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  • Utter Garbage!

    Probably the worst piece of idiotic drivel I've seen on Canadian Television...and I've seen a lot. Why on earth would any televison development executive listen to a pitch about a "gal" named patti (as frumpy as they come) and then say...yeah, I see that. Then spend what is presumably millions of looney's (or about $18 bucks U.S) to make such crap.

    If you find yourself bored one day and it's a choice between pulling your hair out from the boredom of the day, or watching "Patti," -- I'd say you'll have more fun pulling out your hair...and probably laugh more too.

    Yawn. I've had pap smears that were funnier.
  • Good Show

    "Patti" was a decent show and one of the few shows ever produced by The Comedy Network (cable network in Canada, FYI) that was actually watchable. Basically it was about an odd single woman with a bizarre fashion sense who moves into her own apartment in Toronto and tries to make friends with the other odd people around her. Sean Cullen has a very funny recurring role as the crazy "pigeon guy" in the park. The title role was played by Miranda Black. The show wasn't amazing but for a low budget show, and considering the type of crap they keep spewing out on The Comedy Network, it deserved better recognition than it got in my opinion, most people don't even remember the series and not many episodes ever aired. The acting was fine and the stories were watchable and it looked like a good production for a low budget TV series.