Passions - Season 7

NBC (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #1775
    Ep. #1775
    Episode 258
    Endora accidentally creates a raging fire at Tabitha's, leaving Kay and Miguel frantic to rescue Maria.
  • Ep. #1774
    Ep. #1774
    Episode 257
    Whitney and Chad made love, reveling in the fact that they are not half-brother and sister.
  • Ep. #1773
    Ep. #1773
    Episode 256
    Simone and Paloma lead a group of angry Roman lesbians through the streets of Rome, screaming for Alistair's head.
  • Ep. #1772
    Ep. #1772
    Episode 255
    Chad catches up with J.T. in the catacombs and J.T. offers to tell Chad a secret that will change his life if he lets him go.
  • Ep. #1771
    Ep. #1771
    Episode 254
    An amnesiac Kay attempts to seduce Miguel while Fox watches.
  • Ep. #1770
    Ep. #1770
    Episode 253
    J.T. searches through Alistair's files while the Crane scion attempts to uncover the secrets of the chalice. Elsewhere, Luis and Noah beats up Spike to learn where Alistair is. In Harmony, T.C. gets drunk and ultimately gets in a car accident. When Eve gets a call, she is told that T.C. might not survive.moreless
  • Ep. #1769
    Ep. #1769
    Episode 252
    In Rome, Luis, Noah, and the girls are shocked to learn that Jessica and Spike are married and that she refuses to back up Noah's story regarding Lena and Maya. At the Vatican, Whitney and Theresa are discussing the nun's predicitions as Ethan and Gwen talk about Theresa's tailing of J.T. Cornell. At Alistair's lair, Norma swipes the Chalice, making the old man furious. As Beth, Edna, and Alistair are arguing over Norma, J.T. finds a treasure trove of Alistair's secrets. Meanwhile, in Harmony, Kay believes she is engaged to Miguel, making Siren and Fox not too happy.moreless
  • Ep. #1768
    Ep. #1768
    Episode 251
    In Rome, Alistair breaks the code of the Chalice, Theresa gets some good news from the nun, and Luis and the other get a shock from Jessica and Spike. In Harmony, Kay wonders why Miguel, Fox, and the other are giving her funny looks for saying Miguel is her one true love.moreless
  • Ep. #1767
    Ep. #1767
    Episode 250
    At the pizza parlor in Rome, Edna asks Beth for some of Alistair's money as Norma starts to ramble about her daddy. In the church basement, Fancy stops Luis from killing Alistair. As J.T. agrees to tell Ethan the truth, Whitney shows up to take Theresa to see the nun. At this point, a cave in happens, resulting in Alistair and J.T. being able to make a break for it. In Harmony, as they do Maria's laundry, Miguel and Kay get electrocuted when they try to fix the washing machine. When Kay comes around after being knocked unconcious, she hugs Miguel and then gives him a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #1766
    Ep. #1766
    Episode 249
    At Tabitha's, Siren and Kay continue their bickering as Fox and Miguel stand up for the mermaid. As they are looking on, Tabitha tells Endora to look at what she has done to Kay and Fox's relationship. In Rome, Alistair is in the process of unlocking the Chalice's secrets as Theresa, Ethan, and Gwen corner J.T. Cornell.moreless
  • Ep. #1765
    Ep. #1765
    Episode 248
    In Harmony, Kay and Tabitha try to get rid of Siren, but Endora won't let them. In Rome, Luis and the others search for Alistair at the church. At a nearby Pizza Parlor, Beth and Mrs. Wallace get a shock of a lifetime.
  • Ep. #1764
    Ep. #1764
    Episode 247
    Theresa is listening to Gwen and Ethan making love until Noah drops by. He tells her all about what happened with Lena and Maya, and that Fancy is the only woman for him. Theresa tells him that they have both lost the person they love because of someone else's lying. Jessica holds a gun on Spike and tells him that he's not going to continue to use her, but he manipulates her into believing that her family will be destroyed because of her. The Pope and the nun urge Whitney and Chad to hurry to get to Alistair, because if he gets the power of the chalice he will become the anti-Christ. Ethan and Gwen make love, then he questions her about her past with J.T. Gwen tells him that she's never met him before in her life. J.T. becomes more and more concerned for his own safety as Alistair rants about the powers of the chalice. Fancy refuses to let Luis go after Alistair alone.moreless
  • Ep. #1763
    Ep. #1763
    Episode 246
    In Rome, Luis tries to tell Fancy that Alistair could be involved with Marty's death, much to her disbelief. Theresa isn't thrilled when Crane security brings Gwen up to her and Ethan's room. In the Pope's chambers, the nun, Chad, and the girls tell the Pope about what happened with Alistair. In another part of the Vatican, Alistair meets up with J.T. Cornell and agrees to help him leave Rome, before Theresa can find him.moreless
  • Ep. #1762
    Ep. #1762
    Episode 245
    In Harmony, Miguel is arrested by Sam for lewd behavior. Siren suspects Kay had something to do with his arrest and has some of her crab friends attack her. Before the girls arrive at the station, Miguel tells Sam about Kay's suspicions. When he goes to his desk, Sam asks Kay about what Miguel told him. After talking for a few minutes, Sam tells Kay that she should consider her feelings for Miguel before getting married to Fox. In Rome, as Luis talks to Sheridan, he doesn't have the heart to tell her about what happened to Marty. As Theresa is hopeful that J.T. Cornell will be found, Crane security begins to corner him. Later, they bring someone they found to her room, and she is overjoyed by their news. In the Pope's chambers, Alistair informs the people there with him that he intends to kill every last one of them, only to have Whitney pull his gun on him and then shoots.moreless
  • Ep. #1761
    Ep. #1761
    Episode 244
    In Harmony, as Miguel and Siren start getting intimate, Sam and Ivy suspect Kay still has feelings for him. In Rome, Luis can't bear to tell Sheridan over the phone what happened to Marty. Jessica uses Spikes feelings for her to turn the tables on him. Everyone is shocked to learn the monk is truly Alistair Crane.moreless
  • Ep. #1760
    Ep. #1760
    Episode 243
    In Harmony, Miguel doesn't believe Kay when she tells him about Siren. In Rome, Theresa offers a reward to the person who finds J.T. Cornell after he disappeared, with Ethan thinking she's going to far to try to get him away from Gwen. Luis and Fancy are unable to save Marty from Beth. Noah and Jessica are shocked to learn that Maya is working with Lena and Spike. Chad, Paloma, Simone, and the Psychic Nun try to tell Whitney that the monk is evil, but she doesn't believe them.moreless
  • Ep. #1759
    Ep. #1759
    Episode 242
    In Harmony, Fox and Kay look for Miguel and Siren as they get close to making love. While searching for them, Fox is hesitant to believe that Siren is actually a mermaid. In Rome, as Jessica and Noah take Spike to Lena, they are shocked to learn that she and Spike are working together. Meanwhile, Luis helps Fancy get the poison Beth put in her drink out of her system as Fancy is still determined to find Beth. As they start searching for her, they see Beth and Marty get in a cab and chace after them on a motorcycle. During the chace however, the taxi crashes and explodes. In another part of Rome, Gwen and Rebecca listen in glee when J.T. tells them that Ethan doesn't believe him about breaking the story about his paternity. After he runs off, Theresa chases after him. Upon Rebecca's orders, J.T. tries to do away with Theresa, and as Ethan is getting close to where they are J.T. throws a concrete schuplture onto Theresa.moreless
  • Ep. #1758
    Ep. #1758
    Episode 241
    In Rome, Theresa offers J.T. a deal to tell Ethan the truth about Rebecca and Gwen. Luis lets Beth go in order to save Fancy. Simone, Paloma, and Chad go to the Vatican to search for Whitney and "the monk" as Jessica and Noah fight Spike. In Harmony, Kay tells Fox that they have to find Miguel before he makes love to Siren.moreless
  • Ep. #1757
    Ep. #1757
    Episode 240
    At the gallery opening, the monk destroys the painting after Whitney discovers its secrets. As Beth tries to get rid of Fancy, Luis nabs her and Theresa starts to tail J.T., with Ethan not far behind. In Harmony, Tabitha admits to Kay that Siren is a mermaid and that she should get Miguel away from her soon or she will lose him forever.moreless
  • Ep. #1756
    Ep. #1756
    Episode 239
    Upon learning that J.T. posted bail, Theresa reluctantly leaves the police station with Ethan and then get ready to go to the art gallery opening. Since the girls don't have an invitation to the opening, they pose as the wait staff to get in. Beth lets it slip to Luis that she recently talked to Alistair. After relaying that message to Sheridan, she goes to check on her father, only to learn that the man in her father's hospital room is an imposter. At the Vatican, Chad and his friend learn from the psychic nun that Whitney is in danger from the "monk".moreless
  • Ep. #1755
    Ep. #1755
    Episode 238
    As Chad is talking to an old friend who is a priest in the Vatican, they learn that if the monk is successful in using the "Innocent One" (Whitney) to get his hands on the chalice, that would signal the apocalypse. The girls decide to sneak out of their hotel room to go to the art gallery opening as Noah wonders how Spike could be connected to Lena. Fancy decides to go on with her plan to trap Beth no matter what Luis says. Spike is surprised to learn that Beth wants him to kill Fancy. Meanwhile, JT calls Rebecca to bail him out of jail when Theresa and Ethan arrive at the police station to look for him.moreless
  • Ep. #1754
    Ep. #1754
    Episode 237
    In Rome, Fancy tells Theresa her plan to trap Beth as Noah tells Ethan the truth about his relationship with Maya. In the catacombs, Whitney and "the monk" find the chalace in the virtual reality headset. Back in Harmony, everybody is shocked to see Siren with her tail.
  • Ep. #1753
    Ep. #1753
    Episode 236
    Beth is surprised to see Alistair in Rome, but curious when he talks about the chalice he is hoping to possess. Noah is furious with Luis and punches him for spending the night in Fancy's bed. Carl recognizes Siren as the mermaid he had loved forty years earlier. Whitney makes her way to the secret chamber.moreless
  • Ep. #1752
    Ep. #1752
    Episode 235
    Whitney becomes convinced that the Monk is working on the side of evil, and makes the decision to remove his hood and is shocked by what she sees when she does. Theresa is devastated when Ethan tells her that while he believes she believes J.T. is the answer to her problems, he doesn't believe he is. Julian begins to wonder if Alistair is behind what is happening in Rome after talking to Sheridan. Noah finds Fancy and Luis in bed together.moreless
  • Ep. #1751
    Ep. #1751
    Episode 234
    Whitney begins to wonder if the Monk is having her do the right thing, and has some pointed questions for him. Kay lies to Fox when he wants to know why she was out with Miguel so early by claims she was scouting locations. Jessica manages to escape from Spike with the help of Noah, Paloma and Simone. Fancy can't forget that her new friend tried to kill her.moreless
  • Ep. #1750
    Ep. #1750
    Episode 233
    Siren sees Kay tell Miguel he needs to break up with Siren in Tabitha's fishbowl and decides to go after Fox. Luis tries to get Marty's location out of Beth, but she begs him to be a family with her and the boy. J.T. hides on a ledge outside his apartment as Theresa brings Ethan to see him.moreless
  • Ep. #1749
    Ep. #1749
    Episode 232
    Kay tells Miguel that the summer she spent working with him on the fishing boats years ago was so she could be with him. Theresa taunts Gwen with her plans to destroy her marriage by taking J.T. to Ethan so he can tell him the truth. Beth manages to get in and attack Fancy while Luis is trying to touch base with Sheridan.moreless
  • Ep. #1748
    Ep. #1748
    Episode 231
    After prodding by Lena, Noah remembers a link between Jessica and her dead partner. J.T. dopes Theresa's drink, but she switches the drinks in the nick of time. Jessica, Simone and Paloma tour Rome, not realizing the Monk is watching. Beth is convinced that Fancy is doing whatever she can to seduce Luis.moreless
  • Ep. #1747
    Ep. #1747
    Episode 230
    Gwen is surprised to learn that Rebecca once slept with J.T. Cornell, but happy that she knows how to reach him. Noah agrees to go out with Jessica, Paloma and Simone, but then takes off to find Lena. Theresa picks up J.T. Cornell in a bar while attempting to make Ethan jealous. Beth hides when Luis nearly spots her with Fancy. Lena panics when she realizes Spike is in Rome.moreless
  • Ep. #1746
    Ep. #1746
    Episode 229
    Luis tries to convince Theresa that her obsession with Ethan will go nowhere, but she reminds him that he hasn't given up on Sheridan. Gwen and Rebecca panic after learning that Theresa is trying to track down tabloid editor J.T. Cornell. Fancy has no idea how close to death she is as Beth stalks her throughout Rome.moreless
  • Ep. #1745
    Ep. #1745
    Episode 228
    Theresa is more convinced than ever that Ethan wants to be with her rather than his wife. Beth disguises herself as a chambermaid so she can eliminate Fancy. Kay makes love to Fox, but imagines that she's making love to Miguel.
  • Ep. #1744
    Ep. #1744
    Episode 227
    Beth is furious when she discovers her 'new friend' is Fancy Crane. Chad and Ethan try to determine what to do regarding Whitney. Luis tells Fancy that they'll be sharing a room while in Rome. Kay can't stop thinking about Miguel.
  • Ep. #1743
    Ep. #1743
    Episode 226
    Miguel and Siren get close when they have to pinch-hit at a photo shoot. Theresa manipulates Ethan into sharing a room. Luis is angry to find Noah kissing Maya.
  • Ep. #1742
    Ep. #1742
    Episode 225
    Kay worries about what is going on between Miguel and Siren as Tabitha advises Siren that if she wants to make it work with Miguel she needs to act more like a human. A jealous Beth watches as Luis does his best to convince Fancy to give Noah another change. Theresa receives an e-mail that spurs her into taking advantage of a sleeping Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #1741
    Ep. #1741
    Episode 224
    Kay is still suspcious of Siren as she tries to seduce Miguel, with Tabitha confronting her about it her suspicion. Chad and Luis get arrested after chasing Beth, only to be bailed out by Fancy. Noah takes Paloma, Simone, and Jessica back to their hotel room, where they get spied on by Spike. Fancy and Luis have dinner at the hotel restaurant as Chad goes to search for Whitney in the catacombs.moreless
  • Ep. #1740
    Ep. #1740
    Episode 223
    On the plane ride to Rome, Theresa gets some unsettling e-mails. Noah tries to tell Fancy the truth but is cut short by Lena walking through the hotel lobby. Esme invites Fancy to an art gallery opening to take her mind off of Noah. On the streets of Rome, Noah saves the girls from the guys with the guns. Luis and Chad chase after Beth and Marty. In Harmony, Sheridan gets a art book from Chris with the symbol on it.moreless
  • Ep. #1739
    Ep. #1739
    Episode 222
    In Rome, Jessica, Paloma and Simone face a dangerous situation as the monk spares Whitney's life. Chad and the nun try to tell Whitney she is being lied to by the monk but are unsuccessful. Luis has several near misses when Fancy is talking to Beth at the cafe. Theresa tries to get Ethan to go to Rome with her to save their sisters and Simone.moreless
  • Ep. #1738
    Ep. #1738
    Episode 221
    After learning that Paloma, Jessica, and Simone are in danger, Theresa goes to Ethan, begging for his help. In Rome, the girls are going with the thugs to look for the stolen artwork, only to find the monk's symbol on it. The monk stabs Whitney as Chad is out looking for her. While in the cafe, Fancy runs into Beth and Marty.moreless
  • Ep. #1737
    Ep. #1737
    Episode 220
    Kay is surprised to hear that Siren wants to make a baby with Miguel. At the mansion, Fox is swimming with Siren as Kay is arguing with Miguel about his relationship with her. Whitney resucues Chad, but he only recoginizes her voice. At hearing about what Whitney did, the monk is furious at her. In a nearby part of the catacombs, Noah and Fancy save Luis. After coming too, Luis, thinking she is Sheridan, kisses Fancy. They then go find Chad and run for it when they hear a cave in starting. Meanwhile, at the club, Paloma, Simone, and Jessica are trying to get answers about the tattoos everybody has, but are unsuccessful. When they try to sneak out of the club, the guys who brought them there start following.moreless
  • Ep. #1736
    Ep. #1736
    Episode 219
    At Tabitha's, Fox wonders about Kay's feelings toward Miguel and Siren and ultimately go to the mansion with them when they plan on going swimming. In Rome, Fancy uses Gianni to make Noah jealous. Down in the catacombs, Whitney accidentally breaks the Virtual Reality headset. She then finds Chad under some rubble and has a run in with the psychic nun.moreless
  • Ep. #1735
    Ep. #1735
    Episode 218
    Arriving at the B&B, Gwen finds Ethan and Theresa in bed together. Kay continues to be suspicious of Siren. In Rome, Luis and Chad continue their search of Whitney as she is continuing her practice on the Virtual Reality Headset.
