Paula's Home Cooking - Season 10

Daily 1:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Nov 16, 2002 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Thai For My Guy
    Thai For My Guy
    Episode 13
    Paula s husband, Michael, just loves Thai food. So, she's heading east to cook up the perfect Thai menu.
  • Apple A Day
    Apple A Day
    Episode 12
    Paula's grandson, Jack, is the apple of her eye, so she's cooking with apples.
  • Fire It Up
    Fire It Up
    Episode 11
    Paula is firing up the grill with a twist on southern BBQ, with recipes like grilled pork chops and potatoes.
  • Breakfast Eggstravaganza
    Paula loves having folks over to her house, and she loves fixin' the perfect breakfast for everyone, including dishes like Breakfast in a cup and white hot chocolate.
  • Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday
    Episode 9
    Paula's celebrating her son Bobby's birthday! Bobby joins her in the kitchen as they cook up the perfect birthday menu with all the foods Bobby loves.
  • Reunion Family Picnic
    Paula spices up the normal things you'd find at a picnic. Recipes include potato salad and chicken pitas.
  • Great Bake-Off
    Great Bake-Off
    Episode 7
    Recipes include Orange Brownies, White Chocolate-Coconut Cookies, and Bread Pudding
  • Table for Two
    Table for Two
    Episode 6
    With such busy schedules, Paula and Michael rarely get to sit down to a nice dinner together, but today's the day. Join Paula has she creates the perfect meal for her special someone.
  • Grillin'
    Episode 5
    Paula takes a page out of Bobby Flay's book when she heads off towards the grill. Recipes include Barbecued Cabbage and Grilled Veggie Pizza.
  • Summer Favorites
    Summer Favorites
    Episode 4
    Paula heads outside to cook up some summer favorites like strawberry shortcake and watermelon punch.
  • You Won't Believe It
    Paula combines some interesting ingredients to make delicious dishes that you're friends will never believe.
  • Engagement Brunch
    Engagement Brunch
    Episode 1
    Paula celebrates her brother Bubba's engagement.