Passions - Season 9

NBC (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #2215
    Ep. #2215
    Episode 183
    Eve and Julian spend some time alone at the Crane mansion, talking about their past and promising each other a happy future together. They both agree not to take part in their addiction, and turn to each other when they run into problems. Viki and Vincent are forced to find more mushrooms when Vincent accidentally knocks the sauce onto the floor. Tabitha begs Endora to show herself, worried about their future if they stay in Harmony. She realizes that there are two different evils in Harmony. Juanita and her henchman continues planning their revenge, as they make their way into the church. Noah, Pilar and Paloma save Theresa before she falls victim to the toxic gas. Noah almost figures out that Gertrude is actually Theresa, but Pilar makes up a lie to cover for her. Vincent and Viki start serving their poisoned sauce.moreless
  • Ep. #2214
    Ep. #2214
    Episode 182
    Sheridan is having hard time dealing with the fact that she gave Luis up, and she worries that she might become crazy one day like most of Crane women. Ivy feels sad because yet another one of her kids went crazy. Julian apologizes to Esmé and tells her that they can't be together. He then tells Eve that she is the woman he loves. She sadly informs him that his penis can't be turned around anymore. Sheridan overhears Viki and Vincent plotting to murder everyone and realizes that she must stop them, but she reconsiders when she thinks of the possibility of Fancy getting poisoned. Gwen and Rebecca plot to trap Theresa in the basement, where toxic gas starts to poison her. Juanita and the henchman continue planning the revenge.moreless
  • Ep. #2213
    Ep. #2213
    Episode 181
    Tabitha has no idea who Mrs. Hernandez really is, as Juanita continues planning her revenge with her annoyed henchman. Endora still refuses to show herself to her mother. Luis and Fancy are shocked when Sheridan reveals how the found out that Pretty had been faking having a scar the entire time, and they all agree she should go see a shrink. Luis and Sheridan share a talk about how they lost their love, and Sheridan realizes that it's time for her to let go. The men from the mental institution arrive to pick up Pretty, but she threatens to kill with a gun. Luis manages to take care of it, and Pretty is taken away. Gwen punches her mother before she can reveal to Ethan that they know Gertrude is actually Theresa, and then makes up a silly excuse as a cover. Gwen later explains to Rebecca why they need to keep Theresa's identity a secret. Rebecca accidentally runs into Juanita in a disguise.moreless
  • Ep. #2212
    Ep. #2212
    Episode 180
    Tabitha and Esmé continue searching for Endora, without any luck. Esmé listens as Tabitha talks about the evil coming to Harmony, but she falls asleep before Tabitha can reveal to her that Viki is a serial killer. Sheridan saves Fancy by redirecting the acid away from her. Fancy and Luis are shocked when Sheridan tears off the scar off Pretty's face and reveals that her face was fine the entire time. "Gertrude" tells Ethan that she isn't in love with him. Gwen and Rebecca arrive to reveal who Gertrude really is. Viki and Vincent continue planning the massive murder.moreless
  • Ep. #2211
    Ep. #2211
    Episode 179
    Esmé and Tabitha spend some time getting to know each other, while Esmé tries to help Tabitha find Endora. Pretty has a fantasy of throwing acid on Fancy's face. Sheridan arrives in time to stop Pretty from her intentions. Rebecca and Gwen try to figure out where Theres might be hiding, and Gwen finally figures out that Theresa is actually Gertrude. "Gertrude" and Ethan spend some time getting to know each other.moreless
  • Ep. #2210
    Ep. #2210
    Episode 178
    Theresa decides to write a second letter to Ethan, but she realizes Gwen might find it and realize it's a duplicate, so she decides to find another way to remind Ethan of her. Ethan gives Sheridan advice on how to handle her life, and Sheridan storms off to stop Pretty from disfiguring Fancy. Noah explains to Paloma that he didn't kill Roberto and they continue fighting until they finally make love. Endora refuses to leave Harmony. Tabitha admits to Esmé that she is a witch, and Esmé asks her to fulfill her three wishes. Pretty interrupts Fancy and Luis in a moment of intimacy. Fancy confronts Pretty about lying, and Pretty throws acid in her face. Gwen and Rebecca figure out that Theresa is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #2209
    Ep. #2209
    Episode 177
    While packing to leave Harmony, Tabitha takes some time to reflect on her past, including her shenanigans with Timmy, and then she tries to convince Endora to leave with her, while also worrying about shipping off Fluffy to a good place. Tabitha realizes Endora is missing. Noah is furious when Paloma receives a gift from Roberto, and Paloma worries that Noah might kill him. Fancy and Luis hope that nothing will break them apart anymore. Pretty vows to destroy Fancy's life, while Sheridan worries what Pretty might do. Pretty takes a vial of acid. Ethan tells "Gertrude" that he'll never love Gwen as much as he loved Theresa.moreless
  • Ep. #2208
    Ep. #2208
    Episode 176
    In order to protect Vincent, Eve and Julian finally tell the entire truth about Vincent to a horrified Sam and Ivy. Vincent and Viki continue making plans to murder half of Harmony on the rehearsal dinner. Fancy and Luis fight when Pretty continues faking pain at the hospital. Juanita and her henchman eavesdrop on the couple. Accidentally, Pretty's fake pregnancy bump falls out of her and Luis confronts her about faking her pregnancy and causing troubles. Theresa finally agrees to go along with Pilar's plan. Gwen distracts Ethan from trying to find Theresa's letter. Little Ethan refuses to go on the trip along with the rest of the family, but Theresa convinces him to go. Theresa is heartbroken by Gwen and Ethan's upcoming wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #2207
    Ep. #2207
    Episode 175
    Juanita laughs as she makes plans to murder Pilar's entire family before killing her, while the henchman is having hard time listening to her threats. Sheridan and Pretty listen as Luis asks Miguel if he and Fancy can join him in a quadruple wedding. Pretty continues faking her pregnancy in front of Luis. Gwen reads the letter Theresa sent to Ethan, and then destroys it. Pilar unsuccessfully tries to convince Theresa to run away with her and the rest of the family.moreless
  • Ep. #2206
    Ep. #2206
    Episode 174
    Pilar asks Sheridan and Pretty to leave Harmony along with the rest of the family, and both women later agree that they need to leave too, to be closer to Luis. Fancy and Luis make love. Juanita happily plans to murder half of Harmony, while her henchman is irritated by her. Rebecca continues convincing Gwen that Theresa's memory won't put her into trouble. Kay and Miguel try to convince Noah and Paloma to leave Harmony with them, but Noah has his worries. Gwen interrupts Ethan while he's reading a note Theresa sent him. Paloma finds out that Theresa isn't dead.moreless
  • Ep. #2205
    Ep. #2205
    Episode 173
    Miguel almost recognizes Juanita, while Juanita thinks about murdering him. He tells her more about Juanita, not realizing that he's talking to her. Gwen continues feeling like she's competing with a dead woman, and her mother gives her advice on how to beat her scare. Theresa writes a note and puts it in her diary, and Ethan finds it.moreless
  • Ep. #2204
    Ep. #2204
    Episode 172
    Theresa is deeply disappointed in Little Ethan when he prepares a special dinner for Ethan and Gwen, but later learns that he did it only to remind Ethan of the love he used to share with Theresa. Gwen accuses Little Ethan of sabotaging her happiness with Ethan, but later realizes she was wrong. Kay is shocked to learn that Tabitha and Endora are leaving Harmony to spend some time with Precious the monkey. Luis and Miguel inform Pilar that they have decided to leave town with her and their loved ones.moreless
  • Ep. #2203
    Ep. #2203
    Episode 171
    Juanita pretends to be a widow named Amelia Hernandez in front of Tabitha, who then tells her more about the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Juanita offers to rent Tabitha's house, and Tabitha realizes it could be the right time for her and Endora to take a trip. Pilar receives a phone call from Carmelita, who tells her that Juanita is probably already in Harmony. Fancy and Kay reveal to Luis and Miguel, separately, that Juanita is coming to Harmony to kill their entire family. Viki and Vincent happily make plans to slaughter half of Harmony at the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #2202
    Ep. #2202
    Episode 170
    "Gertrude" tries to sabotage Gwen's wedding. She fantasizes about getting married to Ethan and shooting Gwen. Ethan tells "Gertrude" that he'd leave Gwen in a heartbeat if Theresa were to show up alive. Juanita and her henchman arrive in Harmony, and Juanita disguises herself so she could search after Pilar. Tabitha tries to stop the doom coming to Harmony and she learns that a new evil came to town. A disguised Juanita arrives at Tabitha's house. Pilar tells Fancy and Kay all about Juanita, and they decide to help Pilar out. Fancy and Kay seduce their men and convince them to leave town.moreless
  • Ep. #2201
    Ep. #2201
    Episode 169
    Gwen asks Gertrude to take the measurements needed for Ethan's tux for the wedding, but she keeps seeing Theresa doing it. "Gertrude" enjoys measuring Ethan, and Gwen worries that Gertrude might be into Ethan, but later apologizes to Gertrude for even insinuating that something could happen between them. Eve manages to save Ivy's life. Vincent approaches Viki with an idea to team up together as the perfect killer couple. Ivy tells Sam that she doesn't know who tried to kill her. Julian tells Ivy and Sam that he's glad they're back together, and that he wishes he could be with Eve again. Pilar desperately tries to convince Luis, Fancy, Miguel and Kay to take a trip out of Harmony with her. Kay, realizing that doom is coming to Harmony, supports Pilar's idea, but the others won't do it. Juanita and her henchman learn about Harmony.moreless
  • Ep. #2200
    Ep. #2200
    Episode 168
    Ethan and Gwen ask Pilar for her blessing on renewing their vows. Theresa worries that she might have to spend the rest of her life watching Gwen and Ethan happy together. She confronts Pilar about giving Ethan and Gwen her blessing, but Pilar reminds her of the danger they're about to face, and urges her to escape from Harmony with her before Juanita finds them. Juanita and her henchman continue looking for clues. Valerie watches as Viki stashes Ivy's body in the closet. Eve and Julian both pretend not to know anything about Vincent being alive, and they claim that Sheridan isn't a stable person. Esmé almost finds Ivy. Eve tells Julian that Valerie told her that neither she nor Vincent murdered Alistair. Ivy's body is found.moreless
  • Ep. #2199
    Ep. #2199
    Episode 167
    "Gertrude" pretends to be shocked by Ethan's kiss, as he explains that he felt a certain familiarity while kissing her. The two continue on to discuss about Theresa. Gwen shares her worries about Gertrude with Rebecca, who's dressed in a Wonder Woman costume. Theresa is surprised when Gwen tells Ethan in front of her that the date for their wedding has been set. Pretty tries to postpone her check-up, but Luis refuses to let her wait. She then pays money to the doctor to play along. Sheridan is brought to the hospital, where she surprises everyone by saying that Vincent was the one who pushed her off Niagara Falls, right after he had a baby. Ivy helps Esmé ship Viki off to the boarding school, but a furious Viki plots Ivy's murder. Vincent enters the hospital in his Valerie disguise. Valerie is furious to learn that Sheridan survived the fall, as a shocked Eve listens to her/him. Viki finally managed to find Ivy alone, and she stabs her in the back. Juanita threatens Pilar over the phone.moreless
  • Ep. #2198
    Ep. #2198
    Episode 166
    Ethan performs CPR on Gertrude, while Pilar has to prevent Little Ethan from revealing that it's actually Theresa in disguise. Ethan finds himself strangely attracted to Gertrude, but he doesn't know why. Gwen wants Gertrude fired, but Ethan refuses to do so, especially now that she saved Little Ethan's life. Ethan returns to Gertrude's room and kisses her. Juanita and her henchman threaten a bookstore worker to find out where Pilar lives. Juanita calls Pilar on the phone, threatening to finally kill her. Luis and Fancy make sure that Pretty is okay after the earthquake. They learn that Sheridan was bumped over Niagara Falls and that she was taken to a hospital. Esmé is happy that Alistair was finally murdered. Sam learns that Julian's gun has blanks in it and that he could not have killed Alistair. Viki flashes back to entering the room and killing Alistair herself.moreless
  • Ep. #2197
    Ep. #2197
    Episode 165
    Gwen tells Ethan that she wants Gertrude fired after the earthquake stops. Theresa jumps to protect Little Ethan, but they both end up trapped under a bookshelf. Eve and Julian tell Sam and Ivy that they found Alistair dead in his hospital room. Tabitha and Kay learn about more bizarre things happening around town, and Tabitha manages to stop the quake. Juanita and her henchman travel to find Pilar. Ethan is surprised to learn that Theresa jumped to protect Little Ethan, and he tries to bring her back to consciousness. Little Ethan calls "Gertrude" mommy. Sam wants to arrest Eve for shooting Alistair, but Julian insists he shot him, and asks Sam to handcuff him. Ivy congratulates Julian for being able to kill his father.moreless
  • Ep. #2196
    Ep. #2196
    Episode 164
    Agent Henderson is forced to keep Pilar on the line while Juanita's henchman traces the phone call and finds Pilar's location. Sheridan is shocked when Vincent throws her over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Tabitha informs Kay that Harmony soon will be destroyed, and they both realize that the death of Alistair Crane might be the beginning. Eve tries to kill Alistair, but Julian stops her and the murders Alistair himself, unleashing an earthquake.moreless
  • Ep. #2195
    Ep. #2195
    Episode 163
    Fancy worries that her future with Luis might be in danger, but he assures her that everything will be fine. Eve attacks Alistair at the hospital, but Alistair defends himself. He tries to get his way out by offering to pay her money, but she refuses to listen to him and proceeds to threaten him. Gwen calls a driver to take away Little Ethan to boarding school. Pilar and "Gertrude" confront Ethan about sending the kid away, but Ethan realizes he needs to make the decision along with Gwen. Gwen claims to Pilar that Theresa is alive. "Gertrude" brings a letter that she claims Theresa wrote before going off to Mexico, in which she asks Ethan to let Jane and Little Ethan stay in Harmony, and Ethan realizes he needs to respect Theresa's wishes. Vincent threatens Sheridan's life and explains how he intends to take over Sheridan's identity. He then chloroforms Sheridan and stuffs her into a barrel.moreless
  • Ep. #2194
    Ep. #2194
    Episode 162
    Theresa hides before Gwen enters the room. Ethan comforts Gwen, who's convinced that she saw Theresa and Ethan having sex. Pilar reminds Theresa that she needs to continue playing dead until Juanita is captured. Juanita and her henchman try to extract info about Pilar's family from the government agent they took prisoner. Julian calls Vincent sick, but Eve jumps to Vincent's defense, claiming that it's all Alistair fault. Vincent decides to kill Sheridan to get her back for letting him fall off the cliff. Eve decides to kill Alistair. Fancy and Luis prepare a special thank you dinner for Sheridan after she saved their lives, and Pretty intervenes in the celebration. Vincent shows up at Sheridan's doorstep, keen on killing her. Meanwhile, Eve arrives at Alistair's hospital room door.moreless