  • Ep. #1734
    Ep. #1734
    Episode 217
    As Siren continues to throw herself at Miguel, he resists her advances. When Tabitha confronts Kay about her jealously of Siren, she insists that she is only worried about the mermaid using Miguel. In Rome, when Luis and Chad find a house behind the door where Chad said the pit he fell in, the woman threatens to call the cops if they don't leave. After walking away, they start being chased by a pack of wolves and ultimately meet a psychic nun. In the catacombs, Whitney is continuing her practice with the Virtual Reality headset when something attacks her in the game. Upon taking the headset off, she finds her arm covered in blood and starts to scream. After learning that the guys who attacked them earlier don't want to hurt them, they offer to take Simone, Paloma, and Jessica to the source of mysterious symbol they're investigating. After this conversation, Jessica demands answers from her friends and they come clean to her. Once they are done telling Jessica the truth, the guys take the girls to a club, and they are surprised to find all the people there have tattoos of the symbol.moreless
  • Ep. #1733
    Ep. #1733
    Episode 216
    At Tabitha's, Siren is able to change back from a mermaid back to a woman before Miguel, Fox, Kay and Tabitha arrive in the room. In Rome, Luis saves Paloma, Simone, and Jessica from three thugs who attacked them and then ultimately meets up with Chad. After that, Luis and Chad go look for the catacombs where he believed Whitney was as she goes back with the monk. As she starts training with the virtual reality head set, someone starts to spy on them. Meanwhile, as Noah and Maya are meeting with Lena, Fancy runs into Gianni and ultimately goes over to Noah to give him a piece of her mind.moreless
  • Ep. #1732
    Ep. #1732
    Episode 215
    At Tabitha's, Siren turns back into a mermaid while Kay is suspicious of her actions. In Rome, Luis searches for the Monk while Chad, Paloma, Simone, and Jessica go out to search for Whitney, who gets carried off by a mystery man. Lena gives Noah and Maya an impossible task.
  • Ep. #1731
    Ep. #1731
    Episode 214
    As Tabitha spies on what's going on at the beach, she likes how Kay is grilling Siren about who she is and is surprised to learn that the mermaid is able to come up with such good answers. Meanwhile, Kay voices how she doesn't like Siren when a Crane helicopter comes to take the guys to Tabitha's house, where Tabitha starts to wonder how long it will take Fox to see how jealous Kay is of Siren. At the cottage, Sheridan has a bad dream about Alistiar terrorizing her and those she loves when she gets a call from the nursing home to get an okay for a new treatment and then Chris tries to calm her down by making her tea. In Rome, Chad and Luis chase after the monk as Whitney is continuing her work with the virtual reality headset. After a little while, Chad hears Whitney scream and leaves Luis to chase after the monk to go save her. At the B&B, Gwen gets a call to go to work for Mr. Collier while Theresa stays with Ethan to care for Jane, and eventually Theresa and Ethan fall asleep on the bed in each other's arms while Gwen is at work.moreless
  • Ep. #1730
    Ep. #1730
    Episode 213
    At the nursing home, Chris and Sheridan are surprised to find Alistair not in his room, but eventually learn that he was having some tests done. At Tabitha's, Endora transports the mermaid to the island where Fox, Kay and Miguel are. They then learn that she was the one who saved Miguel and they then part ways, with Kay not happy about leaving Miguel with her. While watching them in her bowl, Tabitha is surprised at how well the Mermaid, who calls herself Siren, is thinking on her feet. At the B&B, Ethan and Theresa show up to help Gwen take care of Jane and the two women start to argue over who will take care of the baby. Eventually, with Theresa's help, they are able to solve what happened to Jane. In Rome, Chad and Luis part way to look for Whitney, when Luis runs into some of Alistair's henchmen and learns that they're there to help him search for Marty and Beth. He then calls Sheridan and tells her that he is fine and when she hangs up, he tells Sheridan that he loves her, not realizing Chris is listening in and tells him that he can never be with Sheridan again. In the catacombs, Whitney is using a virtual reality head set to practice getting into the Pope's apartment as the monk takes a walk outside, and is spotted by Luis and Chad.moreless
  • Ep. #1729
    Ep. #1729
    Episode 212
    Ethan and Sheridan talk about how they both married people who aren't their true loves as Theresa and Chris continue to argue who Sheridan truely loves. After this, Ethan gets a call from Gwen saying that Jane is sick. In Rome, Whitney is given a task by the monk to steal the Pope's sacred chalace and is given a virtual reality headset to practice. Back in Harmony, Fox arrives on the beach to find Miguel and Kay getting intimate when Endora gets the idea to turn the mermaid into a person when Tabitha tells her that she is too late in doing that.moreless
  • Ep. #1728
    Ep. #1728
    Episode 211
    In Rome, Maya gets a message from Lena to break up Noah and Fancy or else the bosses won't be happy and she ultimately goes to him. In Harmony, Miguel and Kay almost get caught by Fox on the beach as Tabitha brings the mermaid who saved him to her house and threatens her to stop getting between Kay and Miguel.moreless
  • Ep. #1727
    Ep. #1727
    Episode 210
    In Rome, Fancy and Noah leave Gianni and Esme at the club, only to be the victims of pickpockets on the streets of Rome and ultimately get spied on by Whitney. In Harmony, Spike gets a call from the monk, telling him to get to Rome as soon as possible. Jessica runs to Simone and Paloma for help. Thanks to Endora's magic, Fox follows Miguel and Kay to a deserted beach, and almost catches them in a compromising position.moreless
  • Ep. #1726
    Ep. #1726
    Episode 209
    At the mansion, Julian, Eve, Chad,Paloma and Simone learn that Whitney is in Rome. After much discussion, Chad decides to go to Rome and the girls find that this is a good excuse to go to Rome with him to search for clues in the mystery of the stolen artwork. Elsewhere, Theresa tries to bribe Chris to leave Sheridan before his heart gets broken when Luis returns from Rome with Marty, but he refuses her offers. In the kitchen, Ethan and Sheridan have a heart to heart about who they truely want to be with, while Luis meets up with Pilar to tell her about going to Rome. Upon hearing this, she tries to talk him out of it, but Luis won't listen and ultimately leaves for Rome, where Luis meets up with Chad on the plane. Meanwhile, at Tabitha's, she and Endora are fighting each other with their magic, with trying to keep Fox from breaking up Kay and Miguel and Endora trying bring them together as they are searching for the mystery woman who saved Miguel.moreless
  • Ep. #1725
    Ep. #1725
    Episode 208
    Eve and Julian's romantic evening is cut short by Chad, Simone and Paloma over their concern of Whitney, who is in Rome with the Monk. Tabitha watches with confusion over what Miguel and Kay are doing. At hearing Luis plans on going to Rome to find Marty, Theresa gives him the money that he needs, much to Sheridan's displeasure.moreless
  • Ep. #1724
    Ep. #1724
    Episode 207
    At Tabitha's, she and Kay worry that the woman who save Miguel was Charity, but when he comes to, Miguel says that it wasn't her, causing Tabitha to suspect that Endora conjured up a mermaid to save him. In Rome, Lena comes to talk to Maya about Noah and Fancy and warns her not to let them get back together while Fancy and Noah share a kiss at a club. At hearing that Luis has located Marty, the two share a kiss, but she ultimately tells Luis that if he brings Marty home, nothing between them will change and she plans to stay with Chris. While they are talking, Theresa and Ethan are elsewhere and she tells him that it seems her family is cursed in love, since they aren't with the loves of their lives. At hearing this, Ethan tells her not to start to go down that road about them getting together and trys to walk away, but Theresa stops him and pulls him into a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #1723
    Ep. #1723
    Episode 206
    In Rome, Noah tries to warn Esme and Fancy about Gianni. After Luis and Sheridan share a kiss, he, Theresa, and Ethan try to track down Beth and Marty while Sheridan has a heart to heart with Gwen. At Tabitha's she tries to make Kay admit that she still has feelings for Miguel as he is saved by a blond and ultimately brought home by Fox.moreless
  • Ep. #1722
    Ep. #1722
    Episode 205
    At the hotel's restaurant, Fancy and Noah are arguing over how he is able to afford to stay at a five star hotel and air fare to Rome on his salary at the Blue Note, causing Fancy to conclude that he is pulling a con like when they met in Las Vegas. While they are fighting, Maya overhears Gianni on the phone saying that he is only using Fancy for her money. At the mansion in Harmony, Luis and Sheridan reminisce for a little while and then Luis asks who she loves more, and she lies and says Chris. Knowing that she lied, Luis asks Sheridan to leave Chris and they can raise her child together. At the docks, Fox and Miguel run into each other and Fox tells him that he could work at Crane Industries instead of on the boats, but gets turned down. Fox then tells him he was grateful to Miguel for going after Charity and then goes back to Tabitha's, where he finds Kay and Tabitha talking about their wedding plans. He then tells Kay about what he said to Miguel, making Kay mad. While they start talking about their wedding plans, Tabitha starts to read The Little Mermaid to the girls. Back on the docks, Miguel falls off the boat he started working on and his boss fears that he could have died and ultimately calls Kay with the bad news.moreless
  • Ep. #1721
    Ep. #1721
    Episode 204
    In Rome, Maya and Noah arrive at the hotel and start waiting for Lena's call, while down in the lobby Fancy runs into Esmé. They then start to go down memory lane about the last time they were together, and Fancy then tells her how she and Noah are no longer together, causing Esmé to wish that she was the woman that Noah was caught in bed with. Esmé then sees Gianni and decides to set Fancy up with the gigalo to get back at her for Noah. When Fancy and Gianni arrive at the hotel, they run into Maya and Noah, causing Fancy to kiss her date to get back at Noah before he can tell her the truth about Maya. When Theresa offers to use Alistair's power and money to break up Chris and Sheridan, Luis refuses, and Pilar asks her how she could have become so cynical, but Theresa only says that she just toughened up. At the cottage, Sheridan is still thinking of Luis when Chris asks her if everything was alright and if she is sure she made the right choice, she says yes and then they go play with James. He and James then go to the B&B to get the rest of their stuff and she goes on a walk, where she runs into Luis and they talk for a little bit. While Chris and James are at the B&B, Chris finds a picture of Sheridan with Luis and he vows that Sheridan will never leave him to go back to Luis.moreless
  • Ep. #1720
    Ep. #1720
    Episode 203
    At Tabitha's, Fox and Kay are outside, talking about their upcoming wedding. When Fox mentions they should get married in May, Kay is somewhat reluctant to agree to the date, because of how she feels about Miguel and tries to stall Fox in selecting a date to be married, but he doesn't want to hear her excuses. At this point, Miguel, Tabitha, Sam, and Ivy go outside and when the couple tells them their news, the only one who is happy is Sam, and Ivy is worried about having the wedding in such a hurry. When Simone, Paloma, and Chad arrive at the convent to check on and talk to Whitney, they are unable to find her, as she is in the hidden passway with the monk, discussing her going to Rome. While they are looking for her, the girls and Chad find a paper with the mystery symbol on it a believe that Whitney is involved with the missing church painting somehow. Meanwhile, at Sheridan's cottage, Pilar, Theresa, Gwen and Ethan go see how everyone is. They are all surprised to learn that Sheridan is pregnant with Chris' child and that she intends to stay with him, causing Ethan and Theresa to disagree with her decision. At this point, Luis leaves the cottage with his things and moves into the mansion as Theresa vows that Luis will ultimately end up with Sheridan and she'll end up with Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #1719
    Ep. #1719
    Episode 202
    At the airport, Fancy, Maya, and Noah are getting ready to leave for Rome. Once they board the plane, Fancy starts to think of Noah and that she'll be lucky and won't ever see him again. She then falls asleep and dreams of Noah being her Prince Charming, while in coach Noah is hoping that once his job with Lena is done, he can be happy with Fancy. At the Book Cafe, Paloma and Simone are in the basement discussing the wierd things that were going on at the convent and how it is possible that it ties together with the stolen art work. They then find a box with a large amount of money and decide to go to Italy to find more clues about the mystery surrounding the artwork. Meanwhile, Theresa goes to the convent to check on Whitney and expresses her concern about Whitney's health and asks her if she could help her with her problems, but Whitney says no. While they are talking, the Monk is listening and once Theresa leaves, goes to talk to Whitney. He then tells her that they have a lot of work to do and must go to Rome to keep the Church's secrets safe. Back in Harmony, Chad goes to see Ethan at the B&B. At first Ethan is hesitant to help, since the last time he went over it was to help Theresa get him away from Gwen. However, once Chad starts to tell him about Whitney's health problems resulting from her whipping herself, he agrees to help Chad and promises to look into a way to bring Whitney home. At Sheridan's cottage, she, Luis and Chris are still arguing about what is going on between them. Sheridan tells him that she moved on with Chris after she thought he died and that she doesn't intend to leave Chris and that she is having his child. At hearing this, Luis tells them that because of this news, they should have let him die when they were in Hawaii.moreless
  • Ep. #1718
    Ep. #1718
    Episode 201
    Noah, Maya and Fancy all pack for Rome, and Fancy tells her brother to hurry up and marry Kay before something happens. Meanwhile, Miguel tells Kay he wants a future together. Luis blames Chris for everything that has happened and accuses him of using Sheridan.
  • Ep. #1717
    Ep. #1717
    Episode 200
    Fancy laments the loss of her relationship with Noah while Noah writes a letter to Fancy explaining what happened. Kay finds herself unwittingly tempted by the knowledge that Miguel has given up on Charity. Sheridan tells Luis the truth.
  • Ep. #1716
    Ep. #1716
    Episode 199
    Gwen is furious when she finds a half-naked Theresa trying to seduce her husband. Whitney receives a task from 'God' to find some ancient paintings. Sheridan shares the news of her pregnancy with Chris while Luis gets some interesting news about Sheridan and Chris' relationship.
  • Ep. #1715
    Ep. #1715
    Episode 198
    Simone and Paloma are shocked to see how ill Whitney looks. Theresa continues to try to seduce Ethan, but he resists. Eve interrupts as Sheridan attempts to tell Luis the truth and, in private, tells Sheridan she is pregnant.
  • Ep. #1714
    Ep. #1714
    Episode 197
    Fox demands answers from Miguel -- is he staying in Harmony to be with Maria, or Kay? Theresa continues to beg Ethan to make love to her. Sheridan faints while attempting to explain what is happening to Luis.
