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  • remove the loon

    Please get rid of that braindead chimplee, er chumlee. The show has slid so far it's hard to understand why they don't realize it themselves.

  • annoying

    These are all annoying such as rick's laugh and corey beening the biggest douchbag out of all of them Well their all douchbags plus like to rip ppl off and items twice as much then what its worth this show and pawnography is horrible. One more Douchbags!! Anyone agree here?
  • "I gotta call in a buddy of mine"

    How many times have you heard that??? Really?? is there anything this Rick guy DOES know??? Actually, ill answer that one myself, it seems pretty apparent that the only thing he knows is how to take advantage of people when the chips are his buddy comes over and tells him what the item is to begin with,and how much it may be worth, he then begins to rip people off, so i guess there is something he advantage of should be proud of yourself!
  • Intresting Facts

    It`s really good but the problem is that he might call in a friend even though he hates the item. But I really love when they do put the history in the show. I don`t care about the characters I could care less. I watch it for the history and becuase the idea of it being a real pawn shop is really cool.
  • It's All Staged

    The reality show Pawn Stars is far from being real.

    The History Channel contacts collectors from around the US and asks them to take one of their rare or collectable items to the show for filming. Travel expenses and lodging are paid for by the History Channel.

    The items being brought in are all known about before it arrives at the store. So when you see Rick, or Cory, talking like they are an expert on that specific item, that's because they know ahead of time what's going to be filmed for the show and have studied up on that item. So unlike what Rick says at the start of the show, that you never know what will come thru the door, believe me, they do know.

    Some items that are on the show are brought in with no intentions of ever being sold or pawned. There brought in just to fill in for more filming time for an episode.

    About the only thing that is real about the show is the negotiating on prices. The History Channel does not predetermine before hand what the seller will get for their item.

    BTW, if they ever make a cartoon based off of Pawn Stars, will Homer Simpson play Rick Harrison?

  • autogragh collection aired 8/24 2014

    Episode: GO FOR CHUM . I ask you to reconsider if giving that man $6,000 for that autogragh collection was an honorable deal. Marlon Brando autograghs ALONE I have seen go for as much as $1700 on simple pictures. Every one of the autograghs you showed, of the (hundreds?) he had, were MAJOR stars. ex. Jimmy Stewart, Dean Martin, Paul Newman, John Wayne, you know the rest. I love your show guys, you should make it right with that poor guy. Do you want a bad reputation for yourselves and your fun and entertaining show. Do you really want others to think that's how they will be treated. All of those vintage and dated autograghs, authenticated by your own expert, and you only gave him $6000!!! for ALL of them. We all know you need to make a profit but come on guys.... PLZ restore our faith that you will give people a fair shake regardless of their ignorance of what they are selling. I'm sure you'll agree that taking advantage of good yet uniformed people is not something to feel good about

    I've been a devoted viewer since the beginning. I love learning about all the unusual items. (Its a shame that Rick's amazing knowledge on so many subjects doesn't get appreciated by his family). Now, because the show seems to feature Chumlee more often, the whole tone of the show has changed. He used to be entertaining in his original persona as the "Village Idiot" ... bumbling and mildly charming. With the success of the show, he's become grating, entitled, and aggressively insubordinate. In any other business, he would have been fired many times by now. So, sadly, whenever I see that Chum is going to be featured, I reach for the remote. . - You'd think that with all the money he has, he'd have money leftover after his creepy teeth whitening to buy shampoo and a haircut! The last straw for me was watching him floss his teeth while working the front counter!! Yuck!!
  • Rick gets manicure. STUPID UNPROFESSIONAL NAIL TECH. Get back to the "stuff" guys... please !

