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  • Had potential but was dropped too soon.

    I was actually extremely intrigued with this show, the only thing now that I see I would probably pick at is the match up of a Dr and a tough guy. There are plenty of shows out there with similar characters.

    I love the idea of using reincarnation to solve crimes and was immediately hooked! Disappointed that I didn't even get to finish what they had released but oh well. It's a shame it was cancelled so soon.
  • sacrificial lamb of a show

    It was ok. The acting was alright. The stories were fine. There are two things that kept this show from finishing its first season: the Olympics, and the fact that Fox bought the pilot. Fox doesn't accept much less then perfection with its programming. Shows that would be kept for many-a-season on channels such as ABC or NBC do not add up to what Fox needs in a program. Unfortunately, the viewer ship for this show was not near as high as was required to give it a chance.

    Competing with the Olympics is impossible. Being a new show, competing with a program that inspires American nationalism is even greater an impossibility. Fox needed a space filler, and that is what they achieved, if only for a short time.

    While the first episode was pretty original, I couldn't help but think that there are only so many places this show could go without repeating itself. The characters were interesting, but not near interesting enough to keep the weekly story lines from tanking. The second episode proved me correct, basically repeating the same story line as the first episode with small changes. Although Past Life had potential, it seems the world of television was against it. There was not enough material in the concept to create a series, but perhaps the idea would work well in an episode of a science fiction show. Better luck next time Fox!
  • Past Life was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!

    How in the world could they cancel it so quick! Something is very wrong here when a clearly excellent show is cancelled like that.

    Are there hidden agendas and motives at work here? Perhaps because the show dealt responsibly with reincarnation?

    The producers did a very good job of creating compelling characters, stories, and interest at the same time deftly dealing with a very interesting but controversial topic. Although one wonders how in the world it could be so "controversial" when its been acknowledge for all of recorded history and with numerous modern scientific studies supporting reincarnation. What a shame this wonderful show and its actors got cancelled. It is just another reason for me to stop watching TV at all. You get involved and then they pull the rug out.

    I hope the shows producers go on to a different network. Maybe USA or another more responsible network will pick up the show.
  • This has the potential to be an excellent show, but they need to lose the insipid girl, (honestly, we're supposed to believe she's a doctor?), and make better use of the great talents of Richard Schiff and Judith Ivey.

    This show has the potential to be excellent, but they need to lose the insipid girl who plays Dr. Kate Mcginn, (honestly, we're supposed to believe she's a doctor?), and make better use of the great talents of Richard Schiff and Judith Ivey. If the writers could build on their characters it could make this show much more interesting. There must be thousands of directions this show can take, and some plots that don't revolve around murder would be refreshing. The cop with the alcohol problem is not especially endearing, either. Maybe even more involvement with the dog would provide some warmth and human interest.
  • Good show but so many people are so arrogant and stingy that they don't even give this show a chance.

    Seriously to all you haters out there; What's so bad about this show? Is society not ready for a show like this? I think this show is good but I guess I'm one of the only 100 people who like this show. I enjoyed the pilot but it wasn't perfect but it defiantly was far from terrible. The second episode was a bit more boring but overall still good. I'm just so mind boggled on why a lot of people are saying "This show is boring" or "The might be worst show of the new year", well that's your own fault. Anyways overall, good show but can we stop with the hating already. I mean this show is no different than "Medium" or "Cold Case" or even "Fringe" and people like those shows better? This show is just like those shows except it's about reincarnation. I like this show but some people don't because they don't get the concept of Reincarnation or past lives. So if you don't like this show then fine don't watch it! No one is putting a gun up to your head and forcing you to watch it, okay!
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