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  • Paul Dean's dismissal

    It is unbelievable that this is happening. First, it was a culture in our country at one time, not by any one race, but by ruthless colonial corporatons. Is this a case of "The Crucible" or the witch hunts of Salem?

    What about the Japanese that were held in retention camps aft the bombing of Pearl Harbor? What about all the Chinese immigrants that once they put in the railroad they were shot and buried in mass graves? What about the Irish Catholics that were treated less than a civilized culture? What about the Jews that died at the hands of the Nazis? Or the POWs that have be tortured? What about the American Indians and other North Americans indigenous to this country?

    This country was born on the backs of all immigrants, of all countries, that suffered at the hands at the atrocities of evil people, not an entire race.

    Will the Afro-American community get over their whining and quit screaming racism every time they dont get their way?

    Get over it!
  • This show makes me HUNGRY

    Paula seems like she could be a next-door neighbor (I wish) who would bring goodies to everyone in the neighborhood. Her show is entertaining and her recipes are excellent. Her cookbook is one of my most used - I go to it whenever I want a new recipe for chicken or sweet potatoes. I've made her gooey butter cake lots of times with many variations and it never fails. Thank you, Paula and Food Network for this great show.
  • I have tried many of Paula's recipes. Mmmmmm Good!

    Her butter cake is the best. She just grows and grows into each episode. This woman who overcame agrophobia to become a successful businesswoman, resturater and raised those 2 awesome boys, is one remarkable woman. Rock on Paula! You can do anything you want. I love your specials and your tidbits at the end of every episode. I love your new kitchen in your new hous. It's so roomy and gives you that feel at home look. You're blessed with a wonderful family. If you ever go looking for some adult that needs adopting I am your man. I promise!
  • Good old southern country cooking.

    Paula's recipes are not only easy to prepare but the ingredients used are readily available. Dishes can be whipped up with staple items found in every pantry. I do have to admit that she does use a lot of butter in her cooking. All in all , a good show to watch. I especially love it when her gorgeous sons come on the show - they're pretty delicious too. :P
  • Paul's Home Cooking is not your typical cooking show. Her show gives you some of her favorite southern recipies. Many of her reicpies come from her restaurant "The Lady and Sons."

    Paul's home cooking is not just for the native southern person. She provides some excellent recipies and most all are within a very reasonable and cheap budget. I have personally made and tried her fried chicken recipie. As an anti fried food woman, even I could not resist it. She is not your typical cook. She provides better humor than most cooking shows and is much more literal than just telling you how much to use and obviously using more than they just said. For the calorie and carb conscience, I do not suggest using her recipies. Many of her dishes contain lots of butter, among other things.