  • Ep. #2193
    Ep. #2193
    Episode 161
    Eve berates Julian for not wanting to have anything to do with Vincent's baby. Julian decides not to say anything about Vincent, but he refuses to register the baby. Paloma is deeply affected by the vision of Juanita killing Theresa, and Noah tries to calm her. They try to relax, but they're interrupted by magic. Tabitha says another lie to cover the weird things going on in her house. Juanita confronts a government agent, asking him to take her to Pilar. After seeing Ethan and Theresa in bed together, a drugged Gwen tells Pilar that Theresa is alive, but Pilar claims to know nothing about it. Ethan realizes he's with Theresa, but she convinces him it's only a dream.moreless
  • Ep. #2192
    Ep. #2192
    Episode 160
    Vincent gives birth to a healthy baby boy, while Julian continues drinking from shock. Fancy worries that she's going to die, but Luis assures her that they will be fine. He calls Sheridan and asks her to help them land the plane down safely. Pretty tells Sheridan about trying have Luis and Fancy die in the plane, but after a bit of fighting, Sheridan manages to help Luis and Fancy stay alive. Theresa makes up a lie to cover yet another question from Gwen. Theresa then drugs Gwen and Ethan's drinks and after getting rid of Gwen, she puts on a sexy negligee and starts to have sex with Ethan, when Gwen suddenly walks in on them, still woozy from the drink.moreless
  • Ep. #2191
    Ep. #2191
    Episode 159
    Luis and Fancy are shocked when they realize their pilot has passed out. Julian passes out when Eve confirms that Vincent is actually Valerie. Eve insists on taking Vincent to the hospital for the birth, but both Julian and Vincent won't hear about it. Pilar learns that Juanita escaped. "Gertrude" reveals herself to Gwen and Ethan, claiming that she prepared the room for them to enjoy together, but Gwen is still suspicious, especially when she finds "Gertrude"'s fake teeth. Juanita learns about Pilar's whereabouts.moreless
  • Ep. #2190
    Ep. #2190
    Episode 158
    Vincent's water breaks and Eve realizes he is about to have his baby. Julian is furious at Eve, and he heads to Eve's house to confront her, only to find Vincent alive and well, having his baby. Fancy and Luis make love in the jet, unaware that their pilot has fallen asleep. Gwen and Ethan learn that Juanita has escaped from police custody yet again, and Theresa overhears it, realizing that she can't reveal herself to Ethan and Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #2189
    Ep. #2189
    Episode 157
    Theresa arranges everything for a perfect night with Ethan, but Gwen interrupts her surprise, and Theresa realizes she's free to show herself because Juanita is no longer a threat. Juanita is saved by her henchman. Kay is crushed when her wedding dress is set on fire, and Tabitha can't tell anyone that the book did it. Paloma apologizes to Noah for kissing Roberto, claiming that it's one of those weird things that happen in Harmony just like Noah did, and he forgives her. Later, while sweeping the glass, Paloma sees a reflection of Juanita standing with a butcher knife over Theresa's lifeless body. Sheridan and Pretty hide as Luis tries to find out who let out the scream. Luis takes Fancy on a surprise trip. Pretty drugs the coffee of the pilots in the jet.moreless
  • Ep. #2188
    Ep. #2188
    Episode 156
    Theresa prays for a miracle, and Pilar soon learns that Juanita has been captured. Eager to reveal herself, Theresa decides to prepare a special night for Ethan. Pilar tells Paloma to listen to her heart and decide between Noah and Roberto. Tabitha is worried about the upcoming doom. Paloma and Noah make up, but a little evil magic makes Paloma kiss Roberto, and Noah witnesses the kiss. Sheridan and Pretty try to find Luis and Fancy, while Luis finally proposes to Fancy, and she accepts.moreless
  • Ep. #2187
    Ep. #2187
    Episode 155
    Norma and Edna return to Harmony, and they are both worried when they read that shocking things are happening around Harmony. Tabitha convinces them otherwise, but later she learns that evil really is coming to Harmony. Esmé momentarily disguises herself as an old granny so Julian wouldn't get an erection, but things get complicated when Viki interferes and "accidentally" pulls of Esmé's costume, leaving Julian aroused by Esmé's sexy outfit. Norma and Edna dress as candy stripers and they visit Julian at the hospital. Pretty and Sheridan try to sabotage Fancy and Luis' alone time by releasing a cage of bats in their room, but when they realize that Luis and Fancy have already left the bats start attacking them. Theresa explains to Pilar how she survived the shark attack, and they hug. Gwen and Ethan spend the night in bed. A cop manages to finally capture Juanita in Mexico.moreless
  • Ep. #2186
    Ep. #2186
    Episode 154
    Eve urges Julian not to get aroused, or he could die, and she asks Esmé not to see Julian for awhile since she's too spicy. Left alone, Julian can't help but fantasize about Esmé, Eve and Rebecca, and he realizes that it's going to be really hard not to get an erection. Gwen insists on sending Little Ethan to boarding school, but Pilar, Ethan and "Gertrude" keep defending Ethan, and when "Gertrude" starts talking about Theresa, Pilar becomes suspicious. She soon realizes that it's actually Theresa, and the women embrace. Gwen tells Rebecca that she intends to send "Gertrude" away when she ships Little Ethan away. Pretty continues manipulating Luis with her child, while Fancy worries that she might have lost Luis forever.moreless
  • Ep. #2185
    Ep. #2185
    Episode 153
    Esmé tries to seduce Julian, who isn't supposed to get aroused because it might kill him. Vincent continues making jokes about Julian's situation. The medication sets in just in time to save Julian's life. Sheridan realizes that Pretty is a true Crane. Luis runs after Fancy, who's hurt by Luis' connection to Pretty's unborn child. He comforts her and promises her that he was only comforting Pretty. Ethan, Pilar and Gertrude laugh as a blue Gwen accuses Little Ethan of making her turn blue. Gwen finds the chemistry set that Little Ethan used and tells Ethan that they need to send him to the boarding school immediately.moreless
  • Ep. #2184
    Ep. #2184
    Episode 152
    Eve, Vincent, Sam, Ivy, Esme and Viki and end sprayed by Julian who can't seem to control his penis while peeing. Viki overhears Eve talking about the fact that Julian might die if he gets an erection. Fancy tries to contact Luis. Gwen continues trying to convince Ethan to ship Little Ethan off to the boarding school, but both Pilar and "Gertrude" have a different opinion about it. Little Ethan puts some chemicals in Gwen's bath and she comes out covered in blue color. Sheridan tells Luis that Pretty went through with the abortion, but Pretty explains that she decided to have the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #2183
    Ep. #2183
    Episode 151
    Viki hides as Sam breaks down the door on Julian's hospital room. Sam, Ivy, Eve and Esmé are shocked when Julian shares the info on his penis with them. Eve immediately explains that she operated on him and that she turned his penis upside down, and cut off a part of it. Vincent, disguised as a nurse, tries to cover for Eve, but Julian blames Eve for what happened to him. Sam questions Julian about his attacker, but Julian can't remember much about the attack. Gwen is satisfied when Ethan decides to listen to her advice and send Little Ethan to boarding school. Pilar and Paloma almost recognize Theresa, but she quickly changes into her Gertrude disguise. Pilar and "Gertrude" are shocked when Gwen suggests shipping Little E to the boarding school, but Ethan quickly changes his mind when Little E tells him he wants to stay in Harmony.moreless
  • Ep. #2182
    Ep. #2182
    Episode 150
    Vincent continues threatening Eve while they are watching what was left of Julian's "little Julian." Viki questions Esmé if she'll adopt her, but Esmé tells her she has not had the time to think about that. Ivy and Sam arrive at the hospital to question Julian about his attacker. Viki stays alone in the room with Julian and locks the doors. Sheridan confronts Pretty about her decision to have an abortion. Luis and Fancy discuss about Pretty while in bed. Rebecca brings a doctor to the mansion who manages to convince Ethan to send Little Ethan to boarding school. Later, Rebecca thanks the person who impersonated the doctor. Pilar gives Paloma motherly advice. Little Ethan manages to convince Theresa to stay in Harmony. Pilar and Paloma enter Little Ethan's room just as he is talking to Theresa.moreless
  • Ep. #2181
    Ep. #2181
    Episode 149
    At the Blue Note, Noah apologizes to Paloma once again, but Paloma seems to be tired of always having to forgive Noah for his mistakes. She sits in a booth with Roberto while the Demon Elf continues causing havoc by turning himself into an attractive woman and kissing Noah. Ethan refuses to make love with Gwen, so she suggests they should go to the Blue Note. Theresa disguises herself as a blond woman and follows them. She is worried that Ethan might fall in love with Gwen again. Luis and Fancy urge Pretty to keep her baby. Fancy is jealous of Luis impregnating both Pretty and Sheridan in the past. The couple is stunned when Pretty tells them she decided to have an abortion.moreless
  • Ep. #2180
    Ep. #2180
    Episode 148
    Fancy is shocked when Eve informs Pretty and Luis that Pretty is pregnant. She proceed to yell at Pretty, who then plays the role of a victim in front of Luis. Luis promises Fancy that the baby won't change things between them, but she isn't so sure. Paloma is disappointed when Noah admits that he approved of Roberto's decision to go to a club known for drug trafficking. Sam intends to report Roberto. "Gertrude" helps Gwen and Ethan to clean up the mess they made due to their itching problem. Theresa is satisfied when Ethan decides not to be intimate with Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #2179
    Ep. #2179
    Episode 147
    Noah tells Sam about Roberto coming back to Harmony. Roberto pretends being Paloma's friend in hopes of winning her back. He ends up arrested at a club, interrupting an intimate moment between Paloma and Noah. Fancy, Luis and Sheridan are worried about Pretty, who staged fainting. Rebecca slaps Eve for doing a sloppy job on reattaching Julian's penis. Eve is shocked to see what she did to Julian's "little member." Luis comforts Pretty. Eve is surprised to see Pretty's test results. Little Ethan promises to keep Theresa's secret safe. Theresa sabotages Ethan and Gwen's night together by using powder that makes them both itch.moreless
  • Ep. #2178
    Ep. #2178
    Episode 146
    A drunken Eve works on reattaching Julian's penis back to his body, while Vincent makes jokes about his father's "member" the entire time. Little Ethan agrees to have Gertrude as his nanny, and "Gertrude" later admits to him that she is actually his mother. Ethan confides in Gertrude about Theresa, not realizing who he's talking to. Rebecca is shocked to learn about Julian's medical condition. Gwen is worried about Gertrude. Pretty, Luis, Fancy and Sam arrive at the hospital and learn about Julian's surgery. Pretty continues plotting against Fancy. Rebecca is shocked to learn that Eve cut off a part of Julian's penis and turned it upside down, while Vincent laughs.moreless
  • Ep. #2177
    Ep. #2177
    Episode 145
    Viki continues to stab Julian under the bed, but then she realizes she was only stabbing the mattress. Vincent arrives to the hospital in a disguise along with Eve, who goes to check on Julian. Julian has weird fantasies about his lack of sex life in the future. A drunken Eve works on Julian. Gwen interrupts Pilar in the middle of her confession about Little E's paternity. Rebecca and Ivy confront "Gertrude" about her fake references, but she makes up a good lie to cover her tracks, and the women accept her as a nanny. Ethan is surprised by how similar "Gertrude" looks to someone. Later, Little E appears to recognize Theresa.moreless
  • Ep. #2176
    Ep. #2176
    Episode 144
    Eve decides to tell the truth about Vincent, but Vincent stops her, yet again. Sam enters the mausoleum just as Esmé wakes up to see Julian stabbed in his crotch. Julian is taken to the hospital, where the staff tells the family that Julian's penis was completely cut off, and Sam is forced to call Eve to operate, even though she's suspended. Viki stabs Julian in the hospital too. Gwen wants to renew the vows, but Ethan is not ready to do it just yet. Pilar cries while talking to Ethan and Gwen. She then decides to tell the truth about Little E's paternity. Theresa introduces herself as Gretchen the nanny and everything goes fine until Rebecca and Ivy decide to check her references.moreless
  • Ep. #2175
    Ep. #2175
    Episode 143
    Rebecca wears shark shoes on Theresa's memorial service. Ivy urges Ethan to let his love for Gwen grow. Rebecca and Ivy decide to hire a nanny for Little Ethan, and Theresa uses the chance to disguise as a nanny, and the women decide to hire her without realizing who she really is. Ethan tells Gwen that he will try to focus on their new life together. Esmé takes Julian to the mausoleum and the odd couple decides to have sex there. Julian suggests shipping Viki off to boarding school, which angers Viki, who's hiding in the same place. When Esmé and Julian fall asleep, Viki stabs Julian. Noah punches Roberto, who suddenly returns to Harmony and immediately tries to continue his relationship with Paloma. They couple is later surprised to see Roberto staying at Tabitha's house.moreless
  • Ep. #2174
    Ep. #2174
    Episode 142
    Gwen is shocked to see Theresa in the mirror, as Ethan jumps to check out if it's truth. Rebecca is worried when Gwen tells her she saw Theresa, and she berates Ethan for filling Gwen's mind with nonsense. Theresa overhears Rebecca and Gwen discussing the possibility of getting a nanny for Little Ethan. Theresa cries when she overhears Ethan and Gwen continuing their night together. Sam, Ivy, Noah and Paloma catch themselves in an uncomfortable moment, but then they decide to toast for the future, as someone is watching them from outside. The demon elf promises to leave Tabitha and Endora alone, and then he shares his evil plan with Tabitha.moreless
  • Ep. #2173
    Ep. #2173
    Episode 141
    Theresa hides in the closet while Little Ethan claims that had seen his mother enter the closet. Gwen is upset when Ethan tries to call Theresa and before he finally opens the closet, Theresa sneaks out a secret passageway. She then comes into Gwen's room, where she is forced to watch Gwen and Ethan making love. Gwen is shocked to see Theresa's reflection in the mirror. Fancy tells Luis she wants them to have a baby. Sam updates Fancy and Luis on the development of Esmé's attacker. Ivy tries to console Pretty, but Pretty berates Ivy for getting rid of her as a child. Sam then comforts Ivy and they make love. Pretty realizes that having a baby with Luis could tear Fancy and Luis apart.moreless
  • Ep. #2172
    Ep. #2172
    Episode 140
