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    So finally, the two run out of ideas. They do get one other idea, but it wasn't exactly the best one. They decided to inform Walter and Wanda on what was happening. And as we all know, it's wrong to be a snitch.

    Ricky: Well, I guess we have no choice. We have to tell Aunt Wanda and Uncle Walter about this.

    Scootch disapproved of the idea, but still went along with it.

    Scootch: (Sighs heavily.) Alright, let's go.

    But just before they were about to leave, Nemo and Pinch overheard the idea.

    Pinch: Did I hear that right? Were you two about to tell mom and dad about our little date?

    Scootch: Yeah, so go ahead and have your little date while Ricky and I tell on you. Goodbye.

    Pinch: I'm not gonna let you do that.

    Scootch: Oh, yeah? Just watch me.

    Pinch and Scootch were both giving each other scary looks and growls. Nemo decided to step in and make them stop.

    Nemo: Wait a second, you two, let's try to calm down, okay? This is all my fault. I could've picked a better day for Pinch and I to have our date, but I didn't. Instead, I insisted on having it when Ricky came to town. I was thoughtless. I'm sorry, you guys.

    Scootch: That's okay. I forgive you.

    Ricky: Me too. And we're sorry about saying we would tell on you.

    Pinch: That's alright. Nemo, all you wanted to do was to be with me, but you got so excited that you didn't think about what was more important to me. I love you, but I also love my cousin. So do you think you can let me spend some time with Ricky, please? We can date another time.

    Nemo: Sure, babe.

    Pinch: Thanks.

    The two raccoon lovers stared at each other for a few seconds, closed their eyes, and kissed. Ricky and Scootch just turned around because they didn't want to watch them.

    Ricky: Do they always kiss? It's so disgusting!

    Scootch: You'll get used to it.

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    Pinch: (Giggling.) Okay you guys can turn around now.

    Scootch and Ricky turned around.

    Ricky: You know what, Nemo? You're an okay raccoon.

    Nemo: So are you, Ricky. And I hope you and I become good friends.

    Ricky: You got it, man.

    The two boys shook paws in a symbol of friendship. Scootch and Pinch were pleased by this.

    Pinch: This is what I wanted from you guys all along. Ready to go home, Scootch and Ricky?

    Scootch: Yeah.

    Ricky: Me too.

    Nemo: I should be getting home too. Bye, y'all!

    Everyone said goodbye to Nemo, but before they could all go to their homes the parents showed up.

    Wanda: There you are!

    Walter: Are you kids okay?

    Pinch: We're fine, daddy.

    Daniel: How about you, Nemo?

    Monica: Are you okay?

    Nemo: Yes, mom, I'm fine. We're all fine.

    Daniel: Would someone please tell me what's going on?

    Ricky: (Nervously.) Nothing, sir. Nothing at all!

    Scootch: Except a date.

    Ricky, Nemo & Pinch: SCOOTCH!!!

    Scootch: Sorry, sorry! My fault!

    Walter: A date?

    Wanda: You were on a date while your cousin is visiting?

    Pinch was stammering, trying to come up with an excuse.

    Daniel: Um, I think it's time we all went home. Walter, Wanda, Monica and I are really sorry about this.

    Walter: It's okay, Daniel. Come on, kids, let's go. Take care, you two.

    Monica: We will, bye!

    Finally, everyone went home, and the search for the kids was over. But the trouble for Pinch was only beginning. Later that night, while everyone was asleep, Ricky and Pinch, who weren't asleep talked about Pinch's punishment. Scootch had drifted off to sleep.

    Ricky: I'm sorry you got grounded, Pinch.

    Pinch: It's just not fair! I can't believe I'm not allowed to see Nemo for three whole weeks! Now what am I gonna do?

    Ricky: Look on the bright side, at least you still have me.

    Pinch: Yeah, that's true. Good night, Ricky.

    Ricky: Good night, Pinch. Sweet dreams.

    Pinch: You too.

    Ricky started to go to sleep, but Pinch couldn't. She kept looking at the ceiling from her bed sadly, wondering about her poor boyfriend, but more importantly how she treated Ricky and Scootch today. She sighed sadly. This awoke Ricky.

    Ricky: Is everything okay, Pinch?

    Pinch: Not really. There's a couple of things that's bothering me.

    Ricky: Tell me all about it.

