PB&J Otter

Season 3 Episode 20

Where Oh Where is Flick? / Win, Win, Winner

Aired Unknown Aug 06, 2000 on Disney Channel
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Where Oh Where is Flick? / Win, Win, Winner
Where Oh Where is Flick?:
Flick absent-mindedly leaves the house without telling his mother. When his mom cannot find him, she becomes frantic and asks Opal, Peanut, and Jelly to help look for him.

Win, Win, Winner:
Tired of always losing games, Flick quits Peanut and Jelly's soccer team. He then joins up with a 'winning' team, The Wondrous Wolverines. But it turns out that the team uses some underhanded tactics to win their games.moreless

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    Gwen Shepherd

    Gwen Shepherd

    Opal Otter

    Recurring Role

    Eddie Korbich

    Eddie Korbich

    Flick Duck, Ootsie & Bootsie Snooty

    Recurring Role

    Chris Phillips

    Chris Phillips

    Ernest Otter, Munchy Beaver, Cap'n Crane

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When Peanut and Jelly ask Munchy to join them in their search for Flick, they ask him to ask his mother if he can help them out. He agrees to this, then launches into a tale of a time when he got lost. He then follows Peanut and Jelly without heading inside to tell his mother where he is going.

      • Butter and Scootch make a cameo in Win, Win, Winner, but have no lines.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Peanut: Lake Hoohaw just won't be the same without Flick.
        Jelly: We can't give up. We've gotta keep looking.
        Peanut: We've already looked everywhere.
        Jelly: If I ever see Flick again, I'd sure like to tell him something.
        Peanut: What?
        Jelly: Never ever ever go off without telling your mom where you are.

      • Peanut: Maybe we can go ask Flick to come back.
        Jelly: But why would he change his mind?
        Peanut: Maybe he'd be happy if we promised to try real hard to win.
        Jelly: Well, let's go ask him. At least we'll do good just trying.

      • (Pinch has a tea party set up)
        Pinch: You're kidding, right?
        Jelly: No! And if you join us, we'll call the team The Awesome Otters and the Radical Racoon.
        Pinch: Really? Wow. I've never been radical before.
        Peanut: So you'll do it?
        Pinch: No.
        (Pinch continues playing while Peanut and Jelly look at each other surprised. Jelly shrugs)

      • Munchy: But I don't want a promotion.
        Peanut: Sure you do, Munch.
        Munchy: No. I like being the official cheering section of the Awesome Otters and Daring Duck.
        Jelly: Wouldn't you rather be the official goalie of the Awesome Otters and the Bertacious Beaver?
        Munchy: No.
        Peanut: But you'd get to kick the ball.
        Munchy: No, thanks. I'd rather try out my new idea. Instead of the cheering section, I'm going to be the official sports brodcaster.
        Jelly: Well, okay. If that's how you feel.
        Peanut: We'll find someone else to take Flick's place… I hope.

      • Ootsie: (To Peanut and Jelly) So you wanna combine your soccer team...
        Bootsie: With our soccer team?
        (Ootise and Bootsie laugh)
        Ootsie: But our team...
        Bootsie: Always wins.
        Jelly: And our team always has fun.
        Ootsie: That's true.
        Peanut: So you'll do it?
        Ootsie and Bootsie: (Look at each other, then look back at Peanut and Jelly) No.

      • Ootsie: Munchy, our little beaver friend…
        Bootsie: We always mean to critisize…
        Ootsie: But you are being extremely loud…
        Bootsie: For no apparent reason.
        Munchy: I have to be loud. I'm the official cheering person for the Awesome Otters and Daring Duck Soccer Team.
        Bootsie: Well, if you must be loud…(with Ootsie)…please be quiet.

      • Jelly: I've got it! My brain just scored a goal!
        Peanut: What? What? Pass it on!

      • Wooly: Take 30 laps around the track.
        Flick: (surprised) Now?!
        Wooly: That's what I said. And I'm team captain. Now!
        Flick: But when does the fun stuff start?
        Wooly: Fun? You're kidding, right? Now run!

      • Ernest: Now kick the ball straight into the net like this. (kicks the ball over the net and into the lake where it is eaten by a fish) Well, I guess my first advice as your coach is never, never kick the ball too hard.
        Flick: And never feed the ball to a hungry fish. (laughs)

      • Flick: Wow! Mallard Man! I must be dreaming!
        Mallard Man: Yes, you are.

      • Flick: Now I'm going somewhere really very important.
        Shirley: Where's that?
        Flick: Back to sleep. (Flick lies down on the floor where he's standing and conks out)

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