    At the cottage, Pretty and Sheridan discuss possible ways to get rid of Fancy from Luis' life. Pretty immediately suggests killing Fancy or disfiguring her face, but Sheridan refuses to take that type of an approach. Pretty believes she can be with Luis, but Sheridan reminds her that only true memories like the ones Luis and Sheridan shared can keep love alive. Meanwhile, Fancy and Luis make love and eat dessert, and then later Fancy asks Luis to teach her how to dance tango. Sheridan gets angry when she sees Fancy and Luis dancing together. Ethan and Gwen begin making love, but Gwen is seriously disturbed when Ethan calls out Theresa's name. They share a conversation about trying to move on with their lives. Theresa visits Little Ethan and spends some time with him, but later convinces him that it has all been just a dream. Theresa sings to Little Ethan, and Ethan overhears her in the other room.moreless
  • Ep. #2171
    Ep. #2171
    Episode 139
    Gwen is shocked when Rebecca showers with with advice on how to keep Ethan interested in her by becoming the sex goddess of Harmony. Ivy gives Ethan advice on how to move on with his life and give Gwen a chance, but Ethan keeps blaming himself for Theresa's death. Theresa goes to the confession and shocks Father Lonigan with her presence. She later watches as Ethan tucks Little Ethan to sleep. Fancy apologizes to Sheridan and Pretty for her recent behavior, but the sisters refuse to let Fancy mend fences. Ethan and Gwen begin making love. Little Ethan is shocked when Theresa visits him.moreless
  • Ep. #2170
    Ep. #2170
    Episode 138
    An insecure Fancy has dinner with Luis, who promises to take care of her and to explain what happened to everyone. They make love. Pretty and Sheridan shake on their agreement to get rid of Fancy from Luis' life. Ethan calls to Mexico to question the doctors if Theresa might have shown up. Rebecca suggests Gwen should take Ethan to the bedroom to make him forget about Theresa. Theresa makes her way to the US, and she watches her loved ones through the device that was given to her by the government agent. Gwen tries to get Ethan to forget about Theresa and spend time with her, but Ethan refuses, as Theresa happily watches them. Ethan takes a walk on the docks and thinks he's seeing Theresa.moreless
  • Ep. #2169
    Ep. #2169
    Episode 137
    Theresa and Elena bond on the train heading back to the US. Tabitha is shocked when her she sees the future including Theresa stopping Ethan's wedding. Ethan and Sam are disgusted to see the sex games that Esmé and Julian are performing in the bedroom. Julian gives Ethan his blessing to adopt Little Ethan. Viki tries to kill Ethan but fails.moreless
  • Ep. #2168
    Ep. #2168
    Episode 136
    Kay manages to convince Pilar that Tabitha isn't a witch, she's only English. Noah proposes to Paloma again, and she gladly accepts. The demon elf adds more trouble by popping the balloons, and Kay questions Tabitha if the elf is back. Miguel overhears their conversation, but they cover their tracks. Rebecca continues showing disrespect over Theresa's death, while Gwen worries that she'll never get rid of Theresa's memory. Ethan tells Sam that he would never settle for Gwen if Theresa came back. Rebecca, Gwen and Ivy toast to Theresa's death. Theresa escapes from Juanita and then runs into a woman who offers her help to get to USA.moreless
  • Ep. #2167
    Ep. #2167
    Episode 135
    Noah, Paloma, Kay and Miguel agree to put the double wedding back on the table, but they are forced to postpone it due to Theresa's death. Pilar learns the good news and then encourages them to get married anyway because life seems to be too short to waste it. The demon elf continues messing with the Lenox household, and Pilar suspects Tabitha might be a witch. Rebecca insults Theresa while talking to Ethan and Gwen. Theresa overhears a conversation between Juanita and a police officer.moreless
  • Ep. #2166
    Ep. #2166
    Episode 134
    Theresa escapes from the morgue. Sheridan and Pretty continue fighting over the device. Pretty suggests killing Paloma to make room for Fancy and Noah, but Sheridan is completely opposed to the idea. They keep pushing the button on the controller, and it causes Fancy to act out. Luis, Noah and Paloma are freaked out when Fancy starts barking and blood comes out of her nose. Fancy passes out but when Luis calls her out, she wakes up. He promises that no matter what happens to her, he'll be around to protect her. Paloma completely forgives Noah. Sheridan throws the device in water and Fancy coughs out the device that was in her head.moreless
  • Ep. #2165
    Ep. #2165
    Episode 133
    Theresa is confused when the government agent explains just in how much danger she is. She tries to appeal to his soft side, but the man won't let her contact her family. He tells her that there is a chance that Juanita will never be caught. Ethan is having hard time focusing on planning his future with Gwen. Little Ethan has a nightmare of Theresa being kept away by an evil man. Gwen isn't happy when Ethan decides to adopt Little Ethan, but Pilar is thrilled to hear the good news. Luis and Paloma confront Fancy and Noah. Sheridan finds Pretty using the device and they start fighting over it.moreless
  • Ep. #2164
    Ep. #2164
    Episode 132
    Gwen continues pushing Ethan on the subject of bringing their family back together, and he angrily asks her to stop because he still isn't over Theresa and he intends to avenge her death. Theresa wakes up in the mysterious morgue and tries to find a way to contact her relatives, but a man prevents her from doing so and explains that she is now under protection from Juanita. Ethan makes a decision about his future. After waking up again, Theresa tries to call Ethan but her call doesn't go through. Gwen is happy when Ethan tells her that he will be with her, and when Gwen leaves to get champagne, Ethan tells that he'll never be happy with Gwen as much as he was happy with Theresa. Pilar gives advice to Luis and Paloma about life. Pilar receives a phone call from Theresa, but she doesn't hear her. Noah and Fancy comfort each other over their bad love lives, and Luis and Paloma see them after Pretty makes a noise.moreless
  • Ep. #2163
    Ep. #2163
    Episode 131
    Pilar, Ethan, Luis, Sam, Ivy, Kay, Miguel, Sheridan and Gwen are surprised to find a disguised Rebecca snooping in Theresa's room at the mansion, taking dibs on her stuff. An angry Pilar throws Rebecca out. Gwen hopes that she and Ethan will be a family again. Rebecca drinks champagne while other prepare for Theresa's memorial. Viki isn't happy when Esmé starts talking about the possibility of being Julian's wife one day. Esmé visits Julian and they sleep together. Theresa is shown to be alive in an unknown hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #2162
    Ep. #2162
    Episode 130
    Paloma, Sam, Ivy and Kay greet Pilar, Ethan, Gwen, Luis, Miguel and Sheridan back home. Ivy tells Gwen that Ethan is now hers. Pretty and Fancy are surprised to learn about Theresa's death. Fancy hugs her sister, who's surprised by her sudden change of heart. Ethan blames himself for Theresa's death. Kay assures Miguel that she didn't use magic while he was gone. Pilar tells Noah that she'd like to help him win Paloma back if he can make her happy. Gwen urges Pilar to stop Luis before he can tell Ethan that he's little Ethan's father. Little Ethan is shocked to hear the news of his mother's death. Pretty lies to Luis about Fancy's whereabouts. Little Ethan tries to convince everyone that Theresa is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #2161
    Ep. #2161
    Episode 129
    Pilar blames Gwen for everything that went wrong in Mexico, and Gwen actually feels guilty. Sheridan and Luis are happy when Marty returns and tells them that Juanita was quite a nice lady. Pilar takes Marty's words as a sign of revenge that Juanita still wants to go through. Juanita pays off the local police to mislead Ethan, Luis and Miguel. Vincent manages to blackmail Eve into convincing Julian that Vincent isn't actually alive. Julian buys Eve's lies. The demon elf continues playing around with Tabitha and Kay, who are worried for Endora's safety. Noah comforts Paloma, but Paloma eventually tells him that grief over someone's death won't make the get back together. Kay then comforts her brother.moreless
  • Ep. #2160
    Ep. #2160
    Episode 128
    Julian is shocked when Valerie's wig falls off and he realizes that it's actually Vincent, his presumed dead son. Vincent immediately runs off, and Julian finds Eve tied in the closet. He then passes out in horror. Vincent realizes that he needs to kill his parents. Noah asks for Tabitha's and Kay's help with Paloma. Pilar is angry at Gwen for releasing Juanita. Sheridan feels sorry for Ethan losing the love of his life. At the hotel, someone knocks out Marty's babysitter. Paloma learns about her sister's death. The demon elf continues causing trouble for Kay and Tabitha. In Mexico, the group is shocked to learn that Juanita is with Marty. Noah comforts Paloma.moreless
  • Ep. #2159
    Ep. #2159
    Episode 127
    Luis is surprised to find Sheridan in his hotel room. Gwen worries that Pilar might finally expose her secret, but Juanita manages to escape before Pilar finishes her story. Vincent and Eve go through Lamaze training. Luis and Sheridan discuss Fancy's strange behavior. When they leave the room, Marty is left alone and his babysitter ends up being replaced by someone else. Vincent locks Eve in the closet, turns into Valerie and goes to be with Julian.moreless
  • Ep. #2158
    Ep. #2158
    Episode 126
    Gwen hesitates to accept Juanita's offer. Sheridan assures Marty that she won't let Fancy come near him. Fancy wants to see a doctor to determine what is wrong with her, but Pretty, fearing that they might find the implanted device, suggests she should try meditation or yoga instead. Marty takes Pretty's controller and starts playing with it, and Fancy immediately becomes angry and starts swinging at Sheridan. She then knocks herself onto a wall. Luis, Miguel and Ethan wonder what could Juanita want from their family. Pilar breaks down in Luis' arms when the guys inform her that Theresa's body wasn't found. Ethan accuses Gwen of being happy that Theresa is dead, but then later apologizes for accusing her. Pilar tells Juanita that she intends to put her behind bars. She then prepares to tell the truth about Juanita. Luis learns that an unknown woman tried to get into his hotel room.moreless
  • Ep. #2157
    Ep. #2157
    Episode 125
    Sam gets news of the survivors in Mexico, and Ivy comments on how better their life would be if Theresa would just leave. They reminisce about the past and Ivy apologizes for everything that she did wrong, and Sam assures her that everything is fine, and that lovers like them come once in a lifetime. Juanita tries to make Gwen feel guilty over Theresa's death, and later she tries to make a deal with Gwen. Luis, Miguel and Ethan search the area to find Theresa, but without any success. Ethan feels Theresa's presence while she looks at him, and he tells her "Goodbye my only love." Theresa then goes to Heaven. Noah climbs up the window and surprises Paloma, who was convinced that Noah died when the scaffolding fell down to the ground. Noah overhears Paloma professing her love for him, but once she realizes that he's safe, she tells Noah that they are over.moreless
  • Ep. #2156
    Ep. #2156
    Episode 124
    The scaffolding hangs in mid air as Noah wakes up, and Paloma tries to rescue him. Tabitha urges Kay to use magic to save Noah's life, and Kay doesn't know what to do. Theresa wakes up and realizes that her confession, once again, was only a dream. Pilar tries to explain her connection with Juanita to Ethan, Luis and Miguel. The group is shocked when they hear the news of a woman attacked by sharks. Theresa comes to them, but realizes that she's only a ghost and can't reach them. Tabitha is confused when Kay refuses to use magic because she is convinced that Noah's love for Paloma will save him somehow. The demon elf intervenes again, and the rope on the scaffolding breaks.moreless
  • Ep. #2155
    Ep. #2155
    Episode 123
    Pilar tells Juanita that she is no longer afraid of her. Gwen lies to Ethan about the reason she came to Mexico. Theresa finally joins Ethan, Luis, Miguel, Juanita, Gwen and Pilar, and then finally tells them the truth about Gwen and Rebecca blackmailing Pilar. Ethan is stunned to hear how evil Gwen is, and is even more surprised to learn that Little Ethan is his son. He happily embraces Theresa. Noah tries to apologize to Paloma by playing music and bringing flowers, but Paloma refuses to listen to him and keeps throwing Fancy in his face. Tabitha and Kay look for answers in the magic bowl. Noah tries to talk to Paloma again, this time on a window's washer ladder, but he accidentally falls off.moreless
  • Ep. #2154
    Ep. #2154
    Episode 122
    Gwen performs CPR on Ethan, while Theresa struggles to stay alive. Miguel questions Juanita about the reason why she hates Pilar and Theresa, but she only gives him puzzled answers. Juanita tells Gwen that she'll make sure that Ethan knows the truth, and Pilar angrily confronts both women. Miguel, Luis and Ethan continue searching for Theresa. The demon elf possesses Noah, who then hurts Paloma by saying that Fancy is a better kisser and lover. Noah later tries to make Paloma realize that strange things always happen in Harmony. Sam, Julian and Esmé find Ivy stabbed, while Viki lurks around. Sam questions Rebecca.moreless
  • Ep. #2153
    Ep. #2153
    Episode 121
    Tabitha and Kay are shocked when they realize that the demon elf is back. He laughs at them as they try to get rid of him by using herbs and potions. Julian assures Sam that he will go through with the plan to catch the killer. Ivy and Sam make love. In Mexico, Gwen runs off to get help when she sees Ethan surrounded by sharks. She sends Luis and Miguel to help Ethan. They find a body in the water. Juanita recognizes Rebecca's voice when Gwen calls her and she threatens to expose them unless Gwen helps her escape. Ethan finds Theresa and professes his love for her, then goes to battle the sharks. Rebecca packs her bags to leave Harmony. Someone secretly watches Rebecca and Ivy individually. Sam is about to leave Julian and Esmé alone when they hear a scream in the mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #2152
    Ep. #2152
    Episode 120
    Gwen goes on a plane to Mexico in hope to prevent Theresa from telling Ethan about the blackmail. The boat explodes as Juanita enjoys the view. Miguel comes face to face with Juanita. Kay uses magic to save Miguel in the battle, and she accidentally unleashes a demon. Ethan, Luis and Miguel take care of Pilar, while Gwen arrives. Julian confronts Eve about her alcohol problems. Eve is sick of Vincent kissing his own father disguised as Valerie.moreless
  • Ep. #2151
    Ep. #2151
    Episode 119
    Eve performs a medical exam on Vincent. Julian agrees to Sam's plan to lure the murderer, and although Esmé doesn't want to put Julian in danger, he's willing to go through with the plan. Paloma berates Noah for being with Fancy, and then lashes out at Fancy for what she did, while Pretty sits back and enjoys the horror she caused. Juanita and the assassin continue looking for Theresa and Pilar. At the wharf, Theresa manages to survive a shark attack. Pilar and Theresa get into a boat, and Ethan, Luis and Miguel see them trying to leave. Juanita finds them too and starts to shoot at them, but she misses until she takes out a rocket launcher. The boat explodes.moreless
  • Ep. #2150
    Ep. #2150
    Episode 118
    Kay gets a premonition about death heading to Mexico and she wonders if she should resort to magic to save Theresa, Pilar, Miguel, Ethan and Luis. Tabitha encourages her to save them, but Kay keeps wondering if using magic might break her relationship with Miguel. Theresa manages to save Pilar from Juanita and her henchman, and they run to the docks, where they come upon a shark. On the plane to Mexico, Miguel, Luis and Ethan have sex dreams about their loved ones.moreless
