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Clip: Navy Yard gunman acted alone (25:02)

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For more photos: FBI released photos and surveillance footage of the Navy Yard gunman, saying that Aaron Alexis acted alone and believed he was being controlled by "extremely low frequency," or ELF waves. In a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Valerie Parlave, the assistant director of FBI's Washington field office, said the former contractor and shooter entered Navy Yard with a valid ID and that there was "no indication to date that Alexis was targeting specific individuals." Parlave also said the FBI is continuing to investigate Alexis' mental health history and that there are "indicators that Alexis was prepared to die during the attack and that he accepted death as the inevitable consequence of his actions." The FBI released a timeline detailing Alexis' activity during the morning of September 16, 2013. Shown in the photos below, engraved into his weapons were several handwritten messages, including "my ELF weapon" and "End to the torment."moreless
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