Past Life

FOX (ended 2010)


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  • Past Life was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!

    How in the world could they cancel it so quick! Something is very wrong here when a clearly excellent show is cancelled like that.

    Are there hidden agendas and motives at work here? Perhaps because the show dealt responsibly with reincarnation?

    The producers did a very good job of creating compelling characters, stories, and interest at the same time deftly dealing with a very interesting but controversial topic. Although one wonders how in the world it could be so "controversial" when its been acknowledge for all of recorded history and with numerous modern scientific studies supporting reincarnation. What a shame this wonderful show and its actors got cancelled. It is just another reason for me to stop watching TV at all. You get involved and then they pull the rug out.

    I hope the shows producers go on to a different network. Maybe USA or another more responsible network will pick up the show.