  • Ep. #1713
    Ep. #1713
    Episode 196
    A naked Theresa tries to seduce Ethan and convince him to let her be his mistress, but he pulls away. Chris brings James to the cottage to see Sheridan but tells her he isn't going to live this lie forever because he will not let his son lose another mother. Chad accuses Whitney of being selfish by hiding away in the convent. Miguel wonders if he should make an effort to steal Kay away from Fox.moreless
  • Ep. #1712
    Ep. #1712
    Episode 195
    Pilar shows up while Miguel is babysitting Maria and encourages him to marry Kay so they can raise Maria as a family. Kay and Theresa engineer a meeting between Noah and Fancy, hoping that the two will settle their differences. Eve saves Sheridan and Luis from a messy argument when Chris finds them together by reiterating the fragility of Luis' health. Ethan finally gets a job as a mechanic, but a Crane spy reports all to Theresa.moreless
  • Ep. #1711
    Ep. #1711
    Episode 194
    Theresa continues to blackball Ethan as she demands Valerie do anything necessary to help her destroy Ethan and Gwen's marriage. Gwen and Ethan fight, and Gwen wonders if Ethan knows that she and Rebecca tipped off the tabloids. Sheridan manages to stop herself from making love to Luis as she returns to Chris' arms. Fancy is happy to learn that her eye wasn't permanently damaged. Noah wants to tell Fancy the truth, but Maya says no.moreless
  • Ep. #1710
    Ep. #1710
    Episode 193
    Tabitha attempts to cause trouble for Fox and Kay by pointing out that Miguel is Kay's first love the same way Luis is Sheridan's. Sheridan agrees to spend the night with Luis, but promises Chris that as soon as Luis falls asleep she will go to be with him. Paloma and Simone continue to delve through Alistair's papers and find a mysterious symbol. Spike convinces Jessica to get a tattoo of a mysterious symbol. Whitney prays in the chapel over a mysterious symbol.moreless
  • Ep. #1709
    Ep. #1709
    Episode 192
    After seeing Luis and Sheridan together, both Theresa and Katherine are renewed in their plans to break up the marriages of the men they want. Rachel, Katherine, Gwen and Theresa all learn the truth that Sheridan is wed to Chris, but she begs them to keep quiet. Sam and Fancy are shocked to find Maya and Noah in bed together.moreless
  • Ep. #1708
    Ep. #1708
    Episode 191
    At Tabitha's Miguel is spending time with Maria and thinks about Kay while she dreams of being with him instead of Fox. At the FBI agent's office, Maya and Noah try to escape but get caught and Noah tells the agents that he is worried about keeping Fancy safe. The agents then tell him that there is a way to lure the dragon lady out of hiding in order to trap her but he won't like the plan. When Fancy and Sam find Noah's car back at the Bennett's, they are shocked to find Noah and Maya in bed together. At the mansion, Theresa tells her mother that Sheridan called and said to meet at the cottage for a surprise, thinking that Marty has been found. When Pilar goes to her house to tell Martin, she finds Katherine there with him and gets upset. She then tells them that Sheridan asked for all of the family to go to her cottage for a surprise, but Katherine has to stay away. When Sheridan, Luis and Chris arrive at the cottage, Luis wants to get intimate with Sheridan but Chris won't let them. They all start talking and when the Lopez-Fitzgerald's arrive, Luis has a joyous reunion with his family and he then surprises them with news that he and Sheridan are now married. At hearing this, Chris chimes in and says that he has news of his own.moreless
  • Ep. #1707
    Ep. #1707
    Episode 190
    In the plane, Sheridan continues to sit by a sleeping Luis' side while Chris looks on. He then demands Sheridan to choose, but Sheridan still is unsure of who she wants to be with. She then calls Theresa to tell her that she should gather the Lopez-Fitzgerald family at the cottage for a surprise, she has for them. Once she is off the phone, Chris tells Sheridan that he is going to make it easy for her and leave Harmony with James, but Sheridan tells him that she doesn't want that. In the study at the mansion, Theresa continues to tell Fancy to not let men she has feelings for to break her heart while she is still worrying about Noah. Sam eventually shows up with a surveillance tape of Maya and Noah after the explosion and they embrace and makes Fancy wonder if he really loves her. While they are watching the tape, Maya and Noah are still being questioned by the FBI agents and they are still not believing what Noah is telling them. They then leave the room and Noah considers breaking out of the office to go protect Fancy. At the convent, Whitney receives a message from the monk, who she still believes is God. He tells her that the church has some secrets that shouldn't get out and he needs her help to keep those secrets from being uncovered, and Whitney agrees to help. In the basement of the Book Cafe, Paloma and Simone are continuing their discussion on trying to uncover Alistair's secrets about stolen artwork from European churches. Simone tries to talk Paloma out of wanting to solve the mystery surrounding it, but Simone tries to tell her that Alistair's henchmen could hurt her, but Paloma tells her that if she could bring down Alistair with this mystery, it will be her way of avenging her brothers deaths.moreless
  • Ep. #1706
    Ep. #1706
    Episode 189
    In Tabitha's kitchen, Kay and Miguel are having fond memories about when they were younger and while Tabitha spies, they almost share a kiss. Kay and Miguel then go outside and share a swing, all while Ivy spies on them from Sam's house. At the mansion, Noah and Maya are about to go inside when an FBI agent comes out of a hiding place and arrests them for aiding terrorist activities. When they are taken to be questioned, the FBI agents questioning them don't believe Noah when he says he has no idea about the woman he calls "the Dragon Lady" and then he gets shocked when Maya knew more than she was telling him. The agents then ask Noah to lure "the Dragon Lady" out in the public so they can get her. At the mansion, Sam and Fancy are worried about Noah and how he didn't get back to the mansion yet. He then suggests that they go to his house to see if Noah went there. When they arrive at Sam's, all they find is Ivy, and they tell her about how Fancy is worried about Noah and his secret. She then leaves to go back to the mansion to see if Noah went there. After she leaves, Sam goes to make some calls to see if some of his police officers have seen Noah. While he is gone, Ivy goes outside to see Miguel and starts to prod him to not give up on his feeling of Kay. Meanwhile upstairs at Tabitha's Kay lies to Fox about where she was. Back at the mansion, Ethan tells Theresa that he won't be going back to work at Crane and that he is going to stay with Gwen. After he leaves, a devistated Theresa starts crying and Fancy walks in and asks what happened. Theresa then starts to tell her about what happened with Ethan and to not let any men, even if they love one another, to break her heart. After this, Ethan goes back to the B&B and spends some time with Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #1705
    Ep. #1705
    Episode 188
    In Hawaii, Chris continues to fume over Sheridan not telling Luis that they are already married and almost spills the beans. As they are boarding the jet to go back to Harmony, Chris tells her that if she doesn't tell Luis soon, their marriage will be beyond repair. At Tabitha's, she works her magic to push Miguel and Kay together in her kitchen, making Miguel think that they were destined to be together and they move closer to kiss. At the mansion, Fancy and Theresa are talking about their love lives and Fancy tells her that she is worried about Noah and what he is hiding and Theresa gives her some encouraging words to help ease her mind. At the B&B, Ethan remains tempted to assist the FBI agent with his investigation, making Gwen uneasy, espcially when he tells her that Theresa will never come between them again, and that makes her think that he is going to go back to Crane Industries. At the Noodle Shack, Maya is saved by the mystery woman and then is found in the back of the building by Noah, who wants to take her back to the mansion to tell the truth to Fancy and the others. After they leave, the mystery woman watches them and says that Noah must die. As Maya and Noah arrive at the mansion, someone is following them with a gun.moreless
  • Ep. #1704
    Ep. #1704
    Episode 187
    In Hawaii, Sheridan and Chris are suprised that Luis proposes to Sheridan, and they are reluctant to tell him that they are already married. At the pool house in the mansion, Fancy and Sam continue to question Noah about his past with Maya, and while they are talking, the mystery woman is blackmailing Maya into working with them. She then calls Noah to have him meet her at the House of Noodles to talk. When they arrive, the building explodes. Meanwhile, in Theresa's study, she agrees to help the FBI agent in his investigation of Alistair and tells him to bring Ethan in to help since he knows so much about Crane Industries. When the agent arrives at the B&B to talk to Ethan, Gwen is furious that he has to go back to work with Theresa, while Theresa watches on with glee.moreless
  • Ep. #1703
    Ep. #1703
    Episode 186
    At the convent, Whitney continues to tell everyone that God told her that it was alright that she continue to whip herself to pay for her sins and then attempts to show them where He appeared to her. At the B&B, Gwen and Ethan finish her work and then make love to celebrate. Gwen then worries what Theresa will do to get Ethan away from her, but Ethan tells her not to worry. In Hawaii, Sheridan breaks the news to Luis that she is married to Chris and that she will not leave him to go back to the way things were before he left. At the mansion, Noah, Sam, and Fancy agree to help the FBI agent, even though Fancy still refuses to believe Alistair is evil. They then go up to the mansion to talk to Theresa about Alistair's plans. She agrees to help out and reinstates Sam as Chief of Police to help out and suggests that Ethan help out since he knows Crane Industries so well. Sam then questions Noah about his secrets and warns him that if he doesn't cooperate, he'll find out one way or another.moreless
  • Ep. #1702
    Ep. #1702
    Episode 185
    In his room Miguel is uncomfortable hearing Kay and Fox being intimate. When he hears Maria crying, he goes to comfort her, but is unable to because she isn't familiar with him, but then Fox comes in and calms her down immediately. In Whitney's room at the convent, she comes to and tells Eve, Julian, Chad, and Mother Superior that nobody attacked her, she has been whipping herself and that God said that she should continue, which shocked them. At the mansion, while Theresa is watching Gwen and Ethan, she calls Collier to keep her working round the clock, and he reluctantly agrees. At this point, Pilar walks into the library and finds Theresa spying on Gwen and Ethan, and condems her for trying to break up their marriage, saying that she is almost as evil as Alistair and that her soul might not be saved when she dies. By the pool, Fancy and Noah find they are being spied on, and thinks that he is a stalker. However, the man has them call Sam to vouch who is. When Sam arrives, he admits that the man is an FBI agent, who is there investigating some of Alistair's dealings that could hurt thousands of people and asks for their help to talk to Theresa, which they agree to.moreless
  • Ep. #1701
    Ep. #1701
    Episode 184
    In Julian's room at the mansion, he and Eve are having a romantic evening together when they are interrupted by Chad, seeking their help in what is happening with Whitney. Thinking that he wants their help in bringing her back so they can be a couple, Julian and Eve say no, he should accept Whitney's choice to become a nun. At the convent, Whitney is talking to the monk about how she is taking care of her sins, and the monk says that he knows what she has been doing and can help her seek the absolution she so desperately wants. However, thinking that he is God, Whitney faints and is found by some nuns, who ultimately call Eve. When she, Julian, and Chad arrive at the convent, they see how bad Whitney looks and then upon further examination, Eve finds the whip marks on her back. Back at the mansion, Noah and Fancy are enjoying themselves, but Noah eventually becomes nervous at the slightest sounds and ultimately starts to remember what the mystery woman told him about not finding the package. At this point, Fancy suggests they go skinny dipping at the indoor pool, not realizing that they are being watched. In Hawaii, Sheridan lies to Luis about Chris, only saying that he is a friend who came with her to help look for Marty. They later leave the room when Luis' nurse comes in and Chris isn't happy with what Sheridan told Luis. He then asks her if she truely wants to be with him, or with Luis. As they are talking, Luis calls out to Sheridan and she runs to him, leaving Chris out in the hall.moreless
  • Ep. #1700
    Ep. #1700
    Episode 183
    At Tabitha's, Miguel watches Kay and Fox kissing as Tabitha and Endora walk in from their outing. After realizing that Miguel is there, he gives Kay a present for Maria and then she take him upstairs to see her. While they are gone, Tabitha tries unsuccessfully to plant some doubt in Fox's mind about Kay's feelings towards Miguel, by telling some stories about how close Miguel and Kay were when they were growing up. While they are downstairs, Miguel and Kay are upstairs, remembering how they were when they younger. Fox then goes upstairs and catches Kay, Miguel, and Maria bonding over their memories. In Hawaii, Luis and Sheridan continue to talk after their reunion, where he tells her about what had happened until Sheridan and Chris saved him. Sheridan then tells him that her father made everyone think that he died, making Luis say that he is sorry about what Alistair put them through. Outside his room, an extremely unhappy and ignored Chris is wondering when Sheridan is going to tell Luis about her being married to another man. At the B&B, Theresa walks in on Chad and Ethan fighting and Gwen blaming her for the scuffle. Theresa then defends herself, saying that what she's been doing, it was out of love for Ethan. At this, Ethan demands she and Chad out of the B&B, while Theresa remains optimistic about her future with Ethan. While all of this is going on, at the convent, Whitney is still dreaming about Chad and goes to pray to God to remove those impure thoughts from her. While praying, Mother Superior stops by and Whitney tells her that she is still having impure thoughts about Chad and Mother Superior tells her that she should be strong. After she leaves, Whitney continues to pray and sees what she thinks is a miracle and a solution to her problems, but it is a monk, saying that he knows what is in her heart.moreless
  • Ep. #1699
    Ep. #1699
    Episode 182
    At the mansion, Theresa asks Miguel if he is truly over Charity and if he wants to spend his future with Charity if he finds her or with Kay, but he insists that he only wants to spend time with Maria and be a father to her. While they are talking Fox and Kay are elsewhere with Maria and he is asking Kay about if she is truly over Miguel and she says yes, but it doesn't sound like she means it. At the B&B, Chad continues to prod at Ethan about his feelings towards Theresa and their words escalate to a fist fight, at which point Gwen walks in to see what's happening. A little while later, Theresa shows up and Gwen tells her that they are fighting because of her, and she should be ashamed of herself. Meanwhile in Hawaii, Sheridan and Luis are reunited and Chris is being ignored by Sheridan. While they are professing their love towards each other, Chris overhears some nurses saying that they must have a strong, true love because it was able to save Luis, not making Chris very happy.moreless
  • Ep. #1698
    Ep. #1698
    Episode 181
    Theresa berates Miguel for giving up his search for Charity, telling him that she would never give up on a future for Ethan. Miguel reminds her that her obsession with Ethan has cost her nearly everything, and he isn't willing to let that happen to him and Maria. Sheridan is shocked to realise that the mysterious man she and Chris rescued really is Luis, and Chris has a brief moment where he wonders if maybe things would have been easier if he hadn't rescued him from the house. Kay and Simone prepare Fox and Kay's wedding announcement for the papers while Ivy, knowing Fox is listening, prods Sam to discuss how much Kay had loved Miguel. Ethan is suspicious when Chad encourages him to go after Whitney, who has been trailing Miles' babysitter and accuses her of mistreating the boy.moreless
  • Ep. #1697
    Ep. #1697
    Episode 180
    Sheridan is shocked to realise that, once cleaned up, the mysterious man looks just like Luis, but Chris, knowing Alistair, is convinced that the man has been introduced into their lives by Alistair, determined to destroy Sheridan. Miguel's homecoming is bittersweet for the citizens of Harmony. Theresa and Ivy are both happy to have him back, but Tabitha warns Kay that Miguel's return could negatively impact her relationship with Fox. Chad tries to convince Ethan to help him get Whitney out of the convent while Whitney remains convinced that God is angry with her for the sins she committed by loving her half-brother. Rebecca warns Gwen that Ethan cannot be trusted, especially with Theresa so close at hand.moreless
  • Ep. #1696
    Ep. #1696
    Episode 179
    Theresa and Chad worry about Whitney's well-being and their concerns are well-founded as Whitney has begun whipping herself in an attempt to do penance for her sins. Thinking about all the time he has missed with Maria, Miguel makes the decision to give up his search for Charity and stay in Harmony to be near his daughter. Gwen finally gets a chance to get away from all the work she has at the office and she, Ethan and Jane spend a quiet night together. Sheridan and Chris interrupt Otto's attempt to kill the mysterious man in the hospital and doctors fight to save the his life.moreless
  • Ep. #1695
    Ep. #1695
    Episode 178
    Sheridan can't stop thinking about Luis every time she is around the mysterious man she and Chris rescued and is more convinced than ever that he holds the secret to finding Marty. Noah and Fancy get their relationship back on track again, and Fancy promises Noah that she is alright with his secrets remaining hidden as long as they are together. Theresa encourages Chad not to give up on his love for Whitney and the two head to the convent, where Whitney tries to convince them to leave. Fox tells Miguel that he and Kay are engaged to be married after Ivy makes him wonder which man Kay really wants to be with.moreless
  • Ep. #1694
    Ep. #1694
    Episode 177
    Paloma wonders if losing out on time with Maria was worth chasing Charity all over the country, and Miguel admits to her that every time he thought she was within his reach something would keep them apart. Sheridan tries to communicate with the man that she and Chris found, praying that the man has information that will lead her to Marty. Fancy and Noah both receive advice telling them to fight for their relationship; Noah from Sam and Fancy from Rachel. Fox worries that Kay hasn't told Miguel about their engagement yet because he's the one she really wants. An enraged Pilar attempts to attack Katherine, convinced that Martin still loves his former mistress.moreless
  • Ep. #1693
    Ep. #1693
    Episode 176
    Miguel is pleased to see how well Kay has raised their daughter, but realises that his absence has had a profound effect on Maria when she calls another man 'daddy'. While they worry about the man in the bodybag, Sheridan is confused as her thoughts keep turning to Luis and wonders why she is thinking about him now. After his confrontation with the Dragon Lady, a furious Noah accuses Maya of working with her and ultimately being responsible for Fancy's accident.moreless
  • Ep. #1692
    Ep. #1692
    Episode 175
    The man that Chris rescued from the house is so scruffy and beaten that Chris doesn't recognize him when they remove his hood, and Sheridan doesn't get the chance to see that it is Luis before Chris covers the man's face again because the man is so sensitive to the light. Pilar isn't interested in listening to any explanations that Martin has to give after she sees the scratches that Katherine left on his back and flees. Noah has a meeting with the woman who has been contacting Maya on her cell phone. Fox is upset to see the bond between Miguel and Kay as they spend time with Maria.moreless
  • Ep. #1691
    Ep. #1691
    Episode 174
    Katherine encourages Fancy to go after Noah, telling her that nothing is more important than being with the person that she loves. Fox wants Father Lonigan to marry he and Kay, but Father Lonigan wants to know if Kay is truly over Miguel. When Kay goes upstairs to check on Maria, she gets a surprise when she finds Miguel holding their daughter. Chris and Sheridan try to escape the house but he is weighted down by the body he's trying to rescue. Martin tries to make a confession to Pilar before their vow renewals.moreless
  • Ep. #1690
    Ep. #1690
    Episode 173
    As the wedding festivities continue at the mansion, Otto detonates a bomb to explode at the compound in Hawaii.
  • Ep. #1689
    Ep. #1689
    Episode 172
    Theresa's plan to make Ethan hers is in full swing, Katherine and Pilar have a heart to heart in her room about Martin as he and Father Lonigan continue to talk about his feelings. At a bar, Simone and Rae talk about their relationship. In Hawaii, Otto decides to blow up the compound with Chris and Sheridan still inside.moreless
  • Ep. #1688
    Ep. #1688
    Episode 171
    In Hawaii, Chris finds a way to save Sheridan from Otto’s henchmen. As they continue on their way out of the compound, they overhear a woman’s voice singing a little boy a lullaby. Back in Harmony, Pilar walks out in her wedding dress, causing Paloma to gush at how pretty she looks. As Rachel convinces Katherine to let Pilar know about her feelings for Martin, Fr. Lonigan asks Martin if he would like to call off the ceremony. In her study, Theresa begins to work on a project that was Ethan’s brainchild and asks him if he would like to help on it. When Valerie calls Miguel back in Mexico, she offers to send a Crane jet to pick him up for his parent’s ceremony and back to where he is so he could continue in his search for Charity. After getting the brush-off by Fancy, Noah goes to Maya to demand answers about the problem they’re in.moreless
  • Ep. #1687
    Ep. #1687
    Episode 170
    Unhappy that Gwen will be able to make it to her parent’s re-commitment ceremony, Theresa calls up Mr. Collier to have her come into the office immediately to deal with an emergency. When Martin finds Fr. Lonigan in the mansion’s kitchen, he confesses to the priest about what happened at his house. Elsewhere, Katherine walks into Rachel’s room to let her know what happened at Martin’s. In Valerie’s office at Crane Industries, she and Ivy think of a way to get Miguel back in town. Meanwhile, Kay admits to Tabitha that she is worried that Miguel will return to town and jeopardize her relationship with Fox. As Fancy and Noah break up at the hospital, Maya looks on in glee. Meanwhile, Chris and Sheridan start running from Otto and his henchmen.moreless
  • Ep. #1686
    Ep. #1686
    Episode 169
    When Fancy regains consciousness, she demands Noah give her some answers about his past or she will dump him. At Tabitha’s, Kay continues to discuss her dream about Miguel with the witch, while Ivy and Valerie search for Miguel at Crane Industries. At the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, Martin lets Katherine know that he intends on re-committing to Pilar and returns to the mansion. Meanwhile, Pilar asks Paloma if she would rather have her father marry Katherine instead of having them renew their vows. Meanwhile, Otto refuses to make a deal with Chris and Sheridan after announcing he still takes his orders from Alistair.moreless
  • Ep. #1685
    Ep. #1685
    Episode 168
    At home, as Martin gets ready for the renewal ceremony, Katherine shows up and attempts to seduce him, but he turns her down. Theresa continues to spy on Gwen with Collier. Ivy and Valerie are thinking up a plan to break up Kay and Fox. Noah is demanding answers from Maya, but she is resisting his questions. In Hawaii, Chris and Sheridan are on Otto's tail.moreless
  • Ep. #1684
    Ep. #1684
    Episode 167
    At the mansion, Pilar and Martin continue to prepared for their wedding ceremony as Katherine arrives. At once Pilar reminds her to be elsewhere while the cermony is going and she then leaves. When Martin goes back home to get his forgotten tuxedo, he finds a naked Katherine waiting for him, begging him to make love to her. Elsewhere, Gwen is overjoyed about getting the job at Collier's company after interviewing there and happily Theresa spies everything that is going on. When she goes back to the mansion, Pilar isn't too happy about learning that Theresa lied to her and how she is working to break up Ethan's marriage. In Hawaii, Sheridan is disappointed when Chris won't let her go to the compound to save Marty. As they arrive there, Otto is trying to flee.moreless
  • Ep. #1683
    Ep. #1683
    Episode 166
    As Katherine continues to beg Martin to run away with her, comes home to get the shoes that she plans on wearing for the ceremony. Noah and Maya are talking at the hospital and she tells him that "they" want them and everyone dead. Theresa dreams that Ethan comes to her and tells her that his marriage to Gwen is in shambles, much to Theresa surprise and happiness.moreless
  • Ep. #1682
    Ep. #1682
    Episode 165
    On the phone with Mr. Collier, Gwen's future boss, Theresa tells him to hire Gwen so he could have more free time to spend with his wife, and she has to work late, and cause a strain on her marriage to Ethan. At the B&B, Ethan isn't happy about having to stay home while Gwen works. At the mansion, Katherine begs Martin to run away with her and then gives him a kiss. In her room, Kay dreams about being in bed with Miguel as Tabitha spies on her.moreless
  • Ep. #1681
    Ep. #1681
    Episode 164
    In Hawaii, Sheridan and Chris get married, as Kay gets a call from Miguel and Pilar gives Katherine some advice on staying away from Martin. At Crane Industries, Theresa and Kay learn that Miguel won't be coming home for his parents renewal of their vows. At the B&B, Gwen gets a job offer.moreless
  • Ep. #1680
    Ep. #1680
    Episode 163
    Martin and Pilar prepare to renew their vows as Rachel tells Katherine to fight for the man she loves.
