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  • Pawn Stars

    I like this show , but the best parts by far are Rick and the experts.

    I could do without the family and chum side show.

    I want this kind of show to be all about people who have knowledge and passion.
  • Love this show..

    I love this show, September the 9th was my birthday an i had been planning a trip to Vegas to visit my favorite shows pawn stars, ricks restoration an counts customs.. I made it here to visit each place an take pictures yesturday an today didn't care that I couldn't really afford this trip but I sacrificed.... wow still can't believe it..
  • My Feedback About The Show Pawn Stars.

    Can you please stop showing the Old Man as often? He is rude, he treatens, he calls people fat, even though he is the only one who hasn't lost any weight. He also has a disgusting way of eating and he can never admit to sleeping, for some stupid reason. The Old Man has more respect and loyalty towards his cars, then his own family. Can you also in the new episodes, get Rick to stop Fake Laughing so often? He fake laughs at about pretty much everything. On Cajun Pawn Star's, Jimmy never once had to laugh at anything. Also please don't cancel Pawn Star's! If Rick doesn't want to work 12 hours a day, then he can work less and have Chumlee and Corey, fill in for him. I have always wanted to point this out as well. We we can easily tell the Fake Scenes. They are always the ones between appraisers.

    This is not your fault, but it really annoys me, when the Seller will not take a perfectly reasonable offer. There have been people that walked away over a $50 and $100 dollars difference. It is also stupid when the people create some price in their head and then dispute the amount the appraiser says! They are not the experts! So the expert's know better, what an item is worth. You should tell Sellers this fact more often. But please don't cancel Pawn Stars over Rick, because then the show will no longer come out with new episodes and the repeats will stop bring in the ratings, over time time and be canceled! And everyond, please stop blowing your breath out, every single time that you think about something! It is stupid and a Tell. The show just as way too many fake things on it!

    Also, your employees really need to do some fact checking. Like with what Corey said about an old cell phone that came into the shop. All of it was wrong. We no longer use Analog phones, because of the Digital-Act. Plus digital sounds better and can hold more callers. The Analog phone was NOT discontinued, because of the satellite companies. Plus please stop referring to Engines as Motors. They are two completely different things! You should know this by now and should be using the proper terminology. This just makes you sound stupid! Like when you call Star Trek, Star Tract.
  • Rickey

    Where do you get off telling ANY of your co-workers that they need to lose weight? Look at you.

    And your negotiating skills are pathetic. Thing is, these people need the money. You could learn a lot from the old man. He did something right to enable you to walk right into a successful business.

    Lastly, get manicures. Your fingers are bad enough but to have your nails as dirty as they are and your skin as dry and cracked is disgusting. Other than that, great show.

  • Is Pawn stars a fake

    I love pawn stars and never miss one but just lately I think it is coming over as to contrived and scripted with the supposed of the cuff pranks go back to being a great interesting program no way are these guys actors so comes across worse than any b movie. Just do what you do best buy and sell.
  • Truth

    I just wanted to compliment Rick Harrison for stating the truth about Richard Nixon and watergate. My brother knew his nephew and that is exactly what happened. It seems laughable these days.

  • The end of the Chum Lee Show

    Now maybe they can get back to what made the show interesting in the first place. And it wasn't that fat idiots antics.
  • Great Show

    This show makes history fun i have learned more from pawn stars about history than i did in school.
  • Chumlee - the perfect role model for your kids!

    I've been watching the show since the beginning Back then, Chumlee was a very likable guy, something like Gilligan - someone who tries to do good, but sometimes things don't go right, and he's the one everyone picks on - which sort of makes you feel sorry for him.

    For some reason, the writers have decided to turn him into a lazy, obnoxious, irritating, nauseating, lying, detestable bum who tries to get as much time off as he can and do as little work as possible, even if he has to lie to the boss. He is extremely rude to his boss and doesn't do anything he is told to do by his bosses - he's going to do what he wants - hell with the boss!.

    He also thinks the shop should be run his way and comes up with the most stupid ideas ever heard. Some of the things he does are just outright ridiculous - what NUT of a writer thought Chumlee thinking he was a Hugh Hefner was the least bit funny ?

    Rick must be a totally incompetent manager to keep such a clown "working" for him or Chumlee has some really good dirt on him. I don't think there are many employees around who could disrespect their boss the way he does and not be out the door faster than the boss can say "You're Fired!"

    What I can not understand is why the producers fired Olivia for posing for nude pictures (they are on the web and hardly "pornographic"), but they don't fire someone for getting arrested with SEVEN POUNDS of pot and gets involved in a street brawl. That doesn't make any sense to me at all. It's a double standard.

    My mother has quit watching the show because of him and I resort to taping the show so I can fast-forward whenever he appears. I've read lots of reviews of the show and there are a lot of others who agree with me, and for every one who writes, there are thousands who feel the same but don't write.

