Patrol Boat

ABC1 (ended 1983)


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  • Great show using real sailors as extras, was filmed entirely around Broken Bay NSW the ship would leave HMAS Waterhen after picking up cast then proceed to Broken bay and stay till Friday the cast was droped off at the torpedo wharf each night

    As a former Leading seaman ET onboard HMAS Bombard when it was used as HMAS Ambush in the TV series Patrol boat, I have an inside perspective of the show. Bombard was used in place of Advance when it was deployed to northern waters so the 99 on bombard was changed to 83 of Advance for continuity, 8 months later Bombard, exercising with the fleet with Advance (83) bombard (99) but marked 83 experienced a fire at sea around 0200hrs, dead in the water off Point Perpendicular was reported by another ship to be 50 miles up the coast (it was actually HMAS Advance they saw but thought it was us as we both had the same hull #) and left floundering untill that morning the mistake was discovered through a merchant ship which circled us while contacting Navcom Sydney who then relayed to Albatross our position, a tracker aircraft was dispached, identified us then another patrol boat, which saw our flare but mistook it for a fishermans flare earlier that night was sent back out to tow us alongside...why this story, well as we nearly all blew up (sailors were throwing munitions out of the armoury into the fwd passageway as it was situated next to the burning engine room and the bulkhead was extremely hot) I reckon that the Patrol boat series with the number change and the department of defence not issuing advice to other participating units of a dual numbering of the Patrol boats was responsible for that near miss...a double beer issue was given to all upon the fly over of the tracker.and another war story was born....Hit Hard Bombard...
  • This show is not one of my favorites. I find a great amount of overacting.

    This show is not one of my favorites. I find a great amount of overacting. There are also way too many times when theses "highly trained experts" do not get around to testing the most obvious thing until the show is almost over. You can not expect me to think that I know what needs to be done and they don't. The actors might be able to adapt to new writers and maybe not.
  • A naive but well made drama.Scripts are a bit weak but great aussie scenery and a bit of fun.Dont take it too seriously and you may find it a bit of a laugh.

    A few strong cast members carry this off.The scripting is a bit weak and technically naive,but good production values at the time it was made.
    If you dont take it as seriously as it takes itself you'll probably enjoy it more.
    Great aussie sunshine and scenery helps lift it.
    Shot mostly around the Hawksbury River region north of Sydney,with a couple of more exotic locations thrown in for good measure.
    Never a classic but basic honest made-for-tv drama.