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  • Season 3
    • PB&J Otter and the Legend of Snaildarter
      This was planned to be a direct-to-video movie; a script was written, but unfortunately, it was never produced.
    • A Hoohaw Halloween
      A Hoohaw Halloween
      Episode 26
      In this half-hour adventure, the gang tries to help Pinch overcome her fear of Halloween and trick-or-treating. Everything goes fine until PB&J suddenly become sick and can't go out trick-or-treating with the others. Without Peanut and Jelly there, Pinch becomes nervous and has doubts about going out at all.
    • Goodbye Lake Hoohaw
      Mr. Bigdog, a rich developer, comes to Lake Hoohaw with plans to turn the small, peaceful community into a massive resort & theme park. Being thrilled with the idea of having this development in their own town, the citizens don't seem to realize that if this plan is put into action, the old Lake Hoohaw will be gone forever.moreless
    • Ducking Out On Valentine's Day / Opal And The New Otter
      Ducking Out On Valentine's Day:
      Flick doesn't receive a Valentine from the Snooties when everyone else he knows does. He then swears off getting any Valentines at all claiming, "I don't like Valentines. They're for babies!"

      Opal And The New Otter:
      Pinch's cousin, Ricky, comes to visit from the city, and Jelly says that she can't stand him at all! To show her that first impressions aren't always what they seem, Opal tells Jelly the story of something similar that happened to her years ago when a new otter named Ernest came to town.moreless
    • Big Beaver Day / The Thing That Almost Ate Hoohaw
      Big Beaver Day:
      It's Munchy's Big Beaver Day, and he is given an intimidating new set of responsibilities - helping his mother at work as she does repairs for the local dam. But Munchy isn't having any fun doing this, as it proves to be hard work for him.

      The Thing That Almost Ate Hoohaw:
      While fishing one day, Mayor Jeff spots something very unusual--a huge, serpent-like creature swimming around in Lake Hoohaw! Could it be a monster? When Jeff tells the neighborhood kids about his sighting, they try to imagine what their favorite superheroes would do to battle the insidious creature.moreless
    • Peanut Cries 'Uncle' / Nanner Says, 'I Do'
      Peanut Cries 'Uncle':
      Peanut becomes jealous when Aunt Nanner begins spending all her time with her new "acquaintance," Redolfo.

      Nanner Says, 'I Do':
      In a continuation of the first story, Nanner and Redolfo plan to get married on Lake Hoohaw. Meanwhile, PB&J try to come up with an idea for a gift to make for Aunt Nanner and Redolfo, but they start to run out of time.moreless
    • Easy As Pie / Pinky Pledge
      Easy As Pie:
      Flick earns a pie by helping the Snooties. He is reluctant to share his reward with his friends, but deep down, he really wants to.

      Pinky Pledge:
      Mr. Raccoon gets a new job in the far-away town of Lake Walla-Walla Bing-Bang, and it looks as though Pinch and her family will have to move there. This doesn't sound so hot to Pinch or Jelly, so the two try and think up a way for Pinch not to move.moreless
    • Where Oh Where is Flick? / Win, Win, Winner
      Where Oh Where is Flick?:
      Flick absent-mindedly leaves the house without telling his mother. When his mom cannot find him, she becomes frantic and asks Opal, Peanut, and Jelly to help look for him.

      Win, Win, Winner:
      Tired of always losing games, Flick quits Peanut and Jelly's soccer team. He then joins up with a 'winning' team, The Wondrous Wolverines. But it turns out that the team uses some underhanded tactics to win their games.moreless
    • Hope Castle
      Hope Castle
      Episode 19
      Mayor Jeff takes the kids on a tour of old Fort Gazpacho, a 200-year-old town landmark. Afterwards, the kids (amazed by the sight of the historic structure) decide it would be great if they could build something that would last as long as Fort Gazpacho. Something that everyone, years into the future, would remember them by. Their choice? A sand castle.moreless
    • Thanks for the Giggle Melon
      Jelly is determined to try and grow a tropical giggle melon fruit in Lake Hoohaw, despite the fact that many of the townsfolk believe it cannot be done.
    • Soccer Surprise / Baking Blues
      Soccer Surprise:
      Mayor Jeff's friend, former soccer player Otto the Bear, comes to stay with the Otters since there's no room for him on Mayor Jeff's boat (which is overloaded with sinks). PB&J, however, are a bit scared of the aged Otto since he growls a lot and doesn't say much.