    If he isn't gone by next season (if there is one), ratings will continue to plummet. Either he is gone or Rick puts the blocks to him or the show won't last much longer. I'm positive the place is filled with security cameras, so while the Old Man is sitting back in his chair, he can be monitoring Chumlee to see if he's goofing off.

    Get rid of the creep and bring on more items people want to sell - the items are the real stars - they and the stories behind the are what is interesting, not the "Family Feud".

    I have a few ways to get rid of Chumley - He quits, gets fired, is in jail for drug trafficking, is killed in a motorcycle accident, when out on the gun range testing an old gun, it blows up and kills him or somebody "accidentally" shoots him on the gun range..

    They can do away with Corey too - all he seems to do is criticize everything his father does, and he has no personality.

  • It's a TV show

    I know it's TV; intended for entertainment; but is Chumley really as stupid as he appears? Is Cory as big of a p jerk, as he looks like. If he can't make a sale we see a wide, grand gesture to shake hands and he lowers his head and turns to walk off. What an ass. Surely this show can't be real. If they were trying to run a business, those 2 f screwups would have been fired a long time ago. So much for reality TV.
  • A once great show...

    I admire History channel for re-focusing the new episodes (late 2015 and 2016) back on the items.

    Chum and Corey have completely ruined the show for me. Or rather, the WRITERS for Chum and Corey have ruined the show. No one cares about these two clowns. Get them their own show if that's what the producers want, but please remove them as the main focus of the show. Get back to Rick and the customers and the guests.

    The legacy of the show was becoming spoiled rotten Corey and the bumbling, barely understandable, Chumlee with toilet paper stuck to his shoes. UNWATCHABLE!
  • Please get rid of chumlee

    The show is great, except when you get to the predictable and lame bits with chumlee. I Hanne to far forward part these bits or I go crazy.
  • It's the consultants they bring in that are the true teachers on this show.

    Ok, after a lot of hesitation, I have come to the conclusion that yes, Chumlee is not someone I want the kids watching. I used to really like this show, but the public is too sophisticated to pass this repeated storyline off over and over again. It is boring and would prefer to watch CNN or something else that stimulates my brain when the antics begin on this show -- at least with CNN I get some info that I can feel somewhat inspired about, save the repeated stories they do when there are breaking stories. Regardless, the folks on Pawn Stars do need to clean up and while they have done a great job losing weight, that should not be anyone's concern -- what someone looks like -- what is a concern is that the depth of info that Rick brings to the show is great and wish the younger characters would take the same approach in regards to the knowledge base that comes with each item they present. I do not agree that they should be evaluating each item as suggested in this forum; our society has set us up with a bunch of specialists in their fields -- hence, MBA's versus MA's as a college degree. We hire specialists because generalists do not always know specifics that go as deep and you can't really have it both ways. Generalists tend to work with the specialists when vetting a subject and that is just a fact of life and anyone who thinks generalists should be the only voice on a subject is missing potential. The purpose of Pawn Stars was, in the beginning, a show about the potential value if an item and the background and history behind it.. why would we expect a pawn company to have a final say on anything anyway? Hence, it's the consultants they bring in that are the true teachers on this show.
  • great show

    Love it so much, my grandpa and I watch it a lot, I'd like to go visit them one of these days, it's one of my dreams too. I believe they all do a really good job
  • This show is a RIPOFF

    This show is so lame and if you want any kind of ratings.. FIRE.. CHUM ... And stop with the garbage... :)
  • chum lee

    Chum Lee should get fired he used to be funny now just a slacker I've stopped watching because of his rudeness
  • Do your homework

    We got ripped off big time! We bought two items from there totaling $135. When we looked up the value later, the items we purchased only cost around $18. The guy who sold us the items, straight up lied to our faces. It's our fault for not looking up the value before purchasing. We never should have trusted the guy. We don't want anyone else to get ripped off, so that's why we just want to remind everyone to check the value first before buying anything from them.
  • All of these so called "REALITY" Shows have either kept or added characters that do nothing but take away from their shows.

    All of these so called "REALITY" Shows have either kept or added characters that do nothing but take away from the appeal o f the shows. Danielle on The Picker show is their version of ChumLee. Rick's Restoration has his son, step-son and new wife as their resident village shows all just waste time trying to be "funny" instead of being informative. Now they are neither. They are nothing but nepotistic failures that I no longer enjoy watching. As soon as one of these annoying cast members comes on screen; I head on over to the velocity the all girls garage is on. Then I just bang my head against the wall and go to youtube to watch some stand up comedy clips.
  • lose Chumlee

    The item information is great, but I really can't stand Chumlee. The disrespect he shows is unbelievable. For whatever reason you deem to keep him on the show, is not good enough for me to keep watching. I will come back when he leaves and Corey washes his hair.
  • pretty good

    I like all of them. Chumlee,Corey,Rick,the old man. All of them are pretty good

    I love Rick, the Old Man and even Corey, but Chumlee could actually make me stop watching the show!