    Pinch: Well, I'm worried about Nemo and if I'll ever see him again.

    Ricky: Of course you will!

    Pinch: And I'm also ashamed at myself for the way I treated you and Scootch today.

    Ricky: What do you mean?

    Pinch: Aren't you mad that I ditched you guys and went on my date with Nemo?

    Ricky: I know that I should be, but I'm not. I forgive you. And I'm sure Scootch forgives you too.

    Pinch: Thanks, that makes me feel a little better.

    Ricky: Happy to help.

    Ricky and Pinch were about to go to sleep, but before they could, they were interrupted by Scootch.

    Scootch: Could you two stop yapping?! I'm tryin' to sleep!

    Pinch and Ricky: Sorry, Scootch.

    Scootch growled with frustration, and Pinch and Ricky looked at each other and laugh. We now see a clear, beautiful shot of Lake Hoohaw being lit up by the bright moon in the sky.

    The end.

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    Scootch's Tamagotchi

    Idea from Ajena.

    One fine morning in Lake Hoohaw, Walter pulled up his recycling boat up to the dock of the Raccoon household. After putting the boat in park, he sneaked inside the houseboat, went upstairs to he and his wife's bedroom. It was still early in the morning, so everybody was still asleep. He opened the door as gently as he could, walked over to Wanda gently, who was moaning in her sleep, and tapped her on the shoulder. Wanda finally woke up. She and Walter spoke to each other silently so they wouldn't wake the children.

    Walter: Hi, honey.

    Wanda: Hi, Walter. How was your night?

    Walter: Good. Is Scootch up yet?

    Wanda: I don't think so. Why do you ask?

    Walter: I got him a little present.

    Wanda: Walter, you didn't have to do that. It's not his birthday, you know.

    Walter: I know, but I just thought I'd do something nice for our son.

    Wanda: How sweet. What did you get him? Walter: A Tamagotchi.

    Wanda: (happily.) Walter, he'll be so thrilled when he finds out that you got him a Tamagotchi! He always wanted one!

    Walter: Shh. I know, but please keep your voice down. I want it to be a surprise.

    Walter winked at Wanda and she smiled.

    Wanda: Got it.

    Walter: I'll just sneak into the kids' bedroom and lay this on Scootch's blanket, without waking him up.

    Wanda: Okay, dear, good luck.

    Wanda went back to sleep and Walter walked quietly to the children's bedroom.

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    Part 2

    In the bedroom, we see Pinch and her little brother Scootch sound asleep in their beds. Pinch was sleeping on the side of her body, facing the wall, and Scootch was sleeping on his back. Their father Walter walked inside quietly so he wouldn't wake them up. It wasn't going to be easy to be sneaky because almost any noise could wake up the kids. It would spoil the surprise Walter had in store for Scootch! So carefully, he walked gently, step by step, to Scootch's bed, which was right in front of Pinch's bed. With every step he took, the sounds of the squeaking floorboard could be heard. He was almost there, but then something happened. Walter stopped walking immediately to see what it was. It was the sounds of Pinch yawning and moaning in her sleep. She switched positions and slept on her back. Smacking her lips, as well. After this, Walter breathed a sigh of relief. A quiet one, of course, He continued to Scootch's bed, and carefully laid the Tamagotchi on Scootch's blanket. To his amusement, Scootch never woke up. Finally, Walter walked carefully of the kids bedroom without waking them and closed the door just a little bit on his way out.

    Half an hour later, Scootch woke up and yawned after receiving a good night's sleep. His eyes were half-closed, but they were wide open once he took a good look at his gift.

    To be continued.

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    Part 3

    Scootch remained stunned once he saw the gift. Afterwards, he smiled and screamed with joy. However, his scream suddenly woke Pinch up and she looked frightened.

    Pinch: No, Scootch! Don't!

    She thought Scootch was going to run into her. Much to her surprise...

    Scootch: (Laughs) Relax, Pinch. I'm not gonna run into you.

    Pinch: (Sighs with relief) For a second, you had me worried. (Pauses) So why did you yell?

    Scootch: Look what I found on my blanket! (Shows her his gift)

    Pinch: A tamagotchi! Why that's wonderful, Scootch.

    Scootch: I have always wanted a tamagotchi. I wonder where did it come from?

    Pinch: Good question.

    The two kept thinking, until Scootch finally realized something.

