Pat Croce: Moving In

(ended 2005)


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Pat Croce: Moving In

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He's a best-selling author, life coach, motivational speaker and the former owner and president of the Philadelphia '76ers. Pat Croce believes every person has the power to achieve his or her greatest dreams and goals, and this September he's setting up shop in homes across America in Pat Croce: Moving In. The half-hour daily television show will find Croce helping individuals deal with life's issues and problems in a dynamic and inspiring manner. In the first-of-its-kind series, Croce literally moves into people's lives, experiencing their daily routines in their own environment and delving into the roots of their problems. There are no elaborate sets, just the living rooms, bedrooms and workplaces of real-life people looking to Pat Croce for guidance and motivation. Produced by Sony Pictures Television, Pat Croce: Moving In will air in more than 98% of the country, including all of the top 60 markets, and will premiere on Monday, September 13. On Pat Croce: Moving In, life coach Croce will be tackling a variety of universal problems affecting millions of people, including relationship, organizational, emotional, interpersonal and financial challenges. Some of the topics that will be addressed this season include infidelity, drug abuse, fitness and weight-loss, parenting concerns, clashing co-workers and miscommunication, just to name a few. In each episode, the "Pat Mobile" Winnebago rolls into a new driveway, delivering Croce into a different situation each day of the week. In the first segment, Croce will meet one-on-one with the parties involved and work to identify the problem or crisis at hand. With his straightforward personality, Croce makes frank assessments of the issues and pinpoints areas for change. Then in the "wake-up call" segment, Croce, along with the participants, will observe and analyze the video footage captured by the show's cameras before his arrival. Once he has identified the obstacles, Croce uses his natural candor, energy, tenacity and personal experience to rally each member around a common goal. Before his departure, Croce will offer compelling suggestions and first steps, or as he calls them, "tools for change." One of the country's most sought-after motivational speakers, Croce travels the country to inspire Fortune 500 companies, and he is the author of The New York Times bestseller "I Feel Great and You Will Too!" He has also written "110%" and "Pat Croce's Victory Journal," and his most recent book -- "Lead or Get Off the Pot!"— was published in May. A former sports trainer and physical therapist, Croce served as president and owner of the Philadelphia '76ers. During that time, Pat's enthusiasm and commitment took the team from last place to the NBA Finals. Croce is a fourth-degree black belt (karate master level) in Tang Soo Do and recently served as commentator for NBC Sports' coverage of Tae Kwon Do at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Ever the entrepreneur, Croce is also creating a pirate museum, Pirate Soul, in Key West, Florida. But in March 2005. 'Pat' got the axe. After just one season.