  • Ep. #1679
    Ep. #1679
    Episode 162
    In Hawaii, Sheridan and Chris cuddle for a little bit and talk about how Chris is happy that Sheridan accepted his proposal. They then go down to the beach and have a moonlight swim then are entertained by hula dancers by a bonfire. After the dancers leave, Chris and Sheridan sit down by the fire when the goons that beat up Chris show up to say they found Marty and they can take them to him that night. In the hospital, Julian demands that Liz tell him why she was trying to kill him and Alistair when she recounts her story of how it was Alistair, not Julian was the one who raped her that night in his apartment. After telling her story, Liz tries to kill Alistair again, but Julian won't let her and she leaves. After that, Julian starts to talk to Alistair and contemplates killing him but doesn't. While this is going on, Alistair thinks to himself that he will recover from his stroke and make life miserable for Harmony. In another part of the hospital, Fancy continues to ask Noah to level with her about his past with Maya and why this happened to her, but Noah is still not giving her a straight answer. She then gets agitated when Noah tells her how bad her eye is and wants to take the bandage off her eye to see how bad it is. At this point, Noah calls for a doctor to help calm her down and she gets sedated. While this is going on, Maya gets a call from a woman on her phone about what has been going on since she came to Harmony. She then is reluctant to go through the caller's plans for Noah, but ultimately agrees to go continue in order to keep Noah, Fancy, and herself safe. And while all of this going on, Tabitha is spying on all of this on her computer.moreless
  • Ep. #1678
    Ep. #1678
    Episode 161
    Ivy schemes to bring Miguel back to Harmony to break up Kay and Fox. Julian finds Liz in Alistair's room, but doesn't tell Sam. Theresa throws herself in front of Ethan's vehicle to keep him from leaving.
  • Ep. #1677
    Ep. #1677
    Episode 160
    When Ethan continues to refuse Theresa’s job and her offer of being his mistress, soon leaves her office. When he attempts to leave the parking lot, Theresa jumps in front of Ethan’s car to keep him from leaving her life. After spying on Kay and Fox’s date at the Seascape, Tabitha conjures up a babysitter so she can crash their date and expose Fox’s astrologer as a fraud. After Eve, Sam, and Ivy leave Alistair’s room at the hospital, Julian comes across a hiding Liz and demand to know why she was in his father’s room. In Hawaii, after Sheridan accepts Chris’ proposal, they go out and enjoy the evening, with Otto and one of his associates lurking in their shadows.moreless
  • Ep. #1676
    Ep. #1676
    Episode 159
    As lovers are enjoying Valentine's Day, an attempt on Alistair's life is made.
  • Ep. #1675
    Ep. #1675
    Episode 158
    At Crane Industries, Theresa continues to ask Ethan to stay with the company and to leave Gwen for her, but he tells her that he won't leave his wife. She says fine, he could work with her and she could be his mistress. At the hospital, Noah is blaming himself for Fancy's accident and Julian arrives after hearing what happened. Noah wants to tell Fancy the truth about what happened but Maya won't let him. After a little while, Sam comes to question Noah and Maya and after a little questioning, feels that they are not being completely honest with him. After this, Sam, Julian, Ivy, and Eve wonder if this attack has anything to do with the attack on Alistair and the past attack of Julian. While this is going on, Liz sneaks into Alistair's room and taunts him a little. She then pulls the plug and watches him die. In Hawaii, Chris proposes to Sheridan but she tells him she can't accept because she doesn't want anything to take her away from the man she loves and Chris tells her that he'll be patient.moreless
  • Ep. #1674
    Ep. #1674
    Episode 157
    Fox attempts to convince Valerie to stay on at Crane and Kay also encourages her to stay, provided she stops snooping for Ivy. Sheridan believes Chris has betrayed her and decides to tail him. Noah worries that Fancy may lose her eye due to the accident.
  • Ep. #1673
    Ep. #1673
    Episode 156
    Ethan is furious after finding the proof that Theresa is the one who sabotaged his job chances, and Theresa tells him that until he leaves Gwen for her, she will make sure he never gets a job. Noah and the paramedics struggle to pull Fancy from the car at the diner. Sheridan worries that the mob is on the hunt for Marty.moreless
  • Ep. #1672
    Ep. #1672
    Episode 155
    Ethan finds out that Theresa had his job offer recinded as Gwen continues to pack, oblivious to what is going on. Kay and Fox tell their parents about their future plans as Theresa talks to Miguel about coming home. Noah and Fancy face a dangerous situation when a car crashes through the wall of a diner they're in.moreless
  • Ep. #1671
    Ep. #1671
    Episode 154
    Fox and Kay plan to get engaged when the planets realign. Sheridan is shocked to find Chris unconscious outside their door in Hawaii. Theresa resorts to blackmail to keep Ethan at Crane Industries as he and Gwen plan their new life in New York.
  • Ep. #1670
    Ep. #1670
    Episode 153
    Ivy is furious with Theresa for stopping Ethan and Gwen from going to India, but the confrontation leaves Ivy wondering if Theresa really was behind the tabloid revelation years ago, and she goes to Gwen and Rebecca looking for answers. Sheridan is devastated by the thought that all the headway she thought she had made in her search for Marty meant nothing, and hoping to make her feel better, Chris makes the dangerous decision to go to his former business associates to help her out. Fancy is heartbroken when she finds Maya and Noah in the shower together and takes off, and even though Noah is desperate to explain the truth to her, Maya stops him.moreless
  • Ep. #1669
    Ep. #1669
    Episode 152
    Theresa delights in threatening Rebecca with kicking both her and Gwen out of the Crane mansion, and then invites her entire family to move into the mansion with her, but they all refuse, not wanting to live off the Crane money. After realising that Maritn is still in love with Katherine, Paloma warns him not to hurt Pilar by making promises he can't keep. Sheridan and Chris continue to search for Marty in Hawaii and become convinced they will find the answer they're looking for in the tax office. Maya reminds Noah of the consequences that would ensue should he tell Fancy the truth about them.moreless
  • Ep. #1668
    Ep. #1668
    Episode 151
    At Noah's, as Eve is tending to Maya, Noah is asking her if she knows who did this to her, but she says no. While this is going on, Fancy notices how Noah is willing to do anything to protect Maya and walks away unhappy. On the jet, Theresa, Julian, Alistiar's lawyer, Gwen and Ethan are watching with shock the old man's new will, stating that Theresa is in charge. Theresa then tells Gwen and Ethan that they have to do what she wants since she is in charge and since Gwen doesn't want to live under the same roof as Theresa, she says fine go sleep on the runway, but ultimately they go to Sheridan's room at the B&B. Back at the mansion, Theresa tells little Ethan that they'll soon be a family with Ethan and Jane. At the hospital, Rachel and Katherine go visit Alistair and are relieved that he can't cause anymore pain to the people of Harmony, but Alistair thinks to himself that's what they think, he's still causing pain through his will, and the sisters leave. At this point, Pilar and Martin go to the book cafe to see Paloma, but she is downstairs at the moment with Simone. When the come back upstairs, she tells her parents hi and then tells them she has to get back to work. A little while later, Katherine shows up and wants to talk to Martin, and he suggests they do so outside. At this point, Pilar says that she hopes that even though she still has feelings for Katherine, she hopes that Paloma will still come to the ceremony. Paloma then says yes and that she wants everyone involved to be happy. At this Paloma looks outside and sees that Martin and Katherine are hugging.moreless
  • Ep. #1667
    Ep. #1667
    Episode 150
    Not wanting to wait for the ambulance, Noah takes Maya to his house as Fancy goes to get Eve. At the inn as Fox and Kay try to have a romantic evening, Tabitha crashes their dinner to remind Kay about not accepting Fox's proposal. On the Crane Jet, Tabitha and Julian arrive to tell Gwen and Ethan that they can't leave, thanks to Alistair's new will, leaving Theresa in charge. In Hawaii, as Sheridan and Chris are looking for Otto, they don't realise that he is following them.moreless
  • Ep. #1666
    Ep. #1666
    Episode 149
    Sheridan and Chris arrive in Hawaii, Fox and Kay share a romantic evening with Tabitha spying on them. Fancy and Noah have a heart to heart about his feelings for Maya as she is getting attacked on the pier. Theresa tries to stop Ethan and Gwen from leaving the country with Jane.moreless
  • Ep. #1665
    Ep. #1665
    Episode 148
    Maya is alarmed when Noah says he’s going to tell Fancy about their past. Maya counters that she has something very important to discuss with Noah first. At the same time, Fancy talks to Kay about the dissolution of her and Noah’s relationship.
  • Ep. #1664
    Ep. #1664
    Episode 147
    Ivy is furious with Valerie for not telling her that Fox purchased an engagement ring for Kay, which Tabitha spots on Kay's finger. Sheridan and Chris decide to go to Hawaii to track down Otto in the hopes of learning more about Marty. Gwen fantasizes about life in India with Ethan, but can't get Theresa out her her thoughts. Fancy can't help but wonder if Noah is still in love with her ex-girlfriend.moreless
  • Ep. #1663
    Ep. #1663
    Episode 146
    In the nursery, while Theresa is holding Jane, she and Eve talk about her feelings towards Ethan and a mother's love for their children. Downstairs in the living room, Ethan finds Julian and is told that his transfer to India is successful, but he doesn't know how Theresa will take the news. When he goes upstairs to tell Theresa, she starts to cry. In the library, Rachel, Sheridan and Chris are somewhat baffled by some of the clues that they found. At this time, Eve and Julian come in and Eve suggests that Rachel tries hypnosis to remember about Otto and where he might have taken Marty. After the session, they believe that Otto and Marty are in Hawaii. In Noah's room, Fancy is furious at him and demands to know who Maya is and is told that she is someone that Noah new a long time ago. She then starts grilling him about Maya, when and how did he meet her, and Noah told her that they met in college. After talking for a little, he starts to wonder if his secret with Maya is worth lying to Fancy. In her hotel room, Maya looks at a photo of herself and Noah and wonders if their relationship is truly over. She then gets a phone call from a woman if she has made contact with Noah yet and is happy to hear that she has. They then talk about if Maya still has feeling for Noah and she admits she still does. The woman then tells her that if her mission is successful, then she and Noah will live happily ever after. At Tabitha's as she is looking into her bowl, Tabitha isn't happy to see all the activities surrounding Sheridan and Chris and their search for Marty.moreless
  • Ep. #1662
    Ep. #1662
    Episode 145
    As Fancy approaches Noah and Maya, Maya leaves and Fancy asks Noah who he was talking to, and he says no one, and she believes him. They then go to his place and start to make love. Fancy then gets mad when Noah calls out Maya's name. At Pilar and Martin's, Pilar tells him that she would like to renew their vows on the same day as they got married, and Martin agrees to that, and Pilar remembers Katherine and how she vowed she was going to fight for Martin. At the hospital, Chris is telling Alistair that he deserves to die, and Rachel walks in to see Chris with Alistair and they then ask each other as to why they are there, and it's for the same reason. Rachel then remebers some clues to Otto and they go to the mansion to tell Sheridan. At the mansion, Sheridan and Katherine are talking about finding Marty. Katherine then tells her that it is nice that she has someone like Chris to help her through this time. They then start talking about true love and if for Katherine it's Martin, then she should go for it. At the Book Cafe, Simone runs into Paloma and tells her about what happened at the party when Sam comes in, looking for Jessica. They then fear that she went with Spike. After a little while, Paloma and Simone go downstairs to get some supplies and happen along a secret room of Alistair's.moreless
  • Ep. #1661
    Ep. #1661
    Episode 144
    At the mansion, Eve runs into Sheridan and Chris, who are there to look for some clues to the wereabouts of Marty, then all thre go to the library looking for Julian. In the library, Theresa refuses to believe what Julian is saying about having lost Ethan for good. When Sheridan and the others arrive, they hear what Theresa is saying and Sheridan says that the events must be fate's way to tell Theresa that she doesn't belong with Ethan. At hearing this, Theresa can't believe that Sheridan said that and leaves.The others then start talking about the killer and Julian says that the Crane security is increased around the mansion since the attack. Sheridan then worries that if Alistiar dies, any chances of finding Marty will die as well. Chris then leaves to go see the old man at the hospital. Fancy is also at the hospital, and is telling Alistair that she fears that Noah is hiding something that he doesn't want to tell her and then leaves. At Tabitha's, as Fox continues to sleep on the chair, Kay tries on the engagement ring and ultimately is unable to get it off of her finger, as Tabitha continues to tell Kay that her relationship with Fox is doomed. After he wakes up, he tells Kay that he planned a romantic night at an inn with her. On a dark pier, Noah is asking Maya why she is in Harmony, and she lies, saying that she still loves him and that she followed him to town. While they are talking, Fancy happens to come upon where they are on the pier and wonders why they are talking there.moreless
  • Ep. #1660
    Ep. #1660
    Episode 143
    Theresa attacks Julian after Gwen tells her that he is the one who made it possible for Ethan to get the job overseas. Noah is shocked to see Maya, but later the two remember the good times they had together. Fancy visits her grandfather in the hospital.
  • Ep. #1659
    Ep. #1659
    Episode 142
    At Tabitha's Kay tries to hide from Fox so he can't propose. Noah is surprised that Maya is in Harmony. As Sheridan, Chris, and Julian search for Otto, Ethan comes into the library to request a transfer to another Crane Industry office. Theresa and Gwen have a standoff in the nursery.moreless
  • Ep. #1658
    Ep. #1658
    Episode 141
    At Pilar and Martin's, Katherine tells Pilar she will no longer consider Pilar's feelings and start pursue Martin's affections away from her as she is ordered out of the house. At the Seascape, Kay and Fox are enjoying their romantic dinner as Tabitha tries to derail Fox's plan of proposing. After she is able to get Kay away from the table, Tabitha is able to make Kay remember their conversation before leaving and they start stalling Fox's plans.moreless
  • Ep. #1657
    Ep. #1657
    Episode 140
    As Tabitha continues to tell Kay to become engaged to Fox before the planets realign, Fox comes in to pop the question. At the mansion, Julian and Katherine talk about true love and Sheridan and Chris are still looking for Otto and get a lead from Rachel. Pilar starts to plan her and Martin's renewing of their vows.moreless
  • Ep. #1656
    Ep. #1656
    Episode 139
    At Tabitha's she tells Kay that she can't get engaged to Fox as he picks an engagement ring for her. At the hospital, Eve tells the group there that Alistair had a stroke and Ethan tells Gwen that they can move to another town to get away from Theresa.
  • Ep. #1655
    Ep. #1655
    Episode 138
    At Crane Industries, Fox is acting like a love sick puppy, leaving the work of reassuring investors of Alistair's health to Valerie. At Tabitha's, Kay sees some surprising visions in Tabitha's bowl and Eve has some bad news about Alistair's health.
  • Ep. #1654
    Ep. #1654
    Episode 137
    At Tabitha's Kay begs Tabitha to turn back time to before she confessed to Fox. Sheridan continues to search for Otto with Rachel's help. Alistair still is trying to name his attacker.
  • Ep. #1653
    Ep. #1653
    Episode 136
    As Kay tells Fox her secret, Sheridan starts looking for Otto and Alistair gets ready to say who attacked him.
  • Ep. #1652
    Ep. #1652
    Episode 135
    As everyone is around Alistair, Rachel tries to kill Alistair, Tabitha arrives home to find Endora wreaking havoc on the baby sitter, and everyone hopes that when Alistair recovers, that he won't reveal their secrets.
  • Ep. #1651
    Ep. #1651
    Episode 134
    Rachel talks about her time as a prisoner. Spike and Sam fight. Theresa tries to find proof against Gwen and Rebeca. Kay and Noah admit they have secrets to one another. Alistair wakes up.
  • Ep. #1650
    Ep. #1650
    Episode 133
    Fancy tries to show Noah that although Alistair may have a reputation, he has always been a wonderful grandfather to her. Theresa taunts Gwen, telling her that Ethan will never forgive her for sending the information to the tabloids. Eve tells Julian about the attempt on Alistair's life.
