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    In April, my mom and I enjoyed this show (prior her passing)

    so there is some emotional/sediment history for me, personally..

    >BUT, now watching the show on my own..and I have noticed in the

    summer 2012 season ( airings) it "appears" to be the customers have

    increased the "NO" ( and some are polite, "No thank you" )


    Also: since day1, I have ALWAYS been LEEEARY ( or weary)?/ lol of the

    "specialist" they bring in - not in the case of the Atlanta Braves ring, that

    actually supported the idea of a specialist, but in GENERAL:

    Quick Example:

    If I have an tickets to a major league baseball gamebetween two losing teams

    late in the season, who are NOT playoff bound - and for all-intentsive(?sp) purposes:

    it is a meaningless game, >BUT> then I bring person # 2 - and SAY this GAME has MERIT and VALUE

    and will be hailed as a Classic (prior to the game being played)

    ...Because I am a credited- to say so, and (IN ACTUALITY) this "expert" works *FOR ME* now you

    have worthless tickets being VALIDATEd to have a "SUBSTANTIAL Dollar Amount " which may

    raise the PRICE on otherwise "meaningless tickets"

    >Well, in reverse, the same thing is happening::: An Item, example: has a real worth $2,000 -

    BUT the SHOP has an "expert"putting a CAP on some thing at say, $750 - now the customer

    can't "haggle" anymore than 800 dollars, and the shop will drop and they will likely settle on $ 500.oo

    (which in this case is only 25 % the value of what could be the amount they 'could be' awarded)

    but all in all, as a casual fan, I like this show!

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