Paths to Freedom

Season 1 Episode 5

Programme 5

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 2000 on RTE Two

Episode Recap

Following Rat's threat that unless the director of the documentary agrees to produce a video for his band, he will pull out of the project, the first day of shooting takes place.

Rats is joined by band mates Tomo and Brainer for the recording of their new video, but Brainer is the only one with experience in making music for films, although it was "mostly for videos in Amsterdam"

Keyboard-playing Brainer, however, has many connections and is providing the girls for the video, something Tomo is very excited about!

Over in Dublin 4, Jeremy is becoming increasingly pre-occupied with proving that the asylum seeker that he left paralysed is, in fact, merely looking to destroy him and his life - so he takes drastic measures to prove his innocence. Helen, Jeremy's wife, sides with her husband, saying that the asylum seeker probably "engineered the accident".

Back at the recording of the video the two girls, Sasha and Roxanne, finally arrive and Tomo's excitement is even greater than before and hearing that the girls are lap-dancers is nearly enough to send him over the edge.

Meanwhile, Jeremy's friend Barney pays him a visit and finds him still living in his garden. Jeremy, becoming increasingly desperate, has found a new skill and follows in the footsteps of his hero, Michael Flatley.