PB&J Otter

Season 2 Episode 8

Mayor Flick / The Greatest Sleepover Ever

Aired Unknown Jul 18, 1999 on Disney Channel
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Mayor Flick / The Greatest Sleepover Ever
Mayor Flick:
Flick is elected Kid Mayor for a day and promises to solve any and every problem his "kid citizens" might have. However, it soon becomes apparent to the other kids that their newly-elected official isn't really the extraordinary problem-solver he made himself out to be.

The Greatest Sleepover Ever:
Ootsie and Bootsie sleep over at the Otter house, which causes some problems when neither the Otter kids nor the Snooty kids can agree on how to go to bed.moreless

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  • Whatever.

    Mayor Flick: Not sure who in their right mind would have elected that jerk, but it definitely wasn't me. Needless to say, he doesn't do s*** and proves himself to be the selfish, "I-don't-care-what-you're-going-through-if-it-doesn't-concern-me" idiot we know he is.

    The Greatest Sleepover Ever: Jesus, that title builds it up so much, it sure as h*** better be what it promises!

    it isn't. Yeah, surprised?

    While I guess having those snooty kids over makes it sort of interesting, the only conflict is them trying to get to bed.

    All in all, a very disapointing episode.

Nancy Giles

Nancy Giles

Aunt Nanner

Jackie Hoffman

Jackie Hoffman

Mrs. Crane

Gwen Shepherd

Gwen Shepherd

Opal Otter

Eddie Korbich

Eddie Korbich

Flick Duck, Edouard Snooty, Ootsie & Bootsie Snooty

Adam Rose

Adam Rose

Peanut Otter

Jenell Brook Slack

Jenell Brook Slack

Jelly Otter

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    • Bootsie: (Laughs) Look, Ootsie! (Ootsie starts laughing)
      Peanut: (Wakes up) What?
      Ootsie : You sleep with a.... (Barks) with a dolly!
      Peanut: (Angrily) It's not a dolly, it's Bucky Spacebeaver! It's an action figure!
      Jelly: Yeah! And you guys have dollies, too. What's the big deal?
      Bootsie: These aren't dollies.
      Ootsie: They're Poodle Pillows.
      Peanut and Jelly: Dollies!
      Ootsie and Bootsie: Poodle Pillows!
      Ernest: (Opening the door, off-screen)Quiet down there, you kids!

    • Peanut: Congratulations, Flick.
      Flick: That's "Mayor" Flick to you. Bet you wish you were kid mayor for a day, huh, Jelly?
      Jelly: Yeah, well...
      Flick: Aww, don't take it so hard. Hey, you three can be my assistants.
      Jelly: You mean it?
      Butter: Yay!
      Flick: Sure, you can start assisting me right now. Peanut, get me some crackers. Jelly, start putting cheese on 'em.
      Jelly: (Worried) I don't know, Peanut, something tells me we're not gonna like this job.

    • (Munchy comes into Pinch's house with his two buck teeth stuck in a log)
      Munchy: (tries to speak but the log prevents him from being able to speak clearly)
      Peanut: What'd he say?
      Jelly: I think he said, (imitates grunting sounds Munchy made).

    • Ootsie and Bootsie: Poodle Pillows!

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