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  • This show is awesome

    Loved it as a kid, still love it now at age 29. In my opinion, it's one of the best cartoons of all time.
  • Why do people like this show?

    I honestly can't even tell why. It is bland, uncreative, and what kind of names are PB and J? STUPID!! I really can't stand watching a minute of it. No redeeming qualities, like other shows like I am Weasel, which this reminds me of. I HATE PB&J OTTER!
  • PB&J Otter rocks my socks

    I vaguely remember this show since I preferred Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network when I was little. A friend of mine is a big fan of this show, so I wanted to know what I was missing out on. Watched a couple episodes on YouTube and Dailymotion, and... whaddya know - it's an awesome show.

    PB&J Otter revolves around three otter siblings, Peanut, Baby Butter, and Jelly (obviously named after the sandwich). They reside in a small town by the name of Lake Hoohaw. They embark in adventures such as building a castle, looking for treasure, going camping, etc. During the middle of their experiences, they encounter a problem and think of a solution by doing something called the Noodle Dance. It's better than most shows like... cough cough... Caillou. I suggest you watch an episode or two if you have the time. It's not a surprise if you spot the Playhouse Disney or Disney Junior logo on the corner of the screen...
  • What an awful show. I can't believe I actually watched it!

    This is a terrible show. It's overly bright and child-friendly, there's singing everywhere, and the stories are mediocre at best. It exists solely to entertain a Barney-age audience and the fact that people are lamenting how it's off the air show how badly nostalgia warps our minds. If anything, we should be grateful that the world is trying it's best to bury this overly child-friendly crap. It's as bad as Barney, the Teletubbies, and Baby Looney Tunes (which, I admit, I've fallen victim to the Nostalgia filter of). To those of you who are saying "oh it was so much better than what's on today"... try to look at it from the standpoint of an adult seeing it for the first time. THEN compare it to today's crap. The difference is less than you think it is.
  • Caught it on late-night reruns before it got taken off the air..

    is waaay better than the new stupid shows.

    Go watch it! It's for all ages!
  • A great show for children to grow up with!

    I grew up watching this show. I'd get up every Sunday morning before everyone else was up and I'd turn on the TV. I'd always switch to Playhouse Disney hoping that PB&J Otter was on. When it was, I was the happiest child on earth.

    The show is great for young children, but that doesn't mean the whole family can't enjoy it! I remember nights when my family would join me in watching the show. It teaches valuable life lessons for young watchers and provides a means of entertainment and learning like no other program. With a cast of lovable and unforgettable characters, a wonderful vibrant setting and a plethora of songs the whole family will enjoy, I give PB&J Otter a 10/10. May there be many countless hours of enjoyment with PB&J Otter!
  • This was one of my fave show when I was only small

    This along with Blues clues,Johnney and the sprites,Bear and the big blue house,The original Fireman sam,Jakers the adventures of piggley winks and Barney were my fave show from when I was small.I adored the show and I was really sad when it got cancelled.Please bring all my faves back(Except Barney).

  • An almost perfect cartoon

    PB&J Otter is one of the best cartoons ever made. It has a really simple concept, because it's meant for kids, but the idea is very well done. PB&J are three otters, who are siblings and live on Lake Hoohaw with their parents and many friends. They usually go into various adventure, for example finding a treasure, building a castle, catching lighting buzz, making concerts and so on. Every episode is very well written and it makes you want to watch it many times. The characters are all nice (even tho I used not to like Flick Duck), especially Jelly Otter, my favorite. Jelly is a very creative tomboy and she as a personality similar to mine. Whenever the children are in trouble, they do a Noodle Dance to come up with some ideas, which are all great. This cartoon encourages children to be creative and to resolve their problems by themselves. The children in the show are usually very smart and sometimes they even help adults out!! I remember seeing only one episode (Otters in the Wild), when an adult (Ernest) solved the problem. As I said before, this shows teaches children that they can solve their little problems, and they don't need an adult, like those retarded children from Higglytown do.

    This show has been taken off the air in March 2009 where I live and that's bad, because this, Rolie Polie Olie and Bear in the Big Blue House were great children shows and they are still fun to watch even if you are a teen (I'm 17). The new shows on Playhouse Disney are complete crap : Higglytown Heroes ripped off and killed the original concept of PB&J and can you tell me who the heck the Imagination Movers are? Luckily, I recorded almost every episode of PB&J Otter and I have to say the 98& is really good: there are only 4 episodes I dislike, but the others one are really good.
    If you want to be introducedinto this show, you should watch the episodes: "Hope Castle", "Otters in the Wild", "The Ice Moose", "A Hoohaw Halloween", "A Sledding we will go". This show is my favorite Playhouse Disney's cartoon and trust me, you gotta love it! Disney, please, bring this cartoon back on TV, or, if you want to do something better, release the complete series on DVD!!!!!
  • Oodelay!