    I don't see how Rick keeps from busting him right in the nose! Seriously I get so worked up at his audacity that I have to either change the channel or get up and walk away. He contributes absolutely nothing to the show and although our children and grandchildren could learn actual history here, it is not worth the horrible things that they could learn from Chum. PLEASE GET RID OF HIM!!!!!
  • Please fire Chum

    I like the show, but cannot stand this guy. He is rude, disgusting, un-educated, a total spoiled slob. Its like i can smell him through the TV .
  • chumlee should be used for chumm

    chum and cory are rude the don't have respect for the customers always saying hey DUDE instead of sir or mamm. I love the show and luv rick and the history they provide. Rick is mostly fair unlike the other 3.

    I think it's a shame that anyone would keep an employee as rude, lazy and slovenly in appearance as Chum. He has to be detrimental to the business. I agree with several others, the show has definitely lost a lot of appeal.
  • chum sux

    I used to love this show. Now, catered to the simpletons who think chum and his antics arent scripted, the show has lost appeal. Too bad that one character ruins the show entirely.
  • So Rude

    Let me say, I like the Old Man and ChumLee, only because they make me laugh even though the Old Man can be rude at times. Now Corey, this is a different story, he thinks he knows it all, he can be rude (Most of the time) he thinks he is a gift to women, HaHaHa and I just can not stand him. Now Rick, I will give him credit, he is smart, that is if the show is not a fake and setup. He is also so Rude. I think the show would be alot better without Corey and Rick. I would not sale anything to that Pawn Shop, Now I would shop there and maybe purchase something, but it would have to be something I want really bad and can not find somewhere else cheaper. Now I just want to say, starting at this exact moment, I will change the channel when the show comes on. I Love the History channel, I watch it all day, except when Pawn Stars come on. I know some of the shoppers and people selling stuff can be rude too, buta place of business needs to bite thier lip. Also, Corey should show more respect for his Dad and GrandFather, I would never talk this way to my elders and to do it on television, thats is so disrespective. Anyway this is my opinon only, I know some people will not agree with me, but thats ok. Goodbye Pawn would rather watch nothing...
  • Pawn Shop wanting to buy valuable HISTORY for pennies

    I am tired of this show. I cant believe a pawn shop runs the History . This show is trying to make these lazy men look as if they are the envy of the world... they hire other professional appraisers to do their job. they are an embarement to our country and the true working man. They never have a sense of integrity or common sense. GO PAWN STARS .,.... you have ruined my opinion of the HISTORY CHANNEL! Looking every now and then to see if History channel is showing TRUE history... nope .. just men trying to buy history at a bargain... not SO... WE need a true HISTORY channel...
  • chumless is best

    Chum is a rude, obnoxious, lazy, disrespectable, disgusting moron with no personality. Any hard working employee who talked to his bosses the way he does and ignores all rules and orders would and should be fired on the spot. His dumb act is too overboard. I also agree with others, he and Cory need to take care of their hair. Chum's always looks dirty and that "pony turd in the back of Cory's head looks stupid. Instead of more tattoos spend some of the money you don't deserve from work to get your hair washed and cut. Get rid of Chumlee or at the very least dock his pay and send him home until he learns some manners and respect. Love all the interesting background info on the items brought in.
  • Losing me !!!

    Had to add more !! Unbelievable !

    I have come to the conclusion that not only does the cast never checks to see what these reviews have to say about them, they must never view the shows at all just to see what they look like on TV !!... They are missing out on all the sloppiness and idiotic talk of Chump-Dip S***, but the show I just tuned in on, has Cory with his current haircut/do and beard makes him look like a member fresh off of one of the "Planet of the Apes !" shows !! I am not joking, serious as I can be!!!!....

    Please, Dude !!! Do yourself a favor and get yourself a mirror!!!!!!


    I wanted to make another review, and couldn't start a new one, so I'll just add to this one. After a few more shows I finally concluded that this show is not a reality show at all....... This idiotic lazy character they named chumlee is not possible to be real !! In real life they would not hesitate for a instance to fire him with no chance of getting the job back and have police escort him from the property if necessary !

    The writers really need to think how unnatural they are making Corey(mouthy smart azz) and Chum(completely stupid) come off ! Turn them into normal characters !!


    I want the old show back. This scripted pretend show has to change back !! If they must have chumwhatever on, quit with all the idiotic comments !! If the show was real and they felt they were obligated someway, they should pay him to stay away from the shop and someone should point out the purpose of shampoo to him !!!... On the other hand, if he ever lost his job, he should be able to hire in at a circus easily !.. I am sorry about being such a grouch, but guys, if it needs to be scripted, maybe some new writers might help !!.. I want my old favorite Pawn Stars back.
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