    To be continued

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    Part 4

    Scootch: Pinch, do you think it's possible that papa might have gave this to me as a surprise?

    Pinch: I suppose so. Why don't you go ask him?

    Scootch: Great idea! Thanks!

    Scootch runs downstairs to where his father might be, and Pinch follows him.

    Pinch: Wait up! I'm coming too.
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    Scootch and Pinch came downstairs and went in the kitchen. Luckily, Walter was there. And so was Wanda. They were both having breakfast.

    Scootch: Morning, mama! Papa!

    Pinch: Hi, mom! Dad!

    Walter and Wanda: Morning, kids.

    Wanda: Did you two sleep good?

    Pinch: We sure did.

    Scootch: Papa? Can I ask you a question?

    Walter: Sure, son. What is it?

    Scootch: Did you get me this Tamagotchi?

    Walter: Yes, I did. What do you think of it?

    Scootch: This is awesome! But why did you buy it for me?

    Walter: Can't a loving father do something nice for his son?

    Scootch: (Chuckles.) Yeah, I guess.

    Scootch hugs his father.

    Scootch: Thanks, papa, I can't wait to try it out.

    Wanda: But it'll have to wait until after breakfast.

    Scootch: Awww...

    Soon, after everyone ate breakfast, Scootch asked his mother if he could go outside to play with his new Tamagotchi, and she granted him permission. Scootch cheered and went on his way. Pinch on the other hand, was beginning to feel jealous.

    Pinch: Daddy, it's not fair! How come you bought Scootch a Tamagotchi and not me?

    She made a mad face and crossed her arms. Her parents then tried to cheer her up.

    Walter: Don't worry, hon, I'll buy you one too real soon, I promise. I just had enough for one. Those things are pretty expensive, you know.

    Pinch: (Sighs sadly.) Yeah, I know.

    Wanda: Besides, I bet your brother will share his with you.

    Pinch: You're right.

    Walter: Why don't you go out and see?

    Pinch: Okay, I will. Bye, mom, bye, dad.

    So now, Pinch went outside to see if her little brother will let her play with his Tamagotchi. But will he let her?

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    Part 6

    When Pinch went outside, she saw Scootch playing with his Tamagotchi under a tree. As she approached him, she looked anxiously. Pinch really hoped that her little brother would let her try his new gift.

    Scootch: (While playing with the Tamagotchi; happily) This is so cool!

    Pinch: Scootch?

    Scootch: (Looks at her) Yes, Pinch?

    Pinch: Can I ask you a question?

    Scootch: Of course.

    Pinch: When you're done playing with that Tamagotchi... can I try it?

    Scootch was silent for a while. He did not know how to respond...

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    After thinking about it, he gave his big sister a decision.

    Scootch: Sure, sis.

    Pinch: (Happily) Oh, thanks, Scootch!

    Scootch raised his paw to interrupt Pinch's happiness and get her attention.

    Scootch: Only not now. I'm trying to raise my Tamagotchi. I have to feed it, and play with it and all sorts of stuff. If I don't, it could die. You understand, don't you?

    This didn't exactly make Pinch happy, because she was certain that Scootch was going to spend hours, maybe days, maybe weeks, playing with his Tamagotchi before he could let her have a turn. She hesitantly gave him her answer.

    Pinch: (Sadly) Um...sure, Scootch.

    Scootch: Thanks, Pinch. I'll let you play with it soon, I promise.

    Pinch: Sure.

    So Pinch walked away and let Scootch play with his Tamagotchi. A couple of weeks have gone by, but not Scootch's Tamagotchi Fever. This made Pinch feel really concerned. Her little brother promised her that she could play with it, but he never did. So she talked to her best friend in the world, Jelly Otter about it, to see if she has a solution. They were both in Pinch and Scootch's room playing tea party when they talked.

    Pinch: (She pours Jelly a cup of water (tea)). I don't know what to do, Jelly.

    Jelly: (Takes cup and drinks pretend tea.) Ya have to tell him to let you play with it, Pinch. A promise is a promise. That's what my dad keeps telling me and Peanut.

    Pinch: You're right, but I don't know how to tell him.

    Jelly: All you have to do is tell him. If Scootch is a true brother to you, he'll let you play with his Tamagotchi.

    Pinch: That's very true! Okay, I'll do it!

    Jelly: Attagirl!