  • Ep. #2149
    Ep. #2149
    Episode 117
    Pilar and Theresa run through Mexico trying to find a way to escape. Juanita is angry to learn about the escape, but later she learns that the women have been captured. Miguel is convinced that Tabitha had something to do with Fancy kissing Noah. Noah tries to apologize to Paloma, but she refuses to forgive him. Luis confronts Noah. Gwen, Ethan and Esmé find Rebecca stabbed. Sam and Julian try to hunt down the attacker unaware that it's Viki. Viki pretends that she didn't see the attacker when he supposedly jumped through her window. Ethan learns about Theresa and Pilar's escape in Mexico, and he calls Miguel and Luis to accompany him to Mexico. Rebecca almost reveals that she and Gwen were blackmailing Theresa.moreless
  • Ep. #2148
    Ep. #2148
    Episode 116
    Luis confides in Paloma about Fancy's strange behavior, and she tells him about her double wedding. Pretty uses the device to make Fancy seduce Noah. She then calls Luis and Paloma to the wharf, where they witness the kiss between them. Noah tries to explain that he tried to resist Fancy, but Paloma refuses to listen to him. Fancy continues lashing out at Luis. Esmé and Ethan tell Viki about Ethan's intention to adopt Viki, who's excited about Ethan's gesture. Esmé confides in Viki about seeing Ethan as her possible husband, and a twisted Viki thinks about killing Ethan. Rebecca and Gwen discuss about Theresa's decision to go to Mexico, and then Rebecca worries that Ethan might be swayed away from Gwen by Esmé. Viki stabs someone. Theresa and Pilar discuss about Juanita, and then they finally manage to release themselves from the room. As they escape, a person follows them.moreless
  • Ep. #2147
    Ep. #2147
    Episode 115
    Tabitha almost finds the letter that Endora hid in the doll's head. Noah, Paloma, Miguel and Kay continue fighting about the details of their double wedding, and they finally manage to agree on at least on thing, a wedding date. When the date isn't available in church, Tabitha suggests Kay should use magic to make it available, but Miguel protests. Suddenly, the date is available against, and a suspicious Miguel watches as Kay and Tabitha take a magic detector test and it shows that they didn't use magic, both unaware that Endora was the one who helped out. Pilar arrives in Mexico and confronts her old enemy, who's keen on killing Pilar's entire family. Pilar tries to talk to Juanita, but the insane woman traps them and promises to kill them the following morning. Theresa hopes that the letter she sent to Luis will be faxed, but the mail instead ends up in the trashcan. Pretty uses the device to mess with Fancy again, this time while Luis talks to Fancy. Fancy yells at Luis and Pretty. Luis then comforts Pretty, who plays the role of a perfect victim. Pretty makes Fancy flirt with Noah.moreless
  • Ep. #2146
    Ep. #2146
    Episode 114
    Sheridan tells Luis that she doesn't want Fancy anywhere near Marty after Fancy's sudden outburst. Endora hides Miguel's letter in a doll. Noah, Miguel, Paloma and Kay can't seem to agree on wedding arrangements because everyone wants a different thing. Gwen convinces Ethan to stop thinking about Theresa and concentrate on Jonathan and their family. They both go to visit Sheridan and Luis at the cottage. Theresa tells Juanita about her history with Ethan, trying to get some sympathy from the women, but Juanita doesn't buy it. Luis berates Ethan for not investigating more about the man who Theresa supposedly slept with.moreless
  • Ep. #2145
    Ep. #2145
    Episode 113
    Pretty uses the device to control the chip in Fancy's brain and make her act against her will. Marty is frightened when Fancy starts acting like Alistair, and Pretty arrives just in time to take Fancy away, and turn out to be the hero of the day. Luis and Sheridan are repulsed by Fancy's behavior. Pilar learns that Miguel and Kay are having a double wedding with Paloma and Noah. Miguel and Kay assure Noah and Paloma that there is no such thing as magic. Tabitha searches through Kay and Miguel's room, but doesn't find the letter that Miguel wrote. However, Endora manages to locate it and take it away without anyone knowing. The bullet misses Theresa, who then tries to run away, but Juanita and her assassin find her and chloroform her. Theresa awakes at Juanita's place, where Juanita calls Pilar and offers to save Theresa's life if Pilar comes to Mexico. Without any other way out, Pilar makes plans to fly to Mexico.moreless
  • Ep. #2144
    Ep. #2144
    Episode 113
    Valerie surprises Julian by deciding to move in with Eve so Julian would have control over Eve's drinking, and so Eve could take care of Valerie since "she" doesn't want any other doctor. Pilar insinuates to Ethan that Theresa is in danger. Gwen and Ethan agree that having Viki around is a great thing, and they suggest Viki should babysit Jonathan. Viki daydreams of killing Ethan. Theresa escapes from Juanita when she realizes who she is, while the assassin searches through Theresa's room. Juanita is enraged to find out who Theresa actually is and she orders to have her killed. Pilar contacts Juanita and offers to trade her life for her daughter's, but Juanita tells her that she will kill her family first and then deal with her. The assassin and Juanita find Theresa.moreless
  • Ep. #2143
    Ep. #2143
    Episode 112
    Tabitha pretends trying to cook food the moral way while using magic to prepare the meal. The ingredients literally blow up and Miguel ends up with a pie in his face. Kay realizes that something bad always happens when magic is being used. Pretty visits Sheridan and they both watch Fancy, Luis and Marty on television. Marty tells Fancy that this is the best day of his life when she arranges for him to meet the game players. Pretty finds the device that controls the chip in Fancy's brain and decides to use it. Pilar reminds Theresa that she burned her passport and I.D. and that's why she isn't able to leave Mexico. Theresa literally bumps into Juanita, who actually acts nice, without realizing who Theresa is. One of Juanita's assassins enters Theresa's room and finds the burned passport.moreless
  • Ep. #2142
    Ep. #2142
    Episode 111
    Alistair urges Viki to kill Ethan. Esme and Ethan bond over their disastrous love lives. Pretty refuses to continue helping Alistair break up Luis and Fancy, but Alistair manages to turn things around and convince Pretty that she needs to continue working on his crazy schemes. Fancy and Marty bond while watching the game, and Luis is happy that Marty is accepting Fancy as a part of his father's life. Juanita wants Theresa dead. Pilar learns that Theresa has flown to Mexico and then calls her daughter. She manages to convince Theresa to return back home without contacting Juanita.moreless
  • Ep. #2141
    Ep. #2141
    Episode 110
    Tabitha warns that Kay that once she finds the letter that contains info on them being witches, she's going to turn Miguel into a toad and continues using her magic as normal. The women fight over Kay's decision to stop using magic to make Miguel happy. Fancy realizes that Luis forgot about their date, as Sheridan tells her that she should forget about Luis. Miguel tells his mother that he's going to marry Kay. Luis tells Fancy that Marty now comes first in his life. He then confronts Sheridan, telling her that the only woman he loves if Fancy. Fancy then returns, makes up with Luis, and then offers hockey tickets for the three of them, as a jealous Sheridan looks on. Miguel sees Tabitha and Kay zapping each other, and he worries that Kay may not live up to her word. Juanita kills her helper. Theresa gets Juanita's address. Juanita learns that Pilar's daughter is in Mexico and orders to have her killed.moreless
  • Ep. #2140
    Ep. #2140
    Episode 109
    Sam questions Alistair about his attacker, but he still won't reveal who it is. Sam warns Esmé to watch out. Ethan asks his parents for advice on Gwen and Theresa. He explains how his divorce from Gwen isn't valid, and that he still loves Theresa. Ivy wonders why is Ethan so connected to Theresa, and he compares their relationship to Ivy's never-ending love for Sam. Esmé advises Ethan to follow his heart. Viki injects bleach in Alistair's IV, but he catches her and is surprised to hear her speak. She explains that she killed all of Esmé's men because she was afraid to lose her, and then she worries that Alistair may rat her out. However, Alistair admires her strength to kill and asks her to become his hired killer. He wants her to kill Ethan and although she is reluctant, she agrees to do so when she sees Ethan hugging Esmé. Rebecca and Gwen discuss strategy for winning Ethan back. They decide that Gwen must get pregnant again. Ivy and Sam make love. On the plane to Mexico, Theresa fantasizes about being in a soap opera, where she tells Ethan the truth, he kicks out Rebecca and Gwen, and they end up happily ever after.moreless
  • Ep. #2139
    Ep. #2139
    Episode 108
    Pilar confronts Theresa about ordering a plane ticket to Mexico, but Theresa makes up a lie about taking Little Ethan to see the Red Sox at spring training. Little Ethan later questions Theresa about lying to Pilar. Gwen surprises Ethan by announcing that they never actually got divorced, and that their marriage is still valid, plus Theresa is still married to Alistair. Ethan isn't ready to make any commitment to Gwen, but he will do it for Jonathan's sake. Esmé assures Viki that the murderer will be found, while Viki secretly worries that Alistair might turn her in. Eve ends her relationship with Julian by Vincent's orders, and Vincent later makes another visit to warn his mother to obey him. Julian and Esmé plan to be together. Viki goes to the hospital to confront Alistair.moreless
  • Ep. #2138
    Ep. #2138
    Episode 107
    Ivy badmouths Theresa after learning what happened to Ethan. She encourages Gwen to go after Ethan, and then manages to convince Ethan that he is better off without Theresa and that he needs to pursue a life with Gwen and Jonathan. Theresa tells Pilar that she intends to fly to Mexico to confront Juanita and end her vendetta against Pilar and her family, but Pilar makes Theresa promise that she won't put her life in danger by visiting her. However, when Pilar leaves, Theresa books a plane ticket to Mexico. Miguel wants Tabitha, Kay and Endora to stop being witches, but Tabitha has no intention of leaving her true nature. Jessica returns to Harmony and her father visits her. She explains how she gave birth outside of town. Spike approaches Jessica when Sam isn't around and he threatens to sell the baby on the black market unless Jessica lets him be a part of their baby's life.moreless
  • Ep. #2137
    Ep. #2137
    Episode 106
    Theresa is forced to lie to Ethan that she has a secret lover in order to protect Little Ethan. Ethan feels betrayed by Theresa, as Gwen comforts him. Pilar comforts a heartbroken Theresa, while Rebecca enjoys her daughter's level of brilliance. Miguel wants Kay to give up being a witch so they could live a normal life with their daughter. Sam enters the mansion and finds Alistair stabbed in the back. He arrests Alistair for killing Chad and then questions about the person who attacked him, but Alistair refuses to give up the identity of the person. Later on, Alistair flashes back to the attacker... someone you'd least expect!moreless
  • Ep. #2136
    Ep. #2136
    Episode 105
    Alistair makes it clear to Esmé that he knows about her deadly history with other men and then throws her to the ground while getting undressed. The mystery killer stabs him in the back and Alistair recognizes the person. Fancy learns that Luis went to Sheridan's cottage. Sheridan uses Marty to convince Luis that he needs to be with them as a family. Fancy sees Sheridan and Luis hugging through the window. Theresa explains to Ethan that she left because she didn't want anything to ruin their perfect moment, and they make up. Gwen tries to make Ethan feel guilty for not being at the hospital with Jonathan, but Ethan won't leave Theresa. Gwen then shows up at the cabin looking for more trouble. Rebecca confronts Pilar and threatens to call Juanita, and they soon get into a fight.moreless
  • Ep. #2135
    Ep. #2135
    Episode 104
    Ethan and Theresa try have some romantic time together on New Year's Eve. Sheridan is surprised when Luis refuses to stay with her after Marty falls asleep. Alistair suggests Sheridan should use Marty to break up Luis and Fancy. Luis apologizes to Fancy for hurting her. Pilar receives terrible news. Miguel is tortured by flashing memories of Hell, but he manages to put the fact that Kay and Tabitha are witches behind him, and spend the night with the woman he loves. Esmé tries to put her bad luck in good use. Ethan follows Theresa to the cabin, determined to find out if she's hiding a secret from him.moreless
  • Ep. #2134
    Ep. #2134
    Episode 103
    Endora shows Tabitha what happened while Miguel and her were in Hell. She then promises to her mother that she won't tell Miguel that they're witches. Miguel and Kay continue spending time in bed and discussing about the last few days. Kay makes up a lie to cover Miguel's memory loss. Ivy encourages Ethan to leave Theresa because it seems like she's living a double life. Sam reminds Ivy of how she used to keep secrets. Rebecca faints when Gwen thinks of letting Theresa tell the truth, but she manages to convince Gwen to come back to their scheming ways. Kay makes a spell on Miguel and he finally remembers what happened, including the fact that Kay, Endora and Tabitha are witches. Theresa and Ethan come face to face and their meeting ends with tears, as Gwen and Rebecca triumphantly enjoy the success of their plotting.moreless
  • Ep. #2133
    Ep. #2133
    Episode 102
    Ethan and Theresa drift further apart, as she has to see how Little Ethan is doing, and Ethan worries about the fact that Theresa doesn't seem to want to be near him or Jonathan. Pretty throws in Fancy's face that Luis didn't tell her he was searching for Marty during the last few weeks. Luis and Sheridan reunite with Marty, who explains what happened to him while he was missing. Pretty and Fancy come to the cottage and join them in celebration. Sam, Ivy and Pilar join Tabitha and Kay for breakfast, and they're surprised when Kay brings Miguel. She then makes up a lie to cover for the time Miguel was missing. Tabitha receives a warning from the dark side saying that she needs to keep doing evil or she'll lose Endora. Sam and Ivy try to convince Ethan to go back to Gwen to ensure a happy home for Jonathan.moreless
  • Ep. #2132
    Ep. #2132
    Episode 101
    Esme and Santa spend a naughty night together, and the mysterious killer murders Santa by slipping poison in his drink. Noah gives Paloma a Christmas gift. Fancy confronts Luis for sleeping with Pretty, and Sheridan doesn't even care about it, she's concentrated on finding Marty. Kay tells Tabitha about Timmy's visit and urges her to turn to the good side again. Theresa is having hard time dealing with hiding the truth from Ethan. Gwen questions Ethan about Theresa's presence in his life. Luis tries to convince Fancy that she is the only woman he loves. Kay and Tabitha are shocked when Endora and Miguel suddenly return home. Sheridan is shocked to find Marty home. Theresa is finally ready to be with Ethan again, but she changes her mind when she walks in on Gwen and Ethan hugging.moreless
  • Ep. #2131
    Ep. #2131
    Episode 100
    Tabitha continues plotting against Fancy. Luis and Pretty discuss about their short adventure. Gwen manipulates Ethan. Ethan and Theresa discuss their future together.
