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  • Trying to get news elsewhere

    Trying PBS news, expecting fair and balanced news compared to the usual outlets. But everything so far has liberal bias with every guest primarily supporting liberal agenda's. Admittedly, I've only watched on-and-off a few weeks and I need to watch more to see if conservatives are also allowed to be guests before reaching a conclusion. At the same time, I've been watching NHK news based out of Japan and they only report news which is very refreshing. No slant, no commentators and guests with hidden agenda's, and no guests giving their speculations.
  • Simple and to the point.

    Just like this review.
  • News AND Information

    If you are interested in current events, and are looking for a source free of the traps of false dichotomy, absolutism, party and ideology, then the NewsHour is the best in the country.
  • Really Fair & Balanced

    This may not be slick and glitzy, yet if you want to know what is going on in the world each day and want to have some insight into reasons and causes of the given story watch this program. Also if you want human stories that treat subject with dignity and depth you will get stories like this. I appreciate this show and would be such a void if it was not on, nothing comes close on network or cable tv.
  • The Anchors Need to Think Before They Speak


    The anchors, especially Judy Woodruff and Ray Suarez, need to think before they speak. They seem to have a strange reactionary tic where they say "more", almost spastically when the word is over-used and inappropriate. I thought people in the media were supposed to be educated in forming sentences with correct structure and meaning. These people act strangely for persons who are supposed to know better. Every single syllable that they say and write should be crafted to convey the news that they are bringing to the public. Carelessness is replacing the craft of writing. Now that's sad! Shame on them. They know better than that.