  • Ep. #1649
    Ep. #1649
    Episode 132
    T.C. tells Simone that Rae was paid by Alistair to seduce her, convinced that this will turn Simone straight again, but Simone tells her father that she's always been a lesbian. A disgusted T.C. slaps his daughter across the face. Rebecca suggests killing Theresa to get her out of their way, but Gwen isn't willing to resort to murder, and suggests they search the mansion to find out what Alistair has on them that Theresa was willing to marry him to get. Fox and Sam nearly discover Kay and Ivy talking about Ivy's scheme to destroy Grace and Sam and the role Kay played in it. Katherine, Sheridan and the others search the house and find a sobbing Rachel in the attic.moreless
  • Ep. #1648
    Ep. #1648
    Episode 131
    As Eve works to save Alistair, his party guests continue to remember their last meeting with the old man. Sheridan then starts to reflect a little bit and shares her thoughts with her mother, saying she's a killer for stabbing Rachel. As she listening in, Rachel begins to think that she's taken her plans of revenge to far and goes up to the attic to think, as Eve was able to get Alistair in a stable condition for the moment. At hearing this, Sam says that once he wakes up, Alistair will point to his attacker.moreless
  • Ep. #1647
    Ep. #1647
    Episode 130
    At the party, Fancy begs everyone to help her grandfather, but they are reluctant to help the old man for what he has done to them in the past. Eventually Eve goes to help him and pronounces him dead. A little while later, Fancy remembers that Alistair has a lot of hospital equipment in the mansion and asks Julian and Noah to help, and they reluctantly agree to help. As Eve works to save Alistair, the party guests all remember their run-ins with Alistair that night before he got stabbed in the back. While all of this is going on, Rachel watches from outside.moreless
  • Ep. #1646
    Ep. #1646
    Episode 129
    When the woman in white reveals herself to Alistair, he is horrified to see it is the only woman he loved, Rachel, who soon tells him that she is back to kill him. In the meantime, Mrs. Wallace and Norma are able to break out of their ornament and rush to the Crane mansion to find Tabitha. Before arriving at the mansion, ever clock in the mansion begin chiming at midnight and the lights go out, causing the party guests to begin panicking. Not long after the lights come on again, Simone finds T.C. and Eve to introduce them to Rae. Meanwhile, Alistair begins running from Rachel, who soon follows with her knife as Mrs. Wallace and Norma find Tabitha. She soon is able to convince them to leave by telling them violence will soon ensue at the mansion and they could be blamed for it if they stay. After Mrs. Wallace and Norma leaves, Alistair staggers into the living room, with a knife in his back, soon followed by the party goers, who went there to search for their loved ones. When they see the knife in the old man’s back, everyone has looks of shock on their faces.moreless
  • Ep. #1645
    Ep. #1645
    Episode 128
    Upon their rescue from Jane’s nursery, Theresa, Gwen, Noah, and Ethan begin searching for Alistair, in order to give the old man a piece of their minds, with Fancy tagging along, defending the old man. In the library however, Sheridan, Katherine, Martin and Pilar found Alistair and confront him about his actions toward everybody at the mansion, with the old man admitting he had both Antonio and Luis killed. Fox, Sam, and Ivy soon arrive to the mansion to look for Jessica, only to see her tied up to a bed with Spike threatening to kill her. When T.C. and Liz arrive at Sam’s they are surprised to find an empty house and a video of Simone with Rae and a message from Alistair about how he had Rae seduce Simone, causing T.C. and Liz resulting in the couple rushing to the mansion. When Alistair’s guests arrive at the mansion, he has ready for them to meet him in the living room to tell him what they think of him. As Alistair gets ready to leave the library to confront the partygoers, he gets a shock of a lifetime when the woman in white reveals her identity.moreless
  • Ep. #1644
    Ep. #1644
    Episode 127
    As everyone is agreeing on not going to Alistair's party, a storm is starting to brew.
  • Ep. #1643
    Ep. #1643
    Episode 126
    In his study, Alistair is fuming that Noah was released from jail and is looking at the gift that the woman in white left him and thinks that it isn't possible for her to be there since she's dead. As he sits at his desk pondering what is going on, Fancy comes in and thanks him for letting Noah out of jail and he take the credit for letting him out. As she is watching, the woman is saying that the lies are just pouring out of his mouth and he has to pay for them. Meanwhile, Alistair tells Fancy that she should invite Noah to the murder is announced party and she reluctantly agrees to. At Tabitha's, Fox, Kay and the girls are outside enjoying themselves when Chris, James, and Sheridan come over and spend some time having a snowball fight as Tabitha is cleaning up her house. She then sees in her bowl that at the party at the Crane mansion there's going to be fireworks, she couldn't be more thrilled. Elsewhere, as Jessica is taking out the garbage, she runs into Spike and he tells her that they need to talk and then walk away. At the hospital, Gwen and Ethan ask Theresa to leave when she arrives to explain what she did and Pilar arrives to see what is going on and Gwen tells her and then she tries to get her to leave as well.moreless
  • Ep. #1642
    Ep. #1642
    Episode 125
    While Chad and Whitney open their Christmas presents, they share a kiss, but she soon tells him that what they’re doing is wrong, and quickly gives Miles a hug before leaving the studio. After proclaiming their love for one another, Sheridan and Chris make love at the B&B. While visiting with Ethan at the hospital, Gwen tells him about how Theresa poisoned the guacamole that he ate, hoping Ethan will get mad at Theresa, but is surprised when he defends Theresa’s actions. While Alistair visits Judge Reilly about how he released Noah from jail, he gets nervous when the judge tells him about the woman in white forcing him into it. After he leaves, Alistair returns to the mansion, only to be followed by the woman, and becomes furious at the thought of someone toying with him. While at Pilar’s, Theresa tells her mother her intention of visiting Ethan at the hospital, only to have Pilar try to talk her out of it. She soon leaves; intent on seeing Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #1641
    Ep. #1641
    Episode 124
    While Alistair is in his study, his secretary brings in the newspaper with the "Murder is Announced" advertisement, ultimately making him furious. While Noah is still behind bars, Fancy brings a little bit of Christmas to him. After Fr. Lonigan finishes his sermon, Ethan's family and friends gather around him while Spike looks on, plotting his revenge on Jessica. The woman in white soon visits Judge Reilly to have him release Noah. Meanwhile, Whitney is opening presents with Miles and Chad at the recording studio as Sheridan and Chris share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #1640
    Ep. #1640
    Episode 123
    As Simone, Paloma, and Roberto clean up Jessica for Midnight Mass, Mrs. Wallace and Norma realize Tabitha is at the tree lighting and rush to the town park. Later, as Fr. Lonigan begins mass, Gwen receives a Christmas miracle when Ethan comes into the church.
  • Ep. #1639
    Ep. #1639
    Episode 122
    While on their way to Harmony, Norma and Mrs. Wallace get stopped by the police for driving their sleigh down the highway. When the cop goes to check their story, they soon flee and make it to Tabitha’s house. Meanwhile, having second thoughts about leaving Harmony, Tabitha decides to stay in town and stand up to Norma and Mrs. Wallace. She soon heads to the tree lighting and finds Endora enchanting the town’s Christmas tree to make it rotate and sparkle. As they arrive at Tabitha’s, Norma and Mrs. Wallace see on the television that Tabitha is at the tree lighting. Alistair soon arrives at the police station to bail out Fancy and Theresa, leaving Noah behind. With Ethan back at the hospital, Gwen decides to take him off of life support.moreless
  • Ep. #1638
    Ep. #1638
    Episode 121
    As Jessica is working on the streets, Simone, Paloma, and Roberto look on, wondering how they can get her away from Spike. Paloma then suggests Roberto buy her for the evening. When he approaches Spike however, he is hesitant to let Jessica go with him, but eventually takes Roberto’s money. Out in the park, Sheridan tells Chris and James that she can’t wait for the tree lighting, so she can share the experience with them. At Tabitha’s, she has her bags packed and is ready to go to Paris when Endora asks why she can’t go with her mother. After explaining, Tabitha takes Endora over to Sam’s, so Kay can watch her after she leaves town. At the Crane mansion, Gwen and a pair of FBI agents arrive to arrest Theresa, Noah, and Fancy, and to take Ethan back to the hospital. After being read her rights, Theresa begs Gwen to not kill Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #1637
    Ep. #1637
    Episode 120
    Upon their escape from the mental hospital, Norma and Mrs. Wallace find a horse-drawn sleigh, and soon decide to steal it from Santa. While they start on their journey to Harmony, Tabitha hears on the news that Norma and Mrs. Wallace escaped. Thinking that the duo will be caught before arriving in Harmony, Tabitha tries convincing herself that she has nothing to worry about, but ultimately decide to leave town. Next door, Kay looks for her father so they can talk. Only finding Ivy there, she is soon confronted by her about her feelings for Fox. While out buying the Christmas tree, Sam ask Fox about his relationship with Kay and if he thinks they will get back together. While at the Crane mansion, Gwen takes the call from the deputies at the Crane’s cabin and tells them to follow Fancy’s wishes of privacy. The FBI soon arrive at the mansion with the salesman who sold Theresa the ambulance and soon begin suspecting Theresa and Ethan are at the cabin with Fancy and Noah and soon rush up there to save Ethan and arrest Noah, Theresa, and Fancy.moreless
  • Ep. #1636
    Ep. #1636
    Episode 119
    During their asylum’s Christmas pageant, the security guard asks Norma and Mrs. Wallace where they’re going while they are trying to make a break for it. They are soon taken to back to where the program is going on and ultimately decide to do their own act, which causes a riot and escape. At her house, Tabitha tries to get Endora to reverse the love spell she put on Kay and Fox, but to no avail. While Tabitha is trying to talk sense into her daughter, Sam happily tells Ivy about Kay and Fox getting back together, much to her displeasure. Outside the cabin, the deputies call the Crane mansion to ask if someone knows about Fancy and Noah using the cabin, while Theresa continues trying to bring Ethan back to the land of the living.moreless
  • Ep. #1635
    Ep. #1635
    Episode 118
    At the B&B, as Chris draws a bath for Sheridan, they share a kiss. Mrs. Wallace and Norma break out of the psychiatric hospital. At Tabitha's, Kay is still asking Tabitha why can't she cast a love spell for Fox and her as Fox tells Sam and Ivy about how Kay broke up with him and Kay goes over to her father's house to cry about her problems. At the Crane cabin, the two cops aren't buying Fancy and Noah's story, but have to leave because they don't have a search warrant. Once they're outside, Theresa and Noah thank her for covering for them and Fancy slaps Theresa, saying that it is her fault that Ethan is there. Outside, the cops find the cars with the slashed tires.moreless
  • Ep. #1634
    Ep. #1634
    Episode 117
    At the Christmas fair in the park, Spike’s plan is put in motion when the three girls accuse Simone of touching them. A fight soon breaks out, only to be broken up by T.C., Julian, and Eve. After the girls run away, T.C. doesn’t believe Simone when she tells them what happened and accuses her of being a predator. As Chris, James, and Sheridan are enjoying their time together, Tabitha and Endora watch them ice skate. They soon cause the ice to break so Chris can save Sheridan, with Tabitha reasoning that she just helped push them together, instead of using a spell. While this is happening, pair of sheriff deputies arrives at the Crane cabin and begin questioning Noah and Fancy about whether they saw Theresa and Ethan, only to be told that Fancy and Noah are up there without Alistair knowing, because of the old man's disapproval of Noah.moreless
  • Ep. #1633
    Ep. #1633
    Episode 116
    As the new day is starting at the Crane Cabin, Fancy has a dream about having a romantic weekend at the cabin with Noah. She soon wakes up and realizes she is there with Noah, Theresa, and Ethan. After giving Noah a hard time for helping Theresa, Fancy soon decide to go outside to change the slashed tires on her car so she can go get help. Back in Harmony, Sheridan is on the phone with Gwen, giving her hope that they will find Ethan soon. After getting off the phone, she and Chris take James to see Santa, where they soon run into Tabitha and Endora, who is enjoying the decorations, much to the horror of Tabitha. While on the pier, Simone gets Jessica away from Spike and eventually goes to the park where all the Christmas festivities are. Spike soon arrives with revenge on his mind. He then finds three girls and asks them to start a fight with Simone and Jessica.moreless
  • Ep. #1632
    Ep. #1632
    Episode 115
    At the B&B, Sheridan goes downstairs to lament her loss of Luis and Marty. Chris soon comes downstairs to comfort her and ultimately share a dance. Inside Fox's office, he and Valerie are able to fix the problems in the Singapore project. After finishing their work, Fox makes a coffee and donut run at the Book Cafe. Not long after he gets back to his office, he finds Kay there, with Valerie pretending Kay is attacking her. Tabitha, Endora, and Maria soon arrive to help her out when she demands answers for their kissing. She soon is reassured that nothing happened between them, that Valerie was just helping Fox get the project back in order. As Noah is trying to reason with Fancy regarding Theresa and Ethan, Theresa thinks Ethan is coming out of his coma when she sees his hand move.moreless
  • Ep. #1631
    Ep. #1631
    Episode 114
    At Sam's, he lights some candles as a vigil to all the children out in the world that are in tough spots right now. Ivy then walks over to him and says that is a loving gesture he is doing and then they talk about their children and what Theresa did to Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #1630
    Ep. #1630
    Episode 113
    As she is fuming about what Theresa did to Ethan at Sam's house, she notices that Valerie is at Tabitha's house and pleased that she is there to break up Fox and Kay. Inside Tabitha's house, she is telling Endora that it looks like her spell is working on Fox. Upstairs, Kay admits to Fox that she turned off his phones so they could have some time together, making him mad. He then gets changed to go to the office to help Valerie with what's going on. Back outside, Ivy commends Valerie for getting Fox away from Kay, even if it's for the night. At the B&B, Chris and Sheridan finish up their warm homemaking moment and then she plans what they're going to be doing the next day. Chris then goes upstairs to check on James and then tired out, falls asleep. When Noah arrives at the cabin, he finds a frantic Theresa and starts performing CPR on Ethan as Fancy walks into the cabin. Not too long after, Noah is able to get Ethatn breathing again. When he walks out of the bedroom, he is surprised to find Fancy there and she demands to know what he is doing there. Eventually she realizes that Noah is there with Ethan and Theresa and tries to call the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #1629
    Ep. #1629
    Episode 112
    In Eve's office, Liz and Julian again plea their cases when Eve returns. When Valerie can't get a hold of Fox, she goes over to Tabitha's house to tell him about the crisis at the office. At the psychiatric hospital, Mrs. Wallace and Norma make a call to Tabitha to be ready for them to stop by and then go make plans to escape. At the Crane cabin, as Theresa gives Ethan a sponge bath, he starts to code and she doesn't know what to do and is wondering when Noah will be returning. As Noah is getting supplies, he is oblivious to Fancy following him and them goes back to his car to return to the cabin. As she starts to follow him up the mountains, she thinks that he's enjoying himself with some ski bunny and then hears an announcement that Theresa had help to kidnap Ethan and she thinks that whoever helped her should end up in prison for a long time.moreless
  • Ep. #1628
    Ep. #1628
    Episode 111
    In the park, Sam and Spike continue fighting as Jessica watches on. Eventually the fight breaks up and Jessica goes off with Spike, but not before saying she hates her father. Ivy calls Valerie to find out how things are going at work with Fox. When she is told that Fox went with Kay to help look for Ethan, she isn't thrilled. Ivy then tells her to get him back to work soon, create a crisis or something to get Fox away from Kay and then hangs up the phone.moreless
  • Ep. #1627
    Ep. #1627
    Episode 110
    In the park, Jessica starts to lash out at Sam for not caring about her but Sam tells her that isn't true. At this point, Spike walks up and starts to heckle him and eggs Sam on that he only cares about Ethan as long as he has his mother in his bed, and calls Ivy Sam's prostitute, causing Sam to finally attack Spike.moreless
  • Ep. #1626
    Ep. #1626
    Episode 109
    In the hospital as everyone is waiting for Father Lonigan to perform last rites for Ethan, Chris professes his love to Sheridan, but she doesn't seem to happy, with how she just lost Luis and Marty. While this is going on, Theresa and Noah arrive at the hospital and kidnap Ethan. When Gwen and the rest of her family go back to Ethan's room to get ready for the sacrament, they are shocked to find his room empty and when Eve tells them that there was a patient fitting Ethan's description being taken out of the hospital by ambulance, and Theresa is the suspect, Gwen wants to see Theresa and the man who helped her arrested. While this is going on, in Eve's office, Liz is still throwing herself at Julian and tells him that if he doesn't make love to her, then she will kill Eve, but he refuses. Liz then starts to kiss him as a shocked Eve walks through the door. As Jessica's counseling session ends, she is told by the doctor that the next time she comes, to be sure to bring her dad since he will be a big help in her recovery. At this time, Spike shows up and starts to spend some time with her and they go for a walk in the park and he then tells her that she should get back to work on the street and makes her dress shorter. At this point, Sam shows up and asks her what happened to her clothes and where has she been.moreless
  • Ep. #1625
    Ep. #1625
    Episode 108
    Ethan's friends and family gather in the hospital chapel to say a final goodbye to him. Theresa and Noah purchase an ambulance so that can kidnap Ethan. Valerie is shocked to realize that Kay is on to her. Fancy reads Fox the riot act, not only on putting work before Kay and Maria, but also on being at work rather than with Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #1624
    Ep. #1624
    Episode 107
    The plug is pulled on Ethan as per his wishes, but Ivy can't bear the thought of losing her son and demands that he be plugged back in. Eve runs another round of tests, but when the results come back the same as before, Gwen prepares to follow through with Ethan's wishes. Theresa tries to convince Noah to help her kidnap Ethan, and he finally agrees when she asks him to imagine Fancy in the position that Ethan is in now. Thanks to Valerie's manipulations, Fox takes Kay off the Singapore project and assigns her to plan the Christmas party.moreless
  • Ep. #1623
    Ep. #1623
    Episode 106
    Simone goes to see Aunt Irma to wish her a happy birthday and hands her a present. Simone tells her that she gets discriminated against because she is a lesbian. At hearing this, Aunt Irma lashes out at her and tells her leave and never come back to see her. Irma then goes on to tell her that she is just like her mother and her aunt Liz. Simone then leaves in tears, thinking that no one loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #1622
    Ep. #1622
    Episode 105
    At Tabitha's as Kay is spending time with Maria, they are still talking about the spell on Fox when Simone comes over to talk to Kay. Kay then tells her about her problems at work, and then seeing that Simone has something talk about, she asks what's wrong, then Simone starts to tell her about her family problems and how T.C. hates her and he isn't talking to her, when Kay asks why. Realizing that Kay doesn't know about her being gay, she tells her and how her father exploded when he found out and how her life is in chaos.moreless
  • Ep. #1621
    Ep. #1621
    Episode 104
    At the Crane mansion, Alistair informs Theresa that Gwen already signed the papers to take Ethan off of life support. Theresa then leaves the room and vows to get some one to help her. After she left, Alistair's goons bring Spike in to talk. He tells Spike to destroy the Bennetts now or he'll pay. Alistair's goons then leave with Spike and then he leave them and goes for a walk on the pier to think.moreless
  • Ep. #1620
    Ep. #1620
    Episode 103
    At Tabitha's, Fox and Kay's families are enjoying Thanksgiving dinner until Endora zaps a Turkey Pinata to life, causing chaos and making everybody flee for safety. At the psychiatric hospital, Norma and Mrs. Wallace plot their escape to go terrorize Tabitha.
