PB&J Otter

Season 3 Episode 4

Aunt Nanner's Special Place / Munchy's Sinking Feeling

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 2000 on Disney Channel
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Aunt Nanner's Special Place / Munchy's Sinking Feeling
Aunt Nanner's Special Place:
Aunt Nanner takes the kids on a trip to her childhood swimming hole and the group encounters a series of adventures along the way.

Munchy's Sinking Feeling:
Munchy's favorite toy boat gets broken accidentally. His friends try very hard to cheer him up afterwards, but nothing seems to work (not even Flick's bad jokes).moreless

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    Nancy Giles

    Nancy Giles

    Aunt Nanner

    Gwen Shepherd

    Gwen Shepherd

    Opal Otter

    Eddie Korbich

    Eddie Korbich

    Flick Duck

    Adam Rose

    Adam Rose

    Peanut Otter

    Jenell Brook Slack

    Jenell Brook Slack

    Jelly Otter

    Chris Phillips

    Chris Phillips

    Ernest Otter, Munchy Beaver, Walter Raccoon

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      • Jelly: We're sorry, Munchy.
        (Munchy starts to walk away, then stops)
        Peanut: Yeah. We know you loved that boat.
        (Munchy looks at them)
        Pinch: It's no wonder you're starting to cry.
        Munchy: Cry? No, not me! Never! Babies cry. Wimps cry. I... I'm too big for crying. Maybe I'll see you guys sometime. (As he walks away, he looks at them again) I gotta go.

      • Opal: All right, Butter, it's time for bed.
        Butter: (Crosses her arms and frowns) No bed.
        Peanut: Uh oh. Ya' think she's gonna cry?
        Jelly: Quick! Get the tickle machine!
        (Peanut and Jelly run towards Butter and tickle her)
        Peanut and Jelly: Tickle tickle tickle. Ticky ticky ticky.
        (Ernest and Opal join in)

      • (Walter Raccoon has accidentally wrecked Munchy's toy boat with his recycling boat)
        Munchy: My boat!
        Walter: (Offscreen) Sorry. Really, really sorry. (Now onscreen) I'll get ya' a new one.
        Munchy: Thank you, but I don't want a new one. My dad chewed me that boat special. I've had it since I was born.
        Walter: (Picking up a bunch of toys) Would you like some of these toys the Snootie Poodles threw out? They toss out bushels of 'em every morning.
        Munchy: No thank you. I think I'll just go home now.

      • Ernest: The truth is, sometimes I cry.
        Opal: Grownups do, you know.

      • Jelly: Go ahead and cry. It's okay!
        Peanut: (shaking his head and poking at his chest) Not me! I'm not gonna cry! (points at Munchy) Are you?
        Munchy: Not me. Crying is for babies.
        Peanut: Yeah! (crosses his arms) Big kids don't cry.
        Munchy: (crossing his arms too) No crying! Never!
        Peanut and Munchy: Hmph! (both give each other a look, then bawl their eyes out)
        Peanut: Hey, I feel better!
        Munchy: Yeah, me too! Much better!

      • Pinch: But look at Munchy now. He's got the Bucky Spacebeaver doll.
        Peanut: It's an action figure!
        Jelly: (patting Peanut on the shoulder) Right.

      • Flick: I've got it! A tickle machine!
        Pinch: Where do we get one, Flick?
        Flick: Uh, hey, I'm an idea guy. You all can work out the details.

      • Peanut: Hey Munchy, you don't wanna cry. You wanna laugh.

      • Flick: Here's a joke. Why did the turkey cross the road?
        Munchy: He was looking for his boat?
        Flick: (chuckling) Nah! The turkey crossed the road--
        Jelly: -- to prove he wasn't chicken!

      • Pinch: I know how you feel, Peanut. I have a favorite doll too.
        Peanut: Bucky Spacebeaver is not a doll. He's an action figure!
        Pinch: What's the difference?

      • Peanut: Can we go some secret special place again tomorrow?
        Aunt Nanner: But I don't have anymore secret special places.
        Peanut: Doesn't matter. Just going is fun.
        Aunt Nanner: I love you guys. My favorite memory of all couldn't possibly grow any bigger or happier. It's right here, right now in this very place.

      • Kids: (singing) When are we gonna get there?
        Aunt Nanner: Guess what! We're here!
        Kids: Ya'ay!
        Aunt Nanner: I can't believe this.
        Jelly: It's not as big as I imagined.

      • Aunt Nanner: Hmm. When I was small, this little stream was a giant river.

      • Aunt Nanner: Get your towels and pack your lunches. We leave in five minutes!
        Peanut: Ya'ay!
        Jelly: Woo hoo!

        (The door to the Otter family houseboat opens and Flick and Munchy come in. They evidently heard Aunt Nanner speaking from outside the door.)

        Flick: Towels? Lunches? Where we going?
        Munchy: Nowhere, Flick. We weren't invited.
        Flick: Are we gonna let a little thing like that spoil our fun?
        Aunt Nanner: (standing right beside Flick) There's enough fun at that old swimming hole to share with all the kids from ten lakes. Consider yourselves invited!
        Flick: Wow, thanks! Okay, Munchy. You help Peanut and Jelly pack our lunches and I'll supervise.
        Aunt Nanner: After you call your parents and ask if you can go.
        Flick: Right. I was just going to remind Munchy to do that.
        Munchy: You know, Flick, I'd like it better if just once you reminded yourself.
        Flick: Right! Remind me to remind me of that.

      • Aunt Nanner: (sipping lemonade) Mmm, ahh. Reminds me of when I was your age.
        Jelly: You used to be our age, Aunt Nanner?
        Aunt Nanner: Now what we did then was really exciting.
        Jelly: More than flying?
        Peanut: Or taming wild horses?

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      • The storyboards for "Munchy's Sinking Feeling" are credited to a company, Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Co., rather than a person.

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