    This was a great show! I loved this as a little kid, and I recently saw it again on YT. I cried while watching it again, because it made me miss my childhood. The characters are really cute, the theme song (and all the other songs) are really catchy, and hey, it's made by the same guy as Doug! Of course it's great!

    I really wish Disney could start airing this again. None of their new Disney Junior crap, I want this back. I want my childhood back! The only good show on Disney Junior is 101 Dalmatians.

    Oh, and of course, do the noodle dance!

  • This is, by far, the greatest show from Playhouse Disney. A true classic that should be recognized by all. So many memories...

    First of all, let me say that I instantly loved it the first time I watched it. "Mama for a Day" was the episode that I saw. Yep. That's all it took for me to start watching PB&J Otter nearly every day, and later recording the entire series.

    Enough of my introduction to the show. I'll move onto the more important matters.

    The characters: A+

    The show's variety of characters makes it extremely hard to not be drawn to the genius that this show is. Funny characters like Scootch, Cap'n Crane and Connie Crane, Ernest, Mayor Jeff...(etc.) just keep you entertained the whole way through.

    The humor: A

    The first season and first half of the second are full of humor that you'll love and are bound to laugh at. While the episodes durring the second half of the show tend to have less humor (occasionally lame-type jokes) and focus more on the lesson or something like that, it's no big deal, as there are other contributing factors that keep me drawn to it.

    The music: A+

    The music in PB&J Otter is just plain awesome. You've got to love it. Catchy songs in every episode make it tempting to sing along (if you're a little kid, that is). The songs are very well-written in some cases.

    The lessons: A

    There are good lessons in many of the stories. In Bagpipe Blues, Peanut learns a lesson about lying when he takes his dad's bagpipes even though he's not supposed to. In The Tell-Tale Candy Wrapper, Flick (one of PB&J's friends) steals PB&J's candy and eats it all, but guilt gets the better of him.

    There are, however, some episodes that have very little educational content such as Trading Places (my favorite episode) and The Thing that Almost Ate Hoohaw, but it's a very uncommon thing, and sometimes, it's not even a problem.

    The stories: A+

    The stories are entertaining enough to draw just about anyone to it. I'm not kidding. They're way better than those that you'd find in the shows currently on Playhouse Disney like Doodlebops or The Wiggles.

    The animation: A+

    What better animation style could a show have? None! The style and animation quality in this show is just superb. It really brings out the overall feel in this show.

    Dialogue: A-

    Occasionally, the dialogue isn't the best, but it surely isn't the worst. In almost all cases, this show has excellent dialogue in it. It's often very funny.

    Overall feel: A+

    This is definitely a show that will entertain you unlike any other show in it's category. Just watching the show (if you've watched it when it was still on and you're the nostalgic type, like I am) will bring back tons and tons of memories.

    The creativity involved in this show sure paid off. It's definitely something the whole family should watch together.

    Final words:

    Well, there's not much more to say here. I've basically said it all. PB&J Otter is an awesome show for people of all ages. Anyone who watches it is bound to find something to like about it.

    Final show grade: A+
  • A great cartoon from the 90's!

    This is one of the many fantastic cartoons that kids will enjoy. One reason for that is because they'll be able to relate to the problems that the kids and adults get themselves in and out of. I'm desperately hoping that Disney decides to air this channel someday because it would show the new-generation kids what they have been missing. My favorite characters from the show are Pinch Raccoon and Jelly Otter because they're so cute! I love this show because of the situations that everyone is always getting themselves into. I give PB&J Otter a score of 8 out of 10 points.
  • My Childhood!

    I loved this show growing up! And can you really blame me? It was awesome! I was only three or so when I watched this show, so I can't remember much, but I remember enough to know how cool this show is.