  • Ep. #1619
    Ep. #1619
    Episode 102
    Fancy tries to stop Esmé from seducing Noah, and Esmé ends up pulling a gun on her. Tabitha is able to keep Endora from finding out that Thanksgiving is the next day until, alone with Maria, Endora zaps the television on. Mrs. Wallace is committed to the institution after claiming that Alistair Crane fathered her daughter. Theresa tells Gwen she'll be a killer if she follows the terms laid out in Ethan's living will, but Gwen reminds Theresa that she's the reason Ethan is lying there in the first place. She goes back to the mansion to hold Jane and pray over whether or not to do as Ethan has asked. Theresa vows to Ethan that she will kill Gwen if Gwen tries to follow his living will.moreless
  • Ep. #1618
    Ep. #1618
    Episode 101
    Esmé returns to the hotel in Harmony with revenge against Noah and Fancy on her mind. At the hospital, Gwen continues to fight with Theresa in Ethan's room when Whitney comes in, hearing the fighting and breaks the fight up. Eve then comes in and tells them that Ethan is in a irreversible coma. At Tabitha's, she, Fox, and Kay discuss having their families over for a Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate Sam and Ivy's engagement, with Tabitha not liking the idea, with what Endora did at the previous one. As Paloma and Roberto get ready to leave the club, the cops come in saying that everybody has to freeze because they're doing a drug raid and arrest them and take them down to the station after they dump the drugs and try to leave. At Pilar and Martin's, she is getting the china out for Thanksgiving dinner when they get a call from a frightened Paloma to come and help her at the Police station.moreless
  • Ep. #1617
    Ep. #1617
    Episode 100
    Paloma and Roberto apologize for Beth calling Sheridan on her cell phone.
    At the club, Paloma is a little nervous about getting caught, but Roberto tells her to relax. Esmé realizes that Fancy tricked her and rushes back to Harmony to get even with her. Eve tells Julian that the test results aren't in yet, and it's her fault for giving Theresa the drugs. Julian has a shocking memory of raping Liz. There is a guard posted on Ethan's room to keep Theresa away from him. Alistair hits the panic button after seeing the woman in white. Gwen is furious to find that Theresa has snuck into Ethan's room.moreless
  • Ep. #1616
    Ep. #1616
    Episode 99
    Noah and Fancy have a heart to heart in the hotel tub, while Ivy and Sam hold a vigil over Ethan's bed. On the pier, Fox and Kay run into the woman in white, and Chris and Sheridan spend some time together on the beach talking about her conversation with Beth, while Tabitha and Endora witness all of this in their cauldron.moreless
  • Ep. #1615
    Ep. #1615
    Episode 98
    Esmé goes on and on to Fancy and Noah about her ex-boyfriend, Lord Sarni, who had a dragon of a mother and a horrible stutter. Theresa comes to Alistair and begs him to do whatever he has to in order to break the law and keep Gwen from enacting Ethan's living will. Sheridan has a vision of Luis on the beach, telling her to move on with her life.moreless
  • Ep. #1614
    Ep. #1614
    Episode 97
    Ivy and Sam follow Theresa to the hospital to beg Gwen not to follow Ethan's wishes, and Theresa tries to cuddle with the comatose Ethan, much to Gwen's annoyance. Beth called to leave a message for Sheridan but after being told she was out on a date, called the Seascape to berate her for forgetting about Marty and Luis so quickly. Fancy storms out of the Seascape after it seems to her that Noah isn't at all effected by the dance that they shared. Paloma is furious with Roberto after he makes it clear to her that a woman's place is pregnant and in the kitchen. Liz tells Julian that because of what he did to her, she had to have an operation and could never have children.moreless
  • Ep. #1613
    Ep. #1613
    Episode 96
    Endora's fairy tale ended before Prince Foxworth could choose between his mother and Princess Kay. Fox was confused, but Tabitha and Kay convinced him that he had fallen asleep while reading to Endora and dreamed the whole thing. Ivy and Sam call Fox and Kay over to tell them about their engagement. While Sheridan and Chris are out to dinner they run into Fancy, Noah and Esmé, as back at the house, Roberto and Paloma take a call from Beth. Gwen considers Theresa's pleas to ignore Ethan's wishes, but finally says that she has to do what Ethan wanted, which was not to keep him alive by machine.moreless
  • Ep. #1612
    Ep. #1612
    Episode 95
    Fancy and Noah argue over his flirting with Esmé. Endora's fairy tale continues as Prince Foxworth searches for his beloved Princess Kay. Sam wants to set a wedding date with Ivy, and asks her to try to get along better with his children. Paloma and Roberto babysit James while Sheridan and Chris enjoy a night out. Gwen finds Ethan's living will, in which he asks not to be kept alive on life support, and Theresa tries to encourage her to destroy it.moreless
  • Ep. #1611
    Ep. #1611
    Episode 94
    At Sam's, Ivy is looking at old pictures of Ethan when Sam comes into the room as she starts to condemn Theresa for putting Ethan in the hospital. At this, Sam tells her that he hopes that she knows that what happened was a tragic accident. Ivy then goes on to apologize for not telling Sam sooner that Ethan was actually his son, but he tells her not to worry, he's not mad. They then start talking about all the problems that have kept them apart in the past and how now Kay and Jessica aren't liking her and then tells her he has a question he wants to ask, but isn't sure if it was the right time to ask, with Ethan in the hospital. Ivy then asks if the question is what she thinks he wants to ask, and he says yes and then proposes. An excited Ivy then accepts the marriage proposal and puts the ring on her finger and then they share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #1610
    Ep. #1610
    Episode 93
    Fancy is dreaming about Noah sneaking into her room and getting in bed with her when an old friend calls her up and asks what she's up to. Her friend Esme wants to know why she hasn't seen her around all the fashion runways the past few months when Fancy tells her she's been laying low in Harmony because of a guy that she's no longer interested in. Esme then tells her to come pick her up at her hotel so they could go do some shopping at some of the good stores in town and then they could go to a restaurant opening in New York.moreless
  • Ep. #1609
    Ep. #1609
    Episode 92
    Kay almost catches Valerie and Ivy hiding in the closet. Fox gets a call from the Tokyo office, who is upset about the virus they were sent, and who takes away some of her work load after a chat with Ivy. Sheridan begs Chris to stay and asks if he really loves her, but he tells her that it's too soon for her after losing Luis and that if he stays, it's only as her friend. After narrowly escaping a run-in with Gwen and Rebecca, Theresa climbs into bed with a comatose Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #1608
    Ep. #1608
    Episode 91
    Spike takes off after he loses his fight with Noah, and Paloma and Simone take Jessica home. Ivy and Valerie upload the virus to the company's mainframe. Alistair lies to Fancy that Noah is fine. Theresa talks to a comatose Ethan about the life they will have together and all the kids she will give to him while the mystery woman watches. Sheridan tries to convince Chris that he and James can now return to Harmony.moreless
  • Ep. #1607
    Ep. #1607
    Episode 90
    Spike threatens Noah, Paloma and Simone. Kay and Fox end their romantic evening with a tickle fight. Ivy wants Valerie to hack into Kay's computer and sabotage her. Dressed up as a cleaning lady, Theresa is able to get into Ethan's room to see him while Gwen and Rebecca are out of the room. Sheridan is able to tell Chris about the hitman in time for he, James, and the agent to duck before the hitman shoots.moreless
  • Ep. #1606
    Ep. #1606
    Episode 89
    At a seedy hotel, Paloma and Simone are waiting for Jessica and her john to show up so they can spy on them to see if Jessica is really killing the johns. After they're spying on her for a little bit, Spike comes up from behind them with a gun and takes them to a shed and locks them in. Meanwhile, the john starts getting rough and hits Jessica and she then blacks out. While Simone and Paloma are working on getting out of the shed, Jessica goes into the bathroom and washes blood off of her hands. They then break into Jessica's room and asks what happened, when Jessica comes out of a trance and says that she hates what the johns do to her and then has a flashback to washing the blood off her hands and says that she really is killing the johns.moreless
  • Ep. #1605
    Ep. #1605
    Episode 88
    Rebecca, Gwen and Ivy are relieved when the police read Theresa her rights, and once Sam learns what has happened he is equally angry. Alistair manages to save Theresa from getting arrested. He finally manipulates her into leaving the hospital by making veiled threats against Little Ethan. Chris finally convinces Sheridan to stay in Harmony by reminding her that if she leaves town with them, she has no chance of ever seeing Marty again. She then heads to be with Gwen at the hospital. Simone and Paloma follow a drugged up Jessica as she looks for a trick to prove for themselves that she isn't killing the johns.moreless
  • Ep. #1604
    Ep. #1604
    Episode 87
    Valerie is thrilled to overhear an argument between Fox and Kay. Chad and Valerie are upset when Fox wins the first challenge. Sheridan continues to beg Chris to let her go with him, but he loves her too much. Ivy and Pilar are shocked to hear that Theresa tried to poison Ethan, and Ivy threatens her.moreless
  • Ep. #1603
    Ep. #1603
    Episode 86
    Paloma begins to wonder if she and Roberto are doing the right thing. Simone is furious with Eve for telling T.C. that she is a lesbian. Julian warns Theresa that she's only making things worse for herself by being at the hospital. Sheridan begs Chris to let her leave with him, but he loves her too much to make her give up her life. Ivy and Sam spy on Noah and Fancy, hoping the two will give their relationship another chance.moreless
  • Ep. #1602
    Ep. #1602
    Episode 85
    T.C. accuses Simone of trying to come on to Jessica. Sam feels bad that he and Ivy only have apples to hand out because he forgot it was Halloween. Eve and the hospital staff try desperately to save James. Gwen reluctantly agrees with Rebecca that she won't say anything about Theresa poisoning the guacamole, not realizing that Ethan was the unintentional victim.moreless
  • Ep. #1601
    Ep. #1601
    Episode 84
    Sam tries to get more information from Jessica about the john's murder. Sheridan and Chris desperately try to save young James after he is hit by a drunk driver. When T.C. queries Eve about a website for parents of gay and lesbian children, she tells him about Simone. Theresa continues to try to force Alistair to eat the poisoned guacamole, but Ethan ends up eating most of it.moreless
  • Ep. #1600
    Ep. #1600
    Episode 83
    At a seedy hotel, Spike is telling Jessica to get to work, but she feels uncomfortable with what happened with the other johns she was with, making Spike say too bad. When they get to the guy's room, Spike tells the guy that once he pays for their time together, he can grope Jessica all he wants. After turning her tricks for the john, Jessica tries to leave, but the guy tells her he still has some time left before she can go. At this, she takes some drugs and passes out. When she comes to, Jessica finds the john dead, a result of a stab wound. She then calls Simone to come and help her.moreless
  • Ep. #1599
    Ep. #1599
    Episode 82
    Inside with Luis' coffin, his family is saying there last good-byes when Alistair comes up from behind Sheridan and asks her why is she so sad when they start arguing, causing Alistair to slap Sheridan. At this, Chris gets out of the pew and decks Alistair.
  • Ep. #1598
    Ep. #1598
    Episode 81
    Ethan wants to know if Theresa has really been trying to kill Alistair and she assures him that she has, and she will continue to try to kill him until she succeeds. Alistair appoints Fancy as the Director of Designs at Crane Industries, then sets Chad and Fox up to continue to clash with each other. Chris brings James by to see Sheridan because the boy was missing her, and she reads him a book before making them all breakfast. Sam and Noah are furious as Simone explains to them what Spike has been doing to Jessica. Kay is saddened when Fox pulls away from her, but happy that he will win the contest.moreless
  • Ep. #1597
    Ep. #1597
    Episode 80
    At Tabitha's house, Fox and Kay are in bed, getting ready to make love when he gets an idea that will help with current project. Feeling dejected, Kay goes downstairs and bemoans to Tabitha about the spell that she used. After a few hours, Fox comes downstairs and Kay suggests that they go out for pizza and look at the stars. Fox then criticizes her for that idea, because he tells her he has tons of work to do.moreless
  • Ep. #1596
    Ep. #1596
    Episode 79
    At home, Jessica wants Spike to leave, she then goes on to tell him that she wants to start fresh at home and go to college. However, Spike starts to blackmail her to get her to come home with him. After Sam comes home, he goes upstairs to tell her good night and how happy he is that she is back home. Spike then says that this is reminding him about a scene in The Waltons and tells her that if she doesn't go with him, he will tell the cops that she killed the two johns. Not wanting the truth to come out, Jessica agrees with Spike.moreless
  • Ep. #1595
    Ep. #1595
    Episode 78
    On the pier, Jessica and Simone are eating ice cream and remembering how happy they were when they were younger. Simone then asks Jessica if the life that she was living with Spike was what she always wanted, and if she fells guilty for possibly killing those johns, maybe she should confess to Father Lonigan. She then goes on to tell Jessica that maybe she didn't kill the john, maybe Alistair did and let her think that she was guilty when she regained consciousness by his dead body. As they walk back to Jessica's, she and Simone part ways and Jessica goes upstairs to go to bed, only to find Spike in her bed.moreless
  • Ep. #1594
    Ep. #1594
    Episode 77
    Tabitha and Kay are talking about how Tabitha wasn't able to reverse the spell because she didn't have enough of a certain ingredient. Kay then tells her that she is happy that she didn't and promises that she won't change her mind again about the spell.
  • Ep. #1593
    Ep. #1593
    Episode 76
    Fox tells Kay how much he loves her and that he can't believe that Alistair changed his will. Luis' wake is going on and Pilar is still not able to believe that Alistair killed another of her sons and Theresa walks in and says that he'll take care of Alistair. Paloma then asks Ethan how could Theresa marry Alistair.moreless
  • Ep. #1592
    Ep. #1592
    Episode 75
    Sheridan breaks down over Luis' coffin. Whitney refuses to help Theresa murder Alistair, and tells her she'll turn her in if she does it on her own. Liz refuses to believe that Eve refused to press charges against her out of the goodness of her heart. Julian tries to reassure Fancy that being disinherited isn't that bad. Simone, Paloma and Jessica are worried Sam has figured out their scam, but he wants to tell Paloma about Luis.moreless
  • Ep. #1591
    Ep. #1591
    Episode 74
    Gwen was furious after finding Ethan comforting Theresa and wasn't interested in listening to what anyone had to say. Martin shoots at Alistair, terrifying Gwen and Rebecca with the thought that Theresa could be in charge. Sheridan says goodbye to Chris and James as they prepare to leave Harmony, then mourns as Luis' body is brought back from Morocco. Eve is convinced that Rebecca is lying and refuses to press charges against Eve. The D.A. finally has to give up because he needs Eve's testimony, but Liz isn't grateful for her sister's help. Tabitha tells Kay that the price she'll have to pay for her spell will be Fox' love.moreless
  • Ep. #1590
    Ep. #1590
    Episode 73
    At the B&B Agent Hall tells Sheridan that Luis' body is almost in Harmony. Tabitha and Kay work on the spell to use on Fox. At the Blue Note, Noah and Fancy share some time together in the storeroom on his break, while a Harmony Police Officer and D.A. are there to arrest Liz and Eve contemplates not pressing charges against her. At the mansion, Gwen goes to complain about Theresa to her mother, only to find Alistair in bed with her. In Theresa's room Pilar, Martin, and Ethan inform her that Luis died in Morocco and starts crying in shock.moreless
  • Ep. #1589
    Ep. #1589
    Episode 72
    Agent Hall is telling Chris that they have to leave immediately, to keep James safe. Sheridan walks in and hears this and tells Chris that he can’t leave her, because she just lost Luis. Chris tells her that they already said their goodbyes and that he and James must leave.