  • Ep. #2130
    Ep. #2130
    Episode 99
    Fancy finds out that Luis slept with Pretty and runs straight to Noah who tells her to forgive Luis. Tabitha receives a Christmas gift from Endora but destroys it before the Dark Side can see. Ethan is about to come face-to-face with the liver donor and Gwen threatens to kill Theresa's entire family if Ethan finds out the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #2129
    Ep. #2129
    Episode 98
    Jonathan is having complications and little Ethan is doing fine. Theresa is glad that her son is doing okay and Ethan takes that as she doesn't care about Jonathan. Fancy finds Luis and Pretty kissing and demands to know what is going on. Julian finds Eve in a drunken stupor and Valerie interrupts them. Valerie wants to make sure that Julian will take care of their baby.moreless
  • Ep. #2128
    Ep. #2128
    Episode 97
    Spike agrees to take Fancy and Sheridan to Luis and Pretty. Eve tries to tell Julian that Vincent came to her hospital room, but when he smells alcohol on her breath, he thinks she just had a hallucination. Pilar finds out her sister Maria was murdered by Juanita and fears for her family. Pilar tells Theresa that Juanita wants to kill her for what Pilar did years ago.moreless
  • Ep. #2127
    Ep. #2127
    Episode 96
    After Pretty is shot, Luis worries about her health, but it looks like Pretty will be alright. Pretty asks Luis if he could ever love someone like her. Fancy and Sheridan confront Spike about Luis's whereabouts. Sheridan has had enough points a gun at Spike. Ethan wants to meet the living donor's mother and comes face to face with Theresa, but she covers. Theresa begs her mother to tell her secret so she can be with Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #2126
    Ep. #2126
    Episode 95
    Noah, disguised as Santa, tries to convince Paloma to stay with him. Paloma doesn't know if she can believe anything Noah ever says to her. Pretty doesn't want to give up her time with Luis in the basement. Spike awaits Luis and Pretty's escape and plans to kill them. Theresa watches at little Ethan goes under the knife to save his brother. Ethan tells Gwen that he wants to meet the liver donor's mother.moreless
  • Ep. #2125
    Ep. #2125
    Episode 94
    Gwen finally realizes that her son could die if she doesn't tell Ethan about his son with Theresa. Rebecca tries to stop Gwen from telling the truth. When little Ethan calls Ethan daddy, Ethan assumes that Theresa told the boy that he would be his son if Jonathan dies. Luis tries to attack Alistair but is knocked out. When he awakens, he shows Pretty that he was able to steal the basement key.moreless
  • Ep. #2124
    Ep. #2124
    Episode 93
    Theresa asks little Ethan if he is willing to save Jonathan. Gwen believes her holistic cures are working on the baby. Alistair interrupts Luis and Pretty and Pretty stands up for Luis. It's apparent that Pretty is becoming emotionally attached to Luis. Timmy pays a special visit to Tabitha and warns her against doing any more evil or she will never see Endora again.moreless
  • Ep. #2123
    Ep. #2123
    Episode 92
    Theresa tells Pilar that she has to let little Ethan be the donor without Gwen and Ethan finding out. Gwen is still being stubborn and won't tell Ethan about little Ethan. Pilar's enemy, Juanita, gets some news on Pilar that she finds encouraging. Pilar is shocked when Juanita murders her sister Maria while on the phone. Fancy watches from her PDA as Luis and Pretty make love but turns it off before Luis can proclaim his love for Fancy. Tabitha remembers Christmases past and runs into Edna and Norma again.moreless
  • Ep. #2122
    Ep. #2122
    Episode 91
    Vincent taunts Eve with booze and she begs him to tell the truth. Vincent realizes that he may have to kill Eve. Julian and Esmé have sex again and Julian is unaware of her history with men. Ethan overhears Theresa say that there is a possible donor for Jonathan but thinks that she won't say who it is because of her hatred for Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #2121
    Ep. #2121
    Episode 90
    Theresa wants to tell Ethan about their son but Pilar reminds her that if she does, their family will be killed. Paloma and Noah are searching for Luis and come across a book of spells in Tabitha's house. Luis and Pretty grow closer and due to Noah and Paloma's spell, begin to make love.moreless
  • Ep. #2120
    Ep. #2120
    Episode 89
    Gwen refuses to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan and Theresa and Pilar are astonished that Gwen is willing to sacrifice her son for Ethan. Noah tries to tell Paloma that it wasn't his fault that he was with Fancy, but Paloma doesn't believe him. Tabitha invited Death to Harmony in the hopes that Endora will be returned. When Death targets Theresa and Pilar, Kay is frantic to stop it.moreless
  • Ep. #2119
    Ep. #2119
    Episode 88
    Jane is unable to be the liver donor due to an ear infection and Theresa can't believe that Gwen won't have little Ethan tested and confronts her about it. A drugged Luis makes love to Pretty believing that she is Fancy. "Valerie" tells Eve that she is pregnant and Eve begs her to tell Julian that "Valerie" and "Vincent" are one and the same.moreless
  • Ep. #2118
    Ep. #2118
    Episode 87
    Due to Tabitha's evil, Paloma walks in on Noah and Fancy. Kay and Tabitha face off. Trapped in the warehouse basement by Alistair, Luis and Pretty find out that the only way to be freed is if Luis impregnates Pretty. Jane is a match but after hearing about the complications, Theresa refuses to consent hinting at another possible donor.moreless
  • Ep. #2117
    Ep. #2117
    Episode 86
    Theresa, Gwen and Ethan worry about Jane being a match for baby Jonathan. Theresa wonders if Gwen would let Jonathan die in order to keep the secret about little Ethan. Luis and Pretty are trapped in the warehouse basement and Pretty tells Luis about how horribly Alistair treats her. Tabitha tries to set it up so that Paloma walks in on Noah and Fancy together.moreless
  • Ep. #2116
    Ep. #2116
    Episode 85
    Pilar wonders if Theresa will tell Ethan about little Ethan if Jane is not a match for Jonathan. Gwen and Rebecca worry about Juanita coming to kill Pilar and her entire family. Pretty is angry that Alistair turned off the implant in Fancy. Alistair says that he going to make it so that Fancy and Sheridan leave Luis. Sheridan tells Fancy that Luis no longer loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #2115
    Ep. #2115
    Episode 84
    Kay and Tabitha use their powers to fight each other when Tabitha tries to use evil to hurt Noah and Paloma's relationship. Eve wakes from a drunken stupor to find Vincent taunting her. Gwen has to decide whether to press charges against Theresa for the poisoning or not because Theresa has to make the decision about Jane being baby Jonathan's donor.moreless
  • Ep. #2114
    Ep. #2114
    Episode 83
    Ethan asks to have Jane tested as a match for Jonathan and Theresa contemplates telling Ethan about little Ethan. Luis plans to sacrifice his own life for Marty's and Sheridan refuses to let him do it. Pilar reminisces about her past with Juanita, as Juanita in Mexico threatens to kill Pilar and her entire family and finally get her revenge for what Pilar apparently did to her.moreless
  • Ep. #2113
    Ep. #2113
    Episode 82
    Kay tells Tabitha that she won't do any more evil and makes plans to counteract Tabitha's spell fro Noah and Paloma. Fancy demands the truth from Luis and when he doesn't come through, she tells him they are over. Baby Jonathan needs a partial liver transplant and Gwen and Ethan are not a match. Gwen realizes that she may have to tell Ethan about little Ethan anyway.moreless
  • Ep. #2112
    Ep. #2112
    Episode 81
    Tabitha sets her evil sights on Noah and Paloma and Luis and Fancy in hopes of Endora being able to come back. Esmé and Julian sleep together. Valerie tells Eve that she is pregnant.
  • Ep. #2111
    Ep. #2111
    Episode 80
    Gwen is able to be stabilized as Ethan stands by Theresa. The doctor reveals that Gwen was indeed poisoned. Rebecca tells Pilar that she has tried to stave off the threat to her family. Esmé and Julian flirt.
  • Ep. #2110
    Ep. #2110
    Episode 79
    A drunken Eve tells Julian that he is next on Vincents list. Spike is determined to seal the deal with Esme, not knowing the danger. The doctors work frantically to save Gwen from the poison and Theresa fears that she will be caught.
  • Ep. #2109
    Ep. #2109
    Episode 78
    Rebecca tries to stop the killings in Mexico but Pilar is ordered to be killed. Someone calls Luis and Sheridan to tell them that they know where Marty is. Theresa buys an anti-love potion from a disguised Tabitha, but it is really a deadly poison.
  • Ep. #2108
    Ep. #2108
    Episode 77
    Noah and Paloma have a romantic night at the Blue Note. Luis and Sheridan find a DNA match in the computer but it freezes. Gwen and Theresa fight again while Tabitha watches. Tabitha decides to disguise herself as a fortuneteller again and reads Theresa's future. Rebecca contacts a person that threatens to kill the entire Lopez-Fitzgerald clan.moreless
  • Ep. #2107
    Ep. #2107
    Episode 76
    Gwen finally authorizes treatment for baby Jonathan. Theresa requests that Ethan be let off the hook for the afternoon to cheer on Little Ethan at a game and Gwen calls Theresa selfish. Eve starts popping pills in preparation of the hospital review board meeting.
  • Ep. #2106
    Ep. #2106
    Episode 75
    Kay interrupts Tabitha when she tries to do evil towards Spike and Esmé. Sheridan confesses to Pilar that Marty is alive and swears her to secrecy. Luis decides that he may have to tell Fancy everything.
  • Ep. #2105
    Ep. #2105
    Episode 74
    Tabitha and Endora have a brief reunion until Endora is dragged back into evil's darkness. Esmé tells Fancy to fight for Luis. Luis attacks Spike. Gwen blames Eve for giving baby Jonathan the wrong medication. Everyone is shocked when Eve blames Vincent.
