Past Life

FOX (ended 2010)


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  • Good show but so many people are so arrogant and stingy that they don't even give this show a chance.

    Seriously to all you haters out there; What's so bad about this show? Is society not ready for a show like this? I think this show is good but I guess I'm one of the only 100 people who like this show. I enjoyed the pilot but it wasn't perfect but it defiantly was far from terrible. The second episode was a bit more boring but overall still good. I'm just so mind boggled on why a lot of people are saying "This show is boring" or "The might be worst show of the new year", well that's your own fault. Anyways overall, good show but can we stop with the hating already. I mean this show is no different than "Medium" or "Cold Case" or even "Fringe" and people like those shows better? This show is just like those shows except it's about reincarnation. I like this show but some people don't because they don't get the concept of Reincarnation or past lives. So if you don't like this show then fine don't watch it! No one is putting a gun up to your head and forcing you to watch it, okay!