  • Ep. #1588
    Ep. #1588
    Episode 71
    As Sam asks about how Jessica's earrings found their way to the dead john's room, Paloma and Simone continue to cover up for Jessica. Paloma then comes up with an excuse that the reason why the earrings were there was because another prostitute stole them when she roughed up Jessica for stealing some of her johns, and Jessica agrees with the story.moreless
  • Ep. #1587
    Ep. #1587
    Episode 70
    Sam continues to grill Jessica about the dead john while Simone and Paloma continue to cover up the john's murder while Ivy and Noah watch. At the Lopez-Fitgerald house, Sheridan, Martin, Pilar, and Chris are waiting with the FBI agent to hear about if Luis is really dead. At the mansion, Alistair has his way with Theresa again, while Ethan thinks that Gwen was right, that Theresa was lying to make Ethan feel sorry for her.moreless
  • Ep. #1586
    Ep. #1586
    Episode 69
    Sheridan refuses to believe that Luis is dead until a D.N.A. test is performed on the body. As Sam questions Jessica, she admits that she may have murdered the john. Gwen offers to let Ethan take Jane and go be with Theresa and Little Ethan. Theresa threatens to take Little Ethan away from Alistair, but he reminds her that in the eyes of the law he is that boy's father.moreless
  • Ep. #1585
    Ep. #1585
    Episode 68
    Simone and Paloma destroyed the evidence linking Jessica to the john's murder. Once they are done, they go into the kitchen and find Jessica there, where she is thinking about her problems and thanks her friend for their help.
  • Ep. #1584
    Ep. #1584
    Episode 67
    Sam and Eve arrive at the hotel room and discuss the john's murder with the police officer as Eve suspects Simone in helping Jessica clean the room of the evidence, but Sam finds Jessica's earrings and hides them in his pocket. As Simone, Paloma, and Jessica are standing by Paloma's car, they start freaking out when they police sirens going by.moreless
  • Ep. #1583
    Ep. #1583
    Episode 66
    In the hotel room, Simone and Jessica leave through the bathroom window before the cop finds them, and later call Paloma to help them dispose of their evidence. In the airport security office, Paloma and her friend Roberto are being questioned by a security officer about if they sumggled a package into the States while another officer is searching the bag and then releases Paloma and her friend. Once they leave, she asks Roberto what happened to the package and he tells her that he took it out of her suitcase while at baggage claim and then part ways. At the Seascape, Chris and Sheridan are talking about looking for Luis to bring him home and help with Theresa. Inside the banquet room, Alistair shocks everyone with the news that he is adopting Little Ethan and he is the new heir of Crane Industries. Alistair's grandkids are all shocked that they only have their trust funds and nothing else. Noah is worried that Fancy cares about what happened because she likes money too much. Theresa asks Alistair why he is going to adopt her son, while Gwen is lamenting to Ethan that Theresa is becoming too powerful now that she is the new Mrs. Crane. While this is going on Sam gets a call from the cop in Jessica's hotel room and tells him that she is the possible murder suspect in her john's death.moreless
  • Ep. #1582
    Ep. #1582
    Episode 65
    Theresa's friends and family refuse to act as witnesses at her wedding to Alistair, so Alistair grabs SeaScape employees to witness his nuptials then announces to the assorted group that he has legally adopted Little Ethan, whom he will groom as his heir. Simone shows up at the hotel to find Jessica with a dead john and helps Jessica clean up the room as they manage to get out just before the cops get there. Sheridan continues her internal debate about whether or not to contact Luis to ask him to come home and deal with Theresa. Paloma and Roberto arrive at the airport where they are detained by customs.moreless
  • Ep. #1581
    Ep. #1581
    Episode 64
    Father Lonigan admits his surprise at being called in to perform a ceremony at the SeaScape but flat out refuses when he learns that Alistair wants him to marry himself and Theresa, leading Alistair to admit that he was behind the fire that caused Father Lonigan's blindness. Ivy and Kay realise they can't expose the other without exposing themselves but while Kay things that'll work, Ivy is determined to ruin Kay by any means necessary. Theresa refuses to listen to Ethan's pleas for her not to marry Alistair unless he is prepared to take Jane and leave Gwen forever. Simone gets a call from Jessica begging for help.moreless
  • Ep. #1580
    Ep. #1580
    Episode 63
    Simone finds Jessica working on the streets and tells her that she can come home with her as Spike comes by. At the Seascape, Alistair and Theresa's families are shocked about his announcememt that they are getting married. As the party is waiting for Father Lonigan, everybody is talking about the upcoming wedding with Martin, Pilar, and Katherine trying to talk Theresa out of her plans to get Ethan and Jane back, while Tabitha and Endora are watching with glee. Sheridan is blaming herself for Theresa's predicament for sending Luis to find Beth and Marty.moreless
  • Ep. #1579
    Ep. #1579
    Episode 62
    Around town, numerous citizens get messages inviting them to a special dinner at the SeaScape. There are mixed reactions in the courtroom to the judge declaring a mistrial in Eve's case. Tabitha and Endora decide to crash Alistair's party at the SeaScape.
  • Ep. #1578
    Ep. #1578
    Episode 61
    Noah and Fancy are in the park and break up to keep Noah's family safe from Alistair's wrath. In his office, Alistair recieves a call and finds out that Fancy and Noah are talking to each other. He then continues to work on his night's suprise for his family. In their offices, Fox and Chad are telling Kay and Valerie their wishes of taking over Crane Industries. Kay also worries that someone is trying to sabotage her and Fox's work. He then calls Fox, Kay, Chad and Valerie to his office and tells them to be at the Seascape Restaurant later that night for a suprise he has for them. In the courtroom, Rebecca tells the judge that she has new evidence that proves that Eve's inoccence and takes the stand. Grace Nancier believes that Rebecca's testamony is forced and doesn't want it as evidence as Rebecca accuses Liz. Thanks to Tabitha's spell, the last juror agrees to vote gulity against Eve, which make Tabitha happy. The jury then runs back into the courtroom to read their verdict and hears Rebecca's confession. At the chaos in the courtroom, the Judge declares a mistrial. At the B&B, Chris shows Sheridan an article about Luis.moreless
  • Ep. #1577
    Ep. #1577
    Episode 60
    As those assembled in the courtroom wait anxiously for the verdict, Rebecca makes a scene to get the judge out there so she can follow through on the deal she made with Julian. Noah and Fancy seek advice from Sam and Sheridan respectively on what to do about their relationship and end up dissatisfied with the answers.moreless
  • Ep. #1576
    Ep. #1576
    Episode 59
    Sam is surprised when Sam asks him to be James' godfather. Alistair is angry with Fancy for lying to him about Noah. Eve takes the stand and is questioned first by Ethan, then by Ms. Nancier.
  • Ep. #1575
    Ep. #1575
    Episode 58
    Alistair calls the police to arrest Noah and Fancy for being intimate on the beach. Jessica gets booked for prostitution and Spike bails her out of jail. Julian continues to try and get the truth out of Rebecca. In jail, Eve is apologizing to Whitney, Simone, and Chad about all of her lies in her past and asks Whitney to be a mother to Miles and a friend to Chad. Gwen and Ethan are still discussing Theresa then share a romantic dance. As Martin and Pilar try to talk some sense into Theresa, Martin leaves to go for a walk and runs into Katherine. Pilar then goes for a walk on the pier and runs into Martin and Katherine. Alistair frames Noah by putting a gun and drugs in his car.moreless
  • Ep. #1574
    Ep. #1574
    Episode 57
    Julian and Rebecca are in her room and Julian accuses her of Liz's poisoning. Simone, Chad and Whitney go to the police station to visit with Eve. Pilar and Martin carry Theresa home to talk some sense into her. Noah and Fancy are sharing an intimate moment on the beach that is being spied on by Alistair. Working on the streets, Jessica almost gets ran over by an eventual customer.moreless
  • Ep. #1573
    Ep. #1573
    Episode 56
    Ethan tries to convince Pilar and Martin that they need to get Theresa out of the mansion, and admits that he's not comfortable having her around Jane. Alistair watches Fancy and Noah in the storeroom, desperately hoping that Fancy told him the truth and won't dally with the Bennett boy. Gwen and Ivy remind Theresa about the crazy things that she has done, and assure her Ethan will never be with her. Julian feels guilty about Eve ending up in prison, and thinks it is all his fault.moreless
  • Ep. #1572
    Ep. #1572
    Episode 55
    Ivy and Gwen both try to convince Ethan that Theresa is unstable and shouldn't be near Jane. Theresa is certain that Ethan would never do that to her, not realising that Ethan has just admitted as much to Pilar and Martin, whom he is trying to convince to help Theresa see straight. Eve and Julian prepare to take off on the Crane jet, but the police show up in the nick of time. Valerie not only continues to manipulate Chad, but she tries to sabotage Kay's first big assignment thanks to Ivy. Alistair gives Theresa a chance to change her mind, reminding her that if she ties herself to him Ethan will never want her.moreless
  • Ep. #1571
    Ep. #1571
    Episode 54
    At the mansion Alistair and Fancy talk about her dating Edmund in the future and possibly her marrying him. At the Blue Note, Noah continues to woo the ladies at the bar. Liz and Rebecca celebrate taking Eve down. Julian and Eve agree to leave town. In the living room at the mansion, Theresa, Gwen and Ethan argue over the destroyed computer disks.moreless
  • Ep. #1570
    Ep. #1570
    Episode 53
    In the courtroom Ethan doesn't accept the prosecutor's plea bargain. Sheridan, Chris, and James spend time together at the B&B. Fancy doesn't like the fact that Edmund and Noah are friends. Gwen and Theresa continue to fight about the disks. Julian and Eve contemplate fleeing the country.
  • Ep. #1569
    Ep. #1569
    Episode 52
    Grace Nancier questions Liz and calls Rebecca to the stand. At the restaurant, Fancy continues to stare at Noah while on her date. Sheridan and Chris are talking about his past at the B&B. Theresa and Gwen are fighting in the basement at the mansion.
  • Ep. #1568
    Ep. #1568
    Episode 51
    Alistair tries to cheer Fancy up by sending her on a date with the son of one of his business associates. Noah suggest Sam sell the B&B to pay his bills but he refuses. T.C. and Julian are questioned in court. Gwen admits to Theresa the truth about what happened with the tabloid years ago.moreless
  • Ep. #1567
    Ep. #1567
    Episode 50
    Pilar and Theresa search the mansion to find the proof Theresa is looking for that she didn't send the information to the tabloids. Whitney refuses to stay in Harmony even though T.C. insists that she can now that her secret is out. Eve loses it when Grace Nancier starts interrogating Simone about her love life. Ivy manipulates Valerie by insinuating Kay is after Chad.moreless
  • Ep. #1566
    Ep. #1566
    Episode 49
    In his office, Fox is talking to his secretary about the work Valerie is passing off as Chad's. Kay then comes to his office to find out why he called her. She finds out that Fox wants to hire her as his executive assistant.
  • Ep. #1565
    Ep. #1565
    Episode 48
    Katherine heads to the Church looking for Pilar and Martin, who are speaking with Father Lonigan about renewing their vows. She tells them about Theresa's rape. Liz offers to lie for Eve in court if Eve promises to leave Harmony and never return, but Eve refuses. Julian and Ethan prepare for Eve's defense. Theresa overhears Gwen admitting that she's glad there is nothing to tie her and Rebecca to the tabloids, but Gwen covers when questioned.moreless
  • Ep. #1564
    Ep. #1564
    Episode 47
    Endora sees that Tabitha's spells are causing havoc in Kay and Fox' romance, so she casts a couple of spells of her own, including one that results in Tabitha tied to a chair. Jessica comes home, but is angry to find Ivy still there. She gives Sam an ultimatum -- her or Ivy. When Sam won't choose, Jessica walks out. Chris continues to try to get Sheridan to understand that he was in the witness protection program, and explains about his mob connections. She begins to believe him when he asks her to look after James if anything ever happens to him. Noah is convinced that Fancy is just looking for someone to play around with while she waits for Mr. Right, and tells her he's not interested.moreless
  • Ep. #1563
    Ep. #1563
    Episode 46
    Tabitha tries to use magic to get Kay and Fox apart, since she doesn't like them making love in her home, but Endora uses her own magic, trying to keep the couple together. Chris tries to explain to Sheridan that he is in witness protection, but she refuses to believe him and assumes that he is working for Alistair. Fancy was upset to realise that Noah had left, but relieved that Alistair wasn't angry with her. Ethan again reiterates to Theresa that he is not going to leave his wife for her.moreless
  • Ep. #1562
    Ep. #1562
    Episode 45
    Tabitha and Endora continue their battle of the wills over whether good or evil should win out. With Kay's help, Fox manages to save her from the thugs after her. Sheridan confronts Chris after she overhears him talking to someone else and he admits that he's been lying to her. Fancy nearly convinces Alistair that Noah means nothing to her until Noah accidentally knocks over something on Sheridan's night stand. Theresa again makes a play for Ethan while they are in the kitchen and pulls him in for a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #1561
    Ep. #1561
    Episode 44
    Julian and Eve spend time together at the B&B. Kay and Fox argue about his past relationships, and she takes off. Rae brushes Simone off when she talks about commitment. Fancy confides some of her fears to Noah. Theresa's refusal to press charges convinces Gwen and Rebecca that she is lying to get to Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #1560
    Ep. #1560
    Episode 43
    On the beach while Noah and Fancy are on their date, a police officer drops in on their private time and tells them that it's not safe on the beach, with a lot of vargrants hanging around and they might get hurt. They then leave the beach to go to Noah's, but decided against it because Sam and Ivy were downstairs.moreless
  • Ep. #1559
    Ep. #1559
    Episode 42
    At the Seascape Restaurant, Julian and Eve share a kiss that is seen by TC. At this he starts to loose his temper and asks Eve if she made the right choice by picking him. Then he and Julian start bickering about who she should pick and she said that she was hasty in choosing TC and decided to move into the B&B for the time being to think things through. At the convent, Whitney is having a talk to the Mother Superior about her choice about becoming a nun. A little bit later Chad comes over and begs Whitney to come home and to help Miles by nursing him because he can't keep his formula down. Simone goes to her friend Rae's apartment and starts venting about all the problems her family is having right now. Afterwards she says she feels better and that she told her mother her little "secret". Then she and Rae talk about how her mother took the news and how Simone is worried about telling TC. At the mansion, Gwen leaves her and Ethan's room to get something to drink and then stumbles by Theresa's room and hears Theresa. After listening for a minute or two, she walks back to her room, turns on some music, and gets intimate with Ethan so he can't hear what's going on. Afterwards, when Ethan goes to check on the kids, he finds a frightened Theresa who tells him that Alistair raped her.moreless
  • Ep. #1558
    Ep. #1558
    Episode 41
    Ethan offers Theresa a shoulder to cry on after her date with Alistair, but makes it clear to her that he is never going to leave his wife for her. Katherine also tries to help Theresa. After T.C. is briefly called away during his dinner with Eve, Julian pulls Eve into a passionate kiss. Fancy loses the bracelet Alistair bought for her, but is distracted while sharing a kiss with Noah.moreless
  • Ep. #1557
    Ep. #1557
    Episode 40
    Kay and Fox are giving Maria and Endora baths after their day out. While watching, Tabitha is wondering how she can get Fox out of their lives. When Kay and Fox are done and walk into the kitchen, she starts grilling him about not being really rich and not having a trust fund anymore. A little bit later, Endora arranges for the two love birds to have a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant, making Tabitha wonder if she gave birth to a good witch. Noah and Fancy leave for their date on the beach, and have a nice dinner and then went dancing. Before going on her date with Alistair, Ethan asks Theresa if she knows what she is getting into. Not too long afterwards she and Alistair go to the restaurant, where he can't take his hands off her. As the evening wears on, she has enough and goes back to the mansion. Back at the pool, Gwen and Ethan are having a heated discussion over Ethan being worried about Theresa going out with Alistair. At the B&B, Sheridan is having a bad dream that someone is going to take away James from her. At this, she wakes up and Christopher when he comes to her room wanting to bring James to his room. Back at the mansion, Theresa runs into Ethan and says that he was right about Alistair. A little bit later, when Theresa is looking for Ethan, she finds him at the pool, intimate with Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #1556
    Ep. #1556
    Episode 39
    Noah levels with Sam about the trouble in Vegas, then they talk about Jessica's current situation. After finding Gwen, Ethan, Little Ethan and Jane having fun by the pool., Theresa vows that she will take Gwen's place. Pilar worries that Sheridan is transfering her feelings for Marty onto James. Julian hits Alistair when he tells him how happy he is that Eve chose T.C. Simone realises her family still has no interest in her life.moreless
  • Ep. #1555
    Ep. #1555
    Episode 38
    Eve is cleaning the cut on Simone's head while TC demands who did that to her. When she says that the last person she saw was Spike, he rushes off to find Sam to go take care of Spike. Later, Eve and Simone go into the kitchen and have a heart to heart. In the living room, Liz and Julian are arguing over who Eve will choose and then trade slaps. Jessica runs to Spike and Sam calls her on her cell phone. Spike answers it and says that Jessica is staying there. Later, Sam and TC go to Spike's and threaten him and the cops come to arrest Sam and TC. At Child Protective Services, Sheridan finds out that Christopher Boothe is Marks father and that the child's name is James. In the bar, Payne tells Noah and Fancy that their debt is paid and Fancy asks Noah to spend the night on the town with her before she leaves for Paris. Eve tells everyone home she has made her decision between Julian and TC. Alistair demands that Theresa keeps up her end of the bargin.moreless
  • Ep. #1554
    Ep. #1554
    Episode 37
    Liz is furious that both Julian and T.C. want Eve and does her best to turn both men against Eve. Simone tries to convicne Jessica to walk away from Spike. When Jessica refuses, Simone leaves, and one of Spike's goons follows her, pipe in hand. Payne tells Fancy and Noah that once the back room is cleaned up, the debt is free and clear. Sheridan is shocked to learn that Christopher is Mark's father and that he came to Harmony to get him.moreless
  • Ep. #1553
    Ep. #1553
    Episode 36
    Endora casts a spell so that Fox and Kay can take Maria and Endora out for some fun, much to Tabitha's dismay. Julian offers Ethan advice about his relationships with the women in his life. Fancy and Noah have to do some quick thinking to get out of the mess they're in. Sheridan falls into Christopher's arms. After Liz tells them both off, T.C. tries to comfort Eve by pulling her in for a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #1552
    Ep. #1552
    Episode 35
    Theresa is unable to talk Whitney out of joining the convent, and Whitney confesses to Mother Superior that she slept with her own brother. T.C. and Eve are shocked to see Simone back in town, and Simone rails at her parents for years of neglect. Thanks to Alistair's private detective, Fancy manages to track Noah down and interrupts just as he is trying to win some money at pool. Gwen is shocked when Rebecca confesses to poisoning the punch.moreless
  • Ep. #1551
    Ep. #1551
    Episode 34
    When Sam walks into the kitchen he finds Jessica making breakfast. A little bit later he goes to find Noah but Ivy walks in and says that she found a note from him, saying that he is leaving town. Fancy walks in a short time later looking for Noah and was informed that he left and she feels that she is to blame. Chad and Theresa are trying to talk Whitney out of becoming a nun. As Gwen and Sheridan are inquiring about Sheridan becoming Mark's foster mother, they are discussing Gwen's situation with Ethan, Theresa, and Jane. At the mansion, Ethan and Julian are questioning Rebecca about the night Liz was poisoned and believe that she is hiding something. At a biker bar, Noah is trying to con a guy named Tiny at a game of pool.moreless
  • Ep. #1550
    Ep. #1550
    Episode 33
    Julian requests Ethan’s legal services for Eve’s trial. Theresa spends time with her children at the Crane mansion. Fox and Kay have a rendezvous in Tabitha’s attic. Alistair tells Fancy that he will only help her and not Noah when it comes to their trouble in Las Vegas. T.C. and Liz argue over his feelings for Eve. Sheridan meets a new man registering for a stay at the B&B.moreless
  • Ep. #1549
    Ep. #1549
    Episode 32
    Ivy automatically assumes that Fancy had no problems leaving Noah at the mall, and Noah does not correct her. Sam gives Sheridan a job at the B&B so that she can learn to feel self-sufficient. Alistair threatens to break Ethan's contract if he and Gwen try to move out.