    Why isn't this on air anymore? All kids are learning now a days is all the dumb "lessons" from Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers. This show, along with most of the other shows I grew up with, were entertaining, and I actually learned things that I remember to this day! I loved this show as a kid, and though I can't find many clips on Youtube, I still love it. That's the power this show has. I would go so far as to put it up there with the greats, like Animaniacs or Pepper Ann!
  • it was great why does this show not air for younger kids in more the crap thats on they need show like pb and j otter it has been such i long time sence i wachted but playhousedisney need to show it it was great it will be on my top ten greast show ever

    this was one of the best show on when i was little it disney should do more shows like this i have not seen it in a long time and i want to see it it remind of when i was lillte and how fast life goes by bring it back it is a classic disney show it is better than hm and tsl and tsr why dont they show this show more for the younger kids the stuff on now is crap i miss alot one of best kid show o tv they should still show it it rocks pb and j otter.
  • hi

    Peanut, jelly,and butter live in lake hohah with their mom and dad. they spend time with their friends pinch raccoon, munchy beaver, flick duck,mayor jeff, and those snooty poodles. they have fun no matter what and can always solve their problems using the noodle dance. sometimes they get in trouble. they have many adventures and always find a way to create fun. they always enjoy the holidays like halloween. they even help eachother through their fears such as jelly's fear of water and swimming. a great show on disney channel that is great for all ages. whenever i need a laugh this show provided it. watchbid alert! cool.
  • a great show that is no longer around.

    Peanut, jelly,and butter live in lake hohah with their mom and dad. they spend time with their friends pinch raccoon, munchy beaver, flick duck,mayor jeff, and those snooty poodles. they have fun no matter what and can always solve their problems using the noodle dance. sometimes they get in trouble. they have many adventures and always find a way to create fun. they always enjoy the holidays like halloween. they even help eachother through their fears such as jelly's fear of water and swimming. a great show on disney channel that is great for all ages. whenever i need a laugh this show provided it. watchbid alert! lol!
  • 9.8
    this was the best show that i ever saw! the only thing bad about it was that annoying noodle dance. it was AWSOME! i thought the show was going to be dumb when i saw the promo for it, but then i loved it! i guess cancelling it is what i get for criticizing it. oh well maybe it'll come on again. if it did i would be so suprised. all in all it was a very, very good show.
  • PB&J Otter was one of the better Disney shows on and it was replaced with (IMO) inferior shows. PB&J could come back and replace Jo Jo the clown. That would be an improvement1

    I can't believe that this show last aired in Oct. 2000, because my granddaughter still asks about it and she wasn't born until July 1999 and she and her cousin, born Oct. 1999 watched it together long after they were both walking. Some of the Disney shows on now are poor replacements for PB&J!! I wish I could get a DVD!
  • I miss this show!

    Why did they get rid of this show? I loved every minute of it! I used to get up every morning just to see PB&J Otter!
    PB&J Otter is a show about three young otters, Peanut, Baby Butter, and Jelly. They use their noodles (brains) to solve all sorts of situations. They have a special dance that helps them to think of ideas. It's called the Noodle Dance.


    Peanut Otter
    Peanut is the eldest of the three siblings. Sometimes, a situation strikes, and he loses hope. But with Jelly there to remind him not to give up, he always gets through it.

    Jelly Otter
    Jelly is the oldest sister. She's very imaginative, creative, and is always reminding her brother and sister to never give up. She also has a beautiful singing voice!

    Butter Otter
    Butter is the baby sister. She is always so cheerful and always smiles and giggles. She's so cute! Aww, I just wish I could hold that little thing across my lap, pinch her little cheeks, and tickle her.

    I don't understand why they stopped playing this show on Disney. It was a wonderful show! Oh please bring back the show! I got up early just for PB&J Otter.
  • Gawd i loved this show when i was a kid.

    I remember every morning, until like 3rd grade in elemtary, i would watch this show. Gawd i loved this show when i was a kid, i still remember that thinking song with the noggin and whatever..

    The age i stopped watching this show was about 9 or 10..

    What can i say? I loved this show as a kid. its a pitty they cancelled it..atleast i think they did..eh.
  • Oh Man! I remember watching this show when I was little. Good times, good times..........

    Oh Man! I remember watching this show when I was little. Good times, good times..........

    This show was one of the best on Disney Channel back when I was young besides Tumon and Pumba, and some other ones that for some reason I can't remember but oh well. This was a good show and it taught you a lesson at the end of every episode. I remember singing the theme song even though I really didn't know what they were saying. I also remember that I would get this craving for a PB&J sandwich. Good times, good times.........
  • What other people say about PB&J Otter doesn't bring it any justice.

    What other people say about PB&J Otter doesn't bring it any justice. To give it anything less than a 10 would be an outrage. What's good about it? If you need me to tell you what's good about it, it means you can't even tell the brilliance behind SHOW. Nuff said.
  • Rocking music, cute characters, and well, great storyline. And it has a series finale!

    Well, I\'ve known of the show for ages, but only recently had a chance to catch it. And boy, I\'m surprised that I did not pay too much attention to it back when new episodes were still airing. but now, looking back at what I have missed, I\'m missed a lot. It\'s too bad the show has come to a close. I guess you don\'t know what you got til it\'s gone.
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