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  • Season 6 Episode 166: Ep. #1438

  • Theresa chastises Whitney for admitting she hates the baby in her belly, telling her how wrong it is. When Theresa was pregnant with Little Ethan, and made no secret of how much she hated the child, and admitted she didn't care for him at all until after he was born.

  • Season 6 Episode 155: Ep. #1427

  • Chad says, to Valerie that he and Whitney could 'even get married in some states'. This is incorrect. There is not a single state that has legalized the relationship of half-siblings. The closest relations allowed to marry (in some states only) are first cousins.

  • Season 6 Episode 112: Ep. #1384

  • When Sheridan arrived at her surprise bridal shower, she took off her coat as Tabitha greeted her. But after the commercial break, Sheridan still had her coat on.

  • Season 6 Episode 109: Ep. #1381

  • In previous scenes there was no pharmacy directly outside Alistair's hospital room until all of a sudden one just appears.

  • It's never mentioned that Beth may have given Alistair the wrong drug, even though it did not have the effect that Beth desired.

  • Ethan was only able to tell Gwen about the drunken part of the night. He had no opportunity to tell her that Theresa had drugged him, yet Gwen commented on it while she and Theresa were going at it, assuming it as fact (which, of course, viewers know it was).

  • Season 6 Episode 107: Ep. #1379

  • While in Alistair's hospital room, Beth spoke to Luis on her cell phone. There are rules against cell phone use in hospital because they interfere with the machines. (For the record, though, everyone in Harmony uses their cell phone in a hospital.)

  • Season 6 Episode 92: Ep. #1364

  • Beth talks about Luis having to work three jobs to support his family while caring for Miguel and Theresa, but there was really no time. Antonio raised the family from the time Martin left (Luis was six) until after Luis was out of high-school, so there was only a very short period of time where Luis could have had to work three jobs. In addition, the show has always made it clear in the past that the only job Luis has ever had was that of local cop.

  • Season 6 Episode 50: Ep. #1322

  • Eve comments in this episode that Julian is 'Alistair's only son'. It was previously revealed that Alistair has at least one other son, who has at least two children. The other son and Crane grandchildren have not been mentioned in a few years. As a nitpick more than anything else, a flashback shows a teenaged Julian (probably 16 or 17, since Julian was married to Ivy at 18) reading Sheridan a bedtime story, and interfering when Alistair gets rough with Katherine. Previous flashbacks have shown Julian as a weak and easily contolled teenager who always let Alistair tell him exactly what to do, and it's always been stated that Julian and Sheridan didn't have much of a relationship, but here she clearly adored her older brother.

  • Season 6 Episode 25: Ep. #1297

  • Fox states that prior to that night, he thought Ethan was his only half-brother. Although Ethan Sr. is his only legal half-brother, Fox is fully aware of his younger biological half-brother Ethan Jr. (who is now legally his half-nephew). The half-brother he learned of this episode would be his third half-brother. He also has a half-sister he doesn't know about (Endora Lenox).

  • Season 6 Episode 20: Ep. #1292

  • Theresa claims that she is doing what she is doing to 'get back at Gwen and Rebecca', who 'started the war'. This is a frequent refrain on PSSN, as Theresa has never acknowledged that it was she who started the war the day she targeted Gwen and Ethan.

  • The maid at the mansion refers to Ethan as 'Mr. Crane'. Ethan chose to change his name from Crane to Winthrop not long after learning he was Sam's son.

  • Gwen and Ethan decide that they are going to give Little Ethan back to Theresa. They cannot do that. Theresa has no legal rights to the boy, and in the eyes of the law, Gwen and Ethan are his legal parents. An adoptive parent cannot just 'change their mind'. Even if Gwen and Ethan could nullify the adoption, since Theresa's parental rights were terminated, custody could not be given to her. She would have to petition the court to get her son back.

  • Season 6 Episode 12: Ep. #1284

  • Ethan and Gwen are at the hospital. They see Theresa and they also check in on Pilar. Well, how come they don't check on Kay? After all, Kay is Ethan's sister and you think that Sam or Eve or somebody would mention that Kay was in the hospital. Plus, Kay just found out that she is unable to have kids. Gwen (who also can't have kids) could comfort her.

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