  • Ep. #2104
    Ep. #2104
    Episode 73
    Eve wakes up before she loses too much blood and later Julian finds the blood in her office. Gwen tries to take baby Jonathan home, refusing to let anyone treat him, and his vitals start to plummet. Kay lets Tabitha do her evil on Fancy and lets Fancy walk in on Luis and Sheridan making love.moreless
  • Ep. #2103
    Ep. #2103
    Episode 72
    Rebecca orders Theresa to stay away from Ethan or Theresa and Pilar will suffer. Theresa begs her mother to tell her the secret. Vincent convinces Eve to slash her wrists. Kay gives into Tabitha and agrees to let her do evil. Tabitha makes it so that the fingerprint turns out to be someone else's and makes Luis and Sheridan kiss again. Baby Jonathan is in liver failure because of Eve's prescription. Gwen refuses treatment for her son and when Ethan tries to take care of his son, Gwen says that he is not the father.moreless
  • Ep. #2102
    Ep. #2102
    Episode 71
    Sam arrests Kay for the murders. Tabitha walks in to Kay's relief and tells Kay that she will get her cleared is Kay lets her do evil. Gwen blames Eve for her son's illness. Julian and Eve argue and once he leaves, she reaches for the bottle and Vincent appears to her.moreless
  • Ep. #2101
    Ep. #2101
    Episode 70
    Eve administers the prescription for baby Jonathan not knowing that Vincent has tampered with it. A code blue is called from the baby's cubicle. Fancy and Esmé are convinced that Kay is the murderer when Kay's fingerprint is discovered at the crime scene. Kay argues with Tabitha, who is trapped in a paper bag. Ivy is sick of Kay acting crazy that she crushes the bag and Kay screams that she killed Tabitha.moreless
  • Ep. #2100
    Ep. #2100
    Episode 69
    Esmé tries to help Jake, but it's too late, he is dead. Kay freezes the magic bowl before Fancy can see Luis and Sheridan in bed. Theresa and Ethan rush baby Jonathan to the hospital and Gwen refuses to accept that anything is wrong with her baby. A distraught Eve takes on Jonathan's case.moreless
  • Ep. #2099
    Ep. #2099
    Episode 68
    Esmé and Jake continue having fun, as the mystery attacker manages to poison Jake. Ivy learns who is blackmailing Pilar. Tabitha resorts to desperate measures to save Endora and Miguel. Theresa has to lie again to Ethan about their son. Sheridan breaks down in Luis' arms. Jonathan is rushed to the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #2098
    Ep. #2098
    Episode 67
    Luis wonders if he should tell Fancy the truth about Marty. He then finds her passed out. Kay tries to stop Noah and Paloma from finding the magic bowl. Ivy and Pilar reconnect as friends. Theresa tries to tell Ethan the truth, for the millionth time.
  • Ep. #2097
    Ep. #2097
    Episode 66
    Kay and Ivy argue over Fox's coffin, knocking it to the ground. The Timmy doll gives Noah and Paloma a shocking warning. Theresa tries to get Pilar to divulge her secret. Ivy learns that Pilar's secret came out in the open.
  • Ep. #2096
    Ep. #2096
    Episode 65
    Jake and Esme enjoy some role-playing and don't notice when someone poisons Jake's beer. Sheridan vows to find Marty on her own and calls Luis a bad father. Baby Jonathan's fever rises.
  • Ep. #2095
    Ep. #2095
    Episode 64
    Pilar and Gwen argue over Gwen's blackmail and Ethan walks in. Did he hear? Sheridan worries that Luis will tell Fancy about Marty. Paloma and Noah come across a Timmy doll and are even more surprised when he speaks.
  • Ep. #2094
    Ep. #2094
    Episode 63
    Esmé and her new boy toy, Jake, have fun together while her mystery attacker watches them from afar. Noah and Paloma find magic in Tabitha's attic. Fancy walks in on Luis and Sheridan in bed together at the motel. Pilar is forced to betray Theresa.
  • Ep. #2093
    Ep. #2093
    Episode 62
    Eve catches Julian and Valerie in bed together. Fancy sees Sheridan and Luis in bed together. Noah and Paloma are suspicious of Kay. Esmé thinks she found her attacker. Theresa slaps Gwen.
  • Ep. #2092
    Ep. #2092
    Episode 61
    Eve shows up at work hungover and almost kills a patient by prescribing the wrong medication. Julian ends up in bed with Valerie thinking it is Eve. Theresa wants to know why Pilar changed her mind about Theresa's relationship with Ethan. Ethan and Gwen name their son Jonathan.
  • Ep. #2091
    Ep. #2091
    Episode 60
    Luis is forced to clear Spike's record for the sake of finding Marty. Theresa ends things with Ethan upon Pilar's urging and Pilar tries to explain herself to Theresa. Esmé and Fancy share a few drinks and an interesting conversation.
  • Ep. #2090
    Ep. #2090
    Episode 59
    Kay informs Sam that Tabitha's a witch and Ivy calls her insane. Esmé tries to convince Fancy to figure out why her mood keeps changing. Gwen attacks Pilar with the info she has on her. Spike makes demands on Sheridan and Luis.
  • Ep. #2089
    Ep. #2089
    Episode 58
    Gwen blackmails Pilar. Theresa again fails to tell Ethan the truth. Sam and Ivy question Kay about Tabitha's disappearance. Ivy is convinced that Kay is the one to blame for Tabitha, Miguel and Endora's disappearance. Luis confides in Sheridan.
  • Ep. #2088
    Ep. #2088
    Episode 57
    Vincent continues torturing his mother, who tries to convince Julian about the truth. Ivy accuses Kay of being a serial killer. Gwen gets more dirt on Theresa and Pilar. Pilar convince Theresa to finally tell the truth.
  • Ep. #2087
    Ep. #2087
    Episode 56
    Julian continues trying to comfort a sad Eve. Esmé and Pete are attacked. Esmé unsuccessfully tries to stop him, but it's too late. Gwen and Sheridan share a deep conversation. Vincent shows himself to Eve.
  • Ep. #2086
    Ep. #2086
    Episode 55
    At Tabitha’s, Kay decides to use her magic to reverse Tabitha’s spell on Luis and Sheridan. As a result, she turns reverse time, ultimately clearing their memories of making out. As Luis goes to find Fancy, Sheridan vows that in time, she will get Luis back. After Theresa and Ethan return to the mansion, Gwen arrives and soon pulls Theresa aside to let her know that she plans on getting Ethan away from her and that she doesn’t care if he loves her more. At Pete’s place, he and Esmé are attacked by the neighbor’s dog.moreless
  • Ep. #2085
    Ep. #2085
    Episode 54
    Kay and Tabitha are forced to cause more evil to rescue their loved ones. Sheridan and Luis share a kiss. Gwen tries to distract Ethan from Alistair's fight with Theresa.
  • Ep. #2084
    Ep. #2084
    Episode 53
    A drunk Eve kicks Julian out of her house after Julian continues neglecting to believe her that Vincent is alive. Vincent disguises himself as Valerie and heads to the docks, where he kisses his own father, and Eve witnesses the kiss. Julian apologizes and takes Eve home, where she continues insisting that Vincent is alive. Luis and Sheridan enter a room where Marty was previously kept and they talk about about the son and life in particular. Alistair disguises himself as Ethan while Theresa tells him the truth about Little Ethan. She realizes it's actually Alistair and he warns her to keep the secret hidden or he'll get deadly. Gwen and Rebecca talk about Gwen's baby, as they are watching Alistair and Theresa discussing. Rebecca realizes she needs to dig up more dirt on Theresa and is willing to do anything to get it.moreless
  • Ep. #2083
    Ep. #2083
    Episode 52
    Vincent manages to hide himself before Julian enters Eve's house. A drunk Eve claims Vincent was there, but Julian can't find him. He then starts drinking, seeking comfort in alcohol. He professes his love for her, although she thinks she's a disgusting person. Vincent decides to disguise himself as Valerie to play with his father's mind. Esmé and Fancy discuss about Fox's death and Luis lying to Fancy. Sheridan confirms that Marty is Harmony, but Luis doesn't exactly trust Sheridan's research and he believes Sheridan might be using this opportunity to keep him away from Fancy, but Sheridan claims she doesn't. Gwen tries to convince Theresa to keep quiet about Little Ethan's real father. Theresa refuses to listen to her and she enters Ethan's room and finally admits that Ethan is Little Ethan's biological father.moreless
  • Ep. #2082
    Ep. #2082
    Episode 51
    Tabitha and Kay are surprised when the ransom note wants them to become evil witches again. Tabitha decides to start obeying the task immediately by conjuring up Jamie McMurray, a NASCAR driver, but she zaps him back after changing her mind. Sam informs them about Fox's death and Kay breaks down. It comes to a great shock for her when Sam says Miguel and her are the suspects. Fancy catches Sheridan and Luis hugging. Luis opens a program that could help him find Marty, and later, Sheridan sees the results. Pretty and Alistair continue causing pain to Fancy. Gwen and Ethan discuss about their baby and Theresa and Alistair. Pilar and Theresa learn that Alistair gave Little Ethan a present and that he is actually safe.moreless
  • Ep. #2081
    Ep. #2081
    Episode 50
    Ivy cries while reminiscing about her son and she blames herself for not bonding more with her children. Pretty bursts at Fancy in front of Ivy, but after a pep talk from Alistair, she apologizes to both of them, trying not to ruin Alistair's perfect plan. Luis is stunned after seeing his son alive on-screen, and Sheridan goes on to doubt Luis' trust at her. They talk about the past, and he promises to help her find Marty, and never let her down again. Ethan realizes there's something weird about his baby, and even the nurse mentions it, but a freaked Gwen claims the baby is fine. Pilar urges Theresa to admit the truth to Ethan, but their conversation is interrupted with news of Little Ethan's disappearance, and the learn that the person who picked him up was Alistair.moreless
  • Ep. #2080
    Ep. #2080
    Episode 49
    Tabitha and Kay continue searching for Endora and Miguel in the other dimension, but the only thing they get is a ransom note. Alistair challenges Sheridan to kill him, but Luis interrupts them with news of Fox's death. Gwen stops Theresa before she can reveal the entire truth about Little Ethan to Ethan. Theresa doesn't believe that Gwen's baby is actually hers, but Gwen proves it, and then warns Theresa not to reveal anything to Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #2079
    Ep. #2079
    Episode 48
    Vincent continues playing with Eve's mind by image-projecting himself from behind the curtain and blaming her for everything that went wrong in his life. Fancy learns of her brother's death and she cries in Luis' arms. Sam accuses Esmé of murdering Fox, and Fancy stands by Esmé's side, but it seems like others have ganged up on Esmé due to her past experience with aggressive behavior. Julian claims Kay and Miguel killed Fox, but nobody takes him seriously. Sheridan and Alistair argue over Marty and Sheridan's undying love for Luis. Gwen interrupts Theresa in a moment of truth and then later panics when Little Ethan shares an interesting conversation with Ethan. When Ethan explains how much he loves Little Ethan, Theresa finally tells him that he is Little Ethan's father.moreless
  • Ep. #2078
    Ep. #2078
    Episode 47
    Vincent plays with Eve's mind by making a shocking phone call which urges Eve to solve her problems by drinking. Sheridan attacks Alistair and confronts him about Marty's whereabouts, but Alistair continues denying that Marty is alive. Sheridan then realizes she must not reveal what she knows. Fancy continues bursting at Luis, affected by the chip, and she doesn't know what is happening to her. Pretty wants Alistair to let her control Fancy for awhile. Little Ethan notices the resemblance between himself and Gwen's baby, and then Theresa finally admits to Ethan that they are brothers.moreless
  • Ep. #2077
    Ep. #2077
    Episode 46
    Ivy and Sam are shocked to find Julian and Esmé weeping over Fox's dead body. Ivy goes into denial, refusing to believe that her son is dead. Sam questions Esmé about how Fox was shot. Pretty threatens to reveal the chip to Fancy and Luis, but Alistair manages to convince her to keep quiet. Meanwhile, the chip starts to take effect and Fancy aggressively talks to Luis. Ethan, Theresa, Gwen and Pilar continue discussing about Gwen's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #2076
    Ep. #2076
    Episode 45
    Esmé, Julian and Viki are shocked when Fox is shot dead. Tabitha and Kay rapidly try to find Endora and Miguel, but even using Voogle or maternal love doesn't help them. Spike convinces Sheridan that going to Alistair to seek help in finding Marty is suicide. Luis wants to call 911 to help Fancy, but Pretty, by Alistair's orders, convinces him that Pretty is fine. Ethan is happily confused when Gwen introduces their baby. Pilar urges Theresa to reveal the truth about Little Ethan, but Theresa is now determined to keep it a secret more than ever before.moreless
  • Ep. #2075
    Ep. #2075
    Episode 44
    The demons from the basement struggle to lure Endora inside the basement. Kay and Tabitha fight, but it seems like they are losing the battle. Miguel finally finds out the truth about Tabitha and Kay being witches, and then the demons take away Endora and Miguel to the underground. Esmé and Fox make love and then someone suddenly murders Fox. Eve informs Valerie about Chad's and Vincent's death. After Eve leaves, it is revealed that Valerie is actually Vincent under disguise. Sheridan threatens to kill Spike unless he proves that Marty is alive. She is overcome with emotions when Spike shows her a live video footage. Alistair and Pretty watch Fancy, as the chip in her head starts to work in front of Luis. Ivy, Julian and Sam visit Ethan at the hospital. Sam kisses Ivy. Ethan finally wakes up and Theresa can't wait to be happy with Ethan. Pilar goes to get Little Ethan. Suddenly, Gwen arrives in the room and gives Ethan their baby, the mysterious man that Gwen was always talking about.moreless
  • Ep. #2074
    Ep. #2074
    Episode 43
