grave danger.moreless
  • Ep. #1019
    Ep. #1019
    Episode 3
    Whitney and Chad are surprised when Eve gives her blessing for them to go to L.A. TC feels betrayed by his wife's actions and demands answers. Eve has trouble explaining without revealing her fears that Liz would lead Whitney down the wrong path in her quest for revenge. Eve worries her sister is getting exactly what she wants. Julian points out to Liz that, without the Blue Note, she now has no reason to stay in Harmony. The Fire Marshall announces the fire was set deliberately. Everyone tries to help a frightened Kay when her water breaks. Miguel blames himself for upsetting her. Grace tries to help her daughter relax. Tabitha finds Charity levitating in her bedroom. Charity has a nightmare about the demon Tabitha is carrying and accuses her of being evil. Beth tries to keep Luis from looking any further for Sheridan, as she makes up false reasons for Sheridan leaving. Antonio is happy his wife is "safe".moreless
  • Ep. #1018
    Ep. #1018
    Episode 2
    John is stunned when he witnesses some of Tabitha's supernatural pregnancy symptoms. Ivy insults Tabitha about looking pregnant, but laughs that she's too old. An indignant Tabitha announces to a stunned group that she is, indeed, pregnant. Tabitha is put on the spot when Ivy asks who the father is. Kay is unhappy when Miguel makes it clear he will be in their baby's life but he intends to be with Charity. Kay experiences stomach pains. Luis reluctantly calls off the search after receiving an e-mail supposedly from Sheridan saying she's in Paris. A suspicious Luis and Hank try to trace the e-mail. Meanwhile, Charlie informs Beth that she sent the e-mail from Beth's laptop. Despite assurances from Charlie that the message was re-routed many times, Beth freaks and heads to the police station to monitor the situation. Everyone is relieved when the group finally emerges from the fire. Eve and the firefighters fight to save an unconscious Whitney. TC angrily attacks Chad, who he blames for the situation. Whitney awakens and sticks by her man. TC explodes when he learns his daughter and Chad are leaving for California the next day. Liz circles like a vulture as Eve's family falls apart.moreless
  • Ep. #1017
    Ep. #1017
    Episode 1
    Ivy takes great delight in telling Grace that since Gwen is due before Kay, her son with Sam will be providing Sam with his first grandchild.