PB&J Otter

Season 3 Episode 27

PB&J Otter and the Legend of Snaildarter

Aired Unknown Unknown on Disney Channel

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  • A movie that was never shown to the public. That's it.

    Not much is known about this, except that it is an unfinished film that was never released. I mean, a script was written, but it never got past the stage. It's a shame. The title does give you a clue, however.

    "Legend of Snaildarter"? Maybe the crew were planning on making this Snaildarter character half fish, half otter... but gosh knows what.

    So, that's the end of my review.
  • A great idea with great potential.

    Well, since this is an unproduced direct-to-video movie, there's not a whole lot I can say about it, but I'll try to say enough to meet the word minimum.

    The idea of there being a PB&J Otter movie is a great thing to think about. The show is a very good show, and I, personally would like to see the script for this unproduced movie.

    The title basically hints you in on what the movie was to be about. Most likely, PB&J were to hear of a legend about someone named Snaildarter. That's where I'm curious. Just who is Snaildarter? What is so significant about him? And how could this be a movie?

    All of these questions, while unanswered, just show you how this could have been an awesome movie, had the crew produced it.

    Final movie grade: A+
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