  • Ep. #1548
    Ep. #1548
    Episode 31
    Katherine, Martin and Pilar all try to talk Theresa out of agreeing to Alistair's deal and think they've succeeded until they realise her room is empty. A boat comes to pick up Fancy and although she insists he take Noah, Noah mouths off to her and she leaves without him. Fox learns that Miles is not his son, and tells Whitney how disgusted he is with her. Kay gets a call from Miguel and realises there will never be hope for the two of them.moreless
  • Ep. #1547
    Ep. #1547
    Episode 30
    Fancy is upset after reading a letter from a girl to Noah about how they vow to always love each other. Whitney goes to see Julian and Eve and tells them about her plans to join a cloistered convent. Spike gives Jessica pills to take to get her back out on the streets hooking for him, but Fox saves her and brings her home.moreless
  • Ep. #1546
    Ep. #1546
    Episode 29
    Ivy warns Kay against getting involved with Fox, insisting that he is a playboy who will take advantage of her and walk away from her. Noah and Fancy find a massage bed in the store, and Noah gives Fancy the ultimate massage. Ethan tries to talk to Theresa about aligning herself with Alistair, but she insists that it is the only way she can take Jane away from him and Gwen. Alistair continues to taunt Katherine about Sheridan having murdered Rachel years earlier.moreless
  • Ep. #1545
    Ep. #1545
    Episode 28
    Alistair agrees to help Sheridan with Mark, but before she can get too happy, he tells her he will help her by having family services take the boy. Kay admits to Simone that she and Fox had sex during the tsunami, not realising that Ivy's watching them. Sam blames himself for Jessica's continued interest in Spike and her life as a prostitute. Fancy and Noah have a gourmet dinner in the mall.moreless
  • Ep. #1544
    Ep. #1544
    Episode 27
    Whitney goes to confess to Father Lonigan and admits that she wants to end her own life, but he tells her suicide is not the answer. Noticing that Fox is interested in Kay, Ivy tries to tell him that he's looking for a rebound after Whitney, and Kay is not the right girl for him. Sheridan refuses to hand Mark over to child services despite Pilar, Martin, Katherine and Ethan telling her it's the right thing to do. Noah saves Fancy's life again when the ceiling collapses.moreless
  • Ep. #1543
    Ep. #1543
    Episode 26
    Kay is furious when she realises that Tabitha and Endora were not only responsible for the natural disasters but reveled in them. Alistair insists the police have to know that Mark's mother is dead. Rebecca and Ethan discuss Alistair and Theresa's alliance, worrying that it may mean that Ethan and Gwen will lose Jane.moreless
  • Ep. #1542
    Ep. #1542
    Episode 25
    Whitney confesses to Chad that he is Miles' biological father, but rather than be furious, Chad is thrilled. After touching the coffin, Sheridan has another flashback to stabbing someone as a young child. Simone tries to convince Jessica that Spike is evil and doesn't love her, but Jessica refuses to listen. Gwen and Rebecca arrive at the hospital to see Ethan with Theresa.moreless
  • Ep. #1541
    Ep. #1541
    Episode 24
    Whitney is horrified that she has knowingly made love to her half-brother. When she panics after realising they didn't use protection, Whitney confesses to Chad that Miles is their son. Jessica is surprised that Simone isn't in California, but she admits she never left town. Liz accuses Julian of rape, but Eve refuses to believe it. Then Liz informs Eve that she was with Julian before Eve was. Sheridan, Pilar, Martin and Katherine are horrified when the coffin pops open.moreless
  • Ep. #1540
    Ep. #1540
    Episode 23
    T.C. begs Eve to give him a second chance, but she needs to take care of an injured Julian. After surviving the quake and the tsunami, Chad and Whitney lose themselves making love. Martin and Katherine come swooping into Pilar's living room and although Pilar is angry at first, her mind changes once she realises that Katherine was raped. Sheridan tries to save Mark, but nearly loses him when the two are hit by a wave.moreless
  • Ep. #1539
    Ep. #1539
    Episode 22
    Julian refuses to give into Liz's demand that he have sex with her, and she stabs him in the back (literally). Sam, Ivy, Fox and Kay find sanctuary on a roof. Ethan struggles to get Theresa, who has a cut artery, to help. Chad tries to convince Whitney that if the world is going to end, they might as well make love one more time.moreless
  • Ep. #1538
    Ep. #1538
    Episode 21
    Noah works to save Fancy, who has been knocked unconscious and is under water. Spike abandons Jessica to save himself. The citizens of Harmony are all in danger as the tsunami washes over them.
  • Ep. #1537
    Ep. #1537
    Episode 20
    Eve struggles to save T.C.'s life after he saves hers, and Liz drops the bombshell on Julian that they once slept together. Jessica believes that the disaster is God's way of punishing her for committing murder. Kay and Fox grow close as he continues to save her life. Chad is convinced that Whitney loves Miles. Alistair stops the public from learning of the upcoming tsunami.moreless
  • Ep. #1536
    Ep. #1536
    Episode 19
    Sheridan can't understand why Maureen doesn't want to go to the hospital, and does her best to take care of Mark in the meantime. Just as Fancy thinks that Noah is done for, he manages to save her from the Vegas thugs. Chad calls Eve when Whitney collapses in his arms at the studio. While T.C. tries to convince Eve to leave Julian and come back to him, Liz tries to hit on Julian. Theresa tries to score brownie points with Ethan but later is in danger as she heads to the mansion. Kay is disgusted to realise that the earthquake was Tabitha's fault. Alistair is aware of a dangerous tsunami headed to Harmony, but refuses to alert the town, despite Katherine's pleas.moreless
  • Ep. #1535
    Ep. #1535
    Episode 18
    When thugs hold Noah and Fancy at gunpoint, Fancy is forced to bargain with them. Kay is in trapped under the bricks of the collapsed fireplace and Fox struggles to save her. Pilar is angered when she catches Martin and Katherine in an embrace. Tabitha and Endora marvel at the destruction and mayhem they have wrought on Harmonymoreless
  • Ep. #1534
    Ep. #1534
    Episode 17
    While the town is assessing how much damage was caused during the earthquake, Noah is trying to save Fancy from falling into a fissure. Whitney is rushing to see if Miles and Chad are alright at the recording studio. At the Blue Note, Theresa and Gwen argue about going to check on Jane.moreless
  • Ep. #1533
    Ep. #1533
    Episode 16
    Rebecca furiously reminds Julian that he's already married to her after he proposes to Eve. Rebecca isn't the only angry party, though, as neither the Russells nor the Cranes take the news too well. Sam is determined to do whatever he has to in order to keep Jessica from turning her first trick, and won't even let the restraining order stop him. Noah saves Fancy once again as the goons from Vegas come after her. Sheridan embraces a young boy in the park that she believes is Marty and is heartbroken when it turns out to be a little boy named Mark, although his mother is very understanding. Ethan tries to convince Theresa not to throw her lot in with Alistair, but unless he gives her Jane and leaves his wife, she isn't willing to budge.moreless
  • Ep. #1532
    Ep. #1532
    Episode 15
    While on her date with Alistair, Theresa runs into Ethan and Gwen. Julian pops the big question to Eve and Fancy is kidnapped. Also, Sam is fuming while spying on Jessica, as she is busy at "work".
  • Ep. #1531
    Ep. #1531
    Episode 14
    Fancy shows up at the Blue Note looking for trouble and runs into Mrs. Wallace, who offers to find her the man of her dreams. Gwen is worried about the repercussions that Ethan standing up to Alistair will have, and wants to leave Harmony. Martin is furious with Alistair when he comes by the Lopez-Fitzgerald home to pick up Theresa, and Pilar begs her daughter not to make a(nother) deal with the devil.moreless
  • Ep. #1530
    Ep. #1530
    Episode 13
    Gwen is shocked that Ethan would even compare Sheridan and Theresa's situations, and reminds Ethan that Sheridan was an innocent victim, whereas Theresa created her own problems. Kay is furious when she ends up in the water during her talk with Fox. While Sam and Noah catch up, Ivy lambastes Fancy for everything that has happened, telling her she had better make things right, but Fancy reminds her mother that it's too little, too late, and her grandfather was the only one who ever cared. Luis threatens to kill Alistair if he doesn't reveal where Beth is, but his plan backfires and only creates more strife between him and Sheridan.moreless
  • Ep. #1529
    Ep. #1529
    Episode 12
    Gwen fills Ethan in on everything that has happened with Luis, Sheridan, Beth and Marty. Theresa continues to prepare for her date with Alistair, determined to do whatever she has to in order to get Ethan. Fox and Kay have a tussle on the docks, and their brief discussions of happy childhood memories they share isn't enough to dim Kay's bitterness towards the Cranes. After Sam stops a fight between Noah and Fancy at the police station, he quizzes the two on how they got to know each other. Katherine verbally attacks Alistair for his interest in Theresa, likening it to his interest in Rachel.moreless
  • Ep. #1528
    Ep. #1528
    Episode 11
    Kay finally admits to Tabitha that although she always thought she hated her mother, now she's starting to miss her and realises she was wrong for how she treated her. Fox is devastated when Chad won't let him see Miles, but mollified somewhat when Chad agrees to let him come to the doctor's appointment with him. Theresa considers cancelling her date with Alistair, but things hit a snag when Pilar answers the phone when Alistair calls. Ivy drags Fancy down to the police station to bail out Sam, Ethan and Noah, and makes Fancy pay for it. Kay encounters Fox on the docks, and blames him for all her family's heartache.moreless
  • Ep. #1527
    Ep. #1527
    Episode 10
    Sam punches out Jessica's john, and manages to talk her into going home with him until Ethan and Noah start badmouthing Sam. Things go from bad to worse when Jessica, under Spike's influence, presses charges against her father and brothers. Sheridan begs Beth to bring Marty home, but Beth has no interest in coming back to Harmony. Once Beth is off the line, Sheridan demands Luis leave. Gwen does her best to convince Sheridan not to let Luis walk out of her life, but she's unsuccessful. Tabitha and Endora cave in to Edna's blackmail and beautify her.moreless
  • Ep. #1526
    Ep. #1526
    Episode 9
    Ethan reads Alistair the riot act, sending the old man to the floor clutching his chest. Fancy begs her half-brother to leave her grandfather alone, but Ethan continues his tirade. After he leaves, Alistair calls Spike and tells him he wants all the Bennetts destroyed. Sam, Ethan and Noah find Jessica preparing to turn her first trick. Luis begs Sheridan to give him another chance, while Katherine, Gwen, Martin and Pilar all stand vigil, praying that the couple can make it through this setback too. Sheridan is both desperately hopeful and terribly tortured when Beth calls and puts Marty on the line.moreless
  • Ep. #1525
    Ep. #1525
    Episode 8
    Whitney worries that Theresa is going to do something crazy, and tells Ethan that he's only buying trouble by not letting Theresa have Jane. Later Whitney learns that Theresa has made a dinner date with Alistair because he has promised to help her manipulate her way into Ethan's life. Luis is shocked to learn that Sam has been fired and is unable to help find Marty. Sheridan demanded Luis get out of her life, and Katherine and Gwen both tried to convince her to give him another chance, Gwen reminding her how angry she was with Ethan after Sarah's death, but how much he had helped her. Ethan confronts Alistair about Sam's firing, warning the Crane patriarch that there is no one to take over Crane Industries.moreless
  • Ep. #1524
    Ep. #1524
    Episode 7
    Theresa again tells Ethan he needs to leave his wife for her, insisting that his outrage at the thought that Alistair raped her proves he wants to be with her, but he tells her it's scary how she turns everything into a sign they belong together, and reminds her that it's over. Spike manages to convince Jessica that prostituting herself for him is the perfect way to prove how much she loves him. After Alistair implies to Noah that Fancy is the reason Sam got fired, Noah takes his fury out on her. Pilar lashes out at Katherine, and tells Martin she will kill Katherine before she will lose her husband again. Sheridan tells Luis that if he wants to have a future with her, he needs to bring Marty home.moreless
  • Ep. #1523
    Ep. #1523
    Episode 6
    Jessica moves in with Spike, unaware of his plot to exact revenge on the Bennetts. Fancy pleads with Alistair to tell her the truth about why Sam was fired. Alistair confirms it wasn't her fault just as Noah barges in demanding justice for his father. Theresa is tempted by Alistair's deal but tells a disapproving Ethan that Alistair touched her. Martin and Katherine decide to stay apart, but not before one last kiss, which Pilar heatedly observes. Beth escapes with Marty and heads to the airport as Luis with Sheridan steal a sheriff's car to give chase.moreless
  • Ep. #1522
    Ep. #1522
    Episode 5
    After Sheridan's boat explodes, Luis needs to choose between her and their son. While Luis saves Sheridan, Alistair's henchmen on the other shore help Beth escape with Marty. Noah realises he is responsible for Sam losing his job as Ivy tries to convince Fancy that her innocent words to her grandfather could have horrible repercussions for her family. Alistair offers to help Theresa get Jane back on his terms, and she considers his proposal.moreless
  • Ep. #1521
    Ep. #1521
    Episode 4
    Ivy attempts to bond with Fancy, but Fancy isn't interesting in having anything to do with her mother after Ivy's year of neglect. Ivy is hurt when she sees the loving relationship between Alistair and Fancy. Sam blames himself for the situation with Jessica, despite Ethan, Kay and Noah trying to bolster his spirits. Nothing can make things better, though, when Sam gets a call saying he's been fired. Beth manages to escape the cottage with Marty, and the two escape in a boat, Luis and Sheridan in hot pursuit. Theresa again considers doing whatever she has to in order to get Alistair's help. Jessica agrees to leave her family for Spike.moreless
  • Ep. #1520
    Ep. #1520
    Episode 3
    Sam asks Noah if he started the fire at the club, and then puts the cuffs on his own son. Ethan and Kay take up Noah's case, telling Sam Noah was only trying to protect Jessica. At that very moment, Spike is up in Jessica's room, a knife held to her, but he pulls the knife back and tells her that she needs to turn her back on her family to be with him. Ivy waits for Fancy in her room, determined to get to the bottom of why her trouble-making daughter has returned home. Gwen and Rebecca finally decide that there is no one in the closet and that it's a toy causing the noise, as Theresa and Pilar continue to eavesdrop. Luis circles around to the back of the cabin while Sheridan keeps Beth busy in front.moreless
  • Ep. #1519
    Ep. #1519
    Episode 2
    Fancy, covered in fish, finally makes it back to the Crane mansion and her beloved grandfather, Alistair. Jessica slaps Noah for burning down her boyfriend Spike's club not knowing that Spike plans on paying Jessica back for that unfortunate event. While hiding during an uninvited visit with Jane, Theresa and Pilar find out Rebecca and Gwen have a secret that Theresa could use to her advantage. Luis and Sheridan hurry off to the lake cabin to get Marty back from Beth, but not before Alistair can warn her.moreless
  • Ep. #1518
    Ep. #1518
    Episode 1
    Rebecca reminds Gwen that Theresa will never stop trying to get Ethan in her life, and that she has to be on her guard. Although Gwen initially just wants to end the war, she finally agrees with her mother that Theresa is a viable threat. Theresa tells Pilar that she will do whatever she can to destroy Rebecca and Gwen, and Pilar reminds her that the only thing her schemes do is get her into trouble. Spike plays on an emotional Jessica by threatening to end it because her family keeps interfering. Noah saves Fancy from the holding bin and kisses her, but she walks away from him. Beth manages to get Marty to their new home, thanks to Alistair's help.moreless