    Alistair puts Fancy's life in danger, but the doctors save her in time. When she wakes up, Pretty is happy to realize that Fancy doesn't remember anything that happened to her. Luis refuses to believe that Marty is alive. Theresa prepares for Ethan's recovery. Gwen finally admits to Rebecca who her mystery man is. Kay informs Tabitha that Miguel and her witnessed an omen, and Tabitha claims that such sign brings evil. Tabitha soon realizes that the boys from the basement are getting out again and she worries about Endora, as the forces come out. Sam tells Eve that the coast guard didn't find Vincent's body. Whitney arrives at the Blue Note, where she informs Eve about Chad's death and learns about Vincent's. Whitney shocks Eve by revealing that she's leaving Harmony with Miles and Simone, and then she looks at her mother for one last time. Vincent miraculously crawls to the shore and walks to Valerie's house, to confront her for betraying him.moreless
  • Ep. #2073
    Ep. #2073
    Episode 42
    Pretty starts suspecting that Alistair may be using her to make Fancy turn to his side, but he convinces her otherwise. Fancy's unconscious body is taken to a lab, where a doctor inserts a chip into Fancy's brain. A drunk Julian and Eve are rambling about their dead son, and Eve seeks revenge against Sheridan. Sheridan tells Luis that Spike is the person who knows where their son is. Whitney and Theresa say goodbye to each other and reminisce about the past times they spent as best friends.moreless
  • Ep. #2072
    Ep. #2072
    Episode 41
    Whitney IDs Chad's body and then Simone comforts her, as they talk about Miles' and Whitney's future without Chad. Viki, Esmé and Fox grow closer. Fancy is surprised when Pretty wants to make peace between them, but Pretty is actually doing what Alistair wanted her to do to punish Pretty. Sheridan urges Luis to listen to her, and then she informs him that Marty is alive, although Luis doesn't believe her. Theresa informs Pilar that Ethan knows about having a son. Rebecca continues trying to persuade Gwen to return to Harmony.moreless
  • Ep. #2071
    Ep. #2071
    Episode 40
    Esmé and Fox share a close moment. Luis and Fancy make love again. Alistair manipulates Pretty into helping him ruin Fancy's life. Ethan confirms knowing the truth about Little Ethan to Theresa. Rebecca is convinced that Ethan knows nothing. Gwen refuses to return to Harmony and vows to take care of her mystery man. Julian and Eve get drunk at the Blue Note. Spike escapes from Sheridan. Sheridan admits to Eve and Julian that Marty is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #2070
    Ep. #2070
    Episode 39
    Fancy and Luis make love. Pretty sides with Alistair, as he promises to make the Lopez-Fitzgeralds pay for everything. Miguel catches Norma and Edna with their heads backwards and he realizes he must be going mad, but once again, Endora fixes the situation, and Kay pretends that nothing happened. Sheridan saves Spike's life by dropping Vincent down the cliff. Julian and Eve are shocked by what Sheridan did. Sheridan wants Spike to reveal where Marty is. Ethan shows signs of hearing what Theresa said to him about Little Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #2069
    Ep. #2069
    Episode 38
    Tabitha, Norma, Edna and Endora find Kay on the attic, talking to a Floating Head. The Head laughs at Kay for misusing magic, and then hands her a book titled The Idiots Guide to Witchcraft. Kay then sets to prove that she knows how to use magic, but she only makes things worse, so Endora is forced to fix everything. Then again, Kay casts a spell but it backfires, by making their heads float around the room. Sheridan helps Vincent escape from Spike, who was set to kill him. They escape in a car, but after crashing into a tree, they are forced to run. Eventually, they all end up on a cliff, with Spike and Vincent about to fall down. Sheridan wants to save her nephew, but Spike tries to change her mind by informing her that Marty is still alive, and that he knows where Marty is. Whitney is shocked by Chad's sudden death, and she tries to revive him, but it is obvious that he is dead. The paramedics take Ethan and Chad to the ICU. Whitney urges Theresa to reveal the truth about Little Ethan to Ethan, and Theresa finally tells him. Gwen tells Rebecca that she never stopped loving Ethan. She soon rushes out of the hospital when someone informs her that her mystery man is sick. At the mortuary, Whitney cries over Chad's lifeless body.moreless
  • Ep. #2068
    Ep. #2068
    Episode 37
    Viki overhears Esmé telling Fox the tragic story of her life, how Viki's father lost all his money and then shot himself and Viki's mother. Spike wants to continue killing people from Alistair's list, and he urges Vincent to help him, but Vincent is reluctant because Alistair wanted him dead. Vincent hands the gun to Spike, who then pulls it at Vincent and reveals that Vincent is the next one on the list. Vincent runs away, but Spike finds him. At the inn, Chad and Whitney arrive just in time to save Theresa from Alistair. Gwen and Rebecca are shocked to find Ethan passed out on the bed. Chad tries to stop Alistair, but instead, Alistair shoots his own son and then escapes jumping out of the window. Chad says his final words as he dies in Whitney's arms. Luis proves to Fancy how much he loves her, but they are suddenly interrupted by Alistair who has come to kill Luis.moreless
  • Ep. #2067
    Ep. #2067
    Episode 36
    Tabitha tries to convince Kay to stop using so much magic, but Kay is determined that everything is okay. Endora zaps Tabitha, Edna and Norma into a circus. Miguel starts seeing a psychiatrist to find a reason for all the strange things that have been happening to him lately. The psychiatrist seems fine until she runs into Norma and ends up escaping from the house, telling Miguel to run away as soon as possible. Fancy breaks up with Luis, believing that she is just as evil as the rest of her family, and then runs away. Theresa tries to save a poisoned Ethan, but Alistair interrupts her, ready to finish her off too.moreless
  • Ep. #2066
    Ep. #2066
    Episode 35
    Miguel is confused when Kay continues using her magic everyday, and Tabitha warns Kay that Miguel's erased memories could come back and cause serious damage. Fancy comments on keeping secrets and tries to leave, but Luis convinces her that he won't ever stop loving her. Rebecca and Gwen realize that Theresa is now a bigamist, but Alistair warns them not to discover the secret. He informs them about sending poisoned strawberries to the newlywed's room. Rebecca them fantasized about Theresa's funeral. After making love, Theresa is finally ready to tell the truth to Ethan. Ethan eats most of the poisoned strawberries and collapses on the bed.moreless
  • Ep. #2065
    Ep. #2065
    Episode 34
    Luis realizes that Vincent cut Sheridan, so Eve stops the bleeding on her neck, while Julian goes looking for his son. A shot is heard from the mansion, and they all leave to see what it was. Meanwhile, Fancy and Pretty continue fighting and another shot goes off. Eve, Julian, Luis and Sheridan break off their fight, and then Fancy informs them about Alistair being alive. Endora and Tabitha catch Edna and Norma in the middle of a Brazilian wax treatment, and the girl lovers explain that they want to leave on vacation. Rebecca and Gwen are trying to find Theresa and Ethan, but they end up at a wrong apartment, where Rebecca is slapped by a woman whos boyfriend Rebecca slept with in the past. Alistair surprises them and then threatens to kill them if they expose Theresa's secret because he wants to be the one to destroy her. Ethan and Theresa make love, and then Theresa finally decides to tell the truth to Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #2064
    Ep. #2064
    Episode 33
    Alistair surprises Fancy and Pretty by appearing in his library. He explains that he was able to do much more stuff while everyone thought he was dead. And now he's in Harmony to get Fancy, but Fancy refuses to go with him. Pretty offers to go, but Alistair insults her. Then Fancy pulls out a gun, calls the police and holds Alistair hostage until they arrive, but Pretty helps Alistair escape, and then later Pretty and Fancy fight over a gun, and it goes off. Rebecca and Gwen are trying to find out where have Theresa and Ethan gone on their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa celebrate their marriage by toasting and making love. Theresa is ready to reveal the truth about Little Ethan, but they are suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door. Luis tries to get Vincent to release Sheridan, but Vincent starts playing mind games by reminding Luis about all the bad things Sheridan had done to her family. Luis walks out and leave Sheridan to die in Vincent's hands and just as Vincent is about to stab her, Luis rushes back in, knocks out the blade from Vincent's hands, and then Vincent escapes.moreless
  • Ep. #2063
    Ep. #2063
    Episode 32
    Alistair is furious when Vincent reveals the truth about Little Ethan's paternity, and when the people overhear Alistair's voice, both of them escape from the prison. The police realizes that someone helped Vincent escape, but they can't identify the person. Pretty feels guilty after revealing what Fancy did to her. She reminds Sheridan that she isn't the person she used to be, but Sheridan turns the tables by reminding her how hard it must have been living with that scar on her face. Fancy and Pretty continue fighting in Alistair's library, and then they're suddenly surprised when Alistair enters the room. Vincent holds a knife to Sheridan's throat, ready to kill her, and then Luis arrives. Ethan and Theresa toast to their marriage, as Gwen and Rebecca wait to discover Theresa's secret. Somehow, Theresa's friends manage to let the newlyweds escape before Gwen can get to them.moreless
  • Ep. #2062
    Ep. #2062
    Episode 31
    Alistair tries to kill Vincent, but Vincent reveals the truth about Little Ethan and spoils Alistair's plan. Eve and Julian are shocked when Dr. Williams tells them that Vincent had an accomplice, and they are both scared of the possibility that it's Alistair. Esmé's niece Viki arrives at the Crane mansion, and Fox invites them to stay there. Fancy runs away when Pretty reveals the truth about what Fancy did to her. Luis doesn't know what to think, and Sheridan persuades him to leave Fancy. Luis, however, runs after her. Pretty reminds Sheridan that she sees only darkness when she looks at her. Gwen comes to an idea to release herself and her mother from the washroom. Ethan and Theresa finally get married. Gwen and Rebecca escape from the room and arrive just in time to give Theresa a wedding gift before the newlyweds leave on their honeymoon.moreless
  • Ep. #2061
    Ep. #2061
    Episode 30
    Pretty tells Luis about what Fancy did to her. Eve and Julian are having hard time while trying to persuade Vincent to crawl back from under his bed, with Dr. Williams bed. Vincent is shocked when Alistair visits him disguised as a prison guard. Pilar suggests Theresa should tell the truth to Ethan before Gwen and Rebecca get a chance. Chad and Whitney manage to lock Rebecca and Gwen in a room. The women try to escape, but they can't. Kay plays with magic again and does another set of bad magic spells, but eventually she transports herself and Miguel to the wedding ceremony.moreless
  • Ep. #2060
    Ep. #2060
    Episode 29
    Eve listens as Pretty and Fancy continue fighting. Dressed in appropriate costumes, Endora, Tabitha, Norma and Edna dance around the house. Luis finds Spike and Sheridan in a room. Sheridan punches Spike, Luis ties him and then the police takes him away. Luis reminds Sheridan once again that he doesn't know who she is anymore. Gwen surprises everyone when she informs them that she ordered Theresa a wedding dress in advance. Pilar and Whitney are worried about what the Hotchkiss women could be planning to do on the wedding. Whitney overhears Gwen and Rebecca talking about their plan and she informs Theresa about it.moreless
  • Ep. #2059
    Ep. #2059
    Episode 28
    Somehow Spike manages to convince Norma and Edna to help him escape from the police, which he eventually does. Endora takes Norma, Edna, Noah, Paloma and Tabitha to a heavenly place, where they all celebrate love. Noah and Paloma are convinced that it's all a dream. Ethan and Theresa prepare for the wedding. Rebecca reminds Gwen to go along with their devious plan. Luis and Sheridan find Pretty floating in the pool, so they immediately rescue her. Sheridan thinks Fancy pushed Pretty in. Luis comments on how beautiful Pretty is, and then Sheridan shows him the scar on Pretty's face, which makes Luis wonder what kind of monster could have done this to Pretty. Spike tries to persuade Sheridan to help him hide from the authorities, and Luis finds them together.moreless
  • Ep. #2058
    Ep. #2058
    Episode 27
    Due to a magic backfire, Kay is forced to find a way to free herself from the people who think she's the devil. Endora turns the Lenox household into a tropical resort. Sam, Paloma, Noah, Miguel, Jessica and Simone are confused by the all magic, but eventually Endora saves the day. She finally makes Spike confess the murders of the dead johns, and Jessica is finally free. At the pool house, Fancy and Pretty continue arguing. Luis gives Sheridan a few pointers about life. The two of them come to the pool house and find a body floating in the pool. Gwen and Rebecca pretend to be happy for Theresa and Ethan, who had just announced that they will get married as soon as possible. Rebecca reminds Gwen to go through with the plan to ruin Theresa's wedding day.moreless
  • Ep. #2057
    Ep. #2057
    Episode 26
    Tabitha, Edna and Norma are having fun while watching Spike doing chores around the house. Paloma, Miguel, Noah, Kay, Simone and Jessica are shocked when Sam comes to arrest his daughter for the murders of the skeletons they found in the massive grave. Kay freezes them and goes to Tabitha's to come up with a solution to save her sister. Unfortunately, she zaps the people in Tabitha's house and makes a lot of confusion. After making more spell-mistakes, Kay zaps everyone back home, where Sam arrests her instead of Jessica. Sheridan continues trying to make Pretty confess the truth about Fancy to Luis. Chris visits Sheridan and tells her about how James feels lately. Fancy has a dream of talking to Pretty. Theresa and Ethan tell Gwen that they are going to elope.moreless
  • Ep. #2056
    Ep. #2056
    Episode 25
    Fancy, Pilar and Luis celebrate Luis' freedom. Pilar advises Fancy to confess the truth about Pretty to Luis, but when Luis says that he couldn't love someone who could hurt someone else, she changes her mind. Sheridan takes a scared Pretty to the Crane mansion, and urges her to destroy Fancy. Eve begs her son for forgiveness, but Vincent starts choking her. Tonya Wilson, a specialist, saves Eve and then helps the mother and son to embrace each other. Ethan finally proposes to Theresa.moreless
