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  • Password was a "smart" game show, meaning the audience could play along.

    Allen Ludden was the original and one true host of Password, a game show where lots of synonyms and metonyms were thrown around, from 1961 to 1980. People knew what synonyms were, back then. Password was what was called a “smart” game show, as Jeopardy is now, meaning that to win, an I.Q. was essential. In the earliest, most successful Password years, the TV audience could play along, by not looking and not listening to the "password" as it flashed on the screen and was quietly spoken. Behind the scenes at Password, rarely appearing on camera, hovered the godlike Dr. Reason A. Goodwin, probably the smartest man in the world, who ruled on matters in doubt. But in front of the camera was my man, show host Allen Ludden, nicknamed "the happy highbrow," who had the right attitude about his stardom: He once said, "I'm only the host, the servant to the game." Among the roster of game show hosts there were some very fine ones, but there has never been a game-show host who fit the part better, and the show -- even when slicked up, and the set glittering and looking the the floor of a disco, and featuring all-celebrity contestants -- could not survive Ludden's passing.
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    This is an all time classic game show. It has humor and comedy. You get to see many different stars outside of their element as character in shows, It shows us just how many others think and have fun all at the same time. It is a show that could still be running today with a whole new set of stars and contestents. It brings fun to those who play from home. It is a gameshow that withstands time. The remake didn't catch on as well as the original but it was still a great show to watch and play along with.