    Show used to focus on the "stuff" ... with a side of guys bugging each other. I just hope Rick didn't tip the unprofessional nail tech. The owner should fire her. He'll never get another manicure & who cares if she didn't say it in front of him, "if he would shut up and let me do my job". She needs to get another job.
  • The new game show

    What a disappointment Badly done, stupid idea. I won't watch again.
  • Very good show

    Pawn Stars is a very good show, but there are somethings that are stupid. Rick is a nerd, Corey is okay, Chumlee is pretty funny, and the Old Man is the best!

    corey its not just a dog im so pissed at you. i want you to stay outside all day in jeans and longsleeve shirt socks n would you feel? dogs get hot they have feelings and emotions. they wanna be part of a family not tied up in the back yard or left outside all the time waiting that his new family will come and show him love and affection and do training. if you get a dog and leave it outside all the time please dont get one. they are pack animals the crave being in a ashamed of your i agree with the review by jwycliffe, its getting ridiculous the crude treatment of each other.
  • Chumlee's new teeth and help for Rick

    I always was (and still am), a big fan. Watch every show. BUT Chumlee's new teeth are freaking me out!!! Some 'improvements' can be overdone. Unnaturally distracting! Plus, a side note for the intellectual, avid reader Rick. CALvary is a place outside Jerusalem. CAValry, is a unit of mounted soldiers. It's been repeated on several shows now. Just thought I'd respectfully help the 'smart' one on the show.
  • Stopped Watching

    Used to be a huge fan, but I stopped watching. Pawn Stars was interesting when the show focused on the store, costumers, the merchandise and the merchandise experts. Lately the show is less about these and seem to be more about the main cast, their personal lives, their bad habits, their mindless sarcasms toward each other, etc. Too much focus on Chumlee (I personally believe he is a very smart guy but they present him as being "dumb"); Corey, smart guy too, but is portrayed as a spoiled brat. Rick knows his history and the Old Man gets the best quotes award. To sum up, they all seem to be complaining about too much work, not enough work being done, and asking for pay raises and promotions when we all know they are making a lot of money. Magic question: Is "Pawn Stars" a reality show or a sitcom? Lately it seems to be the latter.

    I stopped watching.
  • goodits interesting

    its interesting its interesting its interesting its interesting its interesting its interesting
  • Chumlee absolutely ruins this show!

    Used to be an interesting show when it was all about the history of the objects being brought in. Now it's getting to be more and more scripted garbage. Chumlee is the laziest, most disrespectful employee I've ever seen, and he obviously stays employed because they think he's necessary for ratings. He wouldn't last 5 minutes in a real job. And Corey is a spoiled ass, riding Daddy's coattails. Rick's the only one there with a brain and a work ethic, and they treat him like garbage - take the Cinco de Mayo party episode for example. I rarely watch the show anymore, mainly because I can't stand Chumlee. It's a formerly good show that's been ruined.
  • Now they've gone too far.

    I was watching last Thursday's show. Rick wanted to have a Cinco de Mayo party, so Chum said he would get all the stuff. Then, Chum, Corey, and The Old Man decided they didn't want Rick to come to the party, so they gave him the wrong place to go. I know this was all probably planned out, but the bullying and meanness to Rick has gone just too far. If this kind of thing continues, I will stop watching the show.

  • Grow up Cory

    Cory needs a wake up sarcastic, punk attitude towards the customers is a rides the coattails of his father and him work at Taco Bell, where most kids work at his age, and clean he will appreciate his position and customers them, you wouldn't be around, for Chumlee, who couldn't love is real, kind and he doesn't have a 4.0. But, I would rather see him get a raise, than Cory continue to ride on the coattails of success his family has created. GROW UP YOU WILL HAVE THE BUSINESS AND NO ONE WILL SUPPORT YOU.

  • chumlee

    chumlee ,is he really that stupid and disrespectful my friend s and family agree if he doesnt shape up we are not going to support your show, i know we are only a few but this is how it starts, chum needs to stop being a ass and start repecting you and your father ,you both are his employers
  • chumley

    I have never wrote a review before but I was watching an episode of pawn stars the other day and Chumley was eating with his mouth open and food all over his face, Was this suppose to be entertaining or is he really that big a slob?

  • The Pawn Guys!

    This show is entertaining, funny and we see items sometimes that are a part of the history of the world and hear about items that we've never seen interesting.

    For those who would rather put it down, turn the channel. Obviously, you're watching!!