      Baking Blues:
      Opal prepares to bake some pompalope bread. Always eager to assist, PB&J add several cups of yeast to the mix while Opal isn't looking, and the result is one big baking disaster.moreless
    • Munchy's No Big Deal / Bubbles' Beginnings
      Munchy's No Big Deal:
      When all the kids attend a sleepover, they discover that Munchy talks in his sleep. Unbelieveably embarrassed, Munchy vows never to fall asleep at a sleepover ever again, which is going to be tough to do since the kids have planned a whole week of them!

      Bubbles' Beginnings:
      Munchy wants a pet but doesn't know how to prove to his mom that he's responsible enough. He goes to PB&J for advice, and they tell him about the time they got their pet bass, Bubbles.moreless
    • Collector's Edition / Trading Places
      Collector's Edition:
      Flick receives a rare collector's edition of a "Mallard Man" comic book. When the Snooties offer to buy it from him, willing to give him anything he wants, Flick must choose between his favorite superhero comic or a free (but very fancy) toy from the Snooties.

      Trading Places:
      When the Snooties go off on a vacation, they ask the Otters to take care of Snootie Mansion while they're gone. This turns out to be a nightmare for our heroes as they try to navigate through the labyrinth of hallways and living rooms just to find the kitchen!moreless
    • A Very Surprising Party / Easy Pickings
      A Very Surprising Party:
      The Poodles have to throw a huge, mega-expensive party in order to impress Mr. Snootie's boss, Mr. Bigdog. No problem for the Snooties, right? But there is a problem: the Snooties have just discovered that they're flat broke! Not only that, but if Bigdog isn't impressed by the party, he'll force the Snooties to move away from Lake Hoohaw to the town of Outer Poochovia.

      Easy Pickings:
      The Otter and Snootie kids open up a babbleberry turnover stand, hoping to strike it rich. Trouble is, they aren't selling a single turnover.moreless
    • Watchbird Alert / Flick's Hat Trick
      Watchbird Alert:
      After their treehouse collapses, Cap'n and Connie Crane come to stay with the Otters. At first, PB&J are excited to have the Cranes stay, but they soon realize that the Cap'n is starting to drive them up a wall!

      Flick's Hat Trick:
      Flick refuses to take off his new hat, but, due to uniform regulations, he'll have to if he wants to play in the upcoming soccer competition.moreless
    • Sergeant Gravel to the Rescue / Sleepyhead
      Sergeant Gravel to the Rescue:
      Peanut accidentally loses his library book, and to make matters worse, the book is due back to the library that very same day. What's a young otter to do, except...freak out!

      Mr. Raccoon tries to get his day's sleep, but despite good intentions, the neighborhood kids are constantly keeping him awake.moreless
    • The Big Surprise / Bazania Mania
      The Big Surprise:
      Mayor Jeff asks his friend, Woodrow Woodchuck, to build a 12-inch tall statue of Lake Hoohaw founder, Captain Gazpacho (in honor of Founder's Day). But due to a slight mix-up, Chuck mistakenly builds a 20-foot-tall statue instead! Now, the big question is, "How will they get the massive thing all the way down the river, to Lake Hoohaw?"

      Bazania Mania:
      Opal asks PB&J to take care of a rare Bazania flower, while also keeping an eye on the family yard sale. But when Ootsie and Bootsie stop by and purchase everything from the yard sale, PB&J accidentally sell them the Bazania flower, too.moreless
    • On the Right Track / Itchy Situation
      On the Right Track:
      The Lake Hoohaw Junior Track Games are held, and confidence-lacking Munchy is teamed up with high-spirited Peanut and Jelly.

      Itchy Situation:
      The Otters and the Snooties use their own different methods to hike up to the top of Mount Hoohaw. Always ones to take the shortcut, however, the Snooties unknowingly hike through (and get stuck in) a field of...Itchy Grass!moreless
    • Hoohaw is Where the Heart is / Everything in its Place
      Hoohaw is Where the Heart is:
      When Aunt Nanner comes to visit, telling the family all about her most recent globe-hopping adventures, PB&J start thinking that life on Lake Hoohaw may seem too dull to her. They come up with a plan to try and make everything they do seem more exciting.

