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Password Plus

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Password Plus is a remake of the familiar Password shows. Password Plus consisted of two rounds. The main round in which the teams had to guess the password using one word clues as was like the original game, however, the passwords were also clues to a puzzle that could be a person, place or thing. The player who guesses the password gets a guess at the puzzle. If a word was not guessed after each clue-giver had given three clues (reduced to two on June 15, 1979), it was added to the board, but no one was allowed a guess at the puzzle. If a clue-giver inadvertently gave a word away, the guesser on the opposing team was given the right to guess the puzzle. If a guesser failed to solve the puzzle after all five clues were revealed, their partner received a guess. If they were incorrect, the puzzle was thrown out. The first two puzzles were valued at $100 and the next two puzzles paid $200. The person who reached $300 won the game and went on to the end round. The end round was called Alphabetics where the contestant and his or her celebrity partner were to try to guess ten passwords that began with certain letters of the alphabet (A-J, B-K, etc.). For every word guessed correctly, they got $100, but to get all ten within 60 seconds, they received $5,000. An illegal clue lowered the jackpot by $1,000. Contestants stayed on the show up to seven games. Later during the Tom Kennedy run, the game was restructured this way. The first three puzzles paid $100, then the contestants would switch celebrity partners at that point. The next three puzzles paid $200. The person who reached $500 won the game and played Alphabetics. This time, Alphabetics had a progressive jackpot that started $5,000 and went up by that much each time it was not won, up to a limit of $50,000 (just like Super Password). Illegal clues lowered the jackpot by 20% (IE; $20,000 would be $16,000 for one illegal clue), but this was later changed to a flat $2,500 reduction in late 1981. By the final week, the 20% reduction had returned. Allen Ludden hosted the show until late October 1980 when he had suffered a stroke as well as having his cancer recur, so Tom Kennedy took over until the series' end. In 1984, this same format was used for Super Password starring Bert Convy. Before they were stars, Kirstie Alley and Chuck Wagner were contestants on Password Plus.moreless