    Way to go, Pawn Guys!, we enjoy watching!
  • Annoying show

    I wonder which genius at history channel took a descent show and ruined it by trying to take these guys And making them into bad I wanna laugh I'll watch a use to watch history channel when I wanted to watch something no long tune in to pawn history channel for ruining another yourself a favor and fire that so called
  • Like House Hunters

    Has a lot of intresting and historical moments but it does get a little repetative after you watch it a while. Still, it was intreting to watch.
  • History plus cash in my pocket

    I have written to The History Channel and complained that they have become like True TV, TLC and Discovery with all the garbage they have been showing under the guise of "History Made Every Day". OMG what a sell out. Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men, Swamp People, Shelby, Mountain Men. Top Shot. American Daredevils. These are contest shows, NOT History! I was hesitant about Pawn Stars and American Pickers, but I learn something every single episode about History and even have found things in my home I had taken for granted that have value. I was giving up on The History Channel until these two shows came along, combined with some other History series of late. Get rid of the contest shows and get back to History.
  • It's a TV show

    I know it's TV; intended for entertainment; but is Chumley really as stupid as he appears? Is Cory as big of a p jerk, as he looks like. If he can't make a sale we see a wide, grand gesture to shake hands and he lowers his head and turns to walk off. What an ass. Surely this show can't be real. If they were trying to run a business, those 2 f screwups would have been fired a long time ago. So much for reality TV.
  • The Beatles

    An episode shows Cory buying a poster from The Beatles last official performance at Candlestick Park. He briefly gives a run-down on The Beatles' career in which he says they split up because people were getting tired of them. Rick, nothing could be further from the truth. If The Beatles had continued to release albums, they would have been #1 with hit singles taken from the LPs. The Beatles split up before the release of "Let It It had three #1 hits on it: Get Back, The Long and Winding Road, and Let It Be. Each of the Beatles, including Ringo, had major hits after they split. The Beatles split because of infighting between the band members. You might explain to Cory that they've made over a billion sales, they were the top selling act of the 1960s, '70s, '80s, '90s, the first decade of the 21st Century, and so far, the top sellers of this decade. When The Beatles released their CD box set on 09/09/2009, the average price being $250, within seven months they sold over seventeen million sets. Multiply seventeen million times the sixteen discs in the box set and that's how many CDs they sold in a seven month period. New generations of kids are growing up with The Beatles and have a lifelong respect and admiration for their music. Incidentally, they released a box set of all of their UK vinyl releases that sells for about $300. Anyway, for six decades they have been the top money makers in the music business. Much of Michael Jackson's income from the '80s came after he bought the rights to The Beatles' catalogue. Rick, you need to set Cory straight. People never got tired of The Beatles. I collect vinyl and right now there's a huge market for it. You would do well to have a vinyl section in your shop. If you sell mint or near mint LPs, as well as unopened vinyl reissues, you would make a lot of money. In closing, I really enjoy your show because of the many historical items that go through your shop. Thanks! Christopher
  • Think about this show is

    I like it, but it isn't history
  • Bas TV has never been so popular..

    this show is probably the worst. I think people generally pawn stuff when they are hard up for a buck so it is sad to see the makers of this show deciding to go for that aspect of things in life for their TV show. From time to time people just want to sell something btu these guys -like all people in this business-never give a good price and 99 percent of all sales are final with no buy back-which I think is nothing great.
  • 6 seasons?

    I know I'm the minority, hell ... I just came here to read some reviews are find out WHY people like this show. I'm still confused, and don't get it. Better than Dance Moms, but what isn't??
  • Pawn stars review

    It is a very entertaining show but one has to keep several things in mind. First, I have been there six times and never seen any of the characters there at Gold and Silver Pawn. Second, if they do own it then they sure do not need the money they make from it. For example, chumlee gets $20,000 per show so why even bother working at a pawn shop? If you visit the shop, there is always a line of waiting to get in. Once inside you wont recognize anything, and wont see much of anything except pawn star bubble heads and t-shirts and tourist stuff. There must be another shop where filming and all the store stuff is at. They dont really buy all that stuff that is shown on tv unless they are buying it for personal use or for someone else. I went in once with a stamp collection and the guys that were working laughed me out of there. Its television at its most entertaining which means everything they say or do is scripted for entertainment. Thats Hollywood.
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