      Everything in its Place:
      When Mayor Jeff promises to take all the kids on a boat ride, PB&J must clean up their messy room in order to find their life jackets.moreless
    • Peanut Overboard / Come Back, Mama
      Peanut Overboard:
      Peanut builds a toy sailboat out of popsicle sticks, and feels defeated when his friends say they don't like it as much as he thought they would.

      Come Back, Mama:
      When Opal returns from a week-long visit to Aunt Nanner's house, Butter immediately grabs a-hold of her mom's leg, refusing to let go (fearing that Opal might leave again). Peanut and Jelly then try to think of a way to show Butter that when their mom leaves, she always does come back.moreless
    • Opal's Magic Mud Party / Leave it to Munchy
      Opal's Magic Mud Party:
      PB&J help Opal prepare a batch of her famous Lake Hoohaw Beauty Mud.

      Leave it to Munchy:
      Munchy worries about saying something silly, so he decides to stop talking entirely.
    • Whistling Up The Wrong Munchy / Billy the Duck
      Whistling Up The Wrong Munchy:
      After they "discover" Munchy whistling fantastically in the woods, Peanut and Jelly pressure him into performing a whistling concert for the whole town.

      Billy the Duck:
      "He uses kids as a trampoline!" Flick tells his friends of his vicious cousin, Billy. As if just hearing about him weren't terrifying enough, Flick and the gang are in for a real shock when they learn that Billy will soon be coming to Lake Hoohaw for a visit!moreless
    • The Mystery Crate / It's a Bird, It's a Plane...It's an Elephant?
      The Mystery Crate:
      Aunt Nanner sends PB&J a gigantic package, but they have to wait until she gets there to open it. The kids, very curious about what's inside the box, find it very tempting to look inside. But can they hold back until Aunt Nanner arrives?

      It's a Bird, It's a Plane...It's an Elephant?:
      A hot-air balloon, piloted by expert navigator Merriwether Von Weasel, accidentally manages to get stuck in a tree near Lake Hoohaw. Unaware that it's just a balloon, the kids begin to think that it's actually some kind of...flying elephant?moreless
    • Aunt Nanner's Special Place / Munchy's Sinking Feeling
      Aunt Nanner's Special Place:
      Aunt Nanner takes the kids on a trip to her childhood swimming hole and the group encounters a series of adventures along the way.

      Munchy's Sinking Feeling:
      Munchy's favorite toy boat gets broken accidentally. His friends try very hard to cheer him up afterwards, but nothing seems to work (not even Flick's bad jokes).moreless
    • The Johnny Pompalope Story / The Soapbox Boat Race
      The Johnny Pompalope Story:
      Aunt Nanner begins to tell the kids the story of that brave pompalope-planting pioneer, Johnny Pompalope. When she has to leave unexpectedly and is unable to finish the story, the kids try to think up their own ways of how the tale might've ended.

      The Soapbox Boat Race:
      The kids compete in a soapbox boat race. As usual, Ootsie and Bootsie have the most powerful and sleek equipment available while the others make due with simple homemade contraptions.moreless
    • The Funky Band / The Singin' Kid
      The Funky Band:
      PB&J bring the neighborhood kids together in their front yard to form the Lake Hoohaw Funky Band. Jealous because they weren't invited to join, Ootsie and Bootsie decide to sneakily try and break the band up by luring the other kids away from PB&J's house.

      The Singin' Kid:
      Jelly wins a singing contest and develops a big ego as a result. Can her friends help bring her back down to earth?moreless
    • No Hands, No Feet, No Wings / Let's Help Dad
      No Hands, No Feet, No Wings:
      On a day when the kids aren't exactly agreeing on anything with each other, Mayor Jeff introduces an especially tough relay game that requires both thinking and teamwork.

      Let's Help Dad:
      PB&J go to work with their dad for the day, hoping to help him finish his deliveries faster (so they can have a cookout when they get home). But it turns out that PB&J try a little bit too hard to help out.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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