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  • Without a doubt a great extension to Password of the 60s and 70s. The puzzle and Alphabetics made this show great. Sure wish it had a longer run.

    What Allen Ludden, Bill Cullen and Tom Kennedy did for this show in the 3+ years on the air is something that will carry it on for generations to come. This show, in my opinion was and still is, a daily English class. I tape this program each day. And for good reason too.
  • NBC re-incarnates a classic. A lot of fun to watch our favorite stars from days gone by.

    Password has always been one of the classics of the game show genre. Allen Ludden played the intellectual aspect to the hilt. After the (sadly permanent) passing of the original Password, in 1975, NBC elected to bring it back in 1979 but as "Password Plus" and retained Ludden as host.

    This version used the password as clues to a puzzle which the contestants (or their celebrity parter) had to guess to win the money and eventually the game and go on to "Alphabetics" where $5000 could be won. The mood was more playful, to which the quick witted Ludden usually played into but at times seemed frustrated that there was too much nonsense. Celebrities included an unknown David Letterman, a Los Angeles area weatherman who would be taking the reigns of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak, as well as the old stallworths like Dick Martin, Tom Poston, Lucille Ball, Tony Randall and Ludden's wife, Betty White.

    The game was in nearly constant flux and often, in retrospect, seemed like the pilot for the later "Super Password" The show went through several rule change tweeks. The first and probably the most frustrating was the prohibiting of opposite clues. This made the game play a bit more intellectual but ticked off many Password purists. No longer could you give a clue like NIGHT for DAY. Ludden defended this rule change on air many time.

    Other rule changes included the number of clues before the word went up unanswered went from 6 to 4 speeding up game play. Early on, control of the next word would pass to the contestent's team who did not answer correctly, penalizing the correct team. This was later changed.

    Initially, the game consisted of two $100 puzzles and then $200 puzzles until one team had $300. Later, an additional $100 round was added and the players changed partners after the third round. The winning amount went up as well. This slowed game play so that many shows, nobody would play the bonus round.

    The biggest change, sadly occurred when Allen Ludden passed away. The show was never quite the same with replacements Bill Cullen and Tom Kennedy. In 1982, the show was cancelled. Watching these shows in reruns on GSN is more about seeing those who we loved to watch but are no longer with us. A fun ride, none the less!
  • Sometimes it sucks, but it's usually okay. Course, it'll always be better than Neighbours! How can anyone watch that? It should be shot down.

    Sometimes it sucks, but it's usually okay. Course, it'll always be better than Neighbours! How can anyone watch that? It should be shot down. Anyway, Password Plus , it's weird at times, and usually quite unbelieveable, and sometimes everything is just too perfect, but it's cool as it is. Oh, and i'd NEVER EVER want to live there. Beach views and death on every corner!
  • A very good show indeed. There are some thing that I didnt like though. When Super Password came along, each time they lost the bonus roung the price money went up another five-thousand dollars which I hated and I remember it once got up to fifty-thousand

    Password plus was a very good show indeed but it was sad when Alan Lutten died before the show ended and when Tom Kenedy started hosting it, it just whent down the tube.I still like the show though, but with being in school and everything, I always miss it which stinks.
  • It\'s more than \"Password\"...

    . . .it's "Password Plus"! ! ! And it's awesome, no matter if it's Allen Ludden (who passed on midway through the show's run... * sniff *), Bill Cullen, or Tom Kennedy who hosted, It's a real great show! Watch it on GSN, you'll definatly love it! ! ! ! Please see it sometime!