    Pinch looked out the window and sees Scootch sitting on the sand playing with his gift by the lake, and she goes outside to where he is. Jelly followed her. When Pinch approached him, she said what she wanted to say.

    Pinch: (Angrily with her paws on her hips.) Scootch, you promised me that I could play with your Tamagotchi! It been a long time, now hand it over!

    Scootch was trying to come up with an excuse.

    Scootch: Well...Um, you see...

    Pinch: Enough, Scootch, give it to me!

    Jelly: Just give it to her, Scootch!

    Scootch: No!

    Pinch tried to release the Tamagotchi from Scootch's paw, but he wasn't going to let her have it. It ended up being a tug of war. Pinch was holding on to the key-chain attached to the Tamagotchi, while Scootch was holding to the other part. What Pinch didn't know was that she was tugging behind the lake, which could damage the toy if released. Unfortunately, that did happen. Pinch fell, and the toy landed in the water. Scootch gasped and got up after falling. This unfortunate accident had broken him. Scootch was about to go in the water and rescue it, but Jelly stopped him. Jelly: Stop! I'm sorry, Scootch, but it looks like your Tamagotchi is dead.

    Scootch: (Sadly) My...my...toy.

    Pinch tried to explain to him that it was an accident.

    Pinch: Scootch, I'm sorry, it was accident. I didn't know that I was tugging behind the lake. Can you ever forgive me?

    Scootch: No.

    Pinch: But I...

    Scootch: Pinch, I don't wanna talk to you anymore. Just leave me alone.

    Tears were streaming down Pinch's face, and she ran home to cry.

    Scootch: I'm very furious at her, Jelly. And I don't feel sorry, either.

    Jelly: How could you say something like that to your own sister?

    Jelly walked to Pinch's home to comfort her best friend. Scootch still stood at the same spot, still feeling frustrated about the situation.

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    Munchy Beaver came along, wondering what was happening. He went to where Scootch was to try to find out what had happened.

    Munchy: Hey Scootch, what's up?

    Scootch: I don't wanna talk about it, Munchy.

    Munchy: Why, what happened?

    They both sat down, and Scootch talks about the situation, unwillingly.

    Scootch: (sighs) Well, you see, I'm really upset with my sister. I just got a new Tamagotchi and she wrecked it.

    Munchy: Funny, because YOU'RE always wrecking stuff.

    Munchy laughed at this, but Scootch wasn't exactly in a laughing mood.

    Munchy: I'm sorry, pal. I really am. Go on, tell me more.

    Scootch: Well, Pinch wanted to play with it, but I wanted to, and we were fighting over it. We kept pulling it, trying to get control of it, but without realizing it, Pinch pulled it so hard that she let it go into the water.

    Munchy: I'm sure it was an accident, Scootch. Pinch didn't mean to let it go. It just happened.

    Scootch: Yeah, right.

    Munchy: Then what happened?

    Scootch: I told her that I didn't want to talk to her anymore, and now she's somewhere crying.

    Munchy: That was mean.

    Scootch: Aw, come on, Munch! She destroyed my Tamagotchi!

    Munchy: You still shouldn't have said that you didn't want to talk to her anymore. I think I better go home.

    Munchy got up ,and just like Jelly, he walked away from Scootch. Scootch called his name, but Munchy didn't acknowledge him.
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    Meanwhile, Pinch was in her and Scootch's bedroom, lying on the bed. She was sobbing, feeling hurt for hearing that her little brother had nothing to do with her anymore. Jelly walked in and tried to comfort her, which was not easy.

    Jelly: Pinch, are you OK?

    Pinch: (Sobbing) No, I am not.

    Jelly: (Pats her paw) Don't cry, Pinch. I'm sure Scootch didn't mean it.

    Pinch: Yes, he did. He does not love me anymore.

    Jelly: How can you say that? He is your little brother. He loves you very much.

    Pinch: (Sarcastically.) Sure he does. He showed it. He cares more about that stupid Tamagotchi than he does me.

    Jelly: Oh Pinch, it's only a toy. There are more important things in life than electronic pets.

    Pinch: I just can't get over what he said to me, Jelly! He really hurt me!

    Jelly: Scootch is usually nice. What could've caused him to act that way?

    Pinch: Me. It was me.

    Jelly: Don't be silly. It wasn't you, it was the Tamagotchi.

    Pinch finally starts to calm down and Jelly tries to encourage her to.

