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FOX (ended 2010)


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  • sacrificial lamb of a show

    It was ok. The acting was alright. The stories were fine. There are two things that kept this show from finishing its first season: the Olympics, and the fact that Fox bought the pilot. Fox doesn't accept much less then perfection with its programming. Shows that would be kept for many-a-season on channels such as ABC or NBC do not add up to what Fox needs in a program. Unfortunately, the viewer ship for this show was not near as high as was required to give it a chance.

    Competing with the Olympics is impossible. Being a new show, competing with a program that inspires American nationalism is even greater an impossibility. Fox needed a space filler, and that is what they achieved, if only for a short time.

    While the first episode was pretty original, I couldn't help but think that there are only so many places this show could go without repeating itself. The characters were interesting, but not near interesting enough to keep the weekly story lines from tanking. The second episode proved me correct, basically repeating the same story line as the first episode with small changes. Although Past Life had potential, it seems the world of television was against it. There was not enough material in the concept to create a series, but perhaps the idea would work well in an episode of a science fiction show. Better luck next time Fox!