  • Ep. #2055
    Ep. #2055
    Episode 24
    Pretty reluctantly agrees not to reveal the truth about Fancy to Luis. Father Lonigan offers to give her and Fancy counseling. In the death chamber, Luis is still being prepares for the execution. Eve finally escapes from the closet and arrives just in time to revive a drugged Luis. Simone is shocked when Whitney reveals that Vincent is her brother. The warden tries to continue the execution, but Eve finally reveals that her son Vincent is the murderer. He tries to escape, but Simone catches him and he reveals why he murderer Rae. Eve reveals that both Julian and her knew about the murders for some time, and then reveals that Vincent is The Blackmailer. Fancy and Pilar are reunited with Luis. Sheridan admits that Vincent forced her to kill Theresa, and she did it all for love. Luis tells her that their love doesn't exist anymore. Theresa decides not to press charges against Sheridan. Julian wonders why Eve betrayed their child, but she thinks that Julian only cares for the sake of Crane Industries. Sheridan wants Pretty to tell Luis the truth. Father Lonigan returns to the church, where the angel statue tells him that Harmony will reek of evil.moreless
  • Ep. #2054
    Ep. #2054
    Episode 23
    At the Lenox household, Endora reverses time only in the prison, so Luis is currently still alive. Spike warns Tabitha, Edna, Norma and Endora about the bomb, but they won't listen to him until Tabitha actually finds a bomb. Meanwhile, Spike escapes, but Norma and Edna stop him. When the girls finally throw the bomb away, the bomb explodes. Pretty is shocked to realize that somehow Luis got revived, and Father Lonigan warns her that evil forces are present in Harmony. Ethan and Gwen are confused when Theresa accuses Sheridan of trying to kill her, and then they receive another shock - Luis is still alive. Ethan wonders if he's losing his mind. The family says goodbye to Luis once again. Then Theresa accuses Sheridan in front of the entire family for trying to murder her. They all begin questioning Sheridan, but the new discussion is interrupted when the warden informs them that they are starting the execution.moreless
  • Ep. #2053
    Ep. #2053
    Episode 22
    Harmony is in mourning as Luis is executed. Sheridan is furious at Vincent for not saving Luis. Pilar questions her faith in God. Father Lonigan confronts Pretty in her cell, but Pretty won't stop trying to ruin Fancy's life. Ethan finds Theresa and Gwen's bodies, and both women eventually wake up and realize that Gwen actually saved Theresa's life. Ethan is shocked to hear that Sheridan electrocuted Theresa. Then Ethan informs Theresa about Luis' death. Tabitha finally listens to Spike and realizes that there is a bomb in the house. Endora stops the bomb just in time. Then the girls learn about Luis' execution and Edna suggests that Tabitha revives Luis. She won't do it, but Endora decides to give it a try. She reverses the time, and Luis now is alive again.moreless
  • Ep. #2052
    Ep. #2052
    Episode 21
    Tabitha eventually saves Spike from Fluffy, but neither Tabitha, Norma, Edna or Endora are taking Spike's warning about a bomb seriously. Eve imagines being rescued from the closet by Julian. Rebecca convinces the prison inmate to keep Theresa's secret and offers him a lawyer. Sheridan electrocutes Theresa various times and leaves her strapped to the chair. Gwen finds Theresa and gets a little preview of a how much electricity hurts. Pilar knocks out Pretty before she can reveal the truth about Fancy to Luis. The warden and the prison staff is leading Luis to the execution chamber. The family reunites. Sheridan urges Vincent to save Luis because Theresa is dead, but there is nothing he can do anymore... Luis is dead.moreless
  • Ep. #2051
    Ep. #2051
    Episode 20
    Tabitha, Norma, Edna and Endora return home to find Fluffy attacking Spike. The girls are alarmed when Spike tells them that there's a bomb upstairs. The wedding ceremony turns into a riot, but the police manages to calm down the people. The blackmailer suddenly appears, but it's actually Rebecca, who was only doing a prank to "lighten the mood." Eve arranges to meet with the warden to tell him the truth about her son. A prison inmate arranges a meeting with Ethan, and Rebecca realizes it's actually an old Crane driver who knows the truth about Little Ethan's paternity. Sheridan bangs Theresa on the head, drags her unconscious body to the execution chamber, puts Theresa in and is ready to execute the woman by Vincent's orders. Meanwhile, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are breaking down while watching Luis preparing for the execution. Vincent realizes that Eve was about to betray him, so he locks her in a closet to prevent his mother from telling the truth. Pretty tells Fancy that she can't let Luis die without knowing the truth about Fancy.moreless
  • Ep. #2050
    Ep. #2050
    Episode 19
    Rebecca is extremely anxious to meet her daughter's new man, but Gwen wants to wait until the time is right to present him. Fox orders Spike to kill Miguel again, but Spike seems too frightened to come near Tabitha's house. Eventually, Spike infiltrates the house and ends up being attacked by Fluffy. Esmé and Fox end up drinking together and talking about their past actions. Eve isn't able to admit the truth about Vincent to Whitney. Pilar begs for a miracle. Ivy arrives at the prison chapel. The ceremony finally starts and Sheridan can't wait to expose Fancy, but Vincent keeps holding her back. Fancy ends up saying 'no' at the altar and Luis understands her decision. Eve asks Vincent to turn himself in. Julian wants Endora to somehow resolve Luis and Vincent's situation. Ivy finds out about Pretty's arrival and tries to hug her daughter, but Pretty immediately starts judging her mother for not contacting her all those years. She tells Ivy that Fancy didn't go through with the wedding because she told her so. The warden decides to move forward with the execution. Suddenly, the blackmailer appears in the room.moreless
  • Ep. #2049
    Ep. #2049
    Episode 18
    At the prison chapel, the family awaits for Fancy, but she is nowhere to be seen. Paloma won't go through with the wedding until she arrives. A drunk Norma and Edna are recognized by a convict and put in a straight jacket, but Endora saves them and imprisons the guards in a giant ball of cotton candy. Julian seeks advice from Tabitha. Pretty and Fancy continue fighting, as they reminisce about the past and how Fancy destroyed Pretty's life forever. Pretty won't let Fancy go through with the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #2048
    Ep. #2048
    Episode 17
    After having sex, Julian convinces Eve not to stop Luis' execution, for the sake of their children. Endora casts a spell twice on the people in prison, so nobody would notice two criminals, Edna and Norma. Edna apologizes to Pilar for the pain that Beth caused her and Luis. It turns out that Ethan didn't hear anything about Little Ethan. He confronts Father Lonigan about not wanting to marry Theresa and him, but Theresa comes up with an excuse that covers the lie. The wedding starts and both Endora and Kay keep on casting spells to make the prison look better. Nobody suspects anything because they're all under a spell. Pretty arrives in Fancy's dressing room and confronts her sister about the past. She threatens to tell Luis the truth if she goes on with the wedding. The wedding ceremony starts.moreless
  • Ep. #2047
    Ep. #2047
    Episode 16
    Pretty Crane arrives in Harmony and receives a wedding invitation from Vincent in the limo. Fancy can't come to admit the truth about Pretty to Luis, so Luis decides to forget about it and move on with the wedding. Tabitha wants Edna and Norma to help around the house because Endora wants them to stay in Harmony. Esmeralda appears in Tabitha's living room and makes a deal with Tabitha about Endora's future as a good witch. Julian can't let Eve stop Luis' execution and he tries to stop Eve by telling her that he doesn't love Ivy, and that the only woman for him is Eve, forever. Sheridan is shocked to learn that Vincent is Julian's son. Vincent reassures her that Pretty will be arriving at prison very soon. Chad fights with Vincent, but Luis breaks off their fight. Noah proposes to Paloma again and they decide to have a double wedding. Then later, Theresa receives divorce papers from Jared. Ethan asks Theresa to marry him immediately, and it all turns into a triple wedding. Father Lonigan warns Theresa not to marry Ethan before she tells the truth about Little Ethan paternity, and Ethan happens to overhear their conversation.moreless
  • Ep. #2046
    Ep. #2046
    Episode 15
    The hooded demon requests to take away Endora from Tabitha forever, but Tabitha is ready to fight for her daughter. After a long fight, the demon imprisons Tabitha, Edna and Norma, but Endora uses her magic sills to finally kill the demon. Vincent continues revealing secrets, as a frightened Julian and a drunk Eve listen to him. Chad and Whitney storm in trying to find Vincent. Julian won't let Eve stop Luis' execution. A shocked Sheridan tries to stop Fancy and Luis' rushed wedding. Sheridan rushes off to talk to Vincent, and agrees to destroy Fancy. Before marrying, Luis wants to know from Fancy about what happened to Pretty.moreless
  • Ep. #2045
    Ep. #2045
    Episode 14
    Tabitha and Endora eventually help out Norma and Edna to battle the boys from the basement, and after a long struggle, a hooded demon, who is the leader of the 'boys' comes out to take away Endora so she wouldn't distract Tabitha anymore in the future. Whitney informs Chad about Vincent being her brother, and they are disgusted by the fact that Chad slept with his nephew. Julian is shocked when Eve discovers that Vincent is his son. Vincent reveals the secret of being the blackmailer to his parents. Luis' family says goodbye when Ethan informs them that Luis' last plea was rejected. Theresa still can't come to confess the truth to Ethan. Luis proposes to Fancy.moreless
  • Ep. #2044
    Ep. #2044
    Episode 13
    Norma and Mrs. Wallace try to nail shut the basement door but the boys in the basement are not going to forgive them for not killing Luis. Pilar prepares the last meal Luis will ever eat and everyone is dismayed when the Governor does not give a last minute pardon. Whitney finds Valerie beaten and Valerie tells Whitney that Vincent is her brother. Vincent reveals himself to Julian.moreless
  • Ep. #2043
    Ep. #2043
    Episode 12
    Theresa wakes up in Ethan's arms and tries to forget about her secret about little Ethan. Fancy and Sheridan fight over Luis and Sheridan threatens to tell Luis about what Fancy did to her sister, Pretty.
  • Ep. #2042
    Ep. #2042
    Episode 11
    Jared gives up on Theresa when he realizes that she loves and belongs with Ethan. Norma and Mrs. Wallace plan to kill Miguel to save themselves. Eve doesn't tell Whitney the truth about Vincent being her son.
  • Ep. #2041
    Ep. #2041
    Episode 10
    Gwen grants Ethan his divorce and now he is free to marry Theresa. Tabitha watches as Spike is about to kill Miguel as Norma and Mrs. Wallace tell her that she can't interfere. Whitney refuses Chad access to Miles and Chad threatens to sue for full custody. Vincent reveals to Eve that he is her and Julian's son and also the blackmailer.moreless
  • Ep. #2040
    Ep. #2040
    Episode 9
    Fox hires Spike to kill Miguel. Luis tries to figure out who commited the crimes he is accused of. Gwen tells Theresa that she knows her secret about little Ethan.
  • Ep. #2039
    Ep. #2039
    Episode 8
    Ethan arrives at the Book Cafe and tries to revive Theresa. Eventually Theresa comes to when Gwen slaps her and looks to Ethan and tells him that she loves him. Sheridan wonders if she could have been the cause of Theresa's collapse. Miguel and Kay share a nice romantic evening together. Sam advises Fox to move on with his life.moreless
  • Ep. #2038
    Ep. #2038
    Episode 7
    Fancy and Jared search for the blackmailer together. Ethan asks Gwen to leave Theresa alone but Gwen feels that Ethan needs to know the whole truth about Theresa. Theresa sips the poisoned tea that Sheridan gave her and collapses.
  • Ep. #2037
    Ep. #2037
    Episode 6
    Just as Gwen is about to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan, Ethan apologizes to Gwen for all the hurt that he has caused her. Sheridan and Theresa have a heated argument at the Book Cafe and the demon elf's minions work their magic on Sheridan so that she puts rat poison in Theresa's tea.moreless
  • Ep. #2036
    Ep. #2036
    Episode 5
    Rebecca and Gwen find out that Little Ethan is really Ethan's son and they know that they have the power to finally destroy Theresa. Ethan tries to assure Theresa that no secret will ever tear them apart. Julian tries to get used to the fact that Tabitha and Endora are witches.moreless
  • Ep. #2035
    Ep. #2035
    Episode 4
    Julian is snatched by the bad witches and Tabitha must make a trade in order to save Julian, but only after Endora's pleading. Gwen and Rebecca seach JT's USB stick for Theresa's secret. Ethan begs Theresa to tell him her secret once and for all but Theresa does not give in.moreless
  • Ep. #2034
    Ep. #2034
    Episode 3
    Gwen nearly strangles Theresa to death, but stops when she hears Ethan. Theresa has no idea who attacked her. Gwen has no memory of the attack and later she and Rebecca locate JT's USB strip. Julian follows Tabitha to Endora's witch school.
  • Ep. #2033
    Ep. #2033
    Episode 2
    Tabitha turns herself into a cat to visit Endora. Gwen and Sheridan realize that they have something in common: their murderous urges. They seek out the help of Father Lonigan. Ethan thinks the blackmailer will finally turn himself him, but the blackmailer escapes again.
  • Ep. #2032
    Ep. #2032
    Episode 1
    The demon elf watches as Gwen and Sheridan talk about murder. Pilar is disturbed when Theresa avoids talking about the truth. Fancy arrives to visit Luis again in the prison, and finally talks about Pretty to Pilar. Ethan offers to be the blackmailer's "friend."
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