    Jelly: Just relax Pinch, and I'll get you a tissue.

    Pinch: Thanks, Jelly.

    Jelly: Would you like a glass of water too? It always calms me down when I'm feeling sad.

    Pinch: No, thanks.

    Jelly goes to Pinch's dresser to get her a tissue, but then Wanda, who was passing by Pinch's room, saw that Pinch was crying a little bit. She went into the bedroom to find out what happened.

    Wanda: Pinch, what's wrong?

    Pinch: Nothing, mom.

    Suspecting that something really did happen, Wanda asked Jelly.

    Wanda: Jelly, what's going on?

    Jelly: (Clears throat.) Well, ya see, Mrs. Raccoon. Pinch and Scootch were fighting over control of the Tamagotchi by the lake and without realizing it, Pinch accidentally let go of the toy and it landed in the water.

    Wanda: Oh, my!

    Jelly: Yeah, and here's the worst part: Pinch tried to apologize and explain what happened, but Scootch didn't accept the apology and told Pinch that he didn't wanna talk to her anymore. And that's why she's crying.

    Wanda: Pinch, is all this true?

    Pinch nodded her head to her mother's question.

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    Wanda remains stunned. She cannot believe what she has just heard from Jelly: Scootch not wanting to talk to his sister Pinch, just because she accidentally destroyed his Tamagotchi.

    Wanda: I can't believe Scootch would say something like this to you, Pinch.

    Jelly: I told her that Scootch acted like that because of the Tamagotchi, but she thinks it's because of her.

    Wanda: (Puts her paw on her daughter's shoulder) Don't worry, Pinch. I'll talk to your brother later.

    Pinch: (A little happy) You will? Thanks, mom. But I don't think Scootch will ever forgive me.

    Wanda: Don't worry, he will. Surely, he could get cranky at times, but deep down, he has a childish heart.

    Jelly: (Hands Pinch the tissue) And just like I said, he loves you so much, he wouldn't stay mad at you for ever.

    Pinch smiles now. She hopes that Scootch would really forgive her.

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    Wanda goes downstairs and outside to where Scootch was. He still hasn't left the spot where he was when he and Scootch had the big argument.

    Wanda: (Angrily.) Scootch, you and I need to have a little talk, young man.

    Scootch: 'Bout what, mom?

    Wanda: I heard that you and your sister had a little fight today.

    Scootch: Yeah, but she started it!

    Wanda: I don't care who started it. She's upset, because she said that you didn't want to talk to her anymore. Is that true?

    Scootch didn't answer.

    Wanda: Answer me!

    Scootch: Yes, mama, it's true.

    Wanda: Then you better find a way to patch things up with her or you'll be in big trouble. Not just with me, but with your too. Are we clear?

    Scootch: Yes, mama.

    Wanda: Good.

    Wanda walked away and Scootch thought about his actions and how to resolve everything.

    Scootch: Aw, man, what am I gonna do?

    Just then, he got an idea.

    Scootch: I'll do the Noodle Dance! That might help!

    So the Noodle Dance sequence and music began and Scootch started dancing. He danced for a minute and then he got an idea.

    Scootch: I got it! I'll rent a blimp and on it will say "I'M SORRY, PINCH!"

    We see Scootch riding a blimp in a daydream sequence, but then he realized that he's afraid to go up that high in the air.

    Scootch: Okay, bad idea, forget that!

    Scootch kept thinking.

    Scootch: I know! I'll order a great big neon sign that says "Sorry!" and put it in front of our house.

    We see the sign in the next daydream sequence at night, but the brightness of it kept the neighbors up. So Scootch disapproved of that idea as well.

    Scootch: That won't either. I would hate for its brightness to keep the neighbors up all night. No matter what I do, mom is still gonna make me apologize to Pinch in person.

    We hear someone behind Scootch speak and it's Walter.

    Walter: So what are you saying?

    Scootch gets spooked.

    Scootch: Dad?! What're you doing here?

    Walter: Your mom told me about the situation with you and Pinch. And you know what you need to do, don't you?

    Scootch: Apologize in person?

    Walter: That's right, so go do it.

    Scootch: Yes, sir.

    Scootch and Walter go back to the Raccoon household and Scootch asked his father a question.

    Scootch: Dad, can I have a new Tamagotchi?

    Walter: I'll think about it, but after everything that's happened, I'll say no for now.
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