Paths to Freedom

Season 1 Episode 6

Programme 6

Aired Unknown Dec 18, 2000 on RTE Two

Episode Recap

It is the final month for both Rats and Jeremy to be under the glare of the television cameras. The past eleven months since their release from prison has shown a unique insight into the life of an ex-prisoner upon their discharge into society.

It is an exciting, yet nervous time for Rats, as he is set to take to the stage again with his band, Sperm Dot Com. The band are looking forward with great anticipation to their gig, but their expectations are cruelly dashed as they find they have been conned.

To the relief of the band, keyboard-playing Brainer has managed to secure a gig - however it is in Brief Encounters, a small Dublin gay club.

Back in Dublin 4, Jeremy's state of mind is becoming more and more disturbed, with his home life suffering. Due to the increasing pressure on Jeremy and his wife, the Fitzgeralds have been forced to sell their house and the Merc - and yet more problems lie ahead as it appears that the refugee he left paralysed is set to sue.

With Jeremy's participation in the documentary nearly at an end, he has taken up residency at his local golf club, The Fitzhatton - on the seventh green.

It is at this stage that the viewer is left under no illusion that Jeremy needs urgent psychiatric help.