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This show takes place at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop just outside of Las Vegas, where Richard, Rick and Corey Harrison assess the values of all kinds of items and decide what its worth and find the story behind it.

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    I think it's a shame that anyone would keep an employee as rude, lazy and slovenly in appearance as Chum. He has to be detrimental to the business. I agree with several others, the show has definitely lost a lot of appeal.
  • chum sux

    I used to love this show. Now, catered to the simpletons who think chum and his antics arent scripted, the show has lost appeal. Too bad that one character ruins the show entirely.
  • So Rude

    Let me say, I like the Old Man and ChumLee, only because they make me laugh even though the Old Man can be rude at times. Now Corey, this is a different story, he thinks he knows it all, he can be rude (Most of the time) he thinks he is a gift to women, HaHaHa and I just can not stand him. Now Rick, I will give him credit, he is smart, that is if the show is not a fake and setup. He is also so Rude. I think the show would be alot better without Corey and Rick. I would not sale anything to that Pawn Shop, Now I would shop there and maybe purchase something, but it would have to be something I want really bad and can not find somewhere else cheaper. Now I just want to say, starting at this exact moment, I will change the channel when the show comes on. I Love the History channel, I watch it all day, except when Pawn Stars come on. I know some of the shoppers and people selling stuff can be rude too, buta place of business needs to bite thier lip. Also, Corey should show more respect for his Dad and GrandFather, I would never talk this way to my elders and to do it on television, thats is so disrespective. Anyway this is my opinon only, I know some people will not agree with me, but thats ok. Goodbye Pawn would rather watch nothing...moreless
  • Pawn Shop wanting to buy valuable HISTORY for pennies

    I am tired of this show. I cant believe a pawn shop runs the History . This show is trying to make these lazy men look as if they are the envy of the world... they hire other professional appraisers to do their job. they are an embarement to our country and the true working man. They never have a sense of integrity or common sense. GO PAWN STARS .,.... you have ruined my opinion of the HISTORY CHANNEL! Looking every now and then to see if History channel is showing TRUE history... nope .. just men trying to buy history at a bargain... not SO... WE need a true HISTORY channel...moreless
  • chumless is best

    Chum is a rude, obnoxious, lazy, disrespectable, disgusting moron with no personality. Any hard working employee who talked to his bosses the way he does and ignores all rules and orders would and should be fired on the spot. His dumb act is too overboard. I also agree with others, he and Cory need to take care of their hair. Chum's always looks dirty and that "pony turd in the back of Cory's head looks stupid. Instead of more tattoos spend some of the money you don't deserve from work to get your hair washed and cut. Get rid of Chumlee or at the very least dock his pay and send him home until he learns some manners and respect. Love all the